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Natural Remedies for Rosacea


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Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 09/16/2017

I've been battling rosacea for years. I thought my skin was burned because of sun exposure but the truth is there were many factors combined that developed into very harden dry oily red skin all around my nose and cheeks area and in between my eyebrows.I didn't recognize my skin.I did a lot of research and discovered demodex mites. I've been obsessed with killing those parasites. I used bentonite clay to clean my face for years but the next day there was still that little black stuff coming out of my pores. Demodex mites reproduce very quick and you need to be your face is not enough you have to kill them. and that's where sulphur soap comes. To make it short, Sulphur soap is renewing my skin. Buy it as soon as you can. I used it one or twice daily. I let it sit for 1 minute and rinse. I'm also taking a collagen supplement that is helping rebuilding my skin form the damage

I've noticed a tremendous improvement with sulphur soap in my skin texture and redness too. Add this to your routine.great for acne too

Posted by Lorraine (Duncan, B.c. Canada) on 03/25/2012

My daughter and a dear friend of mine which had a very severe case of Rosacea. Have you heard of Organic Sulphur you can look it up on line. When you dilute 1 tbsp. In 5 oz. of distilled water it cools it down and it is done in a few days. You can take it orally and it does wonders for sore joints and arithritis. It is wonderful stuff. I take a tbsp. in water every morning on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes you will be amazed how well you will feel. Lorraine

Posted by Portia (Orange, Ca, Us) on 05/21/2011

I have suffered horrible red blotches on my face. A doctor told me it was rosacea and prescribed antibiotics. This condition was psycho! I would go to bed with a flawless complexion and wake up covered in burning welts and pustules. I work with the public and was profoundly humiliated by my face. And then... BLINK... My skin would clear up. I could make no sense of it and felt desperate to find a cure.

Well, you kind folks at Earth Clinic helped me enormously. I would like to pass on a wonderful discovery, in the hopes of helping others. Recently the rosacea returned with a vengence. I tried ACV, aloe, and tea tree oil. Yes, they reduced the redness, but the basic rosacea remained.

Then I read about using a sulfer based shampoo on my face. I went to Walmart and could not find this kind of shampoo BUT I found a bar of sulfer soap IN THE HISPANIC PRODUCTS SECTION in the toiletries dept. I soaped up my face and did not rinse it off for 20 minutes. Amazingly the rosacea was 50% improved! I then put emu oil on my face. Well two days later my skin was completely clear. Free of rosacea and the stress of feeling ashamed! I did this treatment in the morning and at bedtime, and drank about 2 T. of ACV during the day.

I hope this helps. Bless you.

Sunburn Triggered Rosacea

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Posted by Kevin (Prince George) on 06/20/2015

I started to get rosacea after I went to tanning beds last winter. I got a bad sunburn from the beds and the symptoms started. I have no doubt that was the cause.

Sunburn Triggered Rosacea
Posted by Jacqui (Florida, US) on 04/13/2015

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has extreme heat sensitivity they believe is caused by their rosacea? I'm pretty confident my rosacea started when I got severely sunburned as a teenager.

Replied by Helen
(Atlanta, GA)

Read this. It talks about the link between heat and rosacea in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by McFly (Tennessee) on 06/05/2024

My face has always been a little pinkish and I never thought anything about it until it got really red this year. Even my chin was getting red and hot. I started reading about rosacea and found out about the link to demodex. I used to use olive oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer but stopped using that and started using only raw chunks of frozen aloe every night along with tea tree oil dabbed on my cheeks, chin and nose. it has really helped so much. I had no idea about the mites until this year, wow!! Its amazing the things we still learn about this world even at 49. If you have rosacea, maybe try what I did...stop the lotions or oils on your skin and start using aloe and tea tree oil only. If you have to use an oil for super dry skin, try castor oil...i love using just a little dab here and there if I need too. I use the tea tree oil now multiple times every day. I also wash my face with diluted ACV and water daily and even shave my face in order to really exfoliate it and now my skin is looking better than it has in years. cheers

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amanda (Wi) on 09/14/2019

I had severe rosacea. I think it was due to overheating. I was breastfeeding, and wanted to get a relief so fast. I had this severe for 3 months in summer season. My eyes were severely affected so was my skin. I used sulfur gel over the counter for rosacea, washed my face 3 times a day with salicylic acid face washes over the counter and finally tried a diluted tea tree oil and I think it killed off all the mites. I leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash my face, then apply the sulfur gel. I did this three times a day and once at night. It dried my skin a little bit, but I am almost done with this. Just wanted to let you know to try tea tree oil, but make sure it's really diluted. I used a few drops in 8oz of water topically and wiped the affected areas.

Replied by ORH

HI U AMANDA,,,,,,,,,,,,, most rosacea is due to a mite called demodex . I have had it and you must research and understand your problem before you can solve it.====ORH====

Replied by Tom
(Los Angeles)

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful cure for Rosacea. I do struggle with Rosacea problem and very much inspired by your solution. Can you please share the sulfur gel over the counter for rosacea you used and the salicylic acid face wash. Thank you again. Tom

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cyn (California) on 08/25/2015

Been using tea tree oil for rosacea about one week. Symptoms at first got worse, but then cleared up. I suspect the tto killed the mites, causing reaction, then, it starting clearing up.

Replied by Mags
(Fair Lawn Nj)

Do you use the tea tree oil alone? Or do you mix it with something else

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Carrie (Bailey, Nc) on 08/28/2012

Also, forgot to mention that the tree oil has cleared up my rosacea bumps too! As far as the redness it has reduced it but using milk of magnesia and apply at night before bed with a cottonball takes the redness out. :)

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amy (Steamboat, Colorado) on 03/29/2010

I have had an acne Rosacea breakout on my face for almost 6 months. After trying 4 different topical treatments with no results and resisting a second oral antibiotic treatment, I found I read EVERYTHING on Rosacea and decided to try Tea Tree Oil on my face. I applied a drop or two to a moistened cotton ball twice a day and noticed relief right away in the sensitivity of my skin. The symptoms began to subside during the first few days and I started applying it directly to my skin with a cotton swab only where I had redness or a bump. It has been just over a week, and my face is mostly clear from breakouts with just a little redness left. I am so relieved to have found something that works - and so happy that it is a natural AND inexpensive treatment. I highly recommend trying it for your Rosacea.

Replied by Amy
(Steamboat, Co)

UPDATE: My skin is considerably better now - in fact, I don't even use Tea Tree Oil on a daily basis any more. I continue to apply the oil to any problem area that may arise, but they are few and far between. Early application of Tea Tree seems to prevent any further irritation and is keeping me ahead of a break out. It is such a relief to have found a solution to treating my Rosacea.

Replied by Roseocean
(Alice, Tx)

After reading several cures I reached for what I had on hand that very night at 12 midnight to help me start to cure my Rosacea. I had dandruff shampoo with tea tree oil that has worked great on my scalp when I need it. I applied it to my face on the rosacea areas allowed it to tingle for at the most 3 min. Removed with a wet wash cloth and fell over in the morning as I looked in the mirror and all the small areas were clear. The big blotches are shrinking and are very small. Overnight I saw results. You need to try any dandruff shampoo with Tea Tree oil. I used one from Arbonne. Only because thats what I had at midnight and wanted to try something to help me clear up my skin. Thanks everyone who has posted what has worked for you. From all your ideas I tried one and found the magic of my skin under that ugly redness. Keep posting, we learn from each other. Tonight will be day 4 of washing with shampoo and I love it.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Denvert (Denver, Co, Usa) on 01/08/2010

Have suffered from Rosacea for over a decade. Anitbiotics and prescription acne creams didn't work. I discovered Tea Tree Oil on this site. I have been using it for approx one week. I mix it with a cleansing cream, NOT cold cream. I put one part (I started with teaspoonfulls)of TTO with 7 parts cleansing cream. This gave me approx 12 or 13 % solution. I use this to wash my face twice daily. This stuff is powerful, I let it sit on my skin for a couple of minutes the first time I used it and it did irritate. I have extremely sensitive skin. Now I don't let it sit on my skin and I also make sure to use a light a touch as possible when washing, using warm water only. I found the TTO at a local health food/farmer's market. It was only about $7 USD for a 1/2 oz bottle. So far, it seems to have somewhat abated the redness and acne. Not a cure, but definately an improvement. I also use a repair cream that I bought at the drug store. The combination of the two seems to help somewhat. There is still some redness but I no longer look like a tick ready to pop. After the anti redness lotions has dried, I do apply a good quality moisturizer. I've been drinking a tablespoon full of apple cider vinager two to three times daily and taking fish oil pills two to three times daily. The ACV actually calms my stomach. I hope this helps someone as I know how painful (physically and emotionally) rosacea can be.

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Uk)

Hi Denvert,

I have controlled redness of rosacea considerably with a dilute solution of cider vinegar- I had to experiment with strength 50/50 Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) filtered water- as I have sensitive skin. I dab my face with ACV solution after cleasing with sensitive skin cleanser- after the ACV dries I then follow this with yogurt face mask- just dab live youghurt on and leave it about half an hour. I have been amazed at the way this maintains a redction in redness. I also ocassionally use lavender oil or Tea Tree. Look also on this site for Ted's remedy for rosacea- hope this helps.

Replied by Denver-t
(Denver, Colorado)

Hi Gaynor, Thanks for the comments. How did you use the lavendar oil? Straight out of the bottle or was it diluted with something? After I have applied the redness reducing cream, I apply a good quality facial cream and then take a cotton swab dipped in TTO and apply (lightly) to any red spots that appear. It seems to work well since, as I mentioned earlier, I have the most sensative skin immaginable. Also how often do you apply the yogurt? I don't really have an extra half hour in the morning. Will try during the evening and let you know. Thanks again.

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Uk)

Hi Denver-t,

I also have very sensitive skin. I use the lavender straight from bottle lightly applying this to affected area- when I feel a breakout of spots coming on. I started using the yogurt every day and now I use this two or three times a week as there has been considerable reduction in redness and spots- it is now confined to one place on one side of my face I hope to clear it completly. I still use a weak solution of borax and H202 one or twice a week. Best of luck

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Dave (USA) on 10/16/2009

I have tried many things for the rosacea on my nose. It was getting to the point where I was thinking WC Fields every time I looked in the mirror. While treating my toes with fungi cure I thought why not, so I started paining it on my nose morning and night for 2 weeks. The first night I put it on my nose I noticed that my hairline and my eyebrows started to get itchy right away. I suspect I sent the little bugs scattering on my face. Its now cleared up and I follow up with tea tree oil at bedtime and every time it gets itchy. I put the tea tree on my eyebrows and scalp line and ears as well. Now 6 weeks later and I can see the faint scar that was not visible after the break out. No more WC fields when I look in the mirror, what a relief. I have my old or new nose back.


When I was panting the underside of my nose the bristles flicked upwards splashing a tiny bit in my eye and it really burned. Be very careful around your eyes.

Good luck to all.

Replied by Michelle
(Louisville, Kentucky)

That is so funny that you say that something for fungus helped your rosacea. I have always thought that my rosacea has come from my fingernails. I have had the fungus on my toenails for many years now, and it went from my toenails to my fingernails. I would say because I used my finger nails to help clean my toenails. Anyway, After i scratched my face a little too much at work.. i noticed my face getting red, and ive always suspected that is what caused my rosacea. I am going to try the anti-fungal and get back to you. Thanks so much!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Julie (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/27/2007

Tea tree oil can help rosacea. Not sure if it can erradicate it completely, but it does help kill off the adult mites. You need to use it religiously, every day. (I use it several times a day!) Since the demodex mites keep reproducing you need to keep applying TTO to keep the next generation from growing into adults. For example, if you only apply it one time, say, you may kill some for that day but the lifecycle of these stubborn mites is about 15-20 days. Also, try not to wear foundation makeup during this time, you need to get this out of your skin! Also, don't "feed" the mites by applying any nutritional things such as coconut oil, and other vitamin-rich lotions. I'm still doing research but this is the best natural way I have found so far. Try it!

Replied by Rita
(Itasca, IL)

Tea Tree Oil remedy for Rosacea...

I have a question regarding the suggestion of Tea Tree Oil for help with my rosacea. I want to try it and I have purchased a bottle of the oil but it states to not put it directly on the skin. Since others have had success with it I want to make sure I follow the same procedure. Does the oil go directly on the skin or was it mixed with something? Thanks.

Replied by Fren
(London, UK)

I have been using 100%TTO with cotton bud [burns] or directly with hand massage, for 31days now, on my mild pustular ROSACEA-face and 50/50with olive oil on eye scrub for swallen eyelid and cappilaries on ezelids and in both eyes[I had demodex dandruffs between eyelashes now just swallen eyelids and cappilaries] and on my tiny pound big ECZEMA on my left trunk site [which appeared now and then since I was putting LOCACID on my face[cont. bit corticoid]year ago].

My face has improved a bit, but red pustular pimples still keep coming [NOT SURE IF PIMPLES EQUAL DEATH of DEMODEX or the fact the TTO IS NOT WORKING!????], just smaller and not so painfull, as well as redness still comes now and then.

But what weird thing ECZEMA got bigger{big red patch after shower, otherwise several brownish marks/dry eczema-rush] and keeps spreading in a form of red underskin sometimes very itchy rush, visible especially after shower, travelling from side to middle where it stays, and also little rush on the right side.

I keep putting 100%TTO all over it after shower, before bedtime, in the morning it is invisible apart of brownish ekzema patches on left or it is itchy until I put is not getting any better, but I am afraid to put any oil or cream so I am not feeding the DEMODEX???? or some other parazite. ...was spending past year mostly in the bed writing on something could develop around my lower back, I quess...and now visible thanks to TTO???

I would like to know if anyone has similar experience or if TED from B. would know what it could be and how to cure it...?
Also if there is anything else what I could take internally to kill DEMODEX -PARAYITES OF ALL SORTS[flaxseed oil I know, does not do anything for me unfortunatelly...]

Many thanks for any info and thanks for reading.

Replied by Gerry
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada)

I have had Roseacea for 5 years now, and it rarely flares up anymore. After I got into Chelation Therapy for what was believed to be heavy metal poisoning, the symptoms vastly improved. Top grade probiotics, alot of water, and antioxidants, along with tea tree oil have also made a difference. If Roseacea is caused by a mite is therb pictures anywhere that I can see of these mites? It would seem that some lab somewhere would have these images, but I cannot find them. Hopefully someone can help me with this.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jessie (Houma, Louisiana) on 08/15/2007

I read a suggestion about using tea tree oil to help with rosacea, so I tried it. I'd used it occasionally for pimples, but I had never tried putting it all over my face. It worked like a charm! I still have a little redness which can't be helped because of the summer heat, but I haven't had any break-outs and my face looks much better than it did using the expensive creams.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Caroline (Keller, Texas) on 05/28/2007

I am shocked and amazed after thousands of dollars spent on TCA peels, medicated creams and Dr. prescribed Retin A etc,.that I find Tea Tree oil to be an overnight wonder (Literally) for the treatment of my Rosacea. All my redness was gone after 2 nights of applying the oil directly all over my face. Acne and redness is completely gone!! This stuff is awesome! Got mine at Sprouts health food store. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from acne or acne rosacea.