Top Natural Remedies for Peripheral Neuropathy: Dosages & Benefits

| Modified on Jun 07, 2024
Macademia Nut Oil for Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy, a condition characterized by nerve damage in the hands and feet, can result in symptoms like pain, numbness, and weakness. While medical treatments are available, many individuals turn to natural remedies for relief. This article delves into various natural solutions that may help manage peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

A result of nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy is characterized by weakness, numbness or pain in the hands and feet or in other regions of the body. The nerves typically affected by peripheral neuropathy include those of the sensory, motor and autonomic systems. Neuropathies may be the result of a number of factors including substance abuse, autoimmune disease, diabetes, medication, infection, inherited disorders and several others.

Natural Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Pain

A variety of treatments are available for regulating neuropathic pain.

Vitamin B12

  • Suggested Dosage: 1000-2000 mcg daily, either through diet (lean meats, fish, dairy) or supplements.
  • Benefits: Essential for nerve health and repair.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Suggested Dosage: 1000-2000 mg daily, available through fish oil supplements or by eating fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines.
  • Benefits: Reduces inflammation and improves nerve function.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

  • Suggested Dosage: 600-800 mg daily in supplement form.
  • Benefits: An antioxidant that can improve nerve function and relieve pain.


  • Suggested Dosage: 250-400 mg daily, through either diet (leafy greens, nuts, seeds) or supplements.
  • Benefits: Helps in nerve transmission and reducing muscle cramps.


  • Suggested Dosage: 500-1500 mg daily in supplement form.
  • Benefits: Supports nerve regeneration and reduces pain.

Curcumin (Turmeric)

  • Suggested Dosage: 300-600 mg of curcumin extract daily, often found in turmeric supplements.
  • Benefits: Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain.

Capsaicin Cream

  • Preparation: Apply topical capsaicin cream (0.075% concentration) to affected areas.
  • Benefits: Reduces pain sensation.

St. John’s Wort

  • Suggested Dosage: 300 mg three times a day in supplement form.
  • Benefits: May help in nerve repair and pain relief.

Evening Primrose Oil

  • Suggested Dosage: 500-1000 mg daily in supplement form.
  • Benefits: May help improve nerve function and reduce neuropathic pain.

Ginkgo Biloba

  • Suggested Dosage: 120-240 mg daily in supplement form.
  • Benefits: Improves circulation and nerve health.

Remember, while these natural remedies can support overall nerve health and may alleviate symptoms of PN, they should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and medical history.

Continue reading below to learn which remedies helped Earth Clinic readers the most, such as macademia nut oil!

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4 User Reviews
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4 star (2) 

Posted by Mike (New York City, New York) on 02/09/2009

I have been taking Acetyl-L-Carnetine for a couple years to combat my peripheral neuropathy. It has been recommended by a neurologist in New York. My feet are progressively doing worse but I don't know how much worse they would be without it. I also take Alpha Lypoic Acid. I take about 3000mg of Acetyl-L-Carnetine a day. I am looking for whatever works. I have the neuropathy through anti-hiv meds and possible from the virus itself.

Replied by Robert
(Manhattan, New York)

Hi Mike you may try seeking the help of Qingcai Zhang, M.D. He has a long history in treating chronic viral diseases with modern Chinese herbal medicine and is based (I believe) in NYC.

Replied by Brad
(Owensboro, Ky)

I am not saying anything conclusive yet, but I have been taking Acetyl-l-carnitine for three days. I had numbness, tingling and sometimes burning in my feet. I have been taking 800mg daily. After three day they feel remarkably better. I will post further as time goes on.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2063 posts

Brad, Acetyl-l-Carnitine is very similar molecule to Choline and has remarkably similar action on the body; so you might get the same results by supplementing some kind of Choline product (Soy or Sun Lecithin is a favorite). Either will work, but do not use both as they will only compete against each other.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

I too have been taking ALC (750mg/day) together with R+ALA (600mg/day) and have experienced some relief although I believe it's the R+ALA that has helped the most out of the two. My greatest progress so far has been made with B12 so I am obviously deficient in this area. I am now on to Serrapeptase. If you scroll way down you will find where I have started a thread on this relatively new treatment. Good luck to all on your journey toward an effective treatment.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Update: I have been able to cut back on the B vitamins (1,6 and 50 complex) although I still take 2 X B12 5000mcg/day. I have increased the ALA (r+alpha lipoic acid) to 800mg/day as it seems to be helping the most.

I also take N-Acetyl-L-Carnite 1500mg/day and Calcium/Magnesium 2X 133/167mg/day.

This protocol has eliminated 90% of the pain and I believe it is the ALA that is helping the most. Best wishes and good luck to all in their search for relief.

Replied by Rosy Giana

I was taking alpha lipoic acid for many years until recently when I read that it depletes vitamin B1 which showed up as very low in my blood test. I am taking Benfotiamine, a form of B1, and discontinued the ALA. As it was, I really never noticed any difference when I was taking it. We all have different types on neuropathy, mine is idiopathic. I am now looking into nightshades.

Replied by Soazburrolady

Hi Rosy,

It was so interesting to read your information regarding ALA and the connection to depletion of Vitamin B.

About 4 months ago, I quite literally woke up with symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy - numbness, tingling, weakness in feet, lower legs, hands, and forearms. It was particularly alarming to me as my mother had PN so severe that she needed a walker to ambulate.

After reading the info on Earth Clinic (my first go to! ) and some other sites, I did what I always do - which is use the "shotgun approach". I started on B complex, benfotiamine, niacinamide, sunflower lecithin, passion flower, evening primrose oil, and St John's wort. I also increased my B6, B12, and ....ALA. I have experienced such a lessening of symptoms - many days are symptom free, that I am reluctant to change the regimen. However, I will surely research a bit more on the ALA. I do think the benfotiamine has been really beneficial. I initially took a B1, but after more research, was convinced that benfotiamine is a better choice. Thanks for posting!

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Hi Soazburrolady, Interesting to read your post. I've used a similar shotgun approach with much success and have achieved a 90% reduction in pain. I take B1-200mg/day, B6-200mg/day, B50-200mg/day, B12-10000mg/day, R+ALA-400mg/day, NAL-Carnite-1500mg/day and last but not least, Serrapeptase-960000SU/day. If you scroll way down you'll see where I've started a thread on Serrapeptase. Youtube has lots of info.on this.

Replied by Art
2218 posts

In reply to Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia), Did you actually mean, B12-10,000 mg/day? That is a huge dose that would require you to take pills all day long to achieve! Most B-12 supplements are sold in tablets containing MCG (microgram) doses, but even at that, 10,000 mcg is a lot of B-12 per day. The B-12 supplement I take is 2,500 mcg and that is considered a high dose supplement. It would take 4 of these per day just to achieve 10 mg! I get that the B vitamins will pass along quickly, but 10,000 mg per day seems impossible to take. The other B-12 supplement I have is only 1,000 mcg per tab.



You may want to consider taking METHYLCOBLAMINE Vit.B12, sublingually. The type of B12 you take & how it is delivered to your system makes a large difference.

(Beltsville, Md)

I urge caution when taking methylcobalamin. I have pernicious anemia and receive monthly shots from my doctor. I tried some oral methylcobalamin and it made me feel really awful. I felt anxious, irritable, and had horrible insomnia. Fortunately these side effects only lasted for 24 hours. I'll never take methyl anything again.

13 posts

I tend to agree with you. Not all "improvements" in supplements (or anything else) are necessarily better than old fashioned remedies.

(Lyons, Colorado)

For those who, like myself, have the MTHFR genetic mutation, certain substances meet to be methylated. For me, B-12 is one of them, and so is folate. It would be wise for people to see what their genetic status is. One could be wasting money on supplements that do them no good. I now use methylcobalamin and methyl folate.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Hi Art,

Sorry, I meant to say B12 - 10,000mcg not mg.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)


Since my last post I have learned that taking antibiotics can lower B12 levels and that a B12 insufficiency can be the cause of peripheral neuropathy in up to 7% of cases. I had surgery recently and was on antibiotics for two weeks. This may account for the dramatic improvement I experienced once I started taking a B12 supplement.

As a result of this new information I have returned to my regimen of taking B1- 2X100mg/daily, B6 - 2X100mg/daily, B12 - 2X5000mcg/daily as well as ALA - 4X200mg/daily and Serrapeptase - 10X120,000SU/daily. Although not completely rid of symptoms the frequency and intensity of pain has been reduced by 90%. I anticipate that I will eventually be able to reduce the number of things I am taking but feel certain that the B12 will be the last thing to go as it has been the only thing to give me overnight relief. I wish everyone well on their search for a cure.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Update: Since my last post, I have stopped taking Serrapeptase as it didn't seem to be making a difference. I have now switched to CBD (cannibis oil) which which is reducing the pain level in my foot as well as eliminating the Edema swelling in my leg. I plan to continue taking Vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg/day)as it was the first thing to give me relief in the beginning. I have stopped taking Alpha-Lipoic Acid as it didn't seem that effective.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Update: I made a mistake and bought ALA without the R+ and the pain in my foot returned so I have gone back to my original protocol of R+ALA plus B1, B6 and B12 vitamins. I had also cut back on the B vitamins so this might have been a contributing factor to the return of the pain. I noticed that as soon as I started back on the R+ALA and B vitamins the pain in my foot went from a 9 out of 10 to a 5 out of 10. Lesson learned - once you find something that works don't stop taking it.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

5 User Reviews
5 star (4) 

Posted by Kildonon (Ohio) on 06/08/2023

It turns out I am allergic to ALA, I have tried several brands and it appears to be the actual Alpha Lipoic Acid and not an additional ingredient (such as an anti caking agent). I had swelling in arms and legs and breathing trouble similar to when I have an asthma attack. If you decide to try it, please be careful.

Replied by Art
2218 posts


The following may be of interest to you :

As a substitute for alpha lipoic acid, you might consider benfotiamine and or berberine. All have studies to support their use for PN.


Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted by Stephanie (Ma) on 07/27/2013

In Germany the treatment for peripheral neuropathy is IV alpha lipoic Acid. It's even covered by insurance. Has anybody used this therapy with success? And if so what doesage in mg did you use. Thank you VM.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Stephanie: Thank you for your post. The fact that ALA is being prescribed as a treatment and is covered by health insurance in Germany is very useful information to have.

I have been taking R+ALA (600mg/day) and it's working.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Update: I have now increased the ALA to 800mg/day.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted by Danielle Renee (Ocean Shores, Wa Usa) on 02/27/2013

Have you tried Alpha Lipoic acid? It really works for me and not too expensive. I think the directions say two a day. I take three a day and NO PAIN!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)


HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,, life is interesting these days and old age is at the heart of it all. Today, I got an IV using Alpha Lipoic Acid to help in my leg nerve problems. My doctor recommended one for 4 weeks and see where we are.

We had quite a diverse group in the room today. All had been down the Allopathic Medical route and that was a dead end, so they chose to pay their own way and possibly live to see another year. One 84 year old was consumed with a fungus, another was a mechanic that washed too many greasy auto parts in lead gasoline. One had gotten the mucus from his wife via their grandkids...... he was doing a Hydrogen Peroxide IV and was coming back tomorrow.

My best buddy is doing EDTA Chelation after I had begged him to do this for 5 years. Think his heart scared his mule. These folks use their insurance until they see a dead end and then they start to pay their own way to stay alive.

That is the way it is with most folks on EC. They obey their MD until they begin to see the Grim Reaper out the side of their eye and then they begin to research and find all the helpful folks on EC. Amazin how that works.


Replied by Mary

Hi Danielle, Ocean Shores: You say you use ALA -- can you tell me if you have mercury fillings in place and if so have you had any adverse reactions while using ALA? Thanks

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted by Courtney (Granite Bay, Ca) on 01/14/2012

Neuropathy - have you tried Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements? It completely cured the neuropathy in my feet. I remain amazed at how well it worked.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted by R. (Dallas, Texas, Usa) on 05/16/2010

Peripheral Neuropathy: Better But Not Cured: If there is a cure? Just wanted to update with the latest from previous post. 3 months ago Rob and some others suggested Alpha Lipoic Acid. I have taken this for the last 3 months, and it has gotten much better! I started out with 1 100mg tablet, three times a day, and have had to add a 100mg tablet twice in 3 months, because the discomfort returns. But as soon as I up my dose, it goes away. I am currently taking 500mg a day. I guess I keep upping my dosage until I reach the maximum, then what? lol..

B-12 Injections

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by epeach (United States) on 05/07/2020

Use of B12 for Peripheral Neuropathy (not from Diabetes)

I fell over 2 1/2 years ago and broke my back herniated some discs, and twisted my leg in the fall. I reached out to Earth Clinic immediately for help and too many to name came to my aid with wonderful advice.

Thank you! Neuropathy pain began to develop my back, bottom, hip, leg, and foot. It was soon diagnosed as RSD commonly called Suicide Disease. I have researched for almost 3 years for a way to alleviate this unbearable pain and other symptoms associated with it. I couldn't complete any tasks and am using a cane.

Over 6 weeks ago, I found a blog about transdermal neuralgia and it sounded similar to my condition but located in the face.

A lady said that she began B12 injections 2 times a week and went into remission after 8 months. I called my doctor right away and he approved the treatment but told me not to try anything new while I am getting the injections. At first, I thought we chose the wrong treatment because I was exhausted and couldn't stay awake. After about 1 month that went away, and now my energy is out of the world and I have stamina. I have accomplished so many tasks in the last few weeks.

But the best part is my mood. I am laughing all of the time. My husband is so happy. He has his wife back.

I did not realize that I was depressed, but I guess I was. Even the cashier at the local grocery store noticed the changes. I am still in excruciating pain with storms and barometric pressure changes. But the overall pain has reduced. Hopefully, with continued use that will improve as well as the other symptoms have.

Thank you for letting me share. I pray someone reads this and will receive benefit as well. God bless.


Posted by Preston (MA) on 07/29/2021

Peripheral Neuropathy

I've been told by a neurologist that B-6 is good for your nerves and by another Dr. that is very bad for your nerves. Anybody have a final answer-please?

Replied by Andrea
(Springfield Missouri)

Have you ever or anyone reading this ever tried serrapeptase for neuropathy? It's a supplement. You can get it on Amazon. I read it's supposed to heal damaged nerves. So I'm wondering if it will heal neuropathy nerves in the feet and legs caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I'm thinking about buying some for my fiance as he has severe and very painful neuropathy. He says it feels like someone is trying to put a fistful of lit cigars on his feet, and it gets to be so painful that he often cries from the pain because there is nothing he can do to stop the crazy burning and he says on a pain scale from 1 to 10 his pain is at a 9 or 10 and sometimes a 12 which is off the scale. There's also a neuropathy cream made by a company called Nuturna and you can find the company if you just Google Nuturna. My fiance gets a little relief from it, but maybe someone that doesn't have neuropathy as bad as he does could get more relief from it. Maybe these things will help someone out there who has neuropathy. Good luck and best wishes for healing health to all.


Edited 7/06/24 at 11:45 pm
I hope your husband is feeling better. Aside from a myriad number of supplements I just started using red light therapy for my peripheral neuropathy. I've only been using it for a week so I can't say conclusively that's it remedied my pain but I believe it's helping. Need to keep using it for several weeks before I can comment more confidently. Check it out.

Replied by Florencia

Grounding helps my leg and hip pain, I use mat and grounding bed sheets I use it for my insomnia and it's very effective, sleep well thru the night. I noticed leg pain that's been bothering me for 4 years gone!

Benfotiamine, ALA and RLA

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Rick (Chicago) on 06/12/2016

Benfotiamine helped, but did not cure my Peripheral Neuropathy, which was due to knee replacement surgery where the nerves are traumatized. PN was bad after surgery and slowly improved (I took a large vitamin stack). After ~12 months learned about benfotiamine and tried it. A little better. Then I called the company and the founder (a scientist) answered and explained how sometimes large doses were necessary at least to start with, and that toxicity was almost impossible. 1800mg a day helped - to an extent, then leveled off. I now take Drs. Best Benfotiamine 300 1x and alpha lipoic acid 300 + benfotiamine 150 8x. My neurologist approves of these supplements.

BTW, I once used r-lipoic acid to cure my loss of taste (taste only, not smell) from taking an anti-fungal rx (never again). EENT specialist gave me prednisone which helped nothing but gave me road rage and fluid retention. Google led me to ALA and RLA studies. Cured in days. EENT doctor refused to even look at the published research articles. It was a pleasure to tell him "Your services are no longer required."


1 User Review
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Posted by Paula (Bucyrus, Mo) on 03/04/2012

I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis & Dr. tells me I also have peripheral neuropathy which has gotten progressively worse over last 2 yrs. Started as just a numb/tingling like feeling and increased to burning to finally shooting pains particularly in my left foot across top of foot. One can actually see the veins in my feet puff up... Only way I can describe. Doc has me on gabapentin 300 mg 3 times daily. He said I was "pretty much maxed out on this med" but has advised no changes.

I have 20 mule team Borax setting in my laundry room & have been reading for hours the pros and cons of this. Does anyone have any idea if this would help my feet. I want to take back control of my health as I don't feel the Dr. Is doing anything other than giving me a drug that treats the symptoms but does not heal. Thank you.

Replied by Rosemary
(White Rock, Bc, Canada)

Hello Paula, I've used the Borax remedy as a last ditch attempt to cure my aching hands, arches and metatarsalalgia.. It made a noticeable difference within 10 days and I am pain free after 2 months. Your neuropathy and foot problem sounds like a vitamin 12 deficiency I had. I had numb hands as well.. The B12 twice a day helped in literally days to relieve symproms. I had 6 of the 7 symproms listed.

Replied by Paula
(Bucyrus, Mo)

Hello Rosemary, I started the Borax today... Noticed no taste while drinking mixed in 1/8th teaspoon in 1 liter of water. No aftertaste. Toughest part was getting a liter of water down over the course of the morning/early afternoon. I know I should drink more water, so if nothing else happens, at least I know it's good for me.

I have been tested for B-12 deficiency, it was negative.. I do take a B-complex. I was low in D-3 but that has been taken care of.

I just hate this neurontin I am on... It just covers up the pain somewhat, does nothing to heal. I feel it has grown worse over time and now that I have cut down to just 1 tablet (300mg) the pain is not only in feet but calves are numb & it is getting harder to walk.

Thank you for your reply. Will be following this thread. Welcome anyone's sugesstions.. it not only hurts, it makes me extremely nervous...

(Beltsville, Md)

If your B12 level was tested while you were taking a B12 supplement your blood test results will be inaccurate. Your body could still be B12 deficient because it is unable to properly process the oral B12. I have this problem and I receive monthly B12 shots.

Replied by Paula
(Bucyrus, Mo)

Day 7 of the Borax and water: Drinking the 1 liter a day faithfully but DR. changed my meds from neurontin to Lyrica 2x daily, so can't really say if this drug is actually helping the neuropathy in my feet or it's the Borax or combo of both. Open to any comments, other remedies as feet are numb, burning etc. But at least I have not had the shooting pains through feet and toes in the last few days. Question: How long should I continue the Borax? Taking 1/8th tsp. In 1 liter water per day. Woman, weigh 125. Thank you.

Replied by Teri
(Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Paula, the burning sounds like b12 deficiency.... and your numbers could be low and your dr just not being proactive.

Replied by Karen
(Good Ole Usa)

Paula,Dr. David Brownstein writes a book Vitamin B12 for Health. He put all of his patients on B12 supplements even if their blood tests revealed within normal ranges. He found in all his years in the practice that the levels that they state may not be the levels our bodies really need. All in all, all of his patients showed remarkable improvements.

Dr. David Brownstein has not taken on new patients in well over 4 years or more. I called to get in there and asked if his partners would accept me. They too are overwhelmed with patients. The receptionist gave me the name of a website that will direct you to doctors that will test your levels and get you back onto the right path. They test for hormones, digestive issues, and vitamin and mineral absorption levels. The bottom line to any health issue is... are you absorbing your nutrients and do you have inflammation going on in your body.

View this webpage --- for finding a doctor like Dr. David Brownstein recommends. I am forever grateful I found this book and this webpage. I have already went for my first appointment and am awaiting my test results to get my health back onto the right track. Currently my feet are showing signs of neuropathy... And it is so painful!!!!! Blessings to all of you who try to find the cure... and who wish to use natural stuff.

Replied by Lily
(Kelowna, Bc)

Vitamin B 12 is best absorbed into the body by injection or sublingually, regular B12 pills are not easy for the body to assimilate. My advice is B12 AND MAGNESIUM . Magnesium in powder form dissolved in water is good . Magnesium is best absorbed through our skin, so add a gel magnesium rubbed on your feet . This has been most helpful to me. The neurologist told me about magnesium. I hope this helps you.

Replied by Mary

Do you take high blood pressure meds, or statins, or diet soda, a diabetic?

Why are you still taking your meds if you feel it is causing the problem?

I am a health researcher I find the leading cause of your problem is the above, in that order.


Use better methylcobalamine sublingual😀


1 User Review
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Posted by Selena (Chula, Ga) on 02/16/2010

I have raynaud's syndrome where circulation is lost in my fingers and toes sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for longer. the other day I had an episode with my pointer finger where it was white and cold from half my finger to the tip and I decided to try cayenne pepper. i mixed the cayenne pepper from my spice rack with some vco (any oil would probably have worked). my circulation started back quickly. This is the first time I have tried this. maybe it would help you as well....Be sure not to get it in your eyes and wash your hands good afterwards...because it will burn any cuts or sensitive areas you might have. I have also read that taking any type of blood pressure pills and/or mineral deficiencies cause neurapathies...

Coconut Oil

1 User Review
4 star (1) 

Posted by Roxicross (Uk) on 06/11/2015

I have been using coconut oil on nerve pain due to diabetes, I also suffer from peripheral neruopathy in lower leg. Applying pure coconut oil has really made my skin smooth, it used to be blotchy, red and scaly. My doctor gave me couple of creams but that did not help at all, so I tried coconut oil and it has worked, it also helps me with burning in the sole of my foot, it does not go away but it certainly helps with burning. I prefer the oil instead of popping pills which do more harm than good.

Coconut Oil and Chinese Herbs

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Faith (Oregon) on 04/03/2014

Fluttering heart can be caused from hormonal imbalance , endocrinology issues, parasites , allergic reactions to food, ( I would stop wheat for sure ) pollen, plants, pets, hidden mold etc. oh yeah, tea bag, coffee bags or filters might have chemicals. This sent a friend to the ER; took? months to figure it out, vitamin deficiencies, viral bacterial infection. and just stress, caffeine or course hidden dental infections. I had PVC; the cardiologist gave me something Metrophale something I was so sick - migraine sick vomiting.? Ditched the cardiologist and found a great Chinese Medicine doctor First week of taking Chinese herbs I felt so much better , and then I also started taking organic virgin coconut oil harvested from FRESH coconuts. This is key so there are no mycotoxins. I now feel dramatically better.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Maggie (Morris, IL) on 06/06/2024

Hi, my new doctor said that if I cut out sugar (and perhaps grains?) I would not have neuropathy in six months. Guaranteed. I wondered if anyone could confirm that?

Replied by Art
2218 posts

Hi Maggie,

It may, if your peripheral neuropathy (PN) is caused by nerve damage related to high glucose levels. This is typically seen in diabetics who have chronically high blood glucose levels that can damage the nerves among other things.

If your PN is caused by something else such as chemotherapy as a basic example, then stopping sugar may not resolve the problem.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Lynn Greene (Penticton, BC, CAN) on 12/20/2022

What happens when I eat no wheat or wheat related grains, no sugar and no milk.

Changed my diet because of pain in feet, with a constant battle against Shingles. Taking antivirals too much. No sugar, no wheat products (and of course no gluten) and no milk. Buttermilk and cream, butter, homemade ghee are fine. Results: In one month my husband and I lost our huge bellies. Still some pain in feet, but way less. Increase in energy, less body pain, Shingles seem to be gone. We still have buttermilk and 0 sugar ice cream, buckwheat and other non-wheat related foods.

The Wheatbelly cookbook is very helpful. I can't wait to see what happens next in our changes. My husband's allergies and Parkinson are improving, too.

Milk is high in lactose (just plain sugar). No itchy skin, either.

Replied by Margaret

Thanks for this suggestion :-). I just went to a new doctor and he said to just quit all sugar and grains and I wouldn't have neuropathy. Since I haven't heard anyone else say that, I have been wondering what to do, so it's good to hear that what you did worked. Did you have a blood test that said you were sensitive to gluten or what made you decide to try stopping wheat and milk?

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