10 Natural Remedies for Spider Bites

Posted by Jason (Atkins, AR) on 06/09/2008
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I got a spider bite on the back of my arm and in just a few days my arm was swelled and I had a big knot with a big white, yellow, greenish, center. I got on the earth clinic site and seen to scrap the top cut a potato and put on it. I did and was amazed at how fast it pulled all of the junk out of my arm. The potato is the only way to go in my opinion. Thanks yall are a life saver.

EC: Glad to hear the remedy worked.  However, we still have to warn folks to be careful that a spider bite isn't, in fact, Staph or MRSA.  We know two people here in Atlanta in the past month who misdiagnosed staph infections for spider bites!!

Vitamin C
Posted by WT (Spartanburg, SC) on 05/29/2008
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Vitamin C for Insect Bites and Allergies: I had a spider bite once that swelled on my forearm like a half-egg under the skin. I took 3-4G of ascorbic acid, the cheap Vitamin C from Sams club, about once every hour and a half or so. By dark the swelling was down to maybe 10%. I continued overnight and all day the next day. During that time, while in the yard working, I felt something on my arm. I looked down to see a "fireant" biting feverishly the back of my hand. I assumed there must be something wrong with him as I didn't feel any burning. Another one bit me later with the same results. I only noticed a feeling like something was crawling on me. The wounds never swelled, turned red or itched! It must have been the massive doses of C circulating in my blood.

I estimated I consumed about 40 grams of C over a 24hr period. Normally that much C will give you severe diarrhea and gas! I had neither.

I also take it for severe allergy flareups with great and quick relief, though only last for 2-4 hours, depending on the intensity of the allergen.

Baking Soda or Butter
Posted by Wooly (Joshua Tree, CA) on 01/31/2008

I believe my dad used half baking soda and half butter 50/50. So it was a thin layer is what I remember and yes it was mixed to cover the entire area of the bite about 3 inches by 3 inches, depends on persons size of wound and how it affects there body. The mixture was the size of a patch that they use for back pain for example. Hope this helps. Wooly

Essential Oil Blend
Posted by Philip (Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia) on 05/21/2007
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I was bitten by a redback spider on my left knee on very early Wednesday morning between 1 am & 6 am. Swelling started Wednesday about 10 am.(very painful) By Thursday morning my knee was like a balloon. The swelling started to go down my leg & by Thursday afternoon the swelling was down to the bottom of my calf. The pain was sssooo intense I wanted to cut my leg off. I took the oils at 6 pm Friday. By 6 am the swelling was down 20% I took more at 6 pm Sat. & more at 6.30 pm Sat. The swelling was completely gone by Thursday Then the following Sunday swelling started again so I took more oils only once & the swelling went down that day & never a problem again. All I have is a 20 cent coin size of dimpled skin were I was biten. 1 year later a friend of mine was biten in Lismore N.S.W. about 3 day prior to my remedy treatment. It fixed her straight away like me. No side effects it has been 9 years now.

Posted by Everett (Kitts Hill, OH) on 10/21/2006
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Posted by Sal (EastHaven, CT) on 08/31/2006
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While riding my road bike i felt a sharp bite on my thigh. I squeezed my lycra pants and it stopped. well when i got home from my ride , I saw a crushed what looked like a spider fall out of my pants. I started to develop a sore which grew and identified it as a brown recluse spider bite. nothing worked, it appeared sealed and Hydrogen peroxide didn't even foam. Well I tried a slice of raw garlic taped to my thigh overnight as a last resort before making a Dr. appointment. Well, the next morning the sore showed great improvement and in 2 more days it was about healed. I put on some neosporin just for the final touch.

Egg White, Iodine, Baking Soda
Posted by Cheryl (Okla) on 09/21/2006
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For fiddle back spider bites, mix 1 egg white with 1 tbls iodine and some baking soda to make a paste. Rub onto spider bite and let dry. Do this several times a day.

Snake Root
Posted by JC (USA) on 07/09/2006
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Snake Root applied neat cured weeping and spreading spider (suspected brown recluse) bites. My friend was bitten a few times on his legs and each one became very puss filled and wept... started spreading and was very painful... put snake root on and immediately the bite areas started healing and within two weeks they were gone.

Posted by Gina (Burleson, USA) on 06/16/2007
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A personal friend of mine hsa used Vodka three different times, poured liberally, and often, when she was bitten by the Brown Recluse spider. She says when Vodka is used, after about 3 months you can't even see the bite, and it never swells or gets exceptionally red. I have not used this myself, as I haven't been bitten, but I do trust this friend who has, and it's good to spread the word. I suppose soaking it in Vodka would help, if it's on your hand or foot.

Posted by CLH (PDL, United States) on 07/24/2007
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I was bit by a brown recluse, when I sat down on him, caught the spider, Went to doc day after bit, black area had started forming. doc gave me antibiotic shot and said to watch it over the weekend and he would check it on Monday, I looked at your site and started doing the home remedies. I soaked it in very hot water with epsom salt and sea salt, lots of the salt every day; I put triple antibiotic ointment, once a day.

I took fresh cut garlic and taped it to the black area, every day and also, taped a green banana peel to the black area every couple days.

Went back to doc on that Monday. He said it looked bad but not as bad as he expected it to look, he wanted a surgeon to look at it. Could not see surgeon for a week. I kept doing the remedy above, then one day a whole thick layer of skin let loose of the black area but black area was still there, kept doing remedy till I went to surgeon, I told the surgeon what I was doing he laughed and said keep doing it because it was working and that he would not have to do surgery if it kept getting better, but not to pick at the black area let it fall out on its on, kept doing the remedy till the black area fell out about a week later.

Posted by Tammy (Wellston, Oklahoma) on 11/09/2006
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Salt cures Spider/Insect bites, poison ivy. Last year I had a spider bite on my inner thigh. At first it was just a small red bump, but then it grew into what looked like a ring worm. A week later it was the size of a tennis ball and the center of it was a infection white and itchyyyy as poison ivy. I showed it to my family in India via web cam, she knew immediately what to do. Said just wet it, pour table salt on it and let it sit for at least 20 min. After about one minute it began to burn some, nothing unbearable, although i only let it stand for about 5 min as I'm a big baby. It WORKED!! Dried it up in a matter of days. Since then, I have done this remedy for a number different insect bites, even have done on poison ivy and same result. A few days of doing this once at night cleared it. You can literally feel the salt drawing out the poisons.

Posted by Bradley (Bon Wier, Tx) on 06/19/2007
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i was in Lufkin Tx emergency room a couple of weeks back and I talked to a man who had been bitten by a spider. The doctor that treated him said that he knew people that had been bit by spiders that went to the ocean on Friday and came back on Monday and the bite was was gone away. The salt water heals the bite

Posted by Susan (South, Texas) on 07/06/2007
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Just yesterday for the 4th of July we were at a family gathering. My niece had noticed a red bump develop 3 days prior on her wrist. By yesterday it had gotten bigger, a little over 1/4 inch. You could see 2 fang marks, half of the scab was crusty black and red streaks were developing. It was slightly painful, not unbearable. I check this website our regularly, so it was natural for me to look up a cure for spider bites. Of course we don't know what kind of spider bit her. The salt cure seemed to be the fastest acting and it wasn't too far out from the time of the bite. We wet it and poured salt on it and placed a bandaide over it. She ended up leaving it on for about an hour. Took of the bandaide and ran water over it. About 2 hours later you could tell that the size had decreased and the black scab was gone. We did the treatment one more time before she went to bed. It stung pretty good and she left the bandage on for 10 minutes. We left and called her today and the site is all but dried up. No more pain or itching. For good measure she is going to continue to put the salt on for another night or 2. Amazing!! is all I can say.

Posted by Shirley (USA) on 08/20/2007

I just read the post from Mary, about getting spider bites while camping. A few years ago my son's family went camping and he ended up with a lot of bites that looked like spider bites. The doctors treated it as such, but they did not heal. My daughter-in-law went to the next doctor visit and insisted on them doing a culture of the sores. It came back that he had contacted staph infection at the river or the campsite. They had waited so long to find it that it had gotten into the bone on one toe. He had to have two things applied that would pump some sort of medicine into the veins everyday for a length of time, I don't remember how long. A nurse had to come to their house to set them up. He did get okay, but I wanted to tell you this so that you know, if those places do not heal, you should insist on them doing a culture. Nobody should have to go through that. But hopefully yours are just spider bites. Good luck and I hope the bites have cleared up.

Posted by Mary (WEst Alli, Wisconsin) on 08/19/2007
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My husband and I went camping this weekend, and I ended up with multiple spider bites. I tried everything and nothing helped. I wanted to scratch the skin off my legs. I went on the computer to see about any natural remedies and found this website. I washed my legs with hot water, and then put salt on all the bites. I let the slat on for 10 minutes and the itchy feeling went away. I will continue this until they are all gone. Thank you!

Turmeric and Olive Oil
Posted by Naeriyah Jo An (Atlanta, USA) on 01/11/2008
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I do know of two remedies that work if you've been biten by a spider or insect and its caused swelling and redness and pain mix some tumeric and olive oil into a paste and apply it on the infected area and it will draw out the venom and reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. This has to be done several times over 7 days. You leave it on and repeat it 2-3 times throughout 7 days and it will be an improvement.

Baking Soda
Posted by Mare (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/21/2008
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My daughters were playing outside in the garden and one after the other, they both started screaming, crying and running toward the house. I couldn't understand what had happened but they both had similar red marks on their skin. I assumed they had been bitten by spiders as there was no obvious sting. I quickly applied a thick paste of Baking Soda and water and within minutes both girls were calm and happy. Praise God for Baking Soda!

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