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Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 09/04/2013

Can anyone tell me what is the best remedy for the skin on your hands to bring them back to looking less aged? I'm only 48 but have the hands of a much older person due to them being badly sunburnt whilst sitting on a tin roof (DUH! ) when I was much younger (long story! ) but not only that, I've always been a hard worker, outdoors as well as indoors. I find that if I get a knock on the skin of my hands, it takes MONTHS to heal - my diet is very good as far as the proper foods etc. I also take MSM regularly, consume coconut oil, have started using rosehip oil on my hands at night and drink enough water. The skin seems to be very thin and wrinkly now due to the damage that was done but I'm really hoping there's a possibility of reversing just some of that damage. I always try to hide my hands out of sight and really wish I could go back to that day and undo what happened. Please.....

Posted by Kavi (El Dorado, Tunapuna, Trinidad ) on 08/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric for beautiful skin -

My mom suggested that I use tumeric powder as a paste on my face to remove some dark spots around the crease of my mouth. Having tried it several times over the past 2 weeks (not quite every day), I can say pretty confidently that it has been the best thing I have ever used on my skin, even beating ACV.

It is a commonly known home remedy among Indian people, since we use tumeric powder (or hardi/haldi, as we call it here) daily in curries, in tea and also in Hindu prayers. In fact, during Hindu weddings, which can last for days, we have something called Hardi ki Raat (the Night of Tumeric, lol), when the bride's whole body is consistently rubbed down with tumeric and coconut oil for hours during general festivities so that her skin looks amazing on her wedding night. Well, I wonder why we ever switched to store-bought stuff, since this works so well!

Needless to say, it did remove those marks and the dark areas under my eyes which I've always had (and my mom and grandma also have). It generally evens the tone of my skin to a very noticeable extent. It tightens the pores and makes my skin very smooth and even gives it a beautiful warm, healthy glow - which is amazing as I have PCOS and my skin has suffered many hormonal ravages. Though my PCOS is under control, I sometimes get one or two pimples and the tumeric starts drying them up upon application so that they never develop. It is also the only thing that helped the dry patches of skin on my legs left from recently using a soap that I was allergic to - clearing it up and leaving it healed in 2 days after a few days of it not healing on its own.

I basically use it by mixing 1 tbsp. in a small bowl with some milk and a bit of sugar (as a mild exfoliant). I rub my face and any other problem areas with this and leave it on for as long as possible before I shower, usually for about 15-20 mins.

One **major warning** is that tumeric stains very easily and it is difficult to get out of fabric, which is why I apply it while naked and before a bath. It can slightly stain your nails too, so I use it at night and the color fades by morning. I'm experimenting with using something thicker than milk as a base, such as honey or beeswax, so it doesn't drip everywhere. I tried using 1 tbsp. tumeric in some honey with a tiny splash of ACV and sugar, which worked fantastically, even better than the milk.

You can try a lot of different things, but the tumeric itself is great for your skin!

African Red Tea, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Nini (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Drinking at least 3 cups of African Red tea, commonly called Rooibos is not only beneficial to your immune system but it also helps your skin stay clear. Also applying blackstrap molasses every night for about an hour after washing your face helps smooth your skin and gives you a glow due to all the vitamins and minerals it contains, and don't forget to take atleast 2 tbspns of it daily to keep regular. I like to put it in my red tea or in some warm almond milk along with some coconut oil, yum yum! Hope this helps all of you.

Brown Sugar, Egg White, H2O2 Lift
Posted by Karin (Munich, Germany) on 10/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

YEA! Have tried this facial and worked beautifully! Face looks clean and has finally a glow. It also looks much thinner. Thanks Anjeanette for the tip and also to make all this information available around the world. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Crystal (Post Falls, Idaho) on 05/02/2006
5 out of 5 stars

For healthier skin try eating cantaloupe. it is said to give your skin a naturally beautiful, sun kissed glow.

Topical Rose Toner
Posted by charity (faithville, us) on 07/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Around the time I began using rose toner I had two dead thumbs that did not bend but I opened seed pods keeping them busy, just in case it would help. One day both of them became normal and I suspect it was the aloe and hyaluronic acid on my hands as I put it on other parts of my body. I still use this daily and mail as a gift to family through Iherb because they freeship with $20 orders. I use a lot of companies to get supplies. It smells like a bouquet of roses.

Cold Showers
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 09/10/2020 397 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Cold, Face-First, Showers

For glowing skin, I would DEFINITELY say cold showers! Skin and hair. I noticed with the coconut oil vitamin C scrub, while the hot cloth over the face might dissolve some of the Vitamin C, slapping the COLD wet cloth on it is a whole other LEVEL of looking younger. I don't wear makeup or mess with my hair so I don't get a lot of mirror time and, before, whenever I'd catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I was all "YIKES! I'm OLD! " ROFL but NOW, since switching to cold showers and with the Vitamin C scrubbing I catch a glimpse of myself and think "Who's' that?!?! " because I look so much younger and fresher and...well...YOUNGER! So, now, I keep looking in the mirror, ROFL! To make sure it wasn't my imagination or it isn't "wearing off" or something. I call it the daily, rebooting baptism because that's what it feels like - a sort of energizing and spiritual wake-up call. And, of course, it turns out that's also what it LOOKS like, so, WIN/WIN!!

Coconut Oil and Vitamin C Facial
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 09/04/2020 397 posts

It's the massage that breaks up the scar tissue so massage with just about any oil will help in that regard and I would definitely expect some improvement.

Not sure about the vitamin C. Whether it would help or have no effect - I can't imagine it would interfere...but topical use of Vitamin C is a quite new interest but it doesn't dissolve in oil. At least, not much or not quickly but I don't have much experience with it except that it makes perfect little scrubbers in the coconut oil and stays mixed throughout very well. And if the coconut oil CAN dissolve it a little bit and take some C with it when it sinks in, I'm thinking that's gravy!

Aging Hands Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/04/2013

Hello Cat,

You say when you when your hand is injured it takes a long time to heal... Supposing you mean the brusing stays a long time, that symptom would indicate a vitamin C deficiency. If you've ever noticed older folks do bruse easly and the brusing stays a long time; Vitamin C deficiency. Take 2,000 mg daily, buffered to keep from getting too acidic, and see if in a few months your brusing is reduced.

To improve the skin texture try using hyaluronic acid in a formula with glucosamine and chondroitin. That usually comes with some MSM also. That is taken orally, but you should be able to find it in a lotion also.

I also apply a cap full of DMSO to my hands as an anti arthyritic precaution. When my hands are feeling achy the DMSO immediately solves the porblem. I don't know if the DMSO will help with the skin issue but I've used DMSO applied to hands eight or ten times yearly and at 64 yo my hands look smooth and tight. Wish my face looked so good! Maybe I should have been using the DMSO on it too.

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 11/28/2011


After many years assuming I just had large pores naturally, I decided to surf the web looking for a natural solution.

I found a lot of people looking for a way to close the large pores. Other websites advised to first open the pores by exfoliation, hot water scrub, etc. and later seal them with cold water, lemon or any other trick.

What I have found thru trial and error is both were right and wrong in some way. If you try to close your pores, using cold water, lemon, eggs whites etc what you are doing is contributing to make them larger.

So I started experimenting. I did the traditional boiled water and towel experiment. Afterwards, I scrubbed with Baking soda, which is a wonderful cleanser I discovered here in Earthclinic. It helped the pores seemed clean but still very noticeable. My skin felt irritated. My skin was peeling but still the pores were large like craters.

I read somewhere in the web to massage really strong coconut oil. SO I started to massage it with both hands really hard. Little black hairs started to come out as I kept massaging. Things that no scrub or mask had dealt before.

I had seen in youtube a doctor explaining how the pore gets large cause it's closed and the sebum gets trapped in the skin making the pore large.

The coconut oil massaging irritated my skin but I decided to give it a few days since I was seeing the stuff coming out. It felt weird cause I wasn't feeling any pain or scrubbing but all those little black hairs were coming out.

I did this procedure 3 times a day, massaging around 10 minutes applying more oil when it got dry. But instead of applying cold water at the end I decided to rinse with hot water and leave my pores open. Pat dry with a towel and that's it. The first morning after massaging at night I woke up with the oiliest nose I've had in my life. I touched it and it felt as if I put a teaspoon of olive oil in my face. I went to the bathroom, cleaned with hot water and baking soda and once again used the coconut oil. To my surprise more black hairs were coming out. The night before I stopped massaging when no more stuff was coming out. So I started to realize all the mess that was going on beneath my skin. And I realized most people clean only the visible part of the skin using scrubs, etc.

So I kept washing with baking soda, massaging coconut oil and ending with hot water. Sunday I forgot to do it all together. Monday I went to the bathroom and washed my face with hot water, it was enough to get rid of some dead cells that leave space to a completely new and soft skin in my nose area. I never thought that I could get rid of those large pores and this fast. I got rid of all the large pores in my cheeks and nostrils I only have some in the tip of the nose but definitely smaller.

At noon, cleansed my skin with hot water just rubbing my fingers and at night I have massaged my skin with coconut oil . Again those litttle black hairs or whatever thay are came out. I spent my 10 minutes. I feel amazed to glide my fingers around my nose area and don't feel any pore.

I forgot to mention that I also took about 2 tbspons of coconut oil daily for 2 days. But I think the massaging is what made the difference.

So people don't focus on your outside skin, baking soda can do a good work removing sebum in the outside and cleaning the enlarged pores but if you really want to get rid of the large pores you need the stuff inside the folicle to come out. And I haven't found anything more effective and safer than coconut oil massaging.

I think some people just apply coconut oil as a moisturizer hoping for it to close the pores. Like I said your focus should not be to close the pores. Your focus should be keep them open for as many hours as you can. Always use hot water. When you do that all the stuff will come out in a matter of days and then the pore will naturally wrink. That's the way to go. The other way you will only make them look smaller temporarily but you are closing the pore which makes all that sebum stay inside the follicle and enlarge the pore further.

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 09/22/2009
0 out of 5 stars

So I thought I'd make a Turmeric Face Mask as I did some research and discovered it's great for toning oily skin and helping to clear up blemishes.

A little bit of background. I've pretty much had perfect skin my whole life. Then I had my son. He's now 2. Ever since I was pregnant I started having problem skin. It's gone up and down, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago it got really bad. It's mostly on my cheeks and there are a ton of tiny bumps and a few of the deep red puffy ones. It's driving me crazy.

I came across this site two days ago and I've been drinking 2 teaspoons of Raw, Unfiltered Organic ACV in 1 cup of water, three times a day. I feel energized! I read about people having reactions to the bad bacteria dying off, so I thought I'd combat it with some hydrated Bentonite in the morning on an empty stomach. So far, so good. (but I'm pretty healthy and I eat really healthy and have done mini-cleanses in the past on a fairly regular basis, so the "die off reactions" weren't really a concern for me). I'm also adding about 30 drops of an organic liver tonic (that's mostly Milk Thistle based) to a shot of water, 3 times a day. I think I'll start oil pulling next week too.

Anyway, I came across this thread here and thought I'd do a turmeric mask.

So I made my own and I'll give you reasons for each ingredient added:

2 tablespoons Turmeric (it's the active ingredient here right?)
1 teaspoon honey (it's in most Turmeric masks, plus it's a humectant - meaning it pulls moisture out of the air and into your's great for skin health)
1 teaspoon castor oil (it's a deep cleanser and slightly drying)
3 drops Sage Oil (it's great for oily skin)
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice (it's toning and tightening)
1 tablespoon of milk (to make a paste)

I put it on my freshly washed face and let it sit for 15 minutes. It tingled a little. Maybe it was the lemon juice? Maybe it was the copious amounts of turmeric?!?

I'm yellow. My face is yellow. I rinsed it off and everyone in the house had a good laugh at my expense. I'm like an Oompah Loompah...but yellow.

I applied a 50/50 ACV/Water combo to my face with cotton pads, twice. Both pads came away YELLOW. I rinsed with more water. I gently rubbed with a towel (more yellow came off). But I gave up... I don't want to overdo it with the exfoliation. I figure I can try to get some more of it off tomorrow morning.

I moisturized with a little organic jojoba oil and 1 drop of organic sage essential oil.

I did some thinking... I think the reason I turned yellow is because of the oils I added to the mask. The turmeric stains the oils yellow, which penetrate deeply into the skin and leave their yellow tinge behind.

So be warned. If you decide to do this turmeric mask, DON'T ADD OILS.

I will try this mask again in a few days but without the oils... I shall report back then.

In the meantime feel free to laugh at me. LOL. I am...

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Aune (Berkeley) on 07/18/2017

Angela, also dealt with acne later in life- I find that what's most effective is keeping your pillow case clean enough to be in an operating room every night. After the acne calms down make sure to change it once a week

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Eline (Brisbane, Australia) on 02/20/2018

Instead of using Vit E oil try using grapeseed oil or safflower oil. Vit E oil can be too heavy for oily/acne skin.

Oils high in linoleic acid is best for oily/acne skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Sheila (Singapore) on 12/02/2009

if your skin is dull and sallow it could be lacking moisture and dead cells on the surface may be reason. use papaya to slough off the dead skin = simply pulp the flesh or the fleshy peel and slap it on for 30 mins and wash off as normal. the natural AHA does its thing and takes off the dead cells. To improve moisture eat fruits NOT fruit juice - i dont know how come but it simply works - esp tomatoes, and of course organic if you can find them.

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 09/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Lita209 from Sanford who recommended I try the Turmeric Mask without Lemon Juice... I just did that and it came out great! I changed the mask up a little bit and I'll post that recipe as well... I did turn a tiny bit yellow, but rinsing well and toning with ACV on a cotton pad helped to remove the residual yellow tinge from my skin!

My skin feels taut and supple. My pores appear smaller, my skin is smoother and softer. If only someone had a remedy for helping fade the reddish/brownish spots that the pimples have left behind.

I have been drinking 2 tsp of ACV in 1 cup of water AT LEAST 3 x per day. My water intake has been about 8 cups of water every day. I've just added Vitamin C to my diet and am slowly building up to 3000mg... I want to get it up to 5000mg but don't want to do it suddenly as I've heard that can cause diarrhea. I've done this Turmeric Mask twice now, but plan to do one every day for the next little while to see if it can help my skin. I've also been toning my skin at least once a day with a mild ACV/Water combo on a cotton pad and it's been helping.

I discovered sage essential oil is really really nice for balancing the oils in my skin. You should premix about 3 drops of it in 5-10mL of a carrier oil (try Organic Coconut Oil or Organic Jojoba Oil). Be careful to not overdo it as it can dehydrate your skin... your skin should feel smooth and supple after you've applied the oil combo (as a moisturizer). If it feels rough you've overdone it with the Sage Oil, dilute the combo with some more Coconut/Jojoba Oil for the next time you moisturize..

I've been cooking with Turmeric for a long time now, as a long time ago I read that people in India have the lowest incidences of cancers and Alzheimer's Disease in the world and that a lot of people attribute it to Turmeric. I think I'll try drinking it with milk to see if I can increase Turmeric content in my day-to-day life...

Does anyone have any all natural at home remedies for helping to fade my acne spots (they're not really scars, just spots) internally and/or externally? THANKS!

Oil Pulling
Posted by CANDY (RIVERDALE, NY) on 09/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I started oil pulling with unrefined sesame oil 2 months ago, the inital results were great. My skin glowed exceptionally well. Then I read Ted's opinion on which oils work best, one of them being refined sunflower oil. I switched to sunflower oil and the results were unfavorable, my skin did not glow at all, as a matter of fact it looked quite dull. I stopped used sunflower oil and switched back to unrefined sesame oil. And my skin is glowing once more. I have been acne free since oil pulling and I've been sleeping soundingly too. I have recommended oil pulling to my sister who's had a loose tooth and the oil pulling has since reinforced her loose molar.

Posted by jamie (laguna hills, ca) on 08/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i read in a book that swedish woman use horseradish on their faces to cure brown spots. I tried it and i will have to say it really worked. Not only did it take away brown spots instantly but it made my face glow and took away my sleep crease .definately give this a try i haven't heard anyone talking about horseradish but it works. Just get the kind at your local store that is crushed and put it on in a circular motion, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ragweed (USA) on 02/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I mix 3% topical hydrogen peroxide with salt and a little bubble bath as a wetting agent and apply it to my skin. This has been incredible! With the added salt it is absorbed into the body, but does not burn the skin at all. It seems like the salt should make it burn more, but it helps the body absorb it and does not burn the skin. Even if it gets into a cut with the salt and wetting agent it does not hurt anywhere near as much as straight hydrogen peroxide. I first started using it to treat a facial condition, but I was so impressed with the results that I began using it on larger areas of my body. Now about once a month I mix about a half pint of this solution and sponge bath my entire body with it. I have been doing this for about two years with no adverse results, and my body seems to have a more youthful appearance. I believe it kills a wide range of organisms that reside within the body, yet does not harm the body's own cell tissue. I know it sounds wacky, but I believe that anyone who tries this treatment will be amazed by the results.

Brown Sugar, Egg White, H2O2 Lift
Posted by Deborah (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 07/31/2011
5 out of 5 stars

OMG! I absolutely LOVE this formula! I'm close to 60- so my skin is definitely in need of repair.... This made it feel like a newborn's behind! I will be doing this on a regular basis and recommend it for anyone who wants fresher skin, tighter skin, and color! Thanks so much for this tip!

Coconut Oil and Vitamin C Facial
Posted by Ana (Houston Tx) on 09/02/2020

Thank you about the L-ascorbic acid. I will try it for sure, you see im recovering from a staph infection on my face. It has been resistant and developed scars. Thank you again.

Posted by Tara (London) on 05/19/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I drink turmeric powder in almond or coconut milk every day - 1/2 teaspoon - and I also use it my facial masks at least once a week. It is a wonder spice. I never have breakout since taking it. Turmeric is great for cleansing the blood and detoxifying the liver and it is also amazing skin brightener. My favorite is a simple turmeric and raw honey mask - 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in 1 tablespoon of raw honey mixed well. Apply to face and neck. Leave on for at least 20 minutes and wash off. Be careful not to get turmeric around light coloured clothes since it stains.

Omega 3 Oils, Magnesium
Posted by Natalia Olivia (Fairfield, LA) on 02/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was experiencing a similar problem of old looking hands from sunburn when I was young until I started taking higher doses of fish oil and borage oil, as well as magnesium. A magnesium deficiency can impede healing of the skin. This trio has worked wonders for me.

Aging Hands Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 09/05/2013 2072 posts

@Cat: To prevent aging in general, be sure to get adequate amounts of Selenium by eating 1 Brazil Nut daily or taking a Selenium supplement. For the skin in particular you need adequate amounts of Vit-A and E. These three nutrients combined will greatly increase the integrity of the skin.

Aging Hands Remedies
Posted by Wellerval (Moorestown, Nj) on 12/11/2013

Research zinc and wound healing....

Aging Hands Remedies
Posted by Iowama (Iowa, Usa) on 12/12/2013


Regarding hands that have worked hard and now look old, I have something to say that I hope will help. You mention that you eat well, but not if you eat a lot of fish or take fish oil. Just in case you do, please try cutting your dose in half or cutting it out all together for a while. I cut my dosage in half and now rarely get a bleeding gouge or bruise when I work outdoors. Best to you.

Castor Oil and Olive Oil Cleanser
Posted by Somegirlontheinternet (Sacramento) on 07/22/2014

Hey there... I just wanted to mention a possibility. Most olive oil sold contains high amounts of soy oil. The olive oil market is extremely corrupt. You can just google it to find out more about how deep it goes, but I recall first reading about it through a Consumer Reports article where they took a bunch of top companies (even expensive brands) and found them to be highly contaminated. It's pretty messed up. That said if you can find small local companies that make it they are usually legit. The reason I mention this is that 90% of soy being grown here is GMO. That could be causing an adverse reaction. If you already have soy allergies/sensitives this could be an issue as well even in the off chance the soy in it is not GMO. Just thought that might be something to consider. Maybe try mixing it with Virgin Coconut Oil instead and see if that works better for you.

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 07/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Earthclinic. Some of you know me form other posts. Ive tried every remedy for beautiful skin in and out this site. I happen to have sensitive skin with freckles, coupled with rosacea around my nose. Plus I live in a very dry weather so the situation in my face was discoloration around that area redness, dry, rough skin coupled with large pores and dead cells.

I've had sucess using remedies from this site like the oil cleansing method, ACV, hidrogen peroxide or EVCO, borax urine therapy.

Some of those remedies helped cleansing my skin or diminishing wrinkles but none of them and I say NONE has worked like turmeric.

I read that turmeric needs a fat to be absorbed. I use it in 2 ways. First is mix some turmeric with skim milk in a little cup and apply it to my face. I let it dry for 5 or 10 min and rinse with cold water.

The other way is mixing it with coconut oil or sesame oil and massage my face as if it was an exfoliator. Again let it sit for 10 or 15 min and wash it off. This time you will need bathroom tissue to wipe it off. Be careful of using any towel cause turmeric will leave it yellow.


Ok guys IM 30 years old and I had just accepted that my skin was going to be red, dry and rough to touch around my nose forever. Tried every natural and cosmetic product on planet earth including snake creams, aloe soy products, lemon, exfoliators. I just cant list all the products I have used thru the years.

After 1 application I couldnt believe what I saw. The redness was almost gone It didnt light my freckles they were more noticeable cause my skin was clearer. When I touched my face it felt amazing just like new skin, like the skin I had when I was a child. All the damage I had on my skin for years was gone in a few minutes.

Usually after exfoliating, dead cells start to peel of around my nose nostrils, netween my eyebrows etc. I was amazed that no dead cells or dry skin not even 2 days after using turmeric.

I have also noticed the skin on my forhead softer- it used to be dry and a horizontal wrinkle line begins to form. Today when I touch my forhead I see nothing but hydrated skin.

I've found truly a new skin, people you can buy a new skin to your face in the supermarket and its only2 dollars- its called turmeric.

Please if you read this and suffer from sensitive skin, dry skin in your face, dead cells, redness or rosacea run to your supermarket or indian store.

The best thing I have used period. Do it at night and wake up a brand new face.

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Beatrice (Vancouver, Bc/canada) on 01/06/2012

Coco, to eliminate the dryness after use of borax and soda, use apple cider vinegar as a toner to counteract the alkalinity of those washing agents. (the smell of ACV will evaporate quickly). I do this only at night time to clean all the makeup, in the morning, just wash your face with water, so you do not disturb the PH of your skin unnecessarily. Helps with acne and blackheads. My ideal moisturizer is a combo of rose water, fresh lemon juice and vegetable glycerine. No need for oils or creams.

Posted by Auset (Northern California, California Usa) on 12/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful Skin

I had been using a 22 dollar natural chamomile cream on my face. I am 42 and take heavy medication for an autoimmune disorder. Btwn the meds and age, I was beginning to wrinkle. I do a lot of computer work and am into natural healing and looked up natural eye relief remedies for strained eyes. Cucumber came up and I also saw that wrinkle creams use cucumber extract. So, I decided to slice off 1/2 inch cucumber circle and rub it on my face as well as my eyes. I rubbed both sides of the cucumber circle all over my face til it was soggy and limp. It was an instant oil free moisturizer! My face has always been oily and the least bit of oil in something clogged my pores. I have dry parts on my face as well. Not any more! My skin absolutely glows, is super smooth and looks young. The wrinkles have been lessening and it's been about i month. I do this 2 to 3 times a day and the more I do it, the better my skin looks. I am African American and have uneven skin tone and it is evening out my dark eye circles. I dont even use the cream any more and just spend a 1.00 or two for naturally beautiful skin.

Posted by Denfarias (Katy, Texas, Usa) on 01/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

To Kavi from Trinidad - Tumeric for beautiful skin - I wanted to try this as her explanation of beautiful skin made me want the same. I had used tumeric for a boil and it worked so well! I had also read of coffee grounds for exfoliating. So I get a small cup and add coffee grounds, tumeric and a pinch of salt. I get into the shower and start rubbing this on my face. I look down at my hands and see how yellow they are!! OMG! It is not coming off, then I remember I had applied this to my face! As a very fair skinned hispanic women I remember that Kavi had stated she was Indian, which meant her skin was darker than mine! I was laughing so hard thinking that I was going to spend the next few days with yellow skin! And explaining that I read this great remedy on-line!! I continued my shower rinsing my face very well and then washing with store bought face cleaner. Much to my surprise my skin was not yellow! My hands were still slightly yellow but my face was not. I got a good laugh and my face felt very smooth and looked great!

Thanks for the great website it has helped my family and I with numerous home remedies!

Korean Glove
Posted by Jonna (Los Angeles, California USA) on 06/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been going to one of the Korean spas in Koreatown once a week for the past month, mostly to dunk in the hot and cold baths that they have. One of the daily rituals that I noticed the elderly Korean women at the spa do is to to scrub their skin vigorously, every inch of it, with one of those cheap exfoliating gloves (sold in asian markets for $2). Their skin looks incredible, very youthful. I decided to try it at home and every day at the end of my shower I scrub away. Then I end with a one minute cold shower. It works, my skin is glowing! I don't do this on my face, I think the glove is too rough for that, but everywhere else on my body that I can reach.

I am very curious to know if, because of this daily ritual and staying out of the sun, Korean women don't get age spots. It would be very rude of me to siddle up to someone at the spa and inspect their forearms to check for age spots, lol, so I hope someone on Earth Clinic will be able to answer that!

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