Natural Remedies to Treat Tinnitus

Tinnitus Triggers  

Posted by Kk (Malaysia) on 07/08/2016

I had a humming sound from inside my ear since two days ago. And was very troubled about the noise. Fortunately, the noise is gone once I managed to consult a doctor with the use of a few drop of disinfectant into my ear. (by the doctor)

I was told that it was the inflammation in my ear that was causing all the noise.

Just to share my experience. Hope that helps.

Topical Vinegar, Baking Soda and Borax Solution  

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Posted by Rob (Burlington, Ont) on 11/23/2016
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This was strictly a fluke cure! I have suffered from Tinnitus for about 7 years. From mild to extreme vibration hums and ringing.

My ears were itchy so I decided to spray a homemade solution I use on my feet after showering. In a spray bottle it's 30% water + 30% apple cider vinegar with 15% Borax and 15% baking soda. Put baking soda in after vinegar and slowly as it volcanoes .

Apply with fingers all around outer and inner ear, than a q tip for inner ear. Works after 3 days and I have no idea how or why! My guess could be some Tinnitus may be caused by mites in the ear. After 7 years what a relief.

Vitamin A  

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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 09/06/2008
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Hi EarthClinic!

I read somewhere that tinnitis is a symptom of premenopause. I cannot find where I read that but I began taking vitamin a to combat the problem because the same literature suggested it. It helped a lot. Recently, though, I forgot about taking vitamin a...and that it was a remedy for tinnitis...and the ringing is back in my ears! It's really an awful and annoying problem.

I started taking vitamin a again and am really hoping it relieves me of this problem again. It seemed to work before so I thought I would share it here as there is little information on EC about tinnitis. I did look up herbal remedies on a site where I sometimes buy supplements and it did say vitamin a is one possible treatment.

BTW, EarthClinic, the new website looks great! Very professional!

Replied by CarolB
Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA

How much vitamin A are you taking?

Vitamin C  

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Posted by Wayhealthy (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/22/2012
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I love warm foods now that it's fall! My LOUD ear-ringing of several years has quieted to a barely audible hum since starting my ascorbic acid at very high amounts, a mere 5 days ago. I had also had trouble with my mind racing, thoughts coming jumbled and fast, even when asleep! That, too, is gone. I am so happy about these improvements, and I had all but given up hope that either would ever resolve. --T

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Way, what is your "very high amounts" of ascorbic acid and do you take it with baking soda to make sodium ascorbate as Ted recommends?

Replied by Waymore
Motown, Ca/ Usa

Hi Somewhere! I have just now heard of Ted's mixture, adding baking soda to Vit. C, and ought to buy his book soon, just to see what's in there! Perhaps sodium ascorbate is a better form of Vit C.... I don't know. Ted?

To answer your question: I am taking a staggered mix of lypospheric Vit C -without food- about two packs of 1,000mg each, three times a day. I try to fit in three Emergen-C packs, 1,000mg each, with ascorbic acid powder, 1 teaspoon mixed into each drink -with food. Total: Between 10-12 grams.

I plan to only take this amount for about two-three weeks, then drop down to slightly lower amounts for maintainence and slow-but-steady improvement. My plan of action is based on much reading of doctor's research first, so is fairly sound, and I tolerate it really well, and feel wonderful.

Next, I am adding Ted's idea, of Borax and sea salt, 1/8th of a tspn of each in a liter of water, sipped throughout the day. I plan on feeling even better! --T.


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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 12/25/2008
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Over the past year I have suffered with tinnitis. It was very discouraging to be told by my naturepath that no one knows how to cure this! I believe my tinnitis was caused largely by hormonal disturbances. It is a symptom of early menopause. Tinnitis is also a symptom of heavy metal toxicity.

The problem was extremely annoying and made it difficult for me to concentrate or fall asleep. The sound was very high pitched.

Well, I always keep trying no matter what and I have another friend who recommended zeolite drops. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that has a honeycomb structure. It has a charge that attracts heavy metals to it. It surrounds the particle and the body passes it out.

I used one bottle of the drops for about a month and it helped tremendously. My tinnitis disappeared to the point I forgot I had it. After I ran out of the drops, though, it came back again slightly. Not nearly as bad, though. I do plan to get more of this product. It's the only thing I've found that really helps.

Replied by Helen
Ann Arbor, MI

Did you put the ZEOLITE drops in your ear or did you take it orally? How much did you use each time? Thanks.

Replied by Jerry
New York, Usa

I'm writing to see if you ever received a reply regarding the use of the Zeolite drops. Would love feedback if you did. Thanks-j


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Posted by Squiqwe (Cortland, Oh) on 05/25/2010
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Zinc cut down my ear ringing 80%.