14 Natural Remedies to Soothe Tinnitus

| Modified on Dec 30, 2023
Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Phil S. (Adelaide, Australia) on 11/03/2016

I tried the ACV treatment for my tinnitus by eye dropping ACV into my ear every night for 2 weeks, and nothing much happened, and I started to think that this treatment might just be an old wives tale. Then after a couple of days of non treatment and I noticed that about 80% of the hissing sound in my ear had gone. I was re enthused so started using it again, and voila!! It went away completely. I'm really quite astonished as my local doctor told me years ago that there's no treatment for this condition, like hell there isn't . If and when it returns, I'll simply resume the treatment. What a relief . Thank you so much Earth Clinic/ Phil

Citronella Essential Oil
Posted by Notsonosy (Singapore) on 06/17/2018

I had been suffering from tinnitus for about 2 years. I used to hear a roaring-booming noise like "ommm, ommm, ommm, ommmm" mostly in my right ear. Even stroking my right chin towards the right ear aggravated it. I thought it could be phlegm becoming lodged in my inner ear cavity because in the past during a cold or bout of a runny nose I did encounter this issue to a lesser degree and expelling the phlegm by inhaling forcefully and spitting out the phlegm brought about relief. But not anymore. My tinnitus had become chronic and I was desperate and troubled. In enclosed spaces like a restaurant with poor acoustics when family members and many other people were chatting away close by I felt "drowned" and kind of tormented, being bombarded by so much noise even while others were enjoying themselves. I reckoned it could be phlegm stubbornly lodged in the inner ear cavity caused by a runny nose for some time. In Chinese medicine, tinnitus is often traced to phlegm. Yes, so I consulted 2 TCM physicians but to no avail. I also tried other methods like stretching my earlobes, massaging them with essential oils, using a pharmaceutical nasal spray for blocked nostrils without much avail. I also drank Atractylodes decoction to fight internal dampness. That resolved the tinnitus for a time like a few months and I was elated. But the problem returned. Then one day because of sneezing and runny nose I decided to stop it with Citronella Essential Oil instead of taking Chlorpheniramine an anti-histamine pill that although could help my sneezing and runny nose had the side effect of making me drowsy.

This is what I did.

I folded a handkerchief into a 1 and a half inches width and poured a few drops of Citronella Essential Oil on it. I laid down on my bed and placed the handkerchief over my nose in contact with the oil. I breathed in and out through the handkerchief for half an hour. I felt the sting of the Citronella fumes in my sinuses, so I controlled my inhaling to prevent too much pain. But other than that there was no harm experienced by me by inhaling this oil. Anyway, after half hour of such inhalation, I experienced a discharge of watery mucus from my nostrils like having a cold. I sensed something good about it. I cleared my nose. After that my tinnitus of 2 years was gone for good! Imagine after despairing for so long and searching here and there on the Internet for a cure, I bumped into one myself. And this happened like 10 months ago and the tinnitus has never returned. I am completely cured.

Now let me try to conjecture why I got that kind of tinnitus and why the said treatment worked. I believe in the past I had not nipped my frequent runny nose in the bud by taking medicine (like anti-histamine pills which I was not aware of in those days) to suppress it but had allowed it to fester so that phlegm had collected in the inner ear. This, in turn, promoted the rise of bacteria and/or viruses of whatever kinds I cannot tell. And like the BIOFILM which some scientists have found in intestines of IBS sufferers, BIOFILM (aka mucus or phlegm in common lingo) becomes a very strong castle-like habitat of bacteria and viruses.I believe it is the same with phlegm lodged in the inner ear cavity. So when I inhaled the Citronella Essential Oil it penetrated the phlegm and effectively killed these bad bacteria and inactivated any viruses. I write this in the hope that some sufferers might benefit from this testimony. If your tinnitus is caused by a history of rhinitis (runny nose, sneezing, mucus, cough) then it is possible this method might help.

Good Luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Caitlin (Ausin, Tx) on 01/30/2015

I woke up tired, listless, with a horrible headache and the worst tinnitus I've ever had. By the way, my tinnitus is usually constant - less prevalent sometimes; more at other times.

After testing various foods that I'm allergic to yet still eat occasionally, I've found the culprits of my constant ear-ringing: wheat and milk (low grade tinnitus), nuts (high) and diet sugars (extremely high).

Last night, I made almond meal brownies, using lots of diet sugar and milk chocolate chips -- I'd stopped making these but because my husband loves them and asks for them, I occasionally make them for him. I had 5 small cookies. The tinnitus began just before I went to bed.

Here's what I did this morning: I diluted a dropper-full of ACV in 1/4 cup of water and put in both my ears -- no difference detected after 30 minutes. Next, I went with a few drops of straight ACV down each ear. Results: Tinnitus in left ear is totally gone; Tinnitus in right ear lessened to about 70%. Whooopeee! After finding the cause, FINALLY I've found, if not a cure, at least a relief! The cure, it seems, is to stop eating what I'm allergic to even when I'm cooking for others!

Until those allergens leave my body, I plan to spend the day drinking a teaspoon of ACV in every glass of water and, using the straight ACV drops (drained out after a minute), particularly before bed because the constant ringing keeps me from entering deeper sleep. I hope this helps other tinnitus sufferers! Caitlin

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joel B. (Hawaii) on 06/10/2015

I had this Tinnitus for about a year now and it was driving me crazzzzzzzzzzzzy! I think mine was triggered by a Wi-Fi device that seemed to have a particularly strong signal. I did not have this problem before I moved to a new home which had this Wi-Fi. Anyway, that was the start of it, then I moved to a new place and there was no Wi-fi signal, but the condition got worse! I hear the "whooshing" pulse and a few different ringing frequencies. My hearing is impaired and I thought I was going deaf, I can't hear any of the smaller sounds, and I get frustrated talking to people because I am unable to hear a lot of what they say. Anyway after dealing with this for way too long, I finally came here to Earth Clinic.

Upon reading about ACV. I tried it. It worked almost immediatly!!! I am so impressed. I think the causitive factors for this condition can be many, but it is also in large part because there are too many "organisms" inside the ear. They cause swelling and intefere with the normal ear functioning. The ACV. in the ear is anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory so it works.

I used about a 70% ACV - 30% water solution. I put it in a clean small dropper bottle, and put about 1/2 dropper in each ear. The cool thing was that after I cleared out my right ear with a paper towel there was all this brown stuff on the towel. The left ear was mostly clear. I did this treatment twice a day for about 4 days and now there is no more Brown stuff coming out!!! All clear. I have to be honest, the ringing is not totally gone but it is so much better. I am very impressed with this simple remedy ACV!!!

Aloha from the big island of Hawaii!

EMF Trigger
Posted by Judy (Phoenix, Arizona) on 03/02/2015

What's happening across the board after Smart Meters are installed removing the safer mechanical analogs we once had on our homes, the pulsing of radiation throughout our homes (up to 190K times per day) is causing high pitched ringing in the ears. It's amplified by the amount of cell / receptor towers also being installed throughout our communities. It's EMF (electro-magnetic field) overload. It's jolting people awake as the utility companies download the data (data dumps) during the middle of the night. People are also complaining of being woken up generally on the hour. If our bodies don't get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, our bodies don't heal and our immune systems are depleted. Smart Meters are not mandatory so you can have an analog placed back on. Make sure it isn't a "trojan" analog, I.e., it still transmits data. Ringing in the ears is the least of health symptoms due to Smart Meters. Check out ~ SmartMeterEducationNetwork.com

EMF Safety Network | Protecting people, children, communities, and nature from electrical pollution http://emfsafetynetwork.org/

Electrical Pollution Solutions http://www.electricalpollution.com/

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shawna (Missoula, Mt) on 08/29/2017

Oh boy did I have a miserable last three days. In my left ear there appeared a whooshing rythmic pulsating loud heartbeat. Had to raise level of tv and turn on music to drown it out at bedtime. My remedy today was hydrogen peroxide in affected ear, ( laid down 10 minutes) then an 8 ounce glass of spring water with tablespoon of ACV. Drank it down in one shot with straw....waited....nothing happened. Lo and behold 3 hours later I am back to normal and joyful. It works, yay!!!!

Essiac Tea
Posted by B.A. (Internet, Earth) on 07/29/2012

Essiac Tea for Tinnitus

Two years ago I developed what first appeared to be a wart on my nose. It grew bigger and uglier over then next month. A dermatologist diagnosed it as first stage cancer. She wanted to cut a piece of my nose off. I decided to look into other possibilities.

I took essiac and after several weeks (just as I was beginning to think it didn't work) the "wart" started to appear dry and crusty. Two days later it simply fell off, no scar, no reoccurrence... Nothing. I also found that the brain tumor surgery-related tinnitus (ringing in the ear) that I'd had for over a dozen years had also disappeared. That seemed to back up many of the anecdotal reports I'd read and heard. So I started my mother on it.

Her doctor had told her that her age-related tinnitus was untreatable and that she'd soon go deaf. Several days after drinking essiac tea she called to let me know her tinnitus had completely disappeared, it hasn't returned since (a year later).

I'm NOT selling this stuff, and I don't think anything is a magic bullet for everyone, but just about any protocol for cancer I've read that embraces "alternative" solutions usually includes essiac tea (unless it's contraindicated with specific treatments like Cantron/Cancell).

There's an excellent book on essiac called The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas (published by the Alternative Treatment Network, Los Angeles, CA (1993). It backs up what I'd read in other sources that JFK's physician had publicly announced that essiac cured his colon cancer in the early 60s

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jnell (Lumby, Bc, Canada) on 04/04/2013

Tinnitus: Just over 1 month ago I started taking 1tsp of ACV in 8oz of filtered water 3x a day, after learning about it being a possible cure on here. I wasn't sure that it would work but thought I would give it a shot being as it is inexpensive and all natural ... I now have ZERO ringing or static sounds in my ear!!! This is just Amazing!!!

Murphy's Submarine Technique
Posted by Murphy (Wpb, Fl) on 12/16/2013

I inadvertently discovered this website earlier today, and as I was looking through the index of ailments, I saw the link to tinnitus and decided to post my experience because I know how scary and depressing this condition can be.Three years ago, in January 2010, I had a very bad cold (headache, coughing, sore throat, body aches), and developed tinnitus. My ears were 90% deaf, but I had RINGING THUNDER inside my head that never quit. Long after my cold symptoms were gone, the symptoms persisted.I spent many hours researching on line and tried quite a few possible remedies - warm oil treatments, hydrogen peroxide, ear candling, holding my nose and gently blowing (like when you scuba dive or fly in an airplane), and other holistic possibilities. But there was absolutely no improvement and I was concerned that I might be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life. Over a period of time, I got about 50-60% of my hearing back, but still had the non-stop RINGING THUNDER. Then one day in early June (easily six months after the onset of my condition), I was in the pool and something incredible happened. I don't normally go under water because if I have somewhere to go, it would take a long time to dry and fix my hair. But this particular day I had no plans and I needed to wash my hair anyway. So I lay back and let myself drift until I started slipping under the water. I went down about a foot or so, and to my complete surprise, I could feel activity in my ears as they slowly and gently begin to clear. I lay there under the surface for as long as I could, and when I came up, there was a definite and significant change in my condition. I repeated this submarine technique several times over the next few days and eventually my ears were totally back to normal after SIX MONTHS of suffering. Three weeks into my “healing” (July 2010), and there were no return of symptoms.I suppose all of this sounds a little wacky and there may be medical reasons why this doesn't make any sense. Even though I had all of the symptoms, maybe I didn't really have tinnitus at all. Maybe it was something else. Well, call it what you will, my ears weren't working properly.

So I'm posting this because maybe there are others with these same symptoms who also don't REALLY have tinnitus either. Or maybe they do, and I've discovered something worth trying.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cheekio (Ca) on 05/22/2014

A couple months ago I had a bout with tinnitus. All I heard was beeping sounds upon waking up in the morning. It was bothersome and scary. I did some research and tried taking herbs from the health food store, nothing worked. My ears started ringing longer than usual and going deaf for a couple seconds in one ear. It was scaring me and beeps. I was so afraid I would wake up deaf one morning. During my research I read on Dr. Mercola's site that just putting 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes each will clear ears of colds and flu. I decided to try it. I put 1/4 capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide into one ear and kept it in there for 10 minutes and then the other ear. In the morning, the beeps were gone. I did it again for another 2 nights. Since then my tinnitus has completely disappeared. You might need 1/2 a capful if your ear canal is bigger haha. Just make sure your ears are full of the peroxide for 10 minutes each. Good luck!

Topical Vinegar, Baking Soda and Borax Solution
Posted by Rob (Burlington, Ont) on 11/23/2016

This was strictly a fluke cure! I have suffered from Tinnitus for about 7 years. From mild to extreme vibration hums and ringing.

My ears were itchy so I decided to spray a homemade solution I use on my feet after showering. In a spray bottle it's 30% water + 30% apple cider vinegar with 15% Borax and 15% baking soda. Put baking soda in after vinegar and slowly as it volcanoes .

Apply with fingers all around outer and inner ear, than a q tip for inner ear. Works after 3 days and I have no idea how or why! My guess could be some Tinnitus may be caused by mites in the ear. After 7 years what a relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Drbrown (Ohio, US) on 09/30/2014

I developed some left ear ringing, though mine was a very low pitched hum. It sounded like a large truck was running inside my head. Really annoying when it was quiet. This was going on for about 2 weeks.

I mixed around a tea spoon of braggs organic ACV with a tiny bit of orange juice (can't stand the taste of ACV alone). Did this an hour before breakfast, then an hour after dinner. Woke up today and it was 95% better. If it's completely silent I still barely get the low humming. I did one more dose today. I will stop taking ACV now and see if it comes back. I definitely do not think it was coincidence that the humming stopped though. I've used ACV for other ailments as recommended by this site and had good success. I think everyone should implement this stuff into their diet in some small way.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ar (Los Angeles) on 10/19/2018

I had a low level of tinnitus for decades, and complete hearing stoppage once about five years ago. HP cured the stoppage and I never wanted it to happen again so I started putting HP in my ears prophylactically about twice a week (it ALWAYS foams when I do it, that's how much wax my ears produce.) Anyway, I haven't had a stoppage again and the beneficial side effect is NO MORE TINNITUS!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Iama (Usa) on 01/27/2018

ACV can help, but you need to dilute it for sure. Put about one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and one tablespoon of good, clean water in a small saucepan and very gently warm it up. Not hot, just warm enough to be comfortable. Use an eye dropper and put a couple of drops in your ear. Do this 3-4 times a day.

EMF Trigger
Posted by Gianne (Livermore, Ca Usa) on 07/13/2012

I developed Tinnitus shortly after a Cell phone tower was erected across the street from where I live. I am sure this is the cause. I now have the ringing in my ears 24 x 7. The day I developed it, I spent walking around the cell tower with an EMF meter to measure the radiation in different areas. That night I heard the ringing for the first time and it has been non-stop ever since (over 1 year later). The only relief I have found is when I am away from civilization where there is no wi-fi, cell phones, cell towers, etc, it almost goes away entirely. Unfortunately, when I come back to civilization, it returns. I have also found that sleeping under a Faraday canopy which blocks all RF/Microwave radiation helps considerably and when I wake up in the morning, it is barely there.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Debbie (Canada) on 04/22/2016

Last year in April I started having a thumping sound like my heart beat in my right ear while lying in bed at night. It was driving me nuts and I could not sleep. I read on this site that hydrogen peroxide may help stop the noise.

I had my husband with a dropper, drop one drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide 3% in my right ear. After the fizzing stopped everything was quiet. I was so grateful! The noise came back the two following nights and I reapplied the 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide and after that I had peace for 1 year.

Last night, April, I was really stressed over something and could not sleep and the thumping sound returned.

Once again the 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide stopped the noise and I fell asleep. I was so grateful. I recently had my ears cleaned so, I will need to investigate why in April I have this problem.

My brother-in-law had ringing in his ears but, this did not help him. By the way, his ringing in his ears left his ears on its own a month later.