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Posted by Garcia (Pasadena) on 09/20/2017

White tongue. I tried everything, I tried sea salt & baking soda & lemon still won't work. I brush my tounge twice a day & I got a tounge scrapper still won't work. I been having it for a long time. I don't know what to use now.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Garcia,

About the white tongue problem. Likely a thrush or virus infection. I have suggested the use of colloidal silver to many and once many years ago I had the condition. Here's how: Take a tablespoon of CS and let it slowly drain down the tongue and throat. Do that again. Twice a day do this and in three days if the white coating is better, keep up for another week or two. This condition may arise from an infection in sinuses so also consider a nasal irrigation, using the CS and "snort" the liquid into both sinus cavities. Repeat twice daily for a week.

Oh, also the infection (white tongue....if indeed an infection) could be coming from the bronchial region and via a reflux action bringing an infection into the mouth and throat. If you suspect bronchial/lung issues, see my posts on using "steamer-inhaler" and using CS to knock out bronchial infections.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Me (Adelaide, Australia) on 03/20/2010

im 42, ive had a white tongue for about 6 months, it also is now going brown, like ive been smoking (i dont smoke , use drugs and would be lucky to drink one beer a month), dont have massive sugar or anything overload in my diet

tongue tastes horrid and feels like ive burnt it, rear teeth coated, tried everything:
oral medicine from doctor (mild response but made stomach sore)
water drinking increase
now trying rock salt, which cleans it better, but it still keeps coming back

its driving me insane, waking to it every morn (i brush tongue with salt and gargle) then by afternoon its back.

Replied by Cimmarron
(Pomona, Mo)


I had the same problem with my tongue several months ago. I found out that I was taking too much cod liver oil, it had too much vit A and D in it. I quit taking the cod liver oil and started taking the flaxseed oil and I started brushing my tongue with tooth paste and peroxide,.... my tongue turned pink again. Hope this helps

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I had a white coated tongue for most of my life (52 years old). Yesterday I decided to follow some advice I read here and bought natural tooth paste with salt. It is more expensive than normal tooth pastes but well, it did the trick right away. My tongue was clean from the first time I brushed my teeth with it and it is still clean today. I think that all that stuff in tooth pastes is not good for you.

Replied by Cait
(Los Angeles, Ca, Usa)

It might be something in your diet causing the issue. I get a white tongue when I drink milk or soy milk and a brown tongue when I eat honey! Goat milk and rice milk is okay for me, no white tongue. Experiment by removing one food after another to find out what the culprit is. It could also be a sign of candida overgrowth.Good luck to you!

Replied by Miss Ely
(Valley Stream , Ny)

Okay so im 18 and I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago. I do have that white stuff on my tongue and I really want to get rid of it since I got my tongue pierced. What should I do? should I wait till my piercing heals completely or should I do the salt method or any method now? and will my piercing get infected? thnx

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shaun (Provo, Utah) on 11/20/2009

I have not been aware of "white tongue" as a condition until more recently, having it begin to dawn on me. Looking back from late teen years, I kept good oral heigene, but my breath was offensive, and I didn't know how to alleviate it. In later years the tongue became the focus of concern. Will toothpaste break down that white coating on the tongue? No. Somehow I began to find relief by bringing a heaping load of baking soda into my mouth on my toothbrush. I would then press the powder against the roof of my mouth for a while, then brush and rinse it off as well. It was a great help, actually chemically breaking down that white coating. It was so helpful that I began to put baking powder in a small jar and having it with my toothpaste when I travel. I've also gargled with water and some hydrogen peroxide. Salt water is great too, but I want to avoid the table salt containing aluminum, added in as a non-caking agent.

Of interest to those here. There is a "detox" diet, which I tried a few years ago and I believed helped me much in overall health, giving relief to a burdened liver (as the whites of my eyes were jaundiced looking.)

after getting I'll and seeing a very jaundiced look in my eyes, I went ahead and comitted to this Stanley Burough's "Master Cleanser" or lemonade diet. My mother had tried it. One thing you do when on the diet (10 day minimum) is monitor your tongue. Within. Few days on that detox, the tongue become a white shag carpet as the body begins to operate a cellular house cleaning. The tongue indicates the progress. And when do you note you're clean? The tongue turns pink and the white coating is gone.

I did that cleanse diet (a little yellow book at the health food store,) and found that in 30 days I did not get rid of white tongue, which indicates I am still full of toxins, despite all the absolutely vile stuff I hacked up when on the diet. I will begin that diet anew after thanksgiving. Perhaps this round I'll obtain that enviable pink tongue.

When on that diet, I must relate that I only needed 6 hours of sleep a night to feel very rested, nor did I toss and turn. I always awoke and felt bright, easily able to rise from bed. I had energy all day and ambition not evident since my teen years.

One other thing to share, that last time I got sick and jaundiced looking, I took up the free bio-meridian scan offered by Dr Jack Stockwell in SLC on his radio show. They tested me and the technition asked: "what have you done to your lungs? You have done damage to your lungs, you've got scar tissue in your lungs and are loaded in the abdomen with toxins."

Bingo. I was becoming a believer in the scan. My Sr. year of high school I was in a finishing room in the woodshop two hours a day for a few months. It was toxic. The year after I graduated, the fire Marshall condemned the place, forcing a wall to be knocked out and many more exhaust fans installed. My time there resulted in my developing an athsmatic condition, where I just struggled to get air. After a year it seemed this condition left me and I forgot about it until that scan affirmed lung damage and toxins were in my system.

So is that the basis of my white tongue? Will another long 2-3 weeks on the lemonaide diet cleanse me enough to obtain permanantly that white tongue? I shall see.

Thanks for the site and the reading of all these posts dealing with white tongue. It's very informative.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Je (Manila, Philippines) on 07/27/2009

Helo im here coz i stil have white coating on my tongue and halitosis as well, i tried brushng my tongue using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and now the charcoal powder..And i stil have a sour taste n my mouth when i wake up. Somebody plz help me get rid of ths embarasing problem.

Replied by Kathy

try to brush your tongue with salt...it takes the white stuff off!

Replied by Donna
(Sydney, Australia)

If you want to cure bad breath and white tongue try Manucca Honey each day. Just a teaspoon each morning. It takes about 2 weeks to work. The higher the umm in the honey the better

Replied by Jun

Hi, Just want to help, the sour taste is caused by maybe Gastric Acid, I experienced that before as well as Halitosis, what I did was I went to a Doctor "Gastro" for medication, they gave me anti acid medicine, try consulting a Doctor first. Hope this helps.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 06/21/2009

I've experimented with the white tongue for 6 months. Tried:
1. Honey. No success.
2. Salt - strong effect, but no success.
3. Oregano Oil - stings, but no success.
4. Peppermint Oil - failure.
5. Listerine(Eucalptus oil) - failure.
6. Baking Soda - success for 1 day, failure afterwards.
7. Borax - success for 1 day, failure afterwards.
8. Diluted Bleach - turns tounge white, failure.
9. Acidified Bleach - 1/2 cap of bleach plus 2 TBSP ACV. This should create Hypochlorite. Turns toungue whiter. No success. This is supposed to have 10x the killing power of bleach.
10. Olive Oil - this started to turn my teeth yellow. Bad Failure. Candida may feed on the Oleic acid in Olive Oil. I dunno, but I ended this experiment early.
11. Turmeric - partial improvement. Temporary. Turns tounge yellow.
12. Mega-Garlic - partial improvement. Temporary. Tongue turns brown. I got some bloodblisters on the "cheek-gums" where white blisters previously existed. Took a few days. But these multi-month whit cheek blisters actually healed. This one probably works if you're willing to follow it through for a month.
13. Coconut Oil. Partial Success. Assuming it's candida, I will say that this kills the Aeorbic form, and not the Anerobic form. Some of the white stuff instantly disappears, and some doesn't. Coconut oil definitely does something.
14. Vinnegar and Borax mix. This is at least as good as the coconut oil. Two anti-infectives mixed. Success is temporary, but you can prevent any infection from getting worse... at least hold it to a stalemate. There is a commercial drug that uses this (Dermapet). I don't mention the brand name to promote it, but instead to say there is science behind it, and clinical studies, which are listed on the website. On a side note... I have tried three different ACV's, Heinz, Publix, and _____s. I suspect the organic one, braggs, to have live acidophilus whereas the others which were pasteurized don't... as the braggs aftertaste lasted for 24 hours. Most of the white stuff disappears, some of it doesn't.
15. Potassium Iodide(KI) - placed a 64 mg ki pill on the white area of the gum, that wasn't cured by the ACV/Borax mix... cured that area... I'm thinking that's the anerobic form of candida.
16. Providone - once per day - does something. Also turns toungue brown.
In progress:
17. Providone/Borax mix. The comparable drug is by Frio Technologies. This has clinical trials ongoing, with success on Gingivitis, and ongoing testing for Thrush. Whereas Providone turns your tongue brown, this mix doesn't.
18. Providone - 6x per day. Started this a week ago. I've seen zero yeast in my mouth for a week. Got the blood-blister effect like the garlic (without being smellY). Seen no yeast in my mouth for a week. 1/2 of the top of my tongue turned dark brown. Seems to be scabbing up and healing. No need for the tongue scraper any more. I think I have a cure, but need more time (wait for the scabs to heal).
A healthy mouth has 600 different bacteria plus fungus's, virus's, protozoa. Perhaps the definition of healthy mouth is flawed. Something is broken in mine. We'll see if I can fix it. Current Regimin is Coconut oil plus Providone(Iodine).

Iodine supposedly kills 90% of bacteria, disolves starches(yeast), and metals. If you are iodine deficient, which I may be(2 billion people are (WHO), this may help. Bacteria and yeast may reproduce quick so doseage may be small, but frequent(ie every couple hours).
I believe I have a cure, but need more time. Will re-post in 1 week or 2.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

I tried other stuff too, listerine, peroxide, etc...

However, I suspect 4 things... Chloride deficiency, Iodine Deficiency, Potassium Deficiency, Candida/Yeast overgrowth as the root cause. With a high potassium diet, I can turn the tongue red again for a few hours. With a teaspoon of KI, I can do the same thing.

As a high salt diet is the Merck Veterinary Cure for Candida in chickens, I suspect a chloride deficiency may cause gut problems, and yeast overgrowth, and poor digestion.

I've got premature greying, which I suspect may be Iodine deficiency(since I don't eat fish). Iodine kills yeast(and more bacteria than Chlorine).

Potassium deficiency in animals causes the intestines to turn white. I suspect the tongue as well. I suspect it just neutralizes the acids of Bacteria, and without it, they damage you, and stuff turns white do to damage.
With the providone experiment, things are going great. A little slower than I wanted. No yeast in the mouth. Receding Gumlines unreceding. Strange 6 month pimples on the forehead near the hairline, healing. I would recommend this.

However, 1% providone is the minimum concentration to kill alot of bad stuff. Providone usually comes in 10% bottles. Saliva will dilute it. Providone from CVS is different from Providone in Walgreens(other ingredients).

Warning: Too much providone for too long is bad; molecular iodine like molecular chlorine can damage cells at a specific concentration for specific duration... I don't know what this number is though. The iodine is less toxic than chlorine though (both msds and experimentation).

Replied by Tim
(Tucson, Arizona Usa)

Have any of the people reporting here with white tongue been exposed to raccoon, or mouse droppings, or have a dog that has been exposed to the droppings? I am thinking that there might be a connection from the intestional issues, Candida, and Baylisascaris procyonis.

EC: For those interested in learning more about Baylisascaris procyonis (roundworm infection of raccoons): http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/eid/vol8no4/01-0273.htm

Replied by Jason
(San Jose, Ca)

Do you drink the providone iodine or just gargle it?

Replied by Aliza
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Cutlured/fermented vegetables like sauerkraut can cure a white tongue in a day!! Take 2 tablespoons to 1/2 cup 2 -3X a day with meals and you'll see the difference immediately! Make sure you buy RAW, LIVE, UNPASTEURIZED sauerkraut sold at health food stores- not the processed kind with no nutrients sold at supermarkets!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Freya (Plymouth, England) on 06/06/2009

White coating on tongue: I tried all of the remedies suggested on this page and none of them worked! I was wondering if it meant baking powder of bicarbonate of soda? Anyway, completely by accident I discovered that if you put a pea sized amount of special tooth and gum toothpaste for treating gum disease on your tongue for a minute, it will give a pink tongue for the day! This is only temporary and it tastes yucky, but it is simple and easy.

EC: In the USA, we call bicarbonate of soda (and not baking powder) "Baking Soda".

Replied by Betty
(Miami, Fl)

I just tried the oil thing but with olive oil. I put a good coat on and brushed with the thing on back of the toothbrush. I left it on for about 3mins then put another coat on and brushed again. Left it on for another 3 mins then I added toothpaste to breakup the oil and brushed again. I immediately rinsed and my tongue was beautiful and pink. I had never seen it this clear I almost took a pic to send to friends then I thought of how stupid that may look lol

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Sara (Carson City, NV) on 11/26/2007

I have had a coated tongue for quite some time now. I tried oil pulling two nights ago swishing the oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. After I spit and brushed my teeth my tongue was bright pink. I couldn't believe it! Thank You

Replied by Daniel
(Chicago, Illinois)

Just wanted to ask what oil you used for the oil pulling to the person who said that it got rid of his/her white tongue

Replied by Sara
(Carson City, NV)

high quality sesame oil (not toasted)

Replied by Andrew
(Wilmington, USA)

I just tried using the sesame seed oil...20 minutes seemed awfully long, but it seems to have worked. The only downside was holding it in for 20 minutes, and preventing myself from throwing up. The texture and taste was...well, not good.

Replied by 2much
(San Francisco, California, Usa)

Hello, I was reading the comments on Oil Pulling and I am interested in trying it. But what is it? and How do I try it? Thanks is advance.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Jen (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


I found this site because I was searching for a rememdy for the whiteness on my tounge. I struggled with the idea of OP for about a week and decided to do it. The first time I did it I did it for 20 minutes, but immediatly noticed my tounge was nice and pink again. The second day and beyond (now on my 5th day), i got a cold sore which I get very infrequently,and I also would get weird headaches too, so I hope it is s good sign. It is one of the worst cold sores I have ever had BTW, and I also felt real sick for a little while and sluggish.It almost feels like things are trying to leave my body. I am going to keep it up and see what develops, and will post my results later.

Replied by chris
(shreveport, la/usa)

it sounds like you are having a healing crisis. which means your body is detoxing. congrats!

Replied by Sophia
(Hoffman Estates, Illinois)

I'm not trying to be rude but your cold sore sounds coincidental to your tongue issue. Due to your symptoms of sluggishness, headache, and feeling lousy, along with the cold sore, it unfortunately sounds like herpes type 1. You should see a doctor.

Replied by Maximac
(Trussville, Alabama, USA)

Sounds like you're having die off effects of probable candida overgrowth. I've experienced that as well. We'll say "good riddance!"

Replied by Rhonda

How did you fare in the long run with the oil pulling? Did the side effects subside?


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Posted by Fabio (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 02/20/2015

Chlorhexidine cured my white coated tongue. My doctor prescribed Chlorhexidine 10% mixed with water as a mouthwash. Many people says that white coated tongue is only candida. But I don't belive in that. I believe that it includes bacteria as well. So chlorhexidine kills all of them. It's extremely powerful and hurts the tongue. But you can already feel the difference in the day after. I tried EVERYTHING you can imagine, and belive me, glycerin will help just for 1 day, honey just for 1 day, and so. It's not solving anything. What will solve it is killing this pathogens. What helped: chlorhexidine, low carb diet, cultured vegetables (book: body ecology diet), brushing the tongue after EVERY meal, so the sugar does not stay much longer in the tongue offering food to pathogens.

Peppermint Oil

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Posted by Angie (Sparta, Missouri) on 05/12/2008

re: Recurring sore on gums and white tongue... For 2-3 years I have had a recurring sore on my gum that would not go away and plus a lot of white build up on my tongue. towards the end of last year I started using 1 drop of certified organic peppermint oil on my toothbrush that I bought from ebay 1-2 times a day. since then my tongue is pink, no more white buildup and the sore is almost gone. I hope this helps someone out. I really believe the key is using organic peppermint oil.

Replied by Amy
(Anytown, Oh, Usa)

Tried brushing with the peppermint essential oil tonight and it worked like a charm. I have now woken up after a long night's sleep and still have a pink tongue, so it seems to have some staying power.


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Posted by John (Richmond, VA) on 03/02/2008

Pineapple helped to get rid of my white tongue. I'm not sure why, I think it has an enzyme or chemical in it that causes the tongue coating to dissolve. Eat at least a couple of bites once or twice a day. This helps, but is not enough alone. The proper oral routine is necessary too. I found that brushing twice a day with a sls-free toothpaste allowed my tongue to shed normally and remain pink and healthy, which wouldn't happen with regular toothpaste. And don't use mouthwash or brush or scrape your tongue. Oil pulling once a day will help as well.

Replied by Jen
(Nashville, TN)

Hi, I was just reading your remedies for a white coating on the tongue and I don't know what you mean by "oil pulling". Could someone please explain this process?? Thanks for your help!

Replied by Juan de la Cruz
(Manila, Philippines)


Yes, eating pineapple worked for me, but it has to be raw (sour). In that case, I would put a little salt in it to taste. But this is just a temporary solution because the white coating usually returns the next day or two.

I always use a tongue cleaner, then brush my tongue with ALOE VERA toothpaste which is sold by Forever Living (5 US dollars, approximately). Then, I discovered a cheaper ALOE VERA toothpaste with almost the same quality (1 US dollar). I also had a coworker with slight bad breath and I gave him the cheaper ALOE VERA toothpaste. I noticed that every time he uses that, his bad breath is gone. But every time he used an ordinary toothpaste of whatever brand, his bad breath returns.

Replied by Karen
(Randolph, New Jersey)

I also had this problem, white tongue, which I presume is thrush (yeast infection). I got rid of it by brushing and flossing twice a day with baking soda, followed by hydrogen peroxide rinse.

I also stopped eating sugar completely, and drank a glass of buttermilk every day. This took about two weeks to a month to work,(don't quite remember, it was years ago); you have to be persistent. If I even took one bit of something sugary or sweet, it would come right back.

Pau d'arco tea works well if you drink it once a day. [You have to boil the tea, not just steep it in hot water. ]

good luck


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Posted by Claire E. (Ca) on 10/12/2015

For years I tried to get the thick coating to leave my tongue. Now I have just the finest film left. I started (probiotics). Read the label for a min. of six to ten strains and a min. of 3 billion to 30 billion cultures. Good luck.

Probiotics, Glycerin, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Lilli (Wa, Usa) on 11/02/2015 13 posts

After moving to a new area, I noticed that my tongue became coated. It got to the point that the surface was rough and my tongue seemed swollen. After a few more days, my tongue was becoming numb in the center. I decided to give some of these remedies a try and here's what worked best:

1. I buy refrigerated probiotics (blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus & Lactobacillus acidophilus). Open one capsule and use a soft tooth brush to gently rub the powdered contents onto your tongue. Then just leave it on as long as you can and swallow the rest. It's a good idea to take a daily capsule as well internally.

2. I bought organic, food grade vegetable glycerin. Place a few drops on your tongue and rub it in. Allow it to stay on your tongue - it is also safe to swallow.

3. Use virgin, organic, cold expeller pressed coconut oil.. I've been using it for oil pulling for years. Just take a small teaspoon of the c.o. and let it melt on your tongue.

I used all three methods about an hour or two before bed time. It started working before I went to bed. The next morning, the numbness and swollen feeling were gone and the pink color is returning to my tongue.

Red Wine

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Posted by Rudi (Hong Kong) on 02/28/2010

I have always had a thick white coating on my tongue. While drinking a few glasses of red wine (i think very cheap and bad quality as the taste was very sour and it came from China) i felt some tinkling on my tongue and a bit burning. The tinkling was as if small blisters burst open. The next day the white coating was dark purple from the wine, and after brushing the colour was still here. One or two days later i looked at my tongue and it was pink! Never seen this in my life before, and not justa little pink. But fresh, smooth, clean, the best and nicest tongue i have ever seen. Like photoshopped!

Now after 9 weeks it is coming back a little but, not too much. I wish i could find that wine again!

Anybody here has an idea about what in this red wine might have caused this amazing result?

Replied by Mrq

Cream of tartar perhaps.


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Posted by Cc (Perth, Western Australia) on 10/25/2016

I always had problems with a furry tongue and nothing really worked to fully getting rid of it. After reading this site I tried the sea salt/warm water wash, gargled and brushed my tongue and there was an instant result! Repeated before bed and no more furry tongue!! So happy and so simple..

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