Tourette's Syndrome Natural Treatment

Posted by Rose (Chicago, IL) on 07/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Tics/Tourettes in 5y/o completely gone

My 6 yr old great niece was having over 100 tics per day. The neurologist diagnosed her with Tourettes. We started her on Magnesium Citrate made for kids (Natural Calm). We split the dose am/pm.

Within 3 days her tics had reduced to 1-3 and are now completely gone.

We have reduced the dose by half and still doing it am/pm. She had an issue with constipation going every 3-4th day. When the magnesium was started she was going 4x/day and that's why we reduced the dose by half. Now she is going 1x/day. Her mom is calling it magic powder. What a difference! Just wanted to share.