White Tongue Cure

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Garcia (Pasadena) on 09/20/2017

White tongue. I tried everything, I tried sea salt & baking soda & lemon still won't work. I brush my tounge twice a day & I got a tounge scrapper still won't work. I been having it for a long time. I don't know what to use now.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Me (Adelaide, Australia) on 03/20/2010

im 42, ive had a white tongue for about 6 months, it also is now going brown, like ive been smoking (i dont smoke , use drugs and would be lucky to drink one beer a month), dont have massive sugar or anything overload in my diet

tongue tastes horrid and feels like ive burnt it, rear teeth coated, tried everything:
oral medicine from doctor (mild response but made stomach sore)
water drinking increase
now trying rock salt, which cleans it better, but it still keeps coming back

its driving me insane, waking to it every morn (i brush tongue with salt and gargle) then by afternoon its back.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Je (Manila, Philippines) on 07/27/2009

Helo im here coz i stil have white coating on my tongue and halitosis as well, i tried brushng my tongue using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and now the charcoal powder..And i stil have a sour taste n my mouth when i wake up. Somebody plz help me get rid of ths embarasing problem.