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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Avoid Milk

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Posted by Maple (Australia) on 03/10/2017

I'm not sure if it was rosacea, but I found that cutting out milk improved my skin a lot! I've always found that my skin has looked red - particularly on my face - and felt very self conscious about it. but after cutting out milk, the skin on my face all turned to a normal colour within a few days!!!! After some research, it seems that it's helped other people with their skin and acne etc. too!!

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

A thin application of Manuka Honey applied to red patches on face is said to kill the pesky mites that are a cause of Rosacea.

Worth a try.

Cheers, Michael

Bitter Chinese Herbs

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Posted by Mary (Boulder, Co) on 12/28/2018

I am a 36-year-old female and I had rosacea that lasted for a very long year. After much research and experimentation I was actually able to get rid of it completely. I would mainly accredit my "cure" to two main things: 1) a very healthy, clean diet is necessary and 2) I was able to find the right Chinese herbal formula (which I will happily share) that eliminated my skin inflammation within a few months.

I have noted through my research that there are many types and causes of rosacea. Some people can simply give up certain foods or topically apply something to their face and their rosacea disappears! I'd say those are the lucky ones who are able to do that. I was not one of those lucky people and I imagine there are many more like me. For many people they must get to the root of the problem, which can sometimes be complicated, but firstly does involve cleaning up the diet (no gluten, no sugar, no dairy; eat alkaline foods, vegetables, greens, green tea, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar; avoid spicy foods, too much red meat; take probiotics, work on healing the gut, etc, etc. You can read the details on other websites.)

Rosacea is caused by a certain inflammation in the body, meaning something is out of balance and this causes a type of heat to rise upwards and usually (according to Chinese medicine) this heat can involve or come from organs such as the liver, stomach or lungs. So get that diet cleaned up first, BUT sometimes cleaning up the diet is not always enough, at least it wasn't for me. (For some people it will be, however.) I had to take special herbs to finally get rid of it. (It also might be helpful to read up in Chinese medicine about a diet that supports "Yin" in the body.)

It's interesting to note also that the location of rosacea acne on your face can sometimes tell you which organ the inflammation is coming from. Typically if it's all over your cheeks then it might be coming from the lungs. If it's around the mouth or nose area then it could be stomach and/or liver. Good to know, because there are different herbs to take if it comes from one or the other! I'm no expert and I would really advise you to see a Chinese acupuncturist if you can (acupuncture can help bring that heat down as well as herbs) but here's what I have observed: If it's on the cheeks you can seek out an herbal formula containing gypsum, rehmannia, scutellaria, gardenia, forsythia, (and probably a few other ingredients), and see if that may help.

My rosacea however was more around my nose and mouth area so I tried an herbal formula containing very bitter herbs to drive the heat and toxins from the liver and I supposed it helped my stomach as well. This type of heat and toxins must exit the body via the bowel...and bitter herbs help to accomplish this.

So the ingredients were COPTIS (very important and very bitter), Bupleurum, Scutellaria/ Scute/ Skullcap (same thing), Gentiana, Lonicera, Forsythia, Gardenia etc. There were a few other ingredients but those are the main ones. I would say if you're interested just look for a formula containing those ingredients, more or less, and give it a try.

When I tried this formula (I took the tablets 3 x daily) my face started to clear up within a month, so I stopped, but then it returned, so I took the formula for another 2 months and it went away completely after that. I couldn't believe it! I had tried everything under the sun. NOTHING topical ever worked for me. The cure had to come from within the body. After I finished taking this formula for about 3 months I then took another Chinese formula called "Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan" as a maintenance protocol (for several months) to keep my "Yin" healthy and I think this formula has helped to keep the rosacea from returning. It is a cooling formula. But I needed to take those really bitter herbs first to clear out the toxins and heat and then continued with my good diet and maintenance protocol after that.

I should add that taking these bitters herbs containing Coptis are quite potent and should only be taken for the short term. They can be very drying and you will feel them working. You may need to adjust or cut back the dosage to fit your needs. Drink lots of water between meals while taking them. And if for some reason this herbal formula doesn't work for you, I would say look around for some other Chinese herbal formulas and you may find one that fits your needs. But I wanted to share what worked for me. I hope this may help someone.

Black Walnut Hull Tincture, Wormwood and Cloves

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Posted by PHOEBE (ZEBULON, USA) on 08/06/2007


Replied by Magwag

Roseacea caused by Lieshmania?!!! I don't think might be bad - but it's not THAT bad! Http://

Replied by Sharon
(Boca Raton, Florida)


Please, please, please, especially if you have sensitive skin, do not apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to your face. This is a sure way to end up with a chemical burn which hurts and is not pretty. Take it from someone who did it. It took at least two weeks of me applying diluted lavender oil to heal my mistake and remember to heal a burn you have to go through the scab and flaking stage. Not worth it!!!

Replied by Anye


Um, I think there might be some confusion here. Leishmania is a parasite transmitted by sandflies, that causes huge ulcers and possible multiple organ infestation. The ecto (skin) parasite that is associated with rosacea is demodex. If you google "medical study rosacea demodex" you will see this is proven by certain studies to be causative for rosacea. Demodex is a far less dangerous skin parasite. I am using the cloves, wormwood and black walnut tincture for demodex too thought -- and I think it's helping! Thank you :)

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 05/06/2013

I don't know what Ted's remedies for rosacea were but I suffered from rosacea for years and honestly, I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me. At that point, I was so humiliated that I was self conscious and tried to cover it up with makeup but really, that was futile.

It wasn't until I started taking blackstrap molasses that I noticed a difference pretty much straight away. Now I've stopped taking it (must get back on for other benefits) and it hasn't returned at all and it's been over a year. I recall thinking that when I looked at the molasses closely, it had almost a green tinge to it as it was so black - if that makes sense.

It's also well known in the cosmetic industry that redness is combatted with green, so there are cover foundations specifically designed for those with red tinges in the skin. I feel that the molasses worked it's magic from inside and perhaps the green hue had an effect after all! Worth a try because it's so inexpensive. Don't give up.....xx


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Posted by Genie (Ne Ohio Usa) on 02/11/2017 4 posts

Hellooo out there! My first post. (maybe ref to Bill if possible) I'm new to the natural healing bandwagon as of 10 weeks ago. I'm very grateful! Will be posting more on that and other subjects later. Right now, I'm asking 2 questions re: borax protocol. I've been taking it internally, and full alkalizing regimen for 10 weeks for Demodex mites. Those nasty buggers had me eaten alive. Also using many of the basic tools for pain and other issues. Love ACV! I mean I really love it as a drink w/fizzies.

Happy to say borax is a great success for all issues it addresses, but still have areas of heavy mite infestation. I understand the eggs are not killed even by internal treatment so I'm still plowing through the cycles. 1st question is whether it could be alright to stay on borax continuously. Some places say 5 days on/2 off, which I do. Others say 4/3.

I knew this process would be long but of course I'm eager to get them flushed as my face is ravaged due to extreme allergic reactions to skin expelling them. I've had infections hardly avoidable in my case..but thrilled to find colloidal silver and that has kept me cleaned up. (yep I'll be chasing the make-your-own-plan in the future as I can't afford those prices and I am soooo done with traditional antibiotics.) The reason I want to stay on the borax is I can't help but think of all the breeding/hatching in those 2 days. 15 to 20 eggs per female just chills my bones after yanking out hundreds of bugs already. And for me I do have to pull and debride them out as the skin takes a long time and it's quite painful and gets infected meanwhile. I have dermatographia and I don't know if that plays into things with over-producing histamine. The skin does crack itself open in the process. (for me..not sure how it would be for others) Sorry this is repulsive to hear so imagine why I'm interested in NOT resting off borax.

Actually I have already stayed on borax more than 5/2 times, and have no problem. I just wanted to ask as I'm not sure WHY time off is needed and maybe it really isn't good to skip the time off. (I've read most, if not all Ted/borax posts but that point seems to elude me.) After I get past being a "Mite Motel" I'll be glad to do the proper rest periods.

I'll be staying on the borax as I have bought Bill's book on Candida. Thank you, Bill and Ted. And let me tell you right now I am blubbering/bawling as I say that. I am also the walking-half-dead. I'm assembling the components right now. (have bought all the EC books in fact--all wonderful--thanks again).

2nd question is whether I should be taking 1/8 or 1/4 spoon borax. I'm female but have been doing ¼ as I'm overweight and Ted said it was by weight. 64 yrs old, and right now 205 lbs. (But the good news is I've lost over 20 pounds in this 10 weeks due to the protocols! More on that later..) In Bill's book he says 1/8 and makes no caveat about male or female (hope I'm quoting that correctly I've read so much for so many hours I'm dizzy.) I thought I should clarify that in view of ongoing usage. If I should do ¼ now at what weight should I cut to 1/8?

I've had lots of what I call the "˜Happy Herxies" (die off) and sometimes it's been pretty bad. But I'm happy to suffer it --if that's what it takes. Allopathic medicine has also made me sick but with no payoff! I've had much improvement in many issues from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I will tell about them all eventually as this post is already long. I have so much good to report it will take several posts! Like my babies used to say "it's a mackerel!" (miracle). Thank you all for filling up my bucket of strength. I fully expect a bucket of 'mackerels'.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

GENIE,,,,,,,,, I have had visible mites and microscopic Demodex mites. If you can see these mites then they are not the Demodex mites, which live in the sac of your hair follicles. That would be in your nose, eye lashes and eye brows. I even ran mine into my hair. The other mites can live in your skin anywhere from head to toe. The treatment is different for each. I would suggest that you research both types of mites and determine which you have. Then you can get some good help from folks on EC. Think you are going to do more than Borax regardless of which mite it is. Go to the EC archives for guidance.

Wish you well. =======ORH=========

Replied by Janet

Genie, it does not look like you use the spray for mites. Here is what we do.

In a 1 gallon bucket of water 2/3 cup of borax add water. Let sit for 1/2 hour to 1 hour. This lets the water take up the borax to make a saturated solution. You may have grains on bottom, just leave them.

For the household and larger pets you need a garden sprayer but a hand sprayer works too. Dip spray bottles in bucket to fill them. Avoiding remaining grains.

Add 1% drugstore hydrogen peroxide 99% water. Check bottle should say purified water as the only other ingredient.

Step in shower spray all of you including hair eyelashes eyebrows use a qtip or finger inside nose application. Air dry do not scrub. You do not need to. Spray ceiling as that is where they nest. This kills them and drys up the eggs. Spray the chair you sit in and your bed bedding.

Make a swiffer or 2 from paper towel or rag. Soak it in solution.

Spray your ceiling furniture carpets. The swiffer will assist in not having visable drips and swipe marks. I use it like my Mom washed walls in a circular wiping motion.

I spray under tables chairs hard wood and fabrics as they are a ceiling of sorts.

Spray saturate pets. If they are small or older I blow dry them. Or put them in the tub and let the solution work. Do not forget ear flaps and ear crevices. Spray that ceiling again. Spray their bedding completely let air dry.

I over time I wash my clothes and other things in hot with 2 cups borax and some h2o2. But the spraying works the laundry is secondary. Coats and drycleaning I spray on hanger seal in a bag. Throw rugs same.

If I have throw pillows I spray. But can be stored in a bag with a borax sprinkle until you get to them.

In the bath. I make 3... 1 liter water bottles or soda bottles. I tbsp borax add 1% h2o2 let float in water to stay warm. When borax dissolves saturate hair with first bottle. Let sit while you soak. My bath for pain and health. 2 cups borax defluoridates water improves skin kills mites 1 or 2 cups epsom 1 cup h2o2 this improves circulation too it oxygenates blood 1 cap fish tank dechlorinator to protect your heart from chlorine steam. A few drops of essential oils stirred in well lavender and lemon for me. As you soak you will get brief itches intense but then they resolve as you soak.

After 10 minutes add next bottle to hair massage into scalp. Another 10 minutes. Rinse with 3rd bottle. Do not rinse this out air dry. Let your skin air dry. I put on my robe and wait to dry.

I found it took 3 weeks of 2x a week spraying to stop them. Retreated for 3 months. But I spray the house 1x a month anyway.

I treat the yard(spread diatoaceous earth is best but wear gloves it roughs up hands) by the doors the door frames. You just never know the source. I suspect our neighbors dogs. But ours got them from a friends pet visiting for 1 hour.

It sounds like too much but is better than vaccuuming and rewashing bedding and clothes endlessly. This spray drives off any hornets nests in the ground that happen along.

The clue that they have returned is if you get itchy and you get another itchy spot in the same spot on the opposite side of your body. Or bumps in scalp.

The h2o2 portion does not discolor anything I have ever used it on. Finest spray the bottle allows drys quickly and efficiently.


Replied by Genie
(Ne Ohio Usa)
4 posts

Hi Robert Henry. Thank you for replying! I'll certainly keep an open mind about it not being demodex--but I think it might be more that I may have sounded misleading. I mentioned 'full body' but it's mostly from the neck up. Demodex of either type can go all over the body, from everything I've read. I'm sure there are in other areas of my body as I can see everywhere they are when they die (from borax) and I get the allergic reaction from skin trying to expel them. (oval puffy spots and more..and then the skin cracks and peels) I'm aware there is d. folliculorum and also d. brevis. To clarify..when the borax kills them..they come to the surface, dead, being expelled by the skin's natural process. That's how it's working for me anyway. I was diagnosed with rosacea years ago. I have all the blepharitis symptoms...inverted lashes and more. I started on my path of natural healing because I got a stye and was looking for home remedy. I've lost much of my brows, and yes in spite of all the acne problems my scalp was my most urgent complaint as I had severely escalated in itching and crawling. I see now I had a Chalazion. My face is such a mess I just thought it was something else. Up until this month I had no medical care and no money so I've just been living with undiagnosed stuff for years. I lost an alarming quantity of hair. I just thought all that was aging and 'whatever' due to my bad health. I only learned 10 weeks ago, when I got that stye, that rosacea and a whole host of skin/eye problems are due to the demodex.

I can see them fairly well with 10x magnification and a very bright light. If one has studied the pictures and you know what you're looking at--10x is enough to confirm quite a bit. I believe I've observed both types. I'm ordering a microscope as I'm an experimenter and an investigator and I want to learn more for myself, and help others with this issue which is quite devastating in serious cases. So I'll be able to confirm for positive eventually. Besides that my grandkids are home schooled so we can use it.

I've had a severe infestation of scabies when my children got exposed to them. I was also highly susceptible to those. My immune system is whacked, but I'm fixing that now thanks to good people offering free healing. yay! I'm sure it's not scabies. I have no reason to suspect bird mites. I have no pets. I'm pretty satisfied it's demodex.

Also..I'll say this for the benefit of others who might read. In the last year I was primary caregiver in the cancer deaths of my mother and a cousin. Since old and chronically ill people probably have a high population, I suspect I may have gotten some additional mites from them. I was in close physical contact extensively. My mother had a glass eye, which I cleaned, and I know now her eye area had to have been riddled with mites. It was very uncomfortable for her. I could just cry when I think I could have helped it if I'd known. Her doctors certainly didn't help and she went to eye specialists extensively. My cousin had open sores on his neck up. In my experience the mites have dug in the most on skin that is messed up somehow. Scars, deep wrinkles, sun spots, (all my many sun damage spots are their favorites). I didn't know about demodex mites then so I took no extra precautions to fight them off. But my own immune system has been weak enough to explain them ramping up and running amok so I don't know. It's just a thought to consider for anyone exposed to old and chronically ill.

In any case the internal borax IS killing them and and I've done extensive research, not just on EC, but everywhere, and using all the many methods to battle them now and in the future. My actual question was about the 2 borax protocol issues. I'm looking forward to sharing some points about using internal borax for demodex mites as there were a couple crucial things I didn't understand when I started and some things I didn't see people talking about much. But I'm scrambling for time to get it all down. Thanks to all again!

Replied by Genie
(Ne Ohio Usa)
4 posts

Janet--wonderful of you to take your time for me. My posts have been long already so I didn't explain all details about my mite fight. My question was about **internal** borax usage at the moment. The talk of mites was only a history of why I started it. I have used various cleaning techniques but I can use some more ideas about how to go about it. You sound very organized! I'm too disabled and my utility bills went sky high with washing so much bedding and clothes obsessively-- I couldn't get hold of diatomaceous earth in a hurry. So since my mites are dead or dying I stopped so much house cleaning after a few weeks of internal borax. I still change pillow cases daily and other precautions. Even though I'm killing mites internally I still do borax, peroxide baths, use sulpher, TTO, ACV internally and topically, and tried just about all the methods except mustard. Since I still have some hatching I do all the stuff to fight them topically too. Even though I've gotten the infestation way down--I'm still just having to live through the life cycles until the last big batch of eggs is hatched and killed. I don't think I'm getting reinfested, and if a live one does drop off somehow and gets back on he'll soon be a goner anyway. I hope that theory seems to have worked so far. I've gotten lots of hair back and have many wonderful results even though I'm not done yet. I was saving all that for another post when I'm more 'done'.

I really have studied for many hours and I've noticed all over the internet it often gets confusing when people are talking about mites but don't say specifically what exact kind. It seems they can all be killed by pretty much the same substances, but their habits can be different so that can be relevant. So I'll say again I'm working with the only 2 mites that live *and breed* on humans. Demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis. (scabies being a different breed). The demodex mite that causes one type of dog mange is demodex canis. I don't have any animals or exposed to any. To help others not be confused..I'm not sure which type you're talking about, but the 2 human demodex mites don't live or breed anywhere but in human pores. They don't jump or move fast and would not be able to get to the ceiling or live or breed there. If they fall off of humans they only live for a matter of hours unless they are dropped on something wet or oily--then they could survive longer with a food source-- Approx 3 days I think. Any of you serious mite experts please do correct me if I'm wrong.

My way of handling the environment and myself involves 2 facts that one known 'expert' told me directly. 1. Even *ingesting* borax does not kill the eggs (nothing can reach or penetrate the eggs) so that means it'll still take months to go through life cycles until they're cleaned out. 2. The mites that come out of my skin are dead when they appear. I'd be happy if anyone can say for sure that's correct. I've wondered that these mites normally liquidate in your pores when they die naturally, and yet they don't liquidate when killed by borax internally. The skin expels them. I sure wish they would liquidate as usual because it sure would save me some trouble and suffering. In my 'allergic reaction' spells..I look like a freaky monster and feel like my face is stuck in a hive of bees. lol Love and appreciation to all.

Replied by Karen
(Ulladulla - Australia)

Is h2o2 hydrogen peroxide?

EC: Yes.

Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, Nc) on 12/28/2015

I mixed about a 1/3 of a cup of Borax with water to a paste consistenancy. Let it stay on my face for several minutes. Then rise. It works wonders. I did it once a day for about a week and now I am doing it every other day. Amazing results for me:)

Posted by Georgia (Victoria, Texas) on 07/11/2015

I just read the artical about the Borax. The fluoride was new to me. I always Wondered why my lips turned red after brushing my teeth. I have just been diagnosed with Rosacea. It has already depressed me to the point I donot want to go anywhere. I am definately going to try the Borax. I used Borax when my babies were young to clear their eyes. No one has ever heard o fthis either. Thanks for this article. I am going on a trip in September, and hope to be looking much better.

Posted by Debbie (Louisiana, US) on 02/17/2015

I posted on here in Oct., 2012 about scrubbing with borax and then applying sulfur mixed with sunscreen to get rid of my rosacea. Wanted to post an update. I stopped using the sulfur/sunscreen mixture and now just scrub my face with moistened borax about twice a week, my face looks great. I believe my rosacea is caused by dermodex mites. The borax treatment has been a godsend for me; it's cheap, easy, and extremely effective. I encourage anyone to try it.

Replied by Jem1663

What is the solution used? Any other ingredients, ie water, how much Borax and water...... Is mixed together. Thank you!!

Posted by Teresa (Ellensburg Wa) on 05/12/2014

I have suffered, yes, suffered for years from Rosacea. I half heartedly tried a lot of things, including what the dermatologist gave me. Metrogel, antibiotics, etc. Some days I would be so depressed that my face was so red, or that I had the little spider veins, or the pustules, or the scabby flaking tender skin.

Recently, after reading about Borax on this site and several others, I decided to give it a try. I started taking 1/4 tsp in purified water, along with enough lemon juice to kill the taste. I also started scrubbing my face with a mixture of borax and coconut oil in the shower, leaving it on as long until I finished washing my hair and body, and then rinsing it off. Soon after I began this, I had another dermatologist appt. She was rather horrified when she saw my face, and finally pried out of me that I hadn't been using my metrogel etc, and had begun with borax. She begged me to stop, and said it wouldn't help. She then gave me a prescription for another antibiotic and a cream. She also said that a sulfur mask OTC may be helpful. So I picked up the prescriptions, found a sulfur cream to purchase, and went home.

I never opened the prescriptions, I used the sulfur cream for awhile, and continued taking the borax. I still looked like hell for awhile, and then one day I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was almost "normal" looking! I was amazed. It was maybe about 3 weeks? I had another dermatologist appt 2 months after the previous one, and she was MUCH happier with the condition of my skin. I very smugly told her that I never used the RX stuff, but just the borax and sulfur cream. She assured me that it could only be the sulfur cream. Well, I hardly ever use the sulfur cream anymore, and I only scrub with Borax once every couple of weeks or so, and very rarely ingest the Borax anymore.

My face remains in great shape. I don't believe anyone looks at me and wonders what happened to my face anymore..... sunburn, rash, etc. It just looks mostly normal. I still can see some spider veins, but I no longer get depressed with redness etc or feel like a freak! Now when I see someone who is obviously suffering with severe Rosacea, I just want to tell them Borax! Borax! Borax!

But you can't answer a question that hasn't been asked......... without being rude that is!

Replied by Colleen
(Kennewick, Wa)

Hi Teresa! How is your rosacea? Still under control? I want to try what you did and see how it goes! Thanks Colleen

Posted by Carol (Brighton, Uk) on 09/20/2011

I've just had a thought, but I wanted to seek the advice of someone more knowledgeable than myself.

Instead of taking borax orally I was wondering if borax as a homeopathic remedy would do the same job I.E. Kill the demodex mite that causes rosacea. Also I notice somebody had mentioned on this site that they were taking sulfur as well as the borax and were seeing results with their rosacea. Sulfur is also available as a homeopathic remedy.

I don't know if anybody has tried these homeopathic remedies but I would be very interested to hear people's views. Thank you.

Posted by Nikaki (Chania, Greece) on 01/10/2011

please will you tell me for how long I have to drink that, 1/8 teaspoon of borax? I have scalp rosacea and I decided to try that remedy because nothing can really help the itchy scalp.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Nikaki, I suggest it would be better and more effective to use the borax diluted directly on the scalp. This is more likely to kill the fungus. You can put maybe 1/4 cup in 1/2 -1 cup of water and pour it through your hair and leave for 5 mins, then shampoo as usual. You can also use 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water with a little h2o2 in it directly on scalp. Hope this helps. Lily.

Posted by Lisa (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) on 11/26/2010

Hi there,
For the last two days, I have been coming to this very interesting site. I believe to have rosacea, the red skin kind, with weird bumps that pop really easy, and afterwards stay red, dry skin etc. My right eyelashes fall out very easily, while my left eyelashes are beautiful and long. I am now 25, and I remember that I had a problem with my eyelids when I was just a girl. I can't really describe it, but there were crusts around the hairs coming out of my eyelids, and I kept pulling them off. It stopped on its own and never had it again, but it seems to fit the whole demodex story... What do you think? Another thing is that I am Dutch. I am very good at english, but I just don't understand the whole Borax thing. When I google it, it's something to make glass? I have no idea how to use this or where to find it in Holland.. Are there other Dutch speaking people here that can explain this remedie to me? I just had my first cup of ACV and am going to put some on the spots.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales Uk)

Greetings and love to Lisa from Rotterdam x "Borax" is what we in the UK call sodium bicarbonate, and also baking powder, which is also sodium bicarbonate. I get mine, (if its OK to to tell you )from a web site called "just a soap". Its very pure and doesn't have any nasty chemicals added to it. I hope this has been helpful to you, and every thread I reply to, is added to my prayers to ask our universal creator to give us the strength to over come our ailments. And by now he/she, must be thinking I'm trying to start the worlds biggest conga line!! ( HA! HA! ). May you be blest in your efforts to get well. And "every time you hear a bells ring, another angels got their wings" Stay safe, stay strong, and may you find the strength to carry on x With love Andrea c. X X X

Replied by Shaun
(York, Olde England)

In the UK (and in the rest of the world) "Borax" is Sodium Tetraborate and "Sodium Bicarbonate" is... Sodium Bicarbonate. They are NOT the same. Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate (. E "washing soda") are sold together in the UK as "Borax Substitute".

Replied by Valerie
(Dallas, Tx Usa)

Here in the US we have the sodium bicarbonate to which is "Baking Soda". However that is not the same thing as Sodium Tetraborate which the only thing I can find here is actually in the laundry isle of the grocery store called "20 Mule Team Borax"; or you can get them in pellets made by Boiron

which I found locally at a store "whole foods". I am sure baking soda is a good product but really want people to take full advantage of the product the site is recommending.

Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 06/17/2010

My doctor says I have rosacea, although I do not have all of the flushing and sensitivities most people do, I do have some other symptoms. It is a theory that rosacea can be caused by a demodex mite. I've been using borax on my face for over a month now with little results, except my skin now has the texture of an orange peel and I get little bumps on the backs of both ears and just below my ears on my neck. I suspect this to be mites as when I put borax on these areas the bumps temporarily go away. However they reappear within a day or two. I think this is a mite issue and not some strange form of acne, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's something else and if it is then what? It has also spread to the jaw line and prior to the start of all of these symptoms I never had any acne type problems with my skin and certainly not on the jaw line. Also I have had the problems with the little bumps on my ears for a long period of time and some scalp problems (which have now disappeared) however my hair has been falling for several years it seems to be at an accelerated pace now too. If this is mites my dermatologist doesn't go with the theory of the demodex mites and rosacea point of view to begin with (I'm going my internet research). I'm feeling stuck - what kind of mite could I be dealing with (if it's a mite)? Why isn't the borax helping? If it isn't a mite problem, what is it??? I want my smooth skin back I've been dealing with this sudden battle for about 6 months now. I'm at wits end and every single thing the dermatologist has tried and I have tried on my own have not helped. It occasionally looks like I have a pimple here and there in all of this, the texture is visible as my skin is oily and the bumpiness of the skin looks like an orange peel only on a bit larger scale. My forehead doesn't seem to be affected much (yet) but the rest of my entire face and jawline is and I'm getting more and more self conscious by the day.

I have tried full strength tea tree oil, tea tree and lavender oil mixed, the borax/peroxide solution, just plain borax as a daily morning and night facial wash & scrub...I I've tried that then followed up with the tea tree oil, or tee tree/lavender oil mix. I've tried washing my face with lice shampoo and using the cream for scabies at my dermatologist suggestion, and everything my dermatologist has prescribed for rosacea and acne treatments (including sulfur products)and NOTHING is working or even helping. PLEASE if anyone can help I'd be forever grateful.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

Did you try googling to find an image of your rash. I think it would be worthwhile spreading your search a bit further as doctors have been known to get their diagnoses wrong. There is a website called, which may be of some help.

It just seems like you have tried most things that would work on rosacea or at least have seen some type of improvement. Good luck

Replied by Carmen
(Seattle, Wa)


the minute i read your blog, i had to respond. My symptoms sounded exactly like yours...around the ears, jawline, and mine continued on my neck, forehead, and nose just recently. I have suffered since April 2010, with big red bumps, inflammation, smaller bumps, stinging, itching etc. I have been blessed all my life with perfect skin and this came along and has been totally distressing. I got medication from dermatologist but havent had much success. I am on antibiotics and antibiotic gel but they tell me i have to wait at least a month for any results. In the meantime, things were spreading and i had to do something.

Out of desperation one day i decided to put anti-bacterial hand gel all over my face. I immediately got relief and could see the bumps calm down. I then started a routine of swabbing my face with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol several x a day. It didnt completely go away but kept things at bay. It stings alot the first few times you do this but subsides the more you do it. It has stopped new bumps from spreading. My dermatologist was not happy with me but it was working for me. Came across this website and have been trying to figure out what will work for me. Thank God for Earthclinic! I have thought from the very beginning that i was dealing with "bugs". (mites).

I am now using 1 tsp of tumeric and drinking with glass of water 2x day. I felt inflammation go down within an hour first time i tried this. From reading things from this website, i decided to try the ACV route. i will drink a tsp ACV in glass of water 2x day. I alternate every other day with tumeric and ACV. I also use ACV 50/50water on my face after my alcohol routine. I have had an 80% improvement by doing this. I am continuing the antibiotic but i am not convinced this will do anything.

Another thing i tried and still use is (this will sound wierd), is Monistat cream. Yes, the stuff for vaginal yeast infections. It contains miconazole nitrate which is the ingredient in Metro gel that Dermatologist prescribe. My face becomes so much smoother and takes the inflammation away. I do this a few times a week once in the a.m. and once before bed ( but after my alcohol wash).

I am still dealing with this battlefield on my face but it is sooo much better than before. I continue to try more remedies from the readers here at Earthclinic. Last night i tried washing my face with a lice shampoo followed by swabbing with tea tree oil. My face is the best it has looked in about 4 wks. This might work for me. The bumps are barely noticeable! I will try this again and report my results.

Chinese medicine believes that if something is wrong in the stomach, it shows up on the face. I am hoping the tumeric and ACV take care of those issues. I am also taking vitamins daily...Vit A, D, C, l-Lysine, Fish oil, Fenugreek herb, and a Calc/magnesium/zinc combo.

Would love to try the Sebiprox shampoo that one reader mentioned. It is sold OTC in Europe but i believe you have to get a prescription in U.S. If its available in US without prescrip, can someone tell me where. Thanks.

This has been quite a journey dealing with this rosacea and i am grateful for this website and all of you who share. I will continue to read and share. Thank you Earthclinic!!!

Replied by Pat
(Athens, Al, Usa)


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my plight. I am glad you are having some success with this awful rosacea plague.

I have tried several of the things you have mentioned, but have not tried them all. I have tried most of what is on this site without much success, but I won't got thru that whole list again. Of what you have mentioned this is what I have tried:

I did the MetroGel/MetroCream from the dermatologist without success and also tried the cream you use for athelets feet which is similar to the monostat but not exactly the same, I wonder if there would be a difference? What would be your idea on that?

I've been using the tea tree oil pretty faithfully without much luck - or it is holding things down from being much worse than they would be otherwise, just not what I'm hoping for maybe?

You mentioned I think Chinese medicine philosophy about problems coming from the gut - I take a really potent probiotic from my pharmacist and alternative? who has the same theory already - I've seen some improvement with this, but again it can only do so much too I'm afraid.

I've tried alcohol. It was very drying and seemed to have a rebound effect with more oil to my already oily skin, thus more white heads. I have not tried the antibacterial hand cleaner though - some of those have vitamin e or aloe, etc added as moisturizers which might help? The one you used, did it have anything like that in it? Do you still use it or do you just use the straight alcohol only now?

I tried taking tumeric twice a day for a couple of weeks. I didn't see any benefit to my skin :( I was really hopeful about it too. I did end up very constipated from it. Maybe I just took too much to get that effect... anyway, I did discover a good anti-diarrhea remedy! Please advise if i was doing something wrong, overdoing or whatever with the tumeric capsules.

I tried ACV topically - I couldn't see any benefit in doing it at all. Not even as a regular toner let alone as a remedy of sorts for the problem at hand.

I do take ACV 2-3 times a day orally though. I haven't seen any benefits to my face but I have seen other health benefits like being able to eliminate 3 other prescription medications.

I'm not sure where to go from here. i'm not sure if you have seen my other post(s) as well, but my hair is thining at an alarming rate as well, and I've tried many ofthe remedies here for that as well.

I do also take 3 Tbsp. of VCO a day for the last 2 months and it hasn't made a difference one way or the other with my face, but my dermatologist told me to go ahead and keep it up because it had other properties that might help long term (like we all didn't know that). It has helped with my cracked heels and I've lost a few pounds since beginning it and the ACV.

So... I'm feeling stuck and not sure where to go from here - my skin is awful and my hair is falling out - just wanna crawl under a rock and die some days. I know there has to be an answer out there somewhere... I just wish I could find it.

Thank you again for responding to my post. Maybe we can put our heads together yet. Please tell me what kind of antibacterial hand sanitizer you tried, I'm game for about anything right now.

Replied by Shackelmom
(Cdo, Philippines)

The monostat may be helping, but miconazole is not the same as metronidazole which is in the metrogel. Miconazole is anti-fungal/anti-candida, while metronidazole is used to treat certain kinds of bacteria, usually things like amoeba and giardia when taken internally.

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

I don't know if this will help or not but my husband has had a rash like you're talking about and has been to two dermatolgists and gotten nowhere plus we have tried every home remedy we could think of. Now he is working with a homeopathic Dr. She has him on a healthy diet (a good fish oil, an antioxidant, vit B..and no coffee) She said juicing would help build up his system too and we do that when we can. The thing that seems to be helping is the homeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron 30C(Rhus Tox for short) . You can get it on-line or most health food stores. It's very cheap. The way he takes it is to mix two or three pellets with four ounces of water. Then you shake it to disolve the pellets. Before you take a dose, you shake the bottle about ten times on the palm of your hand. Take one teaspoon. Be sure not to touch the pellets with your fingers and don't eat anything fifteen minutes before you take it or fifteen minutes after you take it. Take it for about five days and then wait and see how things are going. This seems to have quieted things down for him. The inflamation on his cheeks has gone down and he's able to sleep at night. He has been miserable with this stuff. It was on his forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose, ears, neck and then traveled to his sides. You can google Rhus Tox or get more information from a homeopathic Dr. I'm crossing me fingers that this will continue to help my husband because it has made his life miserable. Good luck to you.

Replied by Pat
(Athens, Al, Usa)

I wouldn't really call this a rash. It's not red and it doesn't itch. It's bumpy. It looks like acne and blackheads but it doesn't respond to any treatments - not sure how to explain it, other than frustrating and it doesn't look like a rash.

Replied by Brenda
(San Antonio, Texas)

i have found that sea buckthorn seem to clear rosacea when applied from a natural product in about 2 wks.

Replied by Carmen
(Seattle, Wa)

okay, i did some research and have found that Metronidazole, which is in Metrogel and miconazole nitrate, which is in Monostat are both found in the Imidazole class of antibacterial agents and classified as antiprotozoal and antibacterial agent.

Quoted from Wikipedia..."Miconazole can be used against certain species of Leishmania protozoa (a type of unicellular parasite). Miconazole is found in Monostat to fight yeast infections and it is also found in products for atheletes foot and jock itch.

i read on one of these postings, that someone was told Rosacea is caused by Leishmania. Now as i research, i come across this Leishmania word again. Hmmmm?!

I am having some much better days by using this for 3 consecutive days now. I am going to experiment and continue this routine for the rest of the week and see if i continue to get results. If it works, i'll post it. And Monostat is OTC, no expensive prescription.

I am determined to get rid of this *&%$. And thanks Janice for the info on the Rhus Tox. Gonna look into this. Please let us know if your husband continues to improve. I understand how miserable he has been. I have been so distraught with this mess on my face.

Replied by Pat
(Athens, Al, Usa)

I have asked for seabuckthorn in an oil from the local herbal store and they don't have it. I looked for it on the swansons website and all they have is a cleanser and a moisturizing cream. I've thought about ordering from the cleanser. Do you think that would be a good form? i don't have a good cleanser right now. I've been trying straight borax and it is a gritty mess and I don't seem to be making progress. I have very oily skin so I'm not sure if it would be counterproductive to try the cream or not. Or should I keep looking around for the oil? I guess it wouldn't hurt to order the cleanser... heck, I've tried everything else! Do you think it would be enough or should I pursue an oil or something else as well? Thanks for the idea.

Replied by Juja
(Stockton, Ca)

Hi, just responding to the Seabuckthorn Q. I have numerous products w/ seabuckthorn in them. My facial and body soap from Aubrey Organics plus their Seabuckthorn & Cucumber mask is the bomb! The soap keeps my oily skin at bay which is what feeds the demodex mites to my understanding and the hard bumps that weren't acne all over my forehead subsided greatly when I used the soap and mask together. I also use a clay mask for Sensitive Skin. Works all together great. HTH!

Replied by Monica
(Toronto, On, Canada)

I have also found sea buckthorn helpful in reducing acne rosacea. I'm using natural seabuckthorn powder from Finland, 1 tblsp a day. It's available online in Canada and US. Just google for the website. It definitely reduced the oiliness and bumps for me. Seabuckthorn has numerous other benefits as well.

Replied by Kay
(Seattle, Wa)

Hello All,

I have read every word in my search to irradicate this horror I am living with. From the looks of it, it seems to be an epidemic of this thing called Rosacea.

I have tried it all and have found some results with two things so far, actually three, but let me give some back ground first.

I paid lots of money for a pure breed english bulldog only to find out she had demodex mange!! ?? The vet wanted to poison here with evermectin (hope I spelled that right) which can be deadly and frankly the vets are as clueless as the reg. MD's in most cases.

I found this product online:

I ordered it and rubbed the dog down in the stuff which is essentially sulfur and pine oil. It smells like a doctors office that has been stink bombed with sulfur. This stuff totally knocked the mites in only one treatment!

Sadly though, since the dog sleeps with me, I soon developed the same red hard painful bumps on my face and in my scalp. Eventually, the bumps will come to a head and I have lost 1/2 my hair so far. I did not put two and two together!

The doc called it roasacea and gave me expensive stuff that did nothing. I have noticed that this stuff is more active at night if it is the mites and it lives in your nose and sinuses which will develope into a post nasal drip. The itching around and in the nose at night was unbearable. I could feel it crawling in and around my nose, it felt like creepy spider webs.

Still unaware it was the mite, I used vinegar on my face at night and then used vicks vaorub, I put it in both nostrils and on my cheecks and nose. When I get past the watering eye's this stuff stopped the critters cold in their tracks. I started using it under my makeup and it also knoocked the red lumps and itching but my scalp was still on fire and my hair falling out.

P.S. If you have toe nail fungus, white vinegar followed by vaporub and it will be gone pdq.

So, now I am fired up. I get on the web and put demodex mites with rosacea and OMG, why didn't I figure this out before now?

I still had a wee bit of the nustock yellow sulphur stuff from hell left over and I applied it to my swollen battered face and strait away my skin came alive with things screaming to get away from this salve. I suffered no burning or pain in any way from the product, I left it on all nite and for two whole weeks my skin was beautiful. I didn't have enough for my scalp and I have now placed my order for a new tube.

Should you be brave enough to try this, you will need to leave it on all nite minimum and if you can leave it on for a couple of days, like over the week end, I think you will be mite free. Be sure you treat your eye brows, these mites love to eat your brows. Do not get it in your eyes or nose though.

Also important: This stuff will stain and or ruin your sheets clothes etc, et all that it comes in contact with. Get ready to throw it all out after you have decided to wash it off.

Hope this helps, we must think outside the box cause the medical community couldn't care less about this scourge called rosacea.

Replied by Debbie
(Sterlington, Usa)

In reply to Kay from Seattle's post of Sept. 10, 2011. Kay, funny you mentioned the creepy crawly feeling in your nose- I had that, too, along with my scarlet, bumpy, sore face. But since I have been scrubbing my face with borax then applying sunscreen mixed with sulfur twice a day, even inside my nostils, it has all improved 100%. I hadn't really thought about my tickly, itchy nostrils until I read your post. But I have found the cheap, natural "cure" for my rosacea. Scrub face with borax, then apply sunscreen mixed with sulfur. I mix about 1/2 cup sunscreen with 1 teaspoon sulfur and keep it in a small container. I apply it all over my face in the morning and at night. It has not stained my clothing or pillowcase. My skin looks great! The redness, bumps, and sores are gone and my face is smooth and soft. So glad I found this site.

Replied by Mom2joshcanpark
(Depauw, In)

I too have Rosacea, I have had it for about 9 years now. Anyway, I have only used Metrogel. Before now that is all I would ever need. For the past 2 years in addition to the flushed look, I started getting the "acne" look too. The spots were dry and you could pick them off, unlike acne. BUT my biggest problem is the itching. I have noticed, if I sleep for a long time that the bumps and itching are worse. I have also noticed I only itch when I have the bumps.

I can't use creams on my face because it does cause acne and makes my face oil. My complexion on a general basis is normal. I am 44 years old and as a teen I had maybe 20 pimple on my face during the entire teen years, acne was not a problem for me, so now, my face has more of an acne appearance that what it looked as a teenager.

So has anyone else encountered the itchiness? I do not believe that rosacea comes from mites as it is only on the face, no other part of the body, I believe mites would be on any part of the skin, not just the face.

I was thinking about trying the Zinc Oxide, but lost on what to for the itchiness since I can't use creams on my face.


Posted by Roseyg (Boise, Id) on 06/06/2010

Hard to believe you are suggesting people ingest borax. I have suffered from rosacea for decades now, have been to countless dermatologist and have read and tried everything I can find about dealing with it (I believe there is no cure). Do you and your readers understand that borax is used to make such items as detergents, fire retardants, insecticides, flux used in metallurgy, and that it has been banned in the U.S. for use in food products? I think I'll skip being a guinea pig on this home remedy. To your other readers... use caution!

EC: Much more feedback on borax: here

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Roseyg,

Did you read about borax and what it CAN do? Have you read what Ted and Bill have to say about borax and its properties? I have learned so much from this site and love to pass on what I have learned to others here on EC. Honestly, I don't think anyone comes on here knowingly giving ill-intentioned advice. At least that has been my experience. There are a lot of remedies on this site that are little known today and the medical field and much of the mainstream either don't know, hide or the info has been lost through time. Many of us here are open to learning about alternative ways and much of the info here are on EC are folk remedies that have been lost because of the pharmaceutical way of life that most people assume is the only way to go. I for one, would not have known of the amazing properties of borax and would have made the same assumption as you had I not learned otherwise here on EC.

That said, I hope that everyone just uses common sense when trying new remedies.
Peace, Lisa

Posted by Sherill (Tampa, FL) on 06/09/2009

Borax treatment of facial Demodex mites: I've been reading all of the postings on this site regarding the use of borax to eradicate facial demodex mites in humans. I am 39 years old and was officially diagnosed with rosacea by a dermatologist 9 years ago. It has came and went with various prescribed oral and topical meds. After much research, I now believe that what I am currently experiencing is demodex mites. I am scheduled to return to the derm in August 2009, but each day is becoming a real struggle as I try and deal with the itching, crawling, stinging, burning, and bumps from these insects on my face. These symptoms seem to have came about in the past several months. I know the derms course of treatment will be prescribed insecticides and would rather not go that direction if there are truly other verified alternatives.

There are a few important questions that I have not seen the answers for and feel are very important to know prior to trying the borax treatment:

1) Is 3% hyrdrogen peroxide okay to use?
2) What quantities do I use of the borax and hydrogen peroxide?
3) Is this only applied in the evening?
4) How long is it left on before washing off?
5) How many days is this used for and then how often for prevention?
6) What are the expected side effects?

If someone could answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated as I am desperate to get some relief.

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