Natural Remedies to Treat Tinnitus

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Theeseer (Medellin, Colombia) on 03/14/2012

I use a spray of 100% DMSO into the ear followed by a 1% cortisone cream swab. I take magnesium, B vitamins, Bioflavonoids, curcumin and a combination vitamin from "tru nature vitamins" which has gingko biloba and vinpocetine. The most important addtion is also pregenolone a steroid precursor that not only is the material form which other hormones are made but is well known to help heal the brain and has been tested in the past to improve brain function and reduce inflammation. 50-150 mgs per day available over the counter in the USA. My tinnitus was caused by a serious flu virus complicated by a swim and a sauna which allowed the flu to invade the ear ducts. The tinnitus that resulted was severe. Now five weeks later one ear is silent and the other is 75% improved. I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Lori (Delta, Co) on 10/01/2010
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Tinnitus: I have had ringing in my ears seems most of my adult life but lately I really notice it. I take mag citrate about 200mg (1/4) tsp in the a.m. and another in the evening the whole dose says a 1/2 tsp is 630 mg. So I split it. My ears still ring. I take sodium ascorbate every other day, black strap molasses every day, squeezed lemon w 1/4 tsp bsoda every morning, Borax 3 days out of the week. I don't take the h202 very often because I take the lemon juice every morning. Can I take the h202 with lemon juice? I read you shouldn't take h202 with acv. I was taking the sea salt in my water everyday.

Lately I noticed when I do take it I get these spells like I'm going to faint. I get really whoozy like I need to take a deep breath and I have to put my head down. That's really scary especially driving. Could the sea salt be too much for me as far as sodium? Just this week I started the fish oil. I feel energized all but the ringing in my ears.

I take milk of magnesia once a week to really clean me out and it does. I tested my urine ph and it was 7-7. 5. So my biggest concern is the dizzy spells, drinking the sea salt in which I have probably done for 2 years but the last month or so is when the dizzy spells started.

The ringing in my ears is driving me crazy. One time it stopped and it literally stopped me in my tracks I had to turn around to make sure I was still upright. It was something I havn't heard in a long long time. I take granulated lecithin in the morning and the evening dose I add 1/4 tsp of baking soda, I usually sleep like a rock. I noticed if I don't take it I toss and turn. I appreciate any imput from Bill or Ted. I have had earth clinic in my life now for over 2 years it's my go to site every morning, I have helped a lot of people at work bless you all for such a wonderful and helpful site amazing what one can do with natural remedies you might just have in your pantry:}

EC: Hi Lori,

Please read our Remedy Side Effects section to see if any of the remedies you are taking are causing dizzy spells:

Each remedy page (with the exception of apple cider vinegar, which has over 100 reported side effects on the page noted above) will also have a side effects section as well.

Replied by Gian

For those who have tinnitus associated with bruxism and sleep on your stomach should know that you can solve everything in 4-5 months or a little more simply dormento supine belly up leaving the lower jaw is free to move and all in one site Italian doctor Galiffa written in English.

Posted by Jeanette (Edmonton, Ab) on 09/04/2010
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I need relief for ringing in the ear. I have been taking ginko biloba, cinnmon, ginger, b12 and nothing seems to help is there anything out there to take the noise out of my ear?

Replied by Rebeca
Mason City, Iowa

I have an old book call "Miracle Foods" and someone in there mention curing theirs snacking on sunflower seeds, it wouldn't hurt to try and they are good for you, Specially if you can find them raw. I hope this helps, let us know if it does Rebeca

Posted by Seetal (Brampton, Ontario)
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I started taking ground flaxseed and psyllium husks 1-1 tsp mix together and mix in warm milk drink it quickly b/4 go to bed at night glucosmine capsule 2 a day 1 in the morning 1 at night. i noticed my ears are not noisy any more. I had this problem for 10-12 years.

Multiple Remedies to Calm Tooth Disturbances  

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Posted by Kaya (Uk) on 06/29/2016
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Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this, but just wanted to contribute my experience with treating tinnitus. Whenever my immune system needs a boost I have a series of remedies and supplements that I increase. In between times I relax the number of times I take these, but usually stick with ACV and honey as a drink, lemon and sodium bicarbonate just before cleaning my teeth and more recently, diatomaceous earth every day.

I would say my tinnitus is connected to a root canal filling I had years ago before I understood about the effect of these. Since then if my tinnitus starts up I've made the connection with 'disturbances' around that tooth. So I take oxygen, as a liquid supplement, and hold that in water, in my mouth for several seconds, a few times a day. I also take turmeric tincture a few times a day until it settles down again. It seems to help. Added to all of this I take Fo Ti tincture, which really helps my hair! But I think it is very good as an anti-inflammatory.

I hope that helps!

Murphy's Submarine Technique  

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Posted by Murphy (Wpb, Fl) on 12/16/2013
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I inadvertently discovered this website earlier today, and as I was looking through the index of ailments, I saw the link to tinnitus and decided to post my experience because I know how scary and depressing this condition can be.Three years ago, in January 2010, I had a very bad cold (headache, coughing, sore throat, body aches), and developed tinnitus. My ears were 90% deaf, but I had RINGING THUNDER inside my head that never quit. Long after my cold symptoms were gone, the symptoms persisted.I spent many hours researching on line and tried quite a few possible remedies - warm oil treatments, hydrogen peroxide, ear candling, holding my nose and gently blowing (like when you scuba dive or fly in an airplane), and other holistic possibilities. But there was absolutely no improvement and I was concerned that I might be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life. Over a period of time, I got about 50-60% of my hearing back, but still had the non-stop RINGING THUNDER. Then one day in early June (easily six months after the onset of my condition), I was in the pool and something incredible happened. I don't normally go under water because if I have somewhere to go, it would take a long time to dry and fix my hair. But this particular day I had no plans and I needed to wash my hair anyway. So I lay back and let myself drift until I started slipping under the water. I went down about a foot or so, and to my complete surprise, I could feel activity in my ears as they slowly and gently begin to clear. I lay there under the surface for as long as I could, and when I came up, there was a definite and significant change in my condition. I repeated this submarine technique several times over the next few days and eventually my ears were totally back to normal after SIX MONTHS of suffering. Three weeks into my “healing” (July 2010), and there were no return of symptoms.I suppose all of this sounds a little wacky and there may be medical reasons why this doesn't make any sense. Even though I had all of the symptoms, maybe I didn't really have tinnitus at all. Maybe it was something else. Well, call it what you will, my ears weren't working properly.

So I'm posting this because maybe there are others with these same symptoms who also don't REALLY have tinnitus either. Or maybe they do, and I've discovered something worth trying.

Olive Oil  

Posted by Leonardj on 09/03/2012

Hi, I think a great place to start for many people that have tinnitus is simply using drops of olive oil to remove excess ear wax from the ears. I belive most people who have tinnitus have the category known as Subjective Tinnitus, which is where only you yourself can hear the sounds. One of the main causes of Subjective Tinnitus can be a build up of Ear Wax. Hope this helps. Leonard

Pulsatile Tinnitus  

Posted by Ben Goh (Miri, Malaysia) on 09/13/2012

For about 1 year, I hear my heart beat in my left ear. I think they call it pulsatile tinnitus. It was so annoying that at one time I was even hospitalised because of very high blood pressure 235/110.

I'm extremely panicky, sense heart beat on my chest, very fatigue even just talking a few words, constantly evaluating/thinking/worrying in my mind, weak hands and legs, high-pitched tinnitus in my left ear, fear of loud sounds, almost paranoid-like.

What is it?
How do I cure it?
Is it electrolyte imbalance?
Is it skeletal out of balance?
Is it lack of exercise?

Help, save me!!

Replied by Linda
York County, Southern Maine

Hello Ben Goh - I can report that I first noticed pulsatile tinnitus around the same time I discovered I had Graves' Disease (hyperthyroidism).... Has your thyroid function been tested? I experienced heart flutters, overall jittery feeling (I thought I consumed too much caffeine), also a loud whooshing in my ears. Not sure if there IS a cure for tinnitus, I'm sorry to say. Note: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can exhibit some of the same symptoms. Best Wishes in gaining some relief~

Replied by Ah Kong
Labuan, Malaysia

Hello Ben Goh, By TCM, it sounds like you have symptoms of blood and qi (force) deficiencies. Either you are losing blood somewhere or your body does not get enough nourishment for blood.

Check your tongue in the mirror for futher confirmation. Do you see signs of blood deficiency? Any cracks in the middle?

I think you may need a blood transfusion or should eat food that nourishes your blood and qi.

Ted from bangkok, do you second my diagnosis?

Replied by Mae
Edmonton, Ab, Canada

Tinnitus is annoying and one can seldom find why it happens or why it quit.

Of more concern is the anxiety and panic. I have no idea what is causing any of your symptoms and am not any kind of expert. I had a friend who was sure he was losing his mind as over a few weeks he was getting more frightened and worried and exhausted. He took 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 - the kind you put under your tongue because that's the only way the body can absorb it - and felt a dramatic difference within an hour! His anxiety left immediately, it took a few weeks to get all of his energy back. (As a side note, he is 70, has hearing loss in one ear and has had intermittant tinnitus for a very long time.)

This may not be what you need, but it's cheap, easy and won't hurt you.

Good luck!

Replied by Eva
California, US
7 posts

Ben, if it is still a problem take homeopathic Pulsatilla C30. One dose helped me with hearing my heartbeat though it heard it only when I was in bed. You might need to take it more times. Good luck!

Rain Sounds  

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Posted by Clare (Arizona) on 10/13/2014
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I just tried the youtube rain sounds. It actually made my ear ringing sound worse.


Posted by James (Colorado Springs, Co/usa) on 02/15/2012

I had an intuition and I wanted to help you I wanted to give you the answer why your hearing is occluded. If you think of your ear as an antenna and that it also has a speaker which is direct wired to your brain. You would probably agree that if it is to receive properly it must be tuned and adjusted. Your ear is receiving the signal because these is a misalignment in your neck and the cartilage of your earlobe.

I know this sounds odd but you can rid yourself of it with a few simple things. In reality they are a series of stretches and contractions. If you perform each one for 5 minutes or so a day it will go away quickly. After each crack do it a few more movements with tension on to realign the facet joint. In fact repeat that after each crack just cause you found it does mean you aligned it.

1. Remember when you stood at attention in the army? They made you tuck your chin in.. Do this as tight as you can until you hear a crack in the ear or the jaw with the ringing.

2. Do shoulder shrugs until you hear your mid neck crack.

3. Firmly grasp the earlobe at the front and gently pull until you hear the crack..... Gently continue.

4. There are 5 prive points around the earlobe which are available for adjustment and alignment.

5. Turn your chin to the side and try to touch your chin stretch unit you hear the crack

6. Do both sides for the sake of spinal alignment for the flow of kundalini. After all the sound is misaligned energy reverberating in your ear drum! Lean your neck back a much as you can tolerate. The pull of the chin by smiling until you hear the crack.....

7. You can manipulate the shoulders to address your headaches mostly the right one.

8. Lye on your back... Lift your stiff legs up together like you are trying to touch your forehead but again you arrive at the range of motion limit which you will know by the crack the stretch a bit more.

9. Squeeze 3 to 5 drops of juice from a white onion into the ear cannel let it rest 10 to 15 minutes in the canal.

10. Take a soft piece of cotton and with a cork screw motion work it into the ear cannel. After you have drained the canal. As you twist it out there will be a small amount of black particles.... Your sign that you have clear the film of sludge.... Repeat in your spare time and it will dissipate in a short period of time. If you want to be lazy you need to find an osteopath he stretches the muscle which aligns the joint (maybe therapeutic massage with gentle head manipulation........ Not a chiropracter he forces the joint... I was also told that I should say if we tune the antenna we tune the brain... , having a direct path to the brain lets us cleanly process the signal we resonate in harmony and frequency with.

Sound Therapy  

Posted by Fudo (Singapore) on 06/23/2011

To all tinnitus sufferer, please try sound therapy, for sure it will work for us.... :-) Search Sound therapy International...

Spiral Seashell  

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Posted by Indira (Netherlands) on 09/08/2013
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So here is a crazy idea. I don't know if it will really work and it would be nice if more people try this. But for my rinnging ear, I have put the spiraly sea shell on the ear, and it seems like it helped. They say sound therapy works well, so I thought of the shell. And also shell has the same spiral like your ear. Maybe it has something to do with it too. Don't know. I wonder how others respond to it

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Indiria,

What an interesting idea... Using the sound of the large sea shell to give "auditory feedback" to address tinnitus. Well, I tried it. Maybe for two minutes each side. I have slight ringing... I think from being around loud machinery when young. Could not tell any difference but will do it again later and for longer time. Do you suggest for ten minutes?

Replied by Indira

hi, nice to see a comment from someone. Maybe 2 min. Is too short, and you would need to try longer. But I think I have found something much better. I just wrote a short story for the site. Try to stop eating any salt for at least 1week. Incl. Sodium bicrarb, magnesium or whatever salt you might be taking. At least I think, that helped me to clear it after 1 week. read my story under desaltifying.

Swedish Bitters  

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Posted by Mvo (Jhb - Rsa) on 02/26/2013
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What I found helped me with Tinnitus was Swedish Bitters. I soaked a bit of cotton wool and put it in my ear and kept it there overnight - I found this advice in Health Through God's Pharmacy written by Maria Treben. Good luck.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback  

Posted by Mary (Springfield, Mo) on 06/29/2012

I was wondering about teds treatment for ringing ears. the one with baking soda peroxide and water. how many times do you do this? Or is it a one time thing. could some one please help me so I will know.

The Snapping Method  

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Posted by Jinxed (California, Usa) on 12/29/2013
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I have just read an article about a help for tinnitus.

Place the palms over the ears, fingers pointing to the back of the head. Point middle fingers at each other. The article said to place index fingers over the middle fingers, and then "snap" them down onto the base of the skull. Repeat snapping 40 - 50 times.

LOL, I can't get the "snap" to happen, so I just pointed my middle fingers together, and then drummed my index fingers on the base of the skull rapidly 40 - 50 times. I opened my mouth and tried to relax the jaw and face.

My tinnitus HAD been due to TMJ and was quite manageable and at a low level, but of late it is a LOUD hissing due to medication.

I was happily surprised to find the tapping/drumming really helped! I repeated the drumming a few times over the last few minutes and the noise is reduced nearly to the bearable levels I had before.

I also think acupuncture is just plain awesome, and the scalenes are never massaged as much as they need in many people with head issues.

Good luck with your "special noise"!

Replied by Jamie
Los Angeles, California
5 out of 5 stars

In looking up some of these remedies for ringing in the ears/tinnitus, I found an article on Livestrong that helped me. Look it up on online, but I also describe it below. Didn't have any ACV, so I tried this for tonight. It helped! I was dancing at a loud venue last night for quite a while :/ So the pressure and ringing was really uncomfortable today. Not sure if this will work for chronic tinnitus or ringing caused by other things but it offered me some relief. "Better but not cured" because the pressure is not totally gone but there is relief! Ringing is less obtrusive. Huzzah!

So - the remedy: The article said to gently place the palms of your hands over your ears (cover your ears) with your fingers on the back of your head, with the middle fingers facing each other. You place your index finger on top of the middle finger then "snap" the index finger off the middle finger so that the index finger thumps firmly against the back of your neck (where your skull meets you neck). They say to do this about 50 times, and repeat several times a day, depending on severity.

I could hear the ringing especially with my ears covered, thumping away, and up to about the mid 40's suddenly there was a sense of calm and some clarity! Peace! That was pretty neat. Like something melted and released in my ears. Like I said, not entirely gone, but I feel relieved so I'll keep trying this (along with buying some ACV). My poor little ears! Love music so much, but yeowch... gotta be nicer to them from now on.

Grateful to find this. Hope it helps you!