Tourette's Syndrome Natural Treatment

| Modified on Aug 27, 2022

Characterized by the involuntary repetition of movements and sounds, Tourette’s syndrome is a disorder that manifests in childhood. While the condition is considered to have no cure, several treatment options are available that limit the appearance of tics. Coping mechanisms in conjunction with dietary changes and supports treat the condition effectively.

What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

A neurological disorder, Tourette’s syndrome is characterized by the unusual repetition of movements and sounds called tics. The symptoms of the condition typically develop between the ages of 2 and 12 and include such factors as sudden, brief and repetitive movements or vocalizations as well as distinct, coordinated patterns of movements. The condition is likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that manifest as brain abnormalities.

Holistic Treatment for Tourette's

In addition to therapy, several other measures can be taken to help regulate Tourette’s syndrome. Dietary changes as well as certain supplements can be used to treat the condition. Eliminating trigger foods and ingredients as well as taking certain supplements can nearly eliminate the presence of tics and other symptoms of the condition.

Dietary Changes

While an elimination diet helps individuals identify personal trigger foods, general dietary guidelines can also be followed. Many individuals with the condition have benefited from limited yeast and caffeine in the diet. Sugar and other artificial sweeteners should also be avoided.

Baking Soda

The condition can also be treated effectively by creating an alkaline environment in the body. Baking soda functions to neutralize acidity in the body and to establish a more stable pH. By achieving an alkaline state, the body is able to function more effectively, which helps alleviate the prevalence of the condition.


Omega-3s are another essential element in a balanced diet. These fats function to lubricate the neurotransmitters in the brain and to facilitate better functioning of the nervous system. A daily omega-3 supplement also helps diminish tics.

While there is no cure for Tourette’s syndrome, affected individuals can lead a normal, satisfied life. Dietary changes as well as nutritional supplements can help alleviate symptoms while certain types of therapy help individuals develop effective coping strategies.

Chewing Gum

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Posted by Tracey (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 06/29/2011

My twelve year old son has been dealing with tourettes syndrome since he was about five. He takes Keppra, and it helps, but the tics still come. So, he avoids certain triggers, and chews gum when the tics erupt. This immediately helps. From what I have read, gum chewing triggers something in the brain. Maybe it distracts the brain from the tics, I really don't know... But IT WORKS! FYI... his triggers are video games, bright lights, excessive sugar, and starches (rice, potates etc.).

Replied by Megan
(Freeport, Illinois)

Hi my name is Megan. And I have tourette syndrome to. What kind of tics does your son have? mine are vocal tics that sound like the hiccups, and I have learned gum helps mine too. Alot of sugar, nervousness, excitement make mine worse. I have learned silly putty, coloring, chewing gum, or spinning a beaded ring in between my fingers then it helps. The concentration!

Replied by Susan
(Hermon, Maine)

2 of my children have dealt with tourettes which they inherited from their dad. My youngest son can be very much dilating as of late. He has had his limbs out of control hitting himself, muscles becoming so sore from the spasms of tics. I was glad to read that someone else finds that gum chewing helps their child. We had used that in school for years. We had it put in his IEP. Unfortunately we removed him from his school this year and have taken on home school. Sadly not only kids/teenagers can be cruel but it is found within the adult realm as well. Isaac can be free to tic at home as much as he needs and not worry over the strain of suppressing. He is ready to go for his drivers test but at this moment his tics are so bad he wont even get behind the wheel for safety sake. I had forgotten about the gum chewing and will definitely be suggesting it to him tomorrow! I wonder if anyone has had an experience with a service dog? We have been contemplating this for him wondering if it would be a calming affect for him.


Med-beds patented by N.Tesla will be coming & these will restore many health issues including T. Please we have so many distracted drivers now on the road do u really believe driving a high powered killer vehicle is wise? I do not as T S has many side effects which add up to poor coping &/or response in excited situations. Thank you for considering this no-driving remedy to accident free living for driver & others.

Cold Air

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Posted by Anonymous (Brush Prairie, WA) on 07/29/2006

Hi, I have been living with Tourette's Syndrome all my life, though the symptoms didn't really start until I was around 12 years old. One of my more notable symptoms was rapid, uncontrollable, eye blinking. I am 22 now and have recently figured out a treatment for the symptom. Whenever it starts, stick your head in a running freezer. I know this sounds crazy, but it works. It has something to do with the frosty air that comes out when you open the door. You should see relief within a few seconds of doing this. For best results, make sure the door isn't completely open(lightly rest the door on your head so more of the frosty air reaches your eyes). I really hope this helps somebody, it does me.

Replied by Farah
(Boulder, Colorado)

I wish to thank the person who suggested sticking one's head into the freezer for a few seconds as a temporary cure for Tourette's. My beloved husband, who is 40, is starting to show mild symptoms of Tourette's - like opening and shutting his mouth rapidly and clicking his teeth. The remedy suggested is as simple as a remedy can ever get, and I hope to suggest it to him the next time his symptoms show up. Thank you!

Replied by Screename
(Plano, Tx)

Just a thought: I noticed under the ailment Anxiety the remedy of a cold shower that must include the head. I wonder if a daily cold hair wash in the sink would suffice to forestall Tourette's symptoms--if these two ailments, Tourette's and anxiety, have some relationship. -?

Replied by Gary
(Sasolburg, South Africa)

Hello thanks for that informaitoin I was diagnosed with ts [Tourette's Syndrome] when I was 5 years old im 19 now and I have always found that my tics (motor and vocal) have always been less in the winter but could not explain why until now and I have found that your trick about the freezer really works wonders thank you very much

Replied by Michael

I am sooo glad I came across your post here. I've been sticking my head in my freezer for almost 2 weeks now, and I have just about completely stopped twitching and jerking my head altogether! Thank you sooo much!!!

Copper Toxicity

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Posted by Jon (Australia) on 02/24/2021

Copper Toxicity linked to Tourette's. (Low zinc & high copper)

There are many connections pointing to copper toxicity as a possible cause of Tourette's.

Someone suffering with Tourette's syndrome (involuntary motor and vocal tics) has a 50% chance of having OCD. Copper toxicity is commonly found in people with OCD, & Tourette's. People with pyroluria are more likely to have OCD and/or Tourette's… people with pyroluria have low zinc - which allows copper levels to get too high. Copper toxicity has a profound impact on mental and physical health and is becoming more common in our society because of the widespread use of copper and the lack of adequate zinc, molybdenum and other minerals in the diet that help keep it in balance.

Let's take a closer look at this issue by answering the following question from a blog visitor…

My 4 yr old grandson has recently been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. He does eat healthy, is active in karate. My daughter has opted out of medication at this time. She is being told that his copper levels are extremely elevated and they have no answer to this. Our problem is that the tics are getting worse and we are at “wits end” wanting to help him. Thank you in advance. ~Teresa


Hi Teresa, Yes, high copper is a common underlying factor in Tourette's, as well as a lot of other mental health and medical conditions. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce elevated copper, so I am at a loss as to why the treating physician would not have this knowledge. I say it is time to find another doctor. Before we get into the specifics, let me present just a little background on copper toxicity for those reading this page that may not be familiar with this issue.

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Eliminate Yeast and Caffeine

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Posted by Dalton S. (Valley Falls, Ks/united States) on 05/24/2012

Hey.... I have had tourettes since second grade so when I was about 8.... Lucky for me I have an amazing mom who did a lot of research on the subject and found that by eating/drinking products that have yeast and caffeine in them stimulate the endorphins in the part of your body that has been chemically messed up that gave you tourettes..... Also high levels of stress are a factor that makes it worse!!! ...... We have also learnt that it is genetic... OCD, TS, and anxiety are all realated on the same strand of messed up DNA and if you have one of them then you probly already have at least one or both of the others and if you dont yet then I'm sorry but you should get ready!!!

Replied by John
(Calgary, Canada)

Thanks for your comment. I have developed coughing and eye blinking tics over the past several years and am very thankful I was aware of the benefits of an alkaline diet before hand. I have virtually eliminated my tics by drastically reducing my sugar, and completely eliminating my caffeine consumption. I strongly recommend anyone suffering from tics to look into an alkaline diet (Google it) which is basically just lots of veggies and little sugar, yeast etc in order to let your own immune system do what it does best. I miss sugar but not anywhere near as much as I enjoy being tic free. Having mono really set my tics into high gear and that's what made the connection for me between my immune system, tics and my diet. I thank God I for giving my this solution and I hope I works for you as well.

Replied by Pooja C
(Mumbai, India)

Hi, it's very educating to read real experiences about TS. My son has been living with the tics+adhd for a few yrs now. I keep looking up for new material on the Web to help him cope. I've found that cutting down yeast to almost nil and adding sesame to his diet helps. Caffeine he happened to consume accidentally one day and that was the worst day with regards the tics. Also for him, the cold weather makes his tics worse so that could be individualistic symptom... I've also just begun with the chewing gum routine. Really hope it helps him!! I'm looking for low sugar gum that would be suitable for kids... Would love some suggestions..

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Pooja,

You are being a great detective for your son, figuring out how to help him do his best!

Regarding chewing gum, we have used Spry gum with Xylitol (supposed to be a natural sweetener.) in the past once in a while. It tends to lose its flavor quickly though and gets hard rather quickly. I am not really sure how natural it is. However, here in the US, in most grocery stores, most gums contain aspartame and artificial color, which would not be good for anyone, especially a child with adhd and tics.

I am not sure what the chewing gum does - one poster here said they thought it was a distraction which stopped the tics. If that is the case, I wonder if a piece of honeycomb would work as well? It would be natural and not hard on the jaw. When I was a girl, my uncle raised bees and would give us honey in the comb. I would take a little piece of the comb and chew it like gum. Eventually it would be gone and the flavor didn't last very long, but it wasn't hard on the jaw and would be very natural.

Perhaps others will know of a good natural chewing gum. I love gum, but it is hard on my TMJ so I don't chew it. :)

Please keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Pooja, have you read up on magnesium?

General Feedback

Posted by Kat (Florida, US) on 11/07/2014

I have Tourettes. I have suffered it since I was 12. I get the eye blinking & neck movement. The tics are actually voluntary movements, just hard to control. It's like having an itch & tring not to scratch. It feels like my neck is uneven so I keep moving it to make it feel even. And the eyes the same thing.

I found that caffeine kicks in the bouts the worst. Also, bright lights, certain music beats, sugar, and stress (an argument will make the Tourettes go crazy). Luckily, it is a mild for of the disease, and over the years I have learned to control it, most of the time. I do know that when I talk about it or think about it, it's worse. When I don't think about it, it's invisible.

Sometimes it goes away for weeks or even months. Mine was gone for a month until my friend brought up the fact he hasnt seen the tics lately, then it started really bad that day. I have told him before never to bring it up if I'm not experiencing symptoms, but of course he HAD to bring it up. But there are some times that a bout comes and lasts for one or two weeks at a time. When the bouts are bad, I start talking a lot (I'm usually a quiet person), & EVERYTHING aggravates me.

I stutter at times when I talk because I get so jittery, it whacks out my nerves. When this happens, I found that drinking beer takes it away completely. After about 6 or 7 beers it alleviates greatly, & the next day, although hungover, the tourettes is much more relaxed. Sometimes a hard night of drinking takes it away for weeks. I don't like to drink, but I am willing to suffer a hangover when the bouts get really bad.

But as I said, as long as I think about it, it doesn't go away. I literally do forget about it when it's not running its course though. And maybe the alcohol makes me not think about it, and in turn causes it to stop. Or maybe it's the hops. Not sure.

But I'm going to take some advice and go buy some Baryta Carbonica right now. I also am a true believer in homeopathjic remedies. I happen to know for a fact that ESSIAC TEA cures most cancer. My friend in 3rd stage Leukemia took it for 6 months and is now Leukemia free. Read up on that stuff too. It also cured my dad of colon cancer. I take it all the time to prevent cancer. It cleans and builds the blood as well.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Kat, this is most interesting that a large amount of beer should have such a positive effect for you. It made we wonder if vitamin b's are a factor and magnesium. I know someone who craved beer until they received B12 injections and b complex liquid with selenium. Magnesium came to mind because it is a great stress reliever (as are vit B's) and muscle relaxant, which sounds like the effects you are getting from the beer. Just my thoughts as I have no experience in what you have to deal with. All the best in your journey, God bless.

General Feedback
Posted by Stephen (Schenectady, NY) on 12/29/2008

I just want to stress to people who are living with tourettes that with the right therapy and medication the tics can vanish and go into remission.. I had a severe case for years as I got older my tics improved and they got down to where I was LIVING A NORMAL LIFE....
I know I don't eat alot of things with high cholesterol... I don't drink alcohol and I don't do anything that does not make me happy in life...

Replied by Lisa

What therapies did you do to make them vanish?


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Posted by Carol (Orland Park, Illinois) on 06/18/2012

When my daugher was 8 years old (she is 21 now) she had motor tics for about a year (shoulder shrugging) and my son who was 11 (he's 23 now) had both motor (eye squinting, blinking) and vocal (coughing) tics. I went to a homeopathic doctor who was also an M. D. And he gave them Baryta Carbonica 200CK. They each had four globules (little round balls) placed under the tongue on an empty stomach (they did not have anything to eat or drink 2 hours before and two hours after administration). The globules dissolve under the tongue in less than a minute or so. After about 4 weeks, both of them have been tic free. I still keep some of the remedy on hand just so that if the tics ever come back I'll know what to give them. The remedy can be ordered online - and it doesn't cost much.

Replied by Rad1_11
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Did they just take one dose of 4 granules?

Replied by Kricky
(San Diego, California)

Was there ever any response to this question? How often did the children put the 4 tabs under their tongue? Was it just the one time, or everyday for 4 weeks?

Replied by Margaret
(Plano, Tx)

Hi Carol, Thanks for your post. It really gives us, hope as we are great believers in homeopathy. Our son has started having severe symptoms and I wanted to get more info from you on the doctor who prescribed the homeopathic remedy. Would appreciate it if we can get in touch with you.

Replied by Lisa
(Mckinney, Tx)

I live in your area as well and looking into a neurologist and homeopathic doctor too. I'm hopeful I will find a natural cure for my son too. I will share what I find out and hoping you can do the same too. Thank you.

Replied by Heather

How many times per day should I administer?


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Posted by Rose (Chicago, IL) on 07/24/2021

Tics/Tourettes in 5y/o completely gone

My 6 yr old great niece was having over 100 tics per day. The neurologist diagnosed her with Tourettes. We started her on Magnesium Citrate made for kids (Natural Calm). We split the dose am/pm.

Within 3 days her tics had reduced to 1-3 and are now completely gone.

We have reduced the dose by half and still doing it am/pm. She had an issue with constipation going every 3-4th day. When the magnesium was started she was going 4x/day and that's why we reduced the dose by half. Now she is going 1x/day. Her mom is calling it magic powder. What a difference! Just wanted to share.

Replied by Art
2080 posts


This is wonderful news!!! Such a simple treatment and yet so effective!


(Chicago, il)

Thanks and am happy to be able to share the good results. Forgot to mention at the same time we also were trying the magnesium oil on her feet at night and have since stopped that about 2-3 weeks after the mag powder was started.


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Posted by mademmejo (Las Cruces, NM) on 02/20/2022 8 posts

TENS UNIT for movement disorders, such as tourette's syndrome and motor and vocal tics. Works instantaneously and I don't have barely any more tics. It's a godsend. A research facility in Nottingham, UK found that electrostimulation, such as the TENS machine uses, helps with movement disorders and I have to agree tremendously. They are coming out with a wrist device placed near the median nerve. You place the TENS electrodes on your median nerve and the electrostimulation travels to your brain which effects your movements. Truly a godsend. I'm so relieved. I have had motor tics for 40 years want nothing else has worked until now. The facility in Nottingham that did the study is going to release a wrist device in about two years they said. Right now people, including myself, are using TENS units to do the same thing. It's incredible. If anyone has any questions, please reply.

Replied by ms_anthrope

How often do you use it?

Replied by Lisa

I recently emailed Nottingham on this and they are still in trials. Where exactly are you placing your tens unit? Is it on the inside of the wrist?