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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone... Here is an email sent to me this week by a lady from Africa. I have been trying to help advise her since early October 2011 and she has been on the protocols for just over a month now. Here is her list of problems:

hiatal hernia
uterine fibroids
kidney cysts
thyroid nodules(low thyroid activity)
weight loss(28 lbs)

The biggest problem that we had was availability of nutrients where she lives in Africa. I also advised that she should have a complete hospital check up. Anyway, here is an email(with her permission) that she sent to me regarding her protocol and regarding the results of her check-up and her progress feedback usng mainly Ted's from Bangkok's remedies:

Hi Bill
Thanks very much for being there for me whenever I need your assistance. Thanks also, for having advised that I go to hospital. I was very apprehensive about this, but eventually went abroad to one of the best hospitals internationally, for a thorough health check. There is some good news at the end of this mail; and I am so grateful to you Bill, for helping me out in all of this. I also apologise in advance, for the lengthy email.. , hoping you will understand how I needed to give you this feedback.

I know this is too much for me to ask, considering that you are very busy, and getting a lot of emails from all those that you help. But please, I am kindly requesting that you please look through what I have been following and recommend any changes, and also where I could incorporate the Disodium EDTA (what is the full name for EDTA please?)

7.00 am ACV and Soda b
8.00am Breakfast [Plantains, brocolli, 2 boiled eggs] 2 Chanca piedra, 2 Liver tabs, 1 Betaine Hcl 300ng, 1 Vit B50, I spirulina 750mg/chlorella 520mg, 1 Tab sp VCO, 1 dig enzyme or Pancreatin, . 1 Selenium 200ug
9.00am Borax 8 Quantumin(Fulvic/Humic acid) drops
10.00 am Lugols 8 drops
11.00am 1 Mag citrate 400mg, 1000mg Lysine, 1000 mg Glutamine
11.30 am Borax
12.00 a. m ACV and Soda b
1.00 pm Lunch [Plantains, bit of mashed potatoes or brown rice, chicken piece or fish, cauliflower or brocolli, greens] 2 Cnanca, 2 [Dessicated] Liver tabs, 1 Betaine Hcl, 1 Tab sp VCO, 1 dig enzyme
2.00 pm Borax 8 Quantumin(Fulvic/Humic acid) drops
3.00 pm Lugols - 8 drops
4.00 pm 1 Mag citrate, 1000mg Lysine, 1000 mg Glutamine
5.00 pm Borax
6.00 pm Omellete fried with VCO
7:30 pm ACV and Soda b
8: 30 pm Dinner [Plantains, chicken piece, brocolli] 2 Chanca, 2 Liver tabs, 1 Betaine Hcl, 1 Tab sp VCO, 1 dig enzyme, 1 Selenium
9.00 pm Lugols - 8 drops
10.00pm 1 Mag citrate, 1000mg Lysine, 1000 mg Glutamine
11.00 or 12 midnite: Bed

As you can see, I am busy every hour, taking something. The sodium ascorbate will be arriving from the USA soon. I have a workshop next week, and am now wondering how I will combine the hourly protocal with the facilitation. I will be so grateful for any recommendations from you, regarding what could be combined.

I also have not been taking sod bicarb before bed, as I read somewhere that it tricks the LES[Lazy Esopogeal Sphincter] sphincter to open, thinking that digestion is complete. Tomorrow, I will start alkalising with lime/lemon may be at lunch time; instead of the ACV; though I was wondering if the lime/lemon would help fight back reflux.

Apparently the good news is, during the endoscopy last week, my dr could not find any evidence of any reflux, loose pylorus [i. E he found the pylorus to be competent], no gastritis, and esophagitis, hiatal hernia anymore!!!! . I believe that even the LES is on its way to becoming fully competent. He said that the bitter taste in my mouth was not due to any reflux. {I suspect it could be due to the many supplements am taking, or may be I may be turning perimenopausal??} Also, all my blood parameters were in normal range, the CT Scan reports said that my abdomen was normal and that the kidney cysts were incidental - but I do not want to ignore this finding; hence the email I sent you a few days ago.

The ultra sound of the thyroid found 5 nodules, same size and number as seen in March this year - means they have not increased; and the thyroid function was normal. So the dr said that I should not worry about the nodules. A scan also found multiple fibroids but small ones; and the dr said that if they are not giving me any pain, I should not worry about them.

They also checked for cancer and could not find any in my body.

I have been feeling sickish at times - awful, but you had earlier warned me about this, so I just put it off as a die-off, especially since I got a thorough physical check. You were right in recommending this for my piece of mind.

Thanks so much for according your time to read such a lengthy email; but I felt I needed to give you some feedback, so that you can celebrate with me regarding the results I am achieving so far; and recommend any improvements.

I appreciate you very much.

Kind regards


I have since advised various safe remedy combinations to make her life easier and have further advised her to cut down the 5% lugol's iodine to 8 drops a day (I thought she was using 2% lugols iodine) although the more iodine that she is able to take will have a faster benefit than taking less. In the pre-WW 2 years, lugols iodine was used by the medical profession to help resolve chronic forms of asthma, emphysema and bronchitis -- in daily dosages of 50 to 300 drops a day. I have also advised that she uses oil-pulling with coconut oil to remove the bitter or metallic taste in her mouth(as per Ted's advice). This taste is caused by heavy metals in her body.

When I emailed her for permission to use her email she also had this to say about EC:

Thanks so much for your mail and quick responses to all my load of questions! I am ever so grateful. Yes, you can please feel free to put the emails on EC. It is through EC that I got helped; and putting the email on EC is only one way of my acknowledging my appreciation for all you (and other contributors at EC) do to assist me.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

This is an update to this thread. Beginning in October 2011 I advised and helped a lady from Africa and put her on a protocol to help cure the following problems:

hiatal hernia
uterine fibroids
kidney cysts
thyroid nodules(low thyroid activity)
systemic candida
rapid weight loss(28 lbs)

Her problems were mostly fungal.

She has just written to me today after six months on this protocol (see the top of this thread for her protocol) and she now describes herself as "perfectly healthy". This was a lady with considerable willpower and fearless discipline. She stayed religiously on the protocol despite nutrient availability problems, a stressful job and particularly unpleasant and heavy detox and Herx reactions. And a wonderful result.

I've sent my hearty congratulations to her and, as requested, advised a simple reduced maintenance protocol to ensure that she stays healthy.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Keith (Vancouver, B.C. Canada) on 12/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

It was a few days week before my scheduled long holiday to Central America when I became quite dizzy while walking. I had a history of cancer. I thought that if I went to the doctor, and it was the return of cancer, I would lose my trip.

I felt if I turned my body alkaline that I would be okay. I had been drinking quite heavily for the week before, it seemed I kept meeting friends who wanted to take me for drink. I must of drank about 40 pints of beer that last week. So I decided just to go anyway, an use the natural cures when I got there. It was a grueling trip, and I felt more dead than live when I got to central America a few days later. Immediately I switched to a vegetable diet. I started taking apple cider vinegar 3 times a day , and used the spray method of Bill Munroe to take profuse amounts of h202.

I contined feeling dizzy for a week. Then I got hit with a series of tropical diseases..a cut on my foot wouldn't heal and it became infected. I got a bad cold. I got diarrhea bad from drinking the water.

I wrapped my toe with duct tape with cotton and acv on the inside. It healed in a day. I used the tomato juice cure for the cold. It disappeared in hours.The diarriah disappeared in a day when I took the garlic cure. Now, a month later, I am not dizzy, and feel strong . But I feel so good that I am just going to continue on with my regime anyway.

Thanks so much to everyone for their contributions.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lori (Delta, US) on 06/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I recently had my blood work done and I have to say the remedies that I have been doing is working. My b12 and vit D has jumped up to normal I was very deficient and starting osteoporosis. My blood sugar was 89 from 179. I feel better. There are still days that I am tired. ACV in my carrot juice along with sodium ascorbate, black strap molassis, sea salt, mag citrate, h202, coconut oil, raw honey and lecithin granules has helped me out. tremendously.

Multiple Remedies, Water And Sea Salt

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Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 04/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My health was a trainwreck most of my life and I couldn't understand any of it. Due to a lot of stress and trauma my body was always in survival mode and producing cortisol for flight or fight. I worked through a lot of the emotional issues that drained me nutritionally. I take magnesium and trace minerals and vitamins A B's plus biotin C D E omegas and. I don't take a lot of calcium due to diet intake of calcium.


the digestion and hydration and hormone systems were in a mess with allergies and candida and muscle issues due to stress, then menopause. I read a lot of books and websites looking for answers. I also try supplements and hormone creams and exercises.

8-8oz. glasses water with 1/2 tsp sea salt with iodine in diet on food to keep body from producing hystamine signals

Start my day with two cups of water and then half hour later eat and take my supplements . I like a cup of coffee. (coffee drinkers need folic acid )

Drink a cup of water or two half hour before lunch

Extra water added when drinking cups of coffee or chocolate eaten for desert

Take some cranberry supplements for intestinal health, juice adds a lot of calories.

Drink two glasses of water half hour before dinner and take a second dose of multi minerals and magnesium citrate ( both are filling out my muscle and reducing sags and wrinkling from age)

Drink water before bed and drink a glass everytime I wake up during the night, if I wake up. I use 1/2 tsp, progesterone cream before bed and all my muscles are improving dramatically. I also use coconut oil and baking soda to brush my teeth.

In the past twelve months of trying different vits mins and hormones along with diet and exercise my health has improved dramatically and lately getting back on my water and salt routines, I am feeling WELL.

Natural Remedy Tips

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/13/2016 401 posts

I just want to explain what happens when one uses natural remedies.

A symptom is a sign of a systemic lack of some nutrient. When you use a natural "remedy", you're giving the body that nutrient in a natural state, natural amounts, with natural companion elements and compounds that not only offer other nutrients, but also tell the body what it needs to know about the substance so that it can use it most effectively.

When you treat a single symptom with a nutrient in its natural form, the FIRST thing the body is going to do is send what you give it to where it is needed MOST which may or may NOT show in the alleviation of the symptom you're treating until the body takes care of something that is of a greater priority - something more important than the cause of that particular symptom.

In other words, give the body time to identify, sift through and apply the elements of the remedy before you assume it isn't working. Also, give it time between doses to make the most of it.

The body doesn't work in "bulk" when it comes to nutrients. It works elementally - I.e. it extracts elements it needs from what you give it and when you give it more than it can use, it must also put energy into dealing with the excess. And if you give it WAY too much, the whole substance will simply be dealt with as if it is a "toxin". In other words, its priority is going to be to eliminate the excess and it isn't going to stop doing that to apply it where it might be needed. "Excess" is an emergency mode - like dehydration - and the system operates differently in an emergency mode. For instance, when you cut yourself, it bleeds because the whole body is involved in dealing with that cut. It's manufacturing antibodies, redirecting blood flow, oxygen and whatever else is required to keep that cut from killing it. It isn't doing "normal" things like feeding the cells of your liver or kidneys during that emergency.

In dehydration - which most of the population is chronically dehydrated and perpetually operating in emergency dehydration mode - the body is rationing water for the same reason: To keep you alive. But while it's rationing water, some systems within your body are slowly dying of thirst. If your body has to let a kidney die in its attempts to maintain heart and brain function - it's going to do it. And if you don't drink plain water and your body has to steal the water from your colon to maintain brain function, it's going to do that too.

Anyway, when you use natural remedies and don't appear to be getting any results, take that as a sign that you might want to drink that tea every once in a while because if you're missing elements, then that's because you're not consuming them. And the beauty of it is that you don't even have to know what you're missing. All you have to do is add some of that tea to your diet.

Noni Juice

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Posted by Frank (Miami, Fl) on 12/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking Noni juice for the last 3 months. I read all the hype about online so I wanted to try it myself. At first I didn't really feel much but my wife all of sudden started to have better digestion and colon pain relief, so I considered to keep takng it. After about a month I suddenly stopped having the urge to smoke and now can't even stand the smell of smoke. Drinking alcohol on a weekly basis has also not been an urge. After about 2 months I started noticing less and less grey hairs even my wife would tease me about since I'm still only in my thirties.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Keiko (Fairfield, Ca) on 09/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am 47 years old female and started oil pulling one year ago. I had multiple problems such as: forgetfulness, perimenopausal symptoms, bartholin cyst, couple of cysts on arms and legs, hearing loss, allergies, and fatigue. I started oil pulling morning and evening with cold press olive oil for couple of weeks, switched to cold press coconut oil, few weeks later switched to cold pressed sesame oil. Did this for 6 months then only oil pulled 1x a day (switched oils 1x a wk). During this time I also started to eat healthy food organic only (when possible), exercised (walk 1 hr 3x/wk), no meat, bread, pasta or alcohol, meditated (2x wk), sun therapy (whenever I had time in morning), soaked my feet with epsom salt with couple of drops of essential oils, used only natural oils on body as lotions, only baking soda to brush teeth. The first few months I did experience herxheimer effect. The first month I experienced headaches (phlegm), the next month vertigo and the third month neck pain. However, I did not give up and always had energy during the day, but, by evening was tired. After reading so much about oil pulling on EC I new something good was happening and I was in this for the long run. After a year I am feeling like a new person. My menopausal symptoms subsided, no more bartholin cyst, my forgetfulness has subsided, hearing is more acute, and I have more energy. I thank EC and staff for this site and everyone who shares their experiences on the forum. I highly recommend oil pulling. It's easy and inexpensive.

God Bless, Keiko

Phase Angle Testing

Posted by D.ron (Madison, Wi, Usa) on 10/08/2010

How do you know if you are healthy?

You can observe your signs and symptoms and determine if healing is occurring. Or you may use kinesiology testing (not very accurate). Or you can take a battery of tests that only check small areas of health. Or, you can have a Phase Angle test performed. Phase Angle is an accurate OBJECTIVE measurement of the body's (the whole body not just a small part) health. Phase Angle results (layman terms) are the body's ability to:

1. Produce Energy
2. Ability to Heal
3. Ability to reproduce healthy cells

Your body produces billions of new cells every day. Are these new cells really healthy, somewhat healthy, or weak and unhealthy? You need to know this. Why is this an important health test?

1. If testing is low you are sick, tired, worn out and may be diseased. For example, think of your cells in your body are like a rechargeable car battery. When new, it holds a charge well (healthy). Overtime it wears out until it can no longer hold a charge (sick and/or diseased). There are electrical tools that can accurately determine the life on a car battery and whether it can still hold a full charge or if it needs replacing. Phase Angle accurately determines the life (health) of your body's cells in a similar fashion. But unlike the car battery which cannot repair itself. You can repair/cleanse yourself and have an almost unlimited life span.

2. There are three important ranges associated with Phase Angle. Generally:
A. Above 7.0, Good Health, (unfortunately, hard to achieve).
B. Between 4.0 and 7. 0, Subnormal Health (most of the generally population is in this range. Weak, tired, sick. )
C. Between 0 and 4.0, Very Weak, or Nearing death

I'm a Chiropractor and in my practice I use Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy, and have the patient focus upon eating Good Foods, Regular Eliminations, Ending Bad Habits (smoking, drinking, sugary foods, starches), Exercise, and Proper Supplementation. And, we raise patient Phase Angles doing this and improve and extend life. The medical community uses steroids, antibiotics and amphetamines... But these drugs may ultimately kill you. They are not designed to be used long term. If you are starting a health care program I recommend you have your Phase Angle tested. Then whatever protocol chosen can be measured and you will definitely/objectively know if it is working/not working for you. There is no placebo effect with Phase Angle. It is very accurate and objective. And, most individuals tested fall below their healthy normal range indicating Subnormal Health and an inability to reproduce healthy normal cells. Unfortunately Phase Angle Testing does not directly tell you what to do for improving your health. That is best determined by you and your doctor/healer/support staff.

Raw Organic Fruit Diet

Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 10/30/2013

Glorius and gallant E.C.: Kim Andrews has a graduate degree in cellular biology. He gives a technical explanation in his blog, rethinking diet- insulin revisited, as to the way raw organic fruit cures all diseases. Three things happen. Fructose reduces leptin, the inflammatory hormone of both the immune and metabolic systems. Leptin fuels diseases. A combination of glucose being burned as fuel and nutrients for the components of the cells increases thermogenesis. This increases electricity. Fructose increases carbon dioxide. This increases oxygen. A combination of electricity and oxygen kills all pathogens.

Research Suggestions

Posted by Yadollah (Tehran, Iran) on 12/21/2011

Prevention and definite treatment of cancer and diabetes, ... Presenting a modern method of activity and movements of body, we concluded that main cause of most diseases such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, is arising from

A) Sleeping during day -

B) too much use of substance like milk, yogurt and Orange... Together with food. So, the persons who doesn't sleep during day from 6 A.M. To 10 P.M. and avoids using yogurt and never become sick and in case of any illness, are definitely treated with this method during some months. Statistics show 100% success in this field.

[The only reason Diabetes(A, B)1_Sleeping during day 2_ too much use of substance like milk, yogurt, banana and orange ]

Research Suggestions
Posted by Gerry (University Place, Washington, USA ) on 04/13/2009

I have been following the recommentations at this site with excellent success for five years. No plaque and teeth not sensitive to hot or cold. But I have had two infected teeth which have been successfully treated with Oregano Oil worked into the gums and Bentonite Clay held in the mouth for 5 minutes or so which also helped the sinus area. I used it daily for until the tooth got solid in the jaw and no pain.

Regarding Rosacea - a friend had an ongoing problem with Rosacea. I suggested applying a mix of water and Diatonaceous Earth to the nose area letting it dry and rinsing it off two times a day for 3 days. The friend reported back that the Rosacea was now gone. I had used it on a 5mm diameter lesion on the side of my nose that would not heal for over 2 years. I had used the Diatomaceous Earth on the lesion and it cleared up in a day or two. see see chapter 40.

I have also had good results from using the Buteyko Method for learning how to breather properly for treatment of Asthma after solving my Asthma problem by getting rid of parsites in the lungs

using the herbal parasite cleanse and an electronic frequency generator called a Zapper see
and (a 604 page book: The Cure For All Diseases, by Hulda R Clark)

Also see: for example

an example for correcting cardiovascular disease - Cholesterol is not the problem it is the result of a problem.

And people should be aware as will as kowning how to detoxify the body of accumulated poisons which can effect their health.

Thanks for your Earth Clinic site and so many simple health solutions.

Sauerkraut, Meditation, H2O2 Inhalation

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Posted by Puphluns (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 05/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hayfever - Chronic sinusitis - Mononucleosis - H. Pylori stomach ulcer - Non-hodgkin's lymphoma

After reading The Chronic Sinusitis Cure by Phil Nicolay (you can buy it at kobobooks or amazon) which recommends using probiotics in a spray bottle, I tried the juice from homemade organic sauerkraut instead. My sinuses are still swollen but they no longer feel irritated.

I think my sinusitis may have been caused by H. Pylori perhaps with other fungi or bacteria involved. In my childhood I had problems with hay feaver. Since it's summer now I sometimes feel the same irritation in my left nasal cavity. After spraying with the juice from sauerkraut the itching stops.

I've had mononucleosis about 12 years ago. During the EBV infection I developed an ulcer inside my stomach. An upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract radiography returned negative. The radiologist did say it could be a small ulcer giving intense pain.

I think the infection created a hole in my stomach right below the pyloric valve. The pain in my stomach was so intense I could not sleep and lay curled up in my bed until the exhaustion outdid the pain. Since then I have had gastrointestinal problems in an elongated line of about 5 centimeters starting from right below my navel going downwards.

About 6 years later I developed non-hodgkin's lymphoma, type DLBCL with CD-20 expression, on the left side of my chest between my heart and bronchi. Not proven to be related to the stinging below my navel, but after chemo and complete remission the stinging in my chest often occurred in unison with the stinging below my navel.

I've tried to treat the intestinal pain with turpentine in case of candida. But the best result was during vipassana meditation where that exact area seems to have held some emotional blockage or sankara. My whole body was shaking and my concentration remained focused on a single spot below my navel. After some time of shaking and the assistent teacher requesting me to calm down, the spot became bigger, the pain diminished and the spot now moved upwards towards my navel. I moved my concentration over this area following the spot. The area now felt like an elongated piece of clay or irritated stretch of intestines. After a while the burning subsided and tears ran down my face. It wasn't from any physical pain but from an emotional blockage that got resolved.

Afterwards I forced myself to sleep on my right side. I've always slept on the left, which I also did during the EBV infection and superinfection in my stomach causing the area below the pyloric valve to be void of stomach acid.

Sleeping on the right side and massaging the area below the navel helped to clear the pain in that area almost completely. Meditation further improves peristalsis and overall health. I now try to eat sauerkraut in small portions throughout the day and spray sauerkraut juice in my nostrils.

The stinging in the chest stops after inhaling H2O2 water (therapy invented by Bill Munro).

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I feel for your pain. Ouch! I had a stomach ache till I was 40 and was put on tons of pain meds, nothing helped. It seemed stomach aches ran in our family. I was in agony. I didn't know that stress, good or bad, depletes the body of water, minerals, nutrients and enzymes, while it is producing fight or flight hormones.

I found a book at the library by Dr. Batmanghelidj and it was on how to drink water and eat salt to cure the body from producing histamine. The histamine signal in the body is to alert us that there is dehydration occurring either because of electrolytes or water not getting into the cells. They work together, so if one is missing the others can't do their job.

Replied by Puphluns
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hi Joy, thanks for your comments. I didn't know about the electrolytes, but I have read about the watercure from Dr. Batmanghelidj. There are a number of websites regarding his work:

Wikipedia states he wrote 8 books on using water for health:

  • Your Body's Many Cries for Water (1992), Global Health Solutions, ISBN 0-9629942-3-5
  • How to Deal with Back Pain & Rheumatoid Joint Pain (1991), Global Health Solutions; ISBN 0-9629942-0-0
  • Water: Rx for A Healthier, Pain-free Life (1997), Global Health Solutions; Cas&Bklt edition, ISBN 0-9629942-7-8
  • ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus: Eradicate Asthma - Now! , (2000), Global Health Solutions, ISBN 0-9629942-6-X
  • Water For Health, For Healing, For Life (2003), Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-69074-0
  • You're not sick, you're thirsty! (2003), Grand Central Publishing, ISBN 0-446-69074-0
  • Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases, (2003) Global Health Solutions, ISBN 0-9702458-1-5
  • Obesity Cancer Depression; Their Common Cause & Natural Cure, (2005) Global Health Solutions; ISBN 0-9702458-2-3
I think I'll download one from amazon.

Thanks again, Fufluns

Soda Crystals

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Posted by Daniella (Beirut, Lebanon) on 05/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Carbicarb remedy which is a solution for many symptoms!! I had painful red itchy hands with pimples after working in the garden and i took 1/4 teaspoon of soda crystals (baking soda and sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water the trademark is Tricel, made in the Netherlands, and in one hour the symptoms were gone. I also had running nose and the soda crystals dried my nose. My nose sometimes gets blocked and with daily use of soda crystals can return your nose to its normal condition and opened sinuses. Soda crystals does a lot! It helps my mother sleep easily, it alkalises your brain, helps your hypothalamus and help your exhausted adrenal glands to recover.This remedy and advice i got from Ted, he advised me to take daily soda crystals with a lot of water... It is helping my thyroid problem as well as i have hypothyroidism. I hope it will clean my liver too from the fats and clean it like it cleans a dirty plate. Thanx Ted for the great help you give with your advice as always. You are the best website!!! And Ted is the best! What do we do without Ted? What do we do without Earthclinic? We would probably die.. I am telling everyone i know how great Earthclinic is and they are checking your site.

EC: Not familiar with this, we went searching for more information on Soda Crystals:

"... Soda crystals, also called washing soda, is the (somewhat) common name for sodium carbonate decahydrate. It is supposedly available as a household cleaning agent (look in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket), perhaps slightly more available in Britain (although we are unaware of any brand names it may be sold under).

Arm & Hammer sells a clumpy baking soda product in a shaker, which it refers to as crystals, but which is not the same thing. But if you fail in your search for soda crystals, go ahead and use baking soda, which is pretty similar."

Another website:

One poster remarks: "I believe it is the same as Arm & Hammer's Washing Soda."

Another poster writes, "Soda Crystals (aka Washing Soda) is Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate. It differs from baking soda which is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Soda Crystals are a cheap and versatile cleaning product, which can be used to clean everything from the bathroom, to removing moss from paths, cleaning greasy grillpans and the kitchen floor! You can get them in the U.K from a company called Dri-Pak, available from supermarkets for about 84p a 1kg bag. It is also a 'greener' cleaner as it contains no phosphates, chlorine or bleach.

Tan Koon Peng's Health Tips

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/27/2008

1. Before drinking alcohol, drink a cup of salt water will prevent you from getting drunk easily.

2. If you have stomach ache due to dirty food, drink some honey follow by lots of plain water and the pain will stop.

3. Having grey finger nails, simply soaking your finger nails in vinegar for 20 minutes daily. In 2 weeks times, your finger nails should look normal.

4. Small children shouldn`t be given food after milk and vice versa. Only milk or food should be given at any 1 time otherwise the kids will fall sick.

5. Human tears contains toxins, crying mother should be careful not to let her tears drop into the baby`s eyes or the baby`s eyes will be injured.

6. When you have headache, drop a few drops of alcohol into your ear and the pain should stop soon.

7. Overweight people who wants to slim down should consider having only 2 meals per day.1 meal in the morning and another meal in the evening before 7pm. The diet should consist of fruits, vegetables and brown rice. No meat is allow.

8. After exercising when you are sweating,do not take cold bath. This is to prevent having heart attack.

9. Dollar notes contain lots of germs, do not put your finger in your mouth when counting dollars notes.

10. Having aching legs after exercising, soak your legs in warm water when your body have cool down and your will get relief.

11. Over eating hurt your lung, over hunger hurt your Qi or energy, too much vinegar hurt your bone. Avoid eating only when you are very hungry.

12. For those people who are weak, they should take many small meals daily for better absorption.T heir food should be light and meat should be avoided.

13. After meal do not take fast walk as it will hurt your stomach, slow walk is advise.

14. If you have the urge to urine, do not hold back the urine and go to toilet later. This will result in additional uric acid causing bladder infection and hurt your kidneys. Holding back your urge to pass motion can cause piles.

15. If your ear is itchy, simply drop a few drop of olive oil and the itch will stop.

16. When your wound is about to heal,you will feel itchy.Just apply some oliver oil to stop the itch.Oliver oil will let the wound heal nicely.

17. High blood pressure, take fresh tomato juice daily.

18. Dry cough or persistant cough without pleghm take radish juice with honey.

19. Thyroid and piles patients can take plenty of sea weed.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Jenette36 (Harlan, Ky) on 03/22/2014
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Polycystic Kidney and Liver disease

Hi Ted from Bangkok, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with PKD and PLD. I was also diagnosed with H pylori and uncontrollable high blood pressure. This year I will be 50 and have more medical issues. I now have 2 bulging disc, herniated disc and a pinch nerve in the C-5, C-6 and C-7. I also have degenerative disc in the L-4, L-5, and S-1, I have head tremors, fibromyalgia with muscle pain all over my body, with severe muscle cramps especially around the neck and shoulders due to the head tremors, eczema, hiatial hernia, edema all over the body, I have lost a lot of hair, and I have several dry patches on my right hand. It took the doctors about 2 years to find medicine that would lower my blood pressure. I now take Atenol and Lisinipril with hctz, which does control my high blood pressure during the day but rises at night while I'm sleeping. I am 20 pounds overweight and my diet for the biggest part of my life and still is foods with a lot of sugar. I now don't eat beef, pork, coffee, tea or chocolate, and very little bread, or pastas due to stomach swelling. I also try to avoid salads, wheat, popcorn, raisins and nuts because it causes diarrhea for days and won't stop so I go to the doctor and they give me what is called a Prev pack with 14 days of antibiotics and Prevacid which works. I try to eat a lot of vegetables, chicken, fish and turkey.

About a week ago, I found, and I started taking the baking soda 1/2 tsp and citric acid 1/2 tsp. I do feel better with muscle movement, and am feeling like I have more energy, but not cured of all of my illnesses. I want to take the ACV, but I am afraid that it will upset my stomach and cause the H-pylori to start up again. I work at a job that requires a lot of sitting, 80% of my work is sitting in front of a computer typing. I can't sleep on either side of my body because my arms go numb. At night, I use carpal tunnel braces on both of my hands and it helps very little. I don't sleep much at night due to the muscle aches in my body. Can you please help?

Replied by Mike62

Jenette: The Rocky Mountain chess champion told me that he was a mediocre player when he thought of all the problems. Thinking of the solution made him better. The solution is enzymes. Enzymes are a mixture of raw nutrients that have more electrons than protons. Enzymes are to nutrients as oxygen is to gasoline. Activated barley has the most enzymes with the highest energy levels. Second is live ferments. Third is raw organic produce and raw grass fed animal products. Enzymes do everything. They nourish the cells, detox the poisons, and zap the pathogens with electricity.

Replied by Marsh57

Jeanette, I know this is 2017 but just read your post. My arms would go numb too, it was a very odd sensation and very uncomfortable especially when trying to get comfortable to sleep. I found a very good Reiki practitioner. During the 1st session when she got to my right arm, it felt like a rush of power blew out through my fingertips. So much so, it woke me up. After the treatment she mentioned how much stuffed energy I had in my arms. I realized that doing bicep curls was part of the problem as was diet. I stopped that particular exercise and started eating cleaner. Rarely does the sensation occur, but when it starts I call my Reiki practitioner. I hope all is better with you.

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