14 Natural Remedies to Soothe Tinnitus

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Denise (True "Northern" California) on 04/16/2020

Haven't seen any new posts on EC about Tinnitus, but it's too bad because I am still searching for an answer/fix after 4 going on 5 years of this insidious condition. A silent place, like being home alone, is my worst enemy. I have tried so many things I've seen on EC, but never found anything that touched mine. When I am out and about, especially driving, I don't notice my "T" (I'll call it). At home, I have my app on my phone running (Chrome Doze or Whist tinnitus if mine gets high-pitched). All night I have to have it til I fall asleep, but the Chrome Doze doesn't use hardly any battery so I just let it run. I live in a strange place that has this little app running pretty much, 24/7, especially since I retired, and don't go much, plus, the covid stay-at-home. Well, the best reply imo, that I read here was from 2012 about the Essiac tea. I may try it but haven't a clue which to buy on Amazon. I have a drawer full of supplements that didn't work for me. I do NOT believe mine has much to do with my ears. Other than they hear this sound coming from my brain ;( I get sad when I read these forums about tinnitus and rarely do read them. It's better for me to accept it, that I'll never enjoy the sound of silence again. I hear even people that lose their hearing still have the ringing. I don't even bring it up anymore to my doctors because they have no answers for me. I live a healthy, active lifestyle (exercise, lots of whole foods, lots of water). I find huge relief from allergies doing saltwater irrigation, and ACV every day, twice a day in worst times of the year. I have found wonderful relief from other ailments here so I think there is a lot to Ted's fixes, as well as the many, wonderful, people that share their stories. I wish they'd come back because I am lonely for the company of people that suffer with some of the same things I do. There is not regular gathering of people with health issues. This has the best database, only wish it was more like a regular forum. But at least the info is here to read.

Thanks many thanks, to everyone who is still around, as well as those that have moved on. Denise

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lori (Delta, Co) on 10/01/2010

Tinnitus: I have had ringing in my ears seems most of my adult life but lately I really notice it. I take mag citrate about 200mg (1/4) tsp in the a.m. and another in the evening the whole dose says a 1/2 tsp is 630 mg. So I split it. My ears still ring. I take sodium ascorbate every other day, black strap molasses every day, squeezed lemon w 1/4 tsp bsoda every morning, Borax 3 days out of the week. I don't take the h202 very often because I take the lemon juice every morning. Can I take the h202 with lemon juice? I read you shouldn't take h202 with acv. I was taking the sea salt in my water everyday.

Lately I noticed when I do take it I get these spells like I'm going to faint. I get really whoozy like I need to take a deep breath and I have to put my head down. That's really scary especially driving. Could the sea salt be too much for me as far as sodium? Just this week I started the fish oil. I feel energized all but the ringing in my ears.

I take milk of magnesia once a week to really clean me out and it does. I tested my urine ph and it was 7-7. 5. So my biggest concern is the dizzy spells, drinking the sea salt in which I have probably done for 2 years but the last month or so is when the dizzy spells started.

The ringing in my ears is driving me crazy. One time it stopped and it literally stopped me in my tracks I had to turn around to make sure I was still upright. It was something I havn't heard in a long long time. I take granulated lecithin in the morning and the evening dose I add 1/4 tsp of baking soda, I usually sleep like a rock. I noticed if I don't take it I toss and turn. I appreciate any imput from Bill or Ted. I have had earth clinic in my life now for over 2 years it's my go to site every morning, I have helped a lot of people at work bless you all for such a wonderful and helpful site amazing what one can do with natural remedies you might just have in your pantry:}

EC: Hi Lori,

Please read our Remedy Side Effects section to see if any of the remedies you are taking are causing dizzy spells: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/side_effects.html

Each remedy page (with the exception of apple cider vinegar, which has over 100 reported side effects on the page noted above) will also have a side effects section as well.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jeanette (Edmonton, Ab) on 09/04/2010

I need relief for ringing in the ear. I have been taking ginko biloba, cinnmon, ginger, b12 and nothing seems to help is there anything out there to take the noise out of my ear?