10 Natural Remedies for Spider Bites

| Modified on Jun 17, 2023
Sea Salt
Posted by Michael Johson (Ventura County California) on 06/17/2023

I had a spider bite that blistered overnight. Lancing the blister and packing the wound with sea salt stopped the necrosis and began the healing process almost immediately. Yeah, pouring salt in a wound is a bit painful, but the resulting effect was well worth it. BTW, it wasn't THAT painful; just a sting for a bit.

Baking Soda or Butter
Posted by Violet (Ozark AR) on 05/27/2022

My son and I have been bit by a recluse spider. He suffered much but got well. I'm in progress! Thank you for this site! I have been using oils and herbs, Epsom salt. Soda, vinegar, antibiotic salve, honey, everything older folks tell me( vinegar and soda)

Peppermint Oil
Posted by Julie (California) on 07/21/2021

Just tried Peppermint oil on a six day old spider bite that was continuing to get worse every day. Had been using iodine and toothpaste which would both work moderately well and for a while, but it was starting to itch and swell worse today.

Using the Peppermint oil straight on the bite worked amazingly well for me with decreasing (almost completely) the itch and with swelling also.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by JT (USA) on 04/18/2020

Me and my wife's bichon bff had a black 1-2 inch spot under her neck that I now think was a brown recluse spider bite that was getting worse by the day. Luckily, my wife suggested putting 3% hydrogen peroxide on it, which within a day started working to stop the growth and by day 2 started to reduce the size of the infected area. Then we decided to add some virgin coconut oil on it to work with the peroxide and walla, it worked like a miracle. Within 4 days total our bff was healed on up and only had a pink bald spot that got back to normal in about a week or so after that.

Tobacco Poultice
Posted by Lawton (Corpus Christi, Texas) on 01/14/2019

Tobacco poultice for stings and bites: Since childhood (over 50 years), I have been using pure tobacco for drawing the poison out of a bee sting or a spider bite. Simply wet the tobacco with water or better yet saliva (it is acidic and helps break down the tobacco and get things happening quicker) and tape it with a bandaid or tape onto the wound. Leave it on for a couple of hours and put on a fresh application.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Poultice
Posted by Sabita C. (Orange City, Florida) on 08/26/2018

I also found an effective poultice to be made from saturating 2 folded up paper towels (folded twice) with apple cider vinegar and a thick layer of baking soda to be very effective. I treated my husband's spider?/insect? bite with this. He had developed a large affected area with a black area in the middle and had been put on antibiotics. His symptoms were fever and chills, lack of appetite and he slept a lot. After I applied this poultice (pressed down on bite area until dry, a couple or more times a day), his symptoms disappeared and he recovered quickly.

Bread and Milk Poultice
Posted by Barbara Wellman (Co) on 08/10/2018

My Mother used a bread poultice for many small wounds, splinters, bites, etc. You cover the wound with a small bit of bread moistened with milk and put a bandage over it. You can feel relief almost instantly. I can't tell you how many times this has worked for me. Make a poultice out of sage and water, for spider bites. That works really well.

Flaxseed Poultice
Posted by Susan D. (Snohomish, Wa) on 07/28/2018

Brown recluse bites: My husband has had two bites over the years. His grandmother taught me to make a poultice with flaxseed. It draws the poison out. Works for slivers and glass to draw out. Crush the seeds to powder, add just enough water to make a paste. Put in gauze and apply to the area overnight. Do this several times.

Baking Soda and Salt
Posted by Stacyj913 (Kansas City, Mo) on 07/23/2018

I've had very good success using both salt and baking soda for brown recluse bites. I live in Missouri and have been bitten three times. With this most recent bite, I immediately washed with soap and water when I realized what had woken me up, dried, and applied salt. I wet a bandage with witch hazel, generously applied a layer of salt, and taped it over the bite.

When removing the salt 2 hours later, I could see a moistened area right over the puncture site, which I really believe to be some of the venom being drawn out.

I then applied a dab of Neopsorin and spent most of that day and the next icing for 15 minutes at a time, reapplying salt a couple of times. Ice is a must for the swelling and pain and/or intense itching. I once read it can actually help neutralize some of the venom; I'm not sure if this is true but it certainly feels much better.

I've likewise read that heat can exacerbate the bite and believe that to be true based on experience. For the next couple of days I took a bath as cool as I could comfortably stand, with a bit of Epsom salts and baking soda, and believe it helped a lot. I also increased my vitamin C the first few days, 3,000 mg daily (I probably could have gone higher), and turmeric 1,500 mg daily.

About a week later, the bite is healing beautifully, and I don't believe it will leave a scar at all. I'm at this point just applying Neosporin and a Band-Aid at night. I've had similar great results using baking soda in a similar way, again seeing a moist spot in the baking soda after a couple of hours. (I just didn't immediately have baking soda on hand this time around so used plain salt instead.)

The only bite that did take a very long time to heal and has left a noticeable scar is the one where I never applied baking soda or salt (Not realizing until later that a brown recluse bite is actually what it was). ~

High Voltage, Low Amperage Dc Current
Posted by Annette (Cookeville, Tn) on 01/10/2018

Tens Unit for Recluse or Snake bites

I have had many friends with the same experience. The Tens unit works.

The betadine and ultra sound also have good results. There are studies where people used tasers, electric fence chargers or spark plug wires. OUCH! http://venomshock.wikidot.com/

Welcome to the new old world.

Donna Rocks!

Baking Soda and Echinacea
Posted by Stephanie (Georgia) on 05/04/2017

Spider Bites:

Baking soda poultice made with baking soda and just a few drops of water. Apply as soon as you see the bite, don't wait to see if its gonna be a nasty one, the sooner you draw out the toxins the better. I also mix in equal parts of cayenne pepper, it kills any bacteria and stops infection (optional).

Also take 3 500mg echinacea capsules, then one capsules every hour for the first day as you see improvement you can start to back off the dose to 3 caps twice a day making sure to always take a dose before bed.

This worked miracles on brown recluse bite. I will now make sure I always have plenty of echinacea on hand!

Oregano Oil, Turmeric, Chili Peppers
Posted by Bob (Filer, Idaho) on 12/25/2016

One tablespoon coconut oil, 4 drops of pure oregano essential oil 100 percent, several (2-4 it stains clothing can be left out) drops of turmeric diluted, mix .. brush teeth, apply to interior of nose to fight colds, apply to hands a.m. as infection fighter at public places, after a brown recluse spider bite .. puts brakes on cellular degeneration immediately .. follow up with chili pepper gel caps after any spider bite .. stroke or heart attack in next two days. Stuff E.R. never dreamed could happen - herbs weak and ineffective - you take life flight I'll take herbs.

High Voltage, Low Amperage Dc Current
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 11/26/2016

Most of the DC energy kills the bad bacteria in the blood stream or wherever you are doing a spot treatments. DC energy does not penetrate into the GI tract very well so will not kill the "good" bacteria in the gut. Blood cells absorb and use this energy for self healing.There are also many benefits to raising the body's energy level using microcurrent. It is said that people who have a cellular microcurrent of .7-.9 microvolts are healthy. Sickness and diseases begin when the microcurrent falls below .5mv DC. Tumors measure about .15 microvolts. There is much research that confirms microcurrent can kill tumors and heal many different types of diseases and pathogens.

The Chinese have known this for thousands of years and call it chi energy. In fact almost every culture on the planet has some type of healing system that raises life force energy. Acupuncture can raise chi levels as well as exercise, good organic fresh food, sunlight, magnetic energy, various forms of energy healing, and of course DC microcurrent. Google will tell you more than you would ever want to know about all of this.

High Voltage, Low Amperage Dc Current
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 11/25/2016

Does the DC current kills only bad bacteria in the body or it will kill both bad and good bacteria in the body? I understand that a healthy adult has about 85 % good bacteria and 15 % bad bacteria in the body.

Best wishes P. Raghavan.

High Voltage, Low Amperage Dc Current
Posted by Tim Mitchell (Australia) on 11/22/2016

The studies which suggest that the treatment of snake bite with pulsed high voltage low current DC shock as being dangerous or ineffective, simply put are just bad science.

Yes you can cause a burn if you use a stun gun with too much power or leave it in contact with the wound for too long. Using a cheaper lower voltage stun gun / cattle prod / or weed eater spark lead, is perfectly safe when administered in single zap doses. If the current is too high it will cause burns, but low current is supposed to be used and works very well.

An Italian research team was able to show both in vitro and in vivo that the use of low current DC treatment will deactivate the proteins in the snake venom making it permanently inactive.

Do a google scholar search for "Inactivation of Crotalus atrox Venom Hemorrhagic Activity by Direct Current Exposure using Hens' Egg Assay" They did a whole batch of papers on the subject and this is the only really good research out there. It does work and it is safe, just don't be stupid and use too much power for too long or you will get a burn.... in addition to the deactivation of the venom.

Posted by Tak (Eugene, Or) on 08/27/2016

My mom got a brown recluse bite while living in Arkansas. Noticed it when a large pit started forming around the bite but had no money to see a doctor. A neighbor told her to make a paste with 1/2 teaspoon vaseline and as much salt (she used table salt) as you could and still have it be sticky and apply directly to the bite as a compress. She did this for about a week and though it hurt alot the bite was healed completely.

My boyfriend was recently bit by something, it swelled immediately then started bruising after 30 minutes. I immediately cut a potato in half and taped it to the area. The next day a large bruise appeared on his inner thigh everywhere the potato wasn't. It has a small red area in the center and very dark rings. He was also feeling sick with hot/cold flashes and a fever. I then applied the salt paste using epsom salt, changing after 4 hours to sea salt. It looked better when I went to change it and he was feeling much better.

Today is day 3 and I'm still waiting for him to wake up to check progress, I'll update when I see how it goes.

Flaxseed Poultice
Posted by Melinda (Bothell, Wa) on 07/09/2016

A spider bite on my elbow swelled up to about softball size and hurt a lot. A flaxseed poultice brought the pain levels and swelling down about 75% within 45 minutes. Since then I always keep flaxseed in the refrigerator, as it has drawing properties whether used on a splinter, a boil, or a venomous bite. Grind the flaxseed (a blender does a great job), add just a few drops of bath temperature tap water, make a paste and apply. Cover with plastic wrap and then cloth, or just use a regular adhesive bandage.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Aromatherapy Teacher (Usa) on 05/15/2016

Oregano oil has many broad antibiotic capabilities. Get a medical or therapeutic grade for body use.

However, straight oregano oil can "burn" the skin - especially for sensitive areas, sensitive people, young and senior people. You can prepare the skin for the oregano oil by putting some pure vegetable oil on first. Olive oil from the kitchen is good - or any other available oil from your kitchen. Most massage oils are also good.

THEN apply the oregano oil. Go slow - start with a drop or two to be sure your skin won't react to the oil.

Alternatively, you can mix some oregano oil with the olive or other carrier oil. Then apply it to the site.

Avoid eyes and mucus area of the bodies.

IF you do develop a sensitive or burning skin reaction to the oregano oil, use the olive (or similar) oil on the site to dilute the oregano oil. Essential oils cannot be washed off with water. They must be diluted onsite with a carrier/vegetable oil.

Medical/therapeutic grade lavender oil can be used about anywhere on the body without causing any discomfort - for most people.

If you are new to essential oils, best to test a small area first.

Most people can also comfortably and safely apply essential oils to the BOTTOM of the feet.

Differing schools of aromatherapy have different ideas and teachings on where and how to apply essential oils. Know they are strong plant/spirit medicine and do work. Test which approach works on your body by starting slowly and observing your own reactions.

What works on your biology may or may not work on someone else.

Baking Soda, Salt, and Garlic
Posted by Shelley7 (Tampa, Fl) on 03/24/2016

Thank You so much for having this site available! I was bitten 5 days ago the area has been very sore and itchy. I did go to a walk in clinic and they basically said ice, Tylenol, antihistamine cream which none helped:( I have been miserable knowing there must be something more I could do! I made my poultice of baking soda, pink Himalayan salt, crushed garlic covered it with large gauze bandaid! Wow instant relief:) It's midnight it's all I had in the house. I saw active charcoal mentioned too.I'm going to have this on hand in the future as well! This is my first time bitten by a spider! Not fun, it's very painful and scary! Hopefully it heals up nicely soon and doesn't get worse:(

Baking Soda
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 03/16/2016 2063 posts

Lipospheric Vit-C + MSM may be more effective by itself or taken after DMSO. All these work very well together and maybe enough to safe off the worst in poisoning situations.

Many outdoor enthusiast carry along the MMS precursors in case of spider or snake bite. MMS is effective against most or all poisonous snakes & spiders if given immediately and on ever hrs until no more symptoms.

Baking Soda
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 03/14/2016

Dear Kissa,

I just mix the baking soda with water until it is paste like and apply it to the bite. I cover that with some plastic wrap and then the top of a sock or cohesive tape. (Masking tape in a pinch! )

It is best to cover any part of the sting that is red and even beyond that area. I do a poultice overnight. During the day I change it once or twice.

~Mama to Many~

Baking Soda
Posted by Kissa (Texas) on 03/14/2016

How do I make baking soda poultice?

Posted by Scott (US) on 02/25/2016

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I'm in the middle of it right now, I've been applying the salt over the past few days and I'm already noticing a difference. The center part is opening up and I'm starting to see the outer layer of skin open up to reveal the black spot. I see that you applied for us garlic. So I just cut a piece of garlic and taped it to the bite. It is extremely burning! I am able and willing to tolerate it. Out of curiosity though… How long did you leave the garlic on the bite? And also how long did you leave the banana peel? Thank you so much.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/22/2015

Yes, that is what we would do in our family. Continue with what you are doing until it is healed. Good job on dealing with it yourself, and thanks for sharing!

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Debbie (St. Louis, Mo) on 12/21/2015

Hi, so glad I found this site. I notice a red itchy bite on my left arm this morning. The area developed a small pinhead size pustule. I first applied, coconut oil mixed with turmeric. To reduce the itching. Did not seem to be helping, then I tried raw honey. Still not better.

Getting more concerned. I had bought a while back a brown recluse spider bite kit. It has the charcoal powder and liquid echinacea, lobelia & plantain mixture. I have been placing the poultices throughout the day.

After reading the reviews of others. Thank you so much. You have put my mind a peace with what I'm doing. I see I am doing the right thing.

I just drank a glass of the activated charcoal as well. For internal detox of the venom.

It seems from what I have read, if I would have went to the ER, they really don't know what to do. Right? They seem surprised at how a simple poultice of activated charcoal and the liquid drop mixture draws out the venom from the bite. So much that the bite heals fine.

So I just keep applying the mixture till it bite is totally gone?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Laura (Pennsylvania) on 09/10/2015

I used to be an independent rep for a company called Melaleuca (trademarked the real name for our Tea Tree Oil. They sold products with Melaleuca /"Tea Tree Oil" in them. Their oil is pharmaceutical grade, comes from the leaf of a plant in Austrailia, is medicinal and is good for spider bites.

I was bit on the hand in 2011 by a spider while sleeping. I knew it was a spider because the bite had 2 dots where the teeth went into my skin. My hand swelled up like a balloon in 3 days. I went to the hospital and was given an atibiotic and cream which didn't do much of anything.

I remembered the Melaleuca or Tea Trea Oil. Walmart sells the pharmaceutical grade for $7-$8.

I put it on twice a day and covered the bite with gauze. It went away and NO SCAR TISSUE left behind.

It happened again recently on the back of my leg. I keep the oil in my house. Needless to say I skipped the ER and put the oil on my leg. It worked great. Praise the Lord for His natural medicine the world cannot match.

Baking Soda
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/03/2015

Dear Traci, Are you sure it is a spider bite? What you are describing sounds more like a bulls eye rash that sometimes accompanies a tick bite. Baking soda paste might be helpful. Apple Cider Vinegar diluted 1/2 with water applied to the bite is also helpful. But if this is a bulls eye rash from a tick bite, you will want to treat also with some things internally because of the risk of Lyme Disease. (Turmeric, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C.) ~Mama to Many~

Baking Soda
Posted by Traci (Galveston, Texas ) on 08/03/2015

I have a spider bite on my arm but it never looked like a pimple at all. Looks like a small bite and was itching and now looks like a big red ring with white center that itches like crazy at times. Nothing is working will baking soda paste help? Need to get this itch gone.can't sleep for the past few days.

Baking Soda
Posted by Peter ( Kelowna Bc) on 05/06/2015

The baking soda poultice worked very well on a spider bite on my wife's neck. Just overnight did the trick.