Tourette's Syndrome Natural Treatment

Eliminate Yeast and Caffeine
Posted by Dalton S. (Valley Falls, Ks/united States) on 05/24/2012
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Hey.... I have had tourettes since second grade so when I was about 8.... Lucky for me I have an amazing mom who did a lot of research on the subject and found that by eating/drinking products that have yeast and caffeine in them stimulate the endorphins in the part of your body that has been chemically messed up that gave you tourettes..... Also high levels of stress are a factor that makes it worse!!! ...... We have also learnt that it is genetic... OCD, TS, and anxiety are all realated on the same strand of messed up DNA and if you have one of them then you probly already have at least one or both of the others and if you dont yet then I'm sorry but you should get ready!!!