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Dietary Changes
Posted by Wanda (Spring, Texas) on 03/22/2022 21 posts
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Replying to Posted by Kay (Tampa, Fl.) on 05/12/2013:

Art, I saw your 4/5/13 post where you said you take both Chanca Piedra (500 mg/day) and R-ALA (which you take 500 mgs every meal and it is keeping it under control. I have horrendous neuropathy and have tried everything. I have it in my feet calves, arms and it is moving up my thigh. I get very little sleep as I have terrible hot knife stabbings all night long everywhere. My liver enzymes are over 100 each and have been for years. I have tried the Berkson remedy and took 1000 mgs milk thistle for 10 months and nothing changed. Also do you have an opinion on the clinical test trial called GS 7977? Thank you and God Bless.

Hi Kay,

I too suffered neuropathy mostly in my feet to the point I almost couldn't walk. I cut out all carbs, as much fat as I could, and started juicing 1.5 celery heads a day in the AM on an empty stomach, I started eating tons of apples, bananas, grapes, and any other fruit I could get my hands on. I fresh squeeze oranges to make at least 16 Oz of juice and some days 32 Oz of OJ, however I didn't drink OJ every day, but at least three times a week.

I basically cut almost all meat out of my diet except maybe a small piece of chicken for dinner. I started eating sweet potatoes and just regular potatoes with NO BUTTER/NO SOUR CREAM with only a tiny pinch of pink salt. I'm taking an adrenal support supplement every night before bed called HPA AXIS, Mega Hydrate 2 X daily, juice apples, cucumber and barley grass powder along with Spirulina daily also. I started taking full spectrum CBD OIL 500 mg once daily and finally after two months, the symptoms are subsiding. I honestly think my diet was killing me. I have been prediabetic and was always afraid to eat too much fruit.

The trick is to eat lots of fruit and cut out the meat and the fat. Eat lots of veggies especially green veggies and cruciferous. I'm sure it will help you, but be patient because it probably took you a while to get into that condition. Good luck to you.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Michele (Los Angeles, California) on 11/17/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I could not sleep because of tingling sensations in my legs.

I eliminated gluten, dairy, soy and limited sugar and carbs but I still could not sleep. I eliminated eggs and I am cured.