14 Natural Remedies to Soothe Tinnitus

Swedish Bitters

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Posted by Mvo (Jhb - Rsa) on 02/26/2013

What I found helped me with Tinnitus was Swedish Bitters. I soaked a bit of cotton wool and put it in my ear and kept it there overnight - I found this advice in Health Through God's Pharmacy written by Maria Treben. Good luck.

Replied by Rob

In the book “The Book of Herbal Wisdom”. In it is a section on Meniere's and Tinnitus. There is a part where Swedish Bitters tincture was given by drops into the ear plugged with a cottonball three times a day. In most cases, the ringing buzzing sound was reduced or completely gone.

An interesting adjunctive use of Swedish bitters is for earache and ear infections where someone is recommending putting tubes in the ears to drain them. Swab the ear canals with Vitamin E from 100 I.u. capsules to reduce any irritation (if needed). Then insert a cotton ball soaked with Swedish bitters into each ear canal. I like to put 10-20 drops into the ear canal first so it makes contact with the eardrum. (Don't worry, it does not hurt). The antibiotic with a detergent effect of the swedish bitters acts to drain the middle ear into the mouth through the short tubes provided for that purpose, known as the eustachian tubes. Change the cotton balls morning and night or more if needed. Usually overnight or throughout the day is enough time for the Swedish bitters to clean the drain and get the plugs out of the tubes which empty into the mouth.

Many recorded cases of hearing problems have cleared up with the use of this procedure when used for several days.

(Missouri USA)

Thank you, Rob! This is a most interesting use of the Swedish bitters. I too have read Maria Treben's works, and had forgotten this treatment. I plan to try it, since I have some in the cabinet. I have been “bothered” by this condition for long enough that I don't know how long it has been!


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Posted by Lad (Mid Atlantic) on 07/14/2018

I developed tinnitus over a few months, and nothing seemed to help it. I I took a little powdered taurine I had sitting around, along with my morning pick-me-up supplements. I seemed to noticed a near-instant relief of the ear's ringing volume I've had all summer. I then looked it up and saw, indeed, there is research backing Taurine for tinnitus. It may be coincidental that the ringing started for me after I cut back a good bit this Summer on (taurine-containing) energy drinks.

Replied by Denise
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Trying to figure out how much to try, I have 1000 mg vegie caps, but going to split in half at first. Any feedback or recommend appreciated on how much to try;)

Replied by KT

Hi Denise,

I don't know anything about taurine. You can twist the capsule over a saucer to catch spillage when opened and pour the contents back & forth until there is a little less in the short side because it is a bit larger. That should be approximately half.

Also, I wanted to mention to you in Dr. Blaylock's book Excitotoxins he mentions all combinations of food are not necessarily compatible because there can be a conflict of neurotransmitters. For example, my husband and I both become irritable when combining milk and cheese. I would say he is worse with a temper. I just get agitated but recognize it and take about 1/4 tsp. of ginger in warm water...maybe more magnesium, depending on how I feel.

The Snapping Method

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Posted by Jamie (Los Angeles, California) on 07/21/2015

In looking up some of these remedies for ringing in the ears/tinnitus, I found an article on Livestrong that helped me. Look it up on online, but I also describe it below. Didn't have any ACV, so I tried this for tonight. It helped! I was dancing at a loud venue last night for quite a while :/ So the pressure and ringing was really uncomfortable today. Not sure if this will work for chronic tinnitus or ringing caused by other things but it offered me some relief. "Better but not cured" because the pressure is not totally gone but there is relief! Ringing is less obtrusive. Huzzah!

So - the remedy: The article said to gently place the palms of your hands over your ears (cover your ears) with your fingers on the back of your head, with the middle fingers facing each other. You place your index finger on top of the middle finger then "snap" the index finger off the middle finger so that the index finger thumps firmly against the back of your neck (where your skull meets you neck). They say to do this about 50 times, and repeat several times a day, depending on severity.

I could hear the ringing especially with my ears covered, thumping away, and up to about the mid 40's suddenly there was a sense of calm and some clarity! Peace! That was pretty neat. Like something melted and released in my ears. Like I said, not entirely gone, but I feel relieved so I'll keep trying this (along with buying some ACV). My poor little ears! Love music so much, but yeowch... gotta be nicer to them from now on.

Grateful to find this. Hope it helps you!

The Snapping Method
Posted by Jinxed (California, Usa) on 12/29/2013

I have just read an article about a help for tinnitus.

Place the palms over the ears, fingers pointing to the back of the head. Point middle fingers at each other. The article said to place index fingers over the middle fingers, and then "snap" them down onto the base of the skull. Repeat snapping 40 - 50 times.

LOL, I can't get the "snap" to happen, so I just pointed my middle fingers together, and then drummed my index fingers on the base of the skull rapidly 40 - 50 times. I opened my mouth and tried to relax the jaw and face.

My tinnitus HAD been due to TMJ and was quite manageable and at a low level, but of late it is a LOUD hissing due to medication.

I was happily surprised to find the tapping/drumming really helped! I repeated the drumming a few times over the last few minutes and the noise is reduced nearly to the bearable levels I had before.

I also think acupuncture is just plain awesome, and the scalenes are never massaged as much as they need in many people with head issues.

Good luck with your "special noise"!

Tilting Your Head Back

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Posted by Vj (Bc, Canada) on 01/19/2014

RE: Tilting your head back. Well that's interesting. I didn't drink any water while tilting my head back, but the tilting my head back worked immediately! It did not work if I tilted my head forward and into my chest, in fact it made it worse. Must be a neck issue with me.

Tilting Your Head Back
Posted by Jen (Alexandria, Va) on 02/20/2011

I've had ringing in my ears for about 4 or 5 days. This my first experience with Tinnitus other than hearing feedback from concerts every now and again. I just leaned my head back and drank a 16 ounce bottle of water. I could hear the ringing reduce as I drank. When I finished, the ringing was almost gone.

I discovered this as a fluke by following up on suggestions from other EC posts. One said to put your head on your chest, another said the ringing may come from allergies. My allergic reactions are reduced when I drink water so as I chugged a bottle, the sound faded. I guess leaning your head back works as well as leaning it forward.

Off to drink some ACV as a back-up! Thanks for the great remedies!!!

Topical Vinegar, Baking Soda and Borax Solution

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Posted by Rob (Burlington, Ont) on 11/23/2016

This was strictly a fluke cure! I have suffered from Tinnitus for about 7 years. From mild to extreme vibration hums and ringing.

My ears were itchy so I decided to spray a homemade solution I use on my feet after showering. In a spray bottle it's 30% water + 30% apple cider vinegar with 15% Borax and 15% baking soda. Put baking soda in after vinegar and slowly as it volcanoes .

Apply with fingers all around outer and inner ear, than a q tip for inner ear. Works after 3 days and I have no idea how or why! My guess could be some Tinnitus may be caused by mites in the ear. After 7 years what a relief.

Replied by Sylvie

What exactly is 30% and 15%. Is it possible to give it in measurements. like tsp or grams or mls?

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Hi Sylvie, I'm not sure the percentages given are accurate, since they add to 90% rather than 100%. If they're rough estimates, the approximate equivalent would be 2 parts water + 2 parts apple cider vinegar with 1 part borax and 1 part baking soda, uing the same measure, such as a teaspoon, for all ingredients.

However, you might prefer to use equal amounts of Distilled Water and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, say 1 tablespoon of each, with just a pinch or 1/4 teaspoon each of Borax and Bicarbonate of Soda, at least to start with, and see how you get on.

Good health!

Replied by Pam E.
(SouthWestern California)
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The doctor who several years past removed a lot of wax from both my ears told me it is often produced due to fungal infection, which often causes itchy ears. I had experienced this, so he told me to spray a mist of 1/2,5% ACV + 1/2,?% Rubbing Alcohol in the ear.... The ACV kills fungus and the alcohol helps to dry the ear out again.... I've used it a few times, & it does seem to work.

Borax is also anti-fungal, while baking soda is used to treat itchy conditions, according to the articles about each respectively on this website.

Vitamin A

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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 09/06/2008

Hi EarthClinic!

I read somewhere that tinnitus is a symptom of pre-menopause. I cannot find where I read that but I began taking vitamin a to combat the problem because the same literature suggested it. It helped a lot. Recently, though, I forgot about taking vitamin a...and that it was a remedy for tinnitus...and the ringing is back in my ears! It's really an awful and annoying problem.

I started retaking vitamin a and am really hoping it relieves me of this problem again. It seemed to work before so I thought I would share it here as there is little information on EC about tinnitus. I did look up herbal remedies on a site where I sometimes buy supplements and it did say vitamin a is one possible treatment.

BTW, EarthClinic, the new website looks great! Very professional!

Replied by CarolB
(Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA)

How much vitamin A are you taking?

Vitamin C

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Posted by Wayhealthy (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/22/2012

I love warm foods now that it's fall! My LOUD ear-ringing of several years has quieted to a barely audible hum since starting my ascorbic acid at very high amounts, a mere 5 days ago. I had also had trouble with my mind racing, thoughts coming jumbled and fast, even when asleep! That, too, is gone. I am so happy about these improvements, and I had all but given up hope that either would ever resolve. --T

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Way, what is your "very high amounts" of ascorbic acid and do you take it with baking soda to make sodium ascorbate as Ted recommends?

Replied by Waymore
(Motown, Ca/ Usa)

Hi Somewhere! I have just now heard of Ted's mixture, adding baking soda to Vit. C, and ought to buy his book soon, just to see what's in there! Perhaps sodium ascorbate is a better form of Vit C.... I don't know. Ted?

To answer your question: I am taking a staggered mix of lypospheric Vit C -without food- about two packs of 1,000mg each, three times a day. I try to fit in three Emergen-C packs, 1,000mg each, with ascorbic acid powder, 1 teaspoon mixed into each drink -with food. Total: Between 10-12 grams.

I plan to only take this amount for about two-three weeks, then drop down to slightly lower amounts for maintainence and slow-but-steady improvement. My plan of action is based on much reading of doctor's research first, so is fairly sound, and I tolerate it really well, and feel wonderful.

Next, I am adding Ted's idea, of Borax and sea salt, 1/8th of a tspn of each in a liter of water, sipped throughout the day. I plan on feeling even better! --T.


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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 12/25/2008

Over the past year I have suffered with tinnitis. It was very discouraging to be told by my naturepath that no one knows how to cure this! I believe my tinnitis was caused largely by hormonal disturbances. It is a symptom of early menopause. Tinnitis is also a symptom of heavy metal toxicity.

The problem was extremely annoying and made it difficult for me to concentrate or fall asleep. The sound was very high pitched.

Well, I always keep trying no matter what and I have another friend who recommended zeolite drops. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that has a honeycomb structure. It has a charge that attracts heavy metals to it. It surrounds the particle and the body passes it out.

I used one bottle of the drops for about a month and it helped tremendously. My tinnitis disappeared to the point I forgot I had it. After I ran out of the drops, though, it came back again slightly. Not nearly as bad, though. I do plan to get more of this product. It's the only thing I've found that really helps.

Replied by Helen
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Did you put the ZEOLITE drops in your ear or did you take it orally? How much did you use each time? Thanks.

Replied by Jerry
(New York, Usa)

I'm writing to see if you ever received a reply regarding the use of the Zeolite drops. Would love feedback if you did. Thanks-j

Replied by Nicole

I'm pretty sure the zeolite drops were taken orally. Zeolite attracts and capture metals through the body and has been known to even shrink tumors.


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Posted by Squiqwe (Cortland, Oh) on 05/25/2010

Zinc cut down my ear ringing 80%.

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