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Cysts, Menopausal Symptoms

Posted by Kaydo (Hayward, Ca, Usa) on 09/29/2011

Hi Everyone…I have two major problems and the docs don't seem to be able to help…
First…Since April, 2011, I've had swelling in my lower left leg from the calf area to the inside area with a burning sensation that starts above my inside ankle and goes up toward my knee that sometimes includes a lot of pain, the swelling never goes away but the pain is on again, off again…I've tried elevating it, compression stockings neither worked. I've had two ultra sounds from the back of my knee up to my groin area and one MRI on the lower part of my leg. The orthopedist was concerned with a possible clot in the lower leg area and wanted the tech to ultra sound my lower left leg for my second ultra sound but the tech said they don't ever ultra sound the lower leg. The ultra sound showed a fluid based cyst behind my knee, but my Orthopedist doesn't feel it's the reason for the swelling, her concern was about a possible clot being in the lower part of my leg, but my MD disagrees and doesn't think it's a clot, period. The MRI showed no type of mass or cancer, YAY! My MD has sent my MRI and Ultra Sounds to a Vascular Specialist and waiting to hear from them…

QUESTION: Any suggestions on how to shrink or get rid of the cyst? The Orthopedist doesn't want to do surgery, nor do I want it, Hoping I can find a natural/Homeopathy way to shrink it, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Second Problem: I started having beyond horrible night sweats/hot flashes most severe at night where I wake up like I just got out of the shower and most of the time they happen every few minutes, I'm so sleep deprived its unreal…I've been taking Chaste Berry, Black Cohosh, ACV, and eating foods that mimic estrogen in the body for months now and nothing seems to help.
My Gyno recommended a synthetic estrogen estradiol she said was bioidentical that I could insert into the Va-J-J or use as a cream, and since I wouldn't be taking it orally it didn't have the same risks as the other HRT meds. But, when I ask her about the natural bioidentical estrogen products she said she didn't like them because the FDA didn't regulate them, which did not surprise me in the least…Her other two suggestions was a high blood pressure or an anti-depression meds that have show positive results in helping with severe night sweats/hot flashes, both are safe for me to take even though I don't have HBP and I'm not depressed.
Any suggestions, you might have would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Replied by Jessica
(Chicago, Il)

Maca Root (find at health food vitamin section) is extremely helpful with Hot Flashes. Iodine is known to reduce fibrocystic breasts and can help in all areas of the body. I hope this helps.

Deborah's Cure-All Drink

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Posted by Deborah (Hedgesville, West Wirginia) on 05/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I happen to come across this sight by accident. I've read all comments and was amazed with the results everyone had. I have acid reflux, back pain, arthritis, headaches and being a menopause women for 25 years at 51, Men as well as women can have menopause too. My weight sky rocket, pain became unbearable, started to effect my job, my life. Being an Armed Guard you have too be physically fit.The doctor wanted me too quit work and stay dope up on medicines and draw SS, no way. So I decided to do an experiment with everybody's advice just too see what would happen. I took 1-16 oz of bottle water, 2 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoon of pure honey, 2 tablespoon of pure lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. I ate what I usually do, some exercise.1 week later I felt so good I had more energy than my 11 year old granddaughter. The people I work with could not believe what they were seeing. I lost weight, no pain of any kind, energy you would not believe, my entire body look good as a women in her 30s. I just had my annual check up and the Doctor was amazed as in puzzle. Everything was wrong with me a month before was corrected. He said he didn't know what I was doing but to keep it up.

THIS IS THE ONLY DRINK I USE ALL DAY AFTER MY MORNING COFFEE. It's been 2 months and still going strong. I can't say this will work for every one ,but I can state that it did work for me. All ingredients are organic and pure only available in health food stores. You might paid a little more, but it's worth every penny too me, not to be sick and in pain. Not only living life but enjoying life. Doing things with my granddaughter never thought I would.You all have been a God send too me. Thank you my new friends all over the world for giving me back my life.

Replied by Sandee Island Homes
(Palm Coast, Florida)

Thank you Deborah for your Double Whammy Tonic - this combining at one time sounds like the way adding all together -- then shake as you drink in the am after coffee - and later in the day .wondering however if this premixing - and letting all "sit" keeps the strength of the tonic as strong as mixing as you go - also do you refrigerate? Appreciate the tips - Sandee

Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Yekara (Jerusalem) on 04/09/2015


it was suggested to me to take diatemacious earth, food grade. I have fungal issues, athletes foot, vaginal infection, parasites, maybe candida, lyme, ibs, insomnia, bad exhaustion, brain fog, lots of pain in my neck and hip area, esp neck and shoulder, lots of stomach and diges problems, reflux, heart burn, churning gas galore, bloating, distended belly- I am on the thin side, some nausea at times etc etc, allergies, mood swings etc.

How much should I take. I am very sensitive. I want to take enough to help myself, but not so much that it makes me feel awful. Are there any contraindications? I take trazodone, 87.5 mg. and gabapentin 250 mg at night. Any contraindications with other supplements or with using a zapper, I just bought one, it has not arrived yet.

thank you, yekara

Replied by Taram7
(Cincinnati, Oh)

I take DE every day. Its completely inert. Been taking it for about a year. My kids take it, (2 and 3) they actually like it. We give it to our dog. Make sure its FOOD GRADE ONLY. Its just what it says, dirt. Not a bad taste, kinda chalky in water. You could presumably mix it with a tea or organic juice.

But PLEASE don't use the zapper until you have done the liquid parasite cleanse first, using the tinctures. And Ted's recommended drink with 1/8 teaspoon borax 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and (working up to 50 or more drops of) H2O2 in a liter of filtered water 3x a day will help the fungal/candida.

I would recommend finding some enzymes that will dissolve the cell walls first. I use Candex. And a no sugar or grains diet to assist.

As far as DE goes, I have never heard of any side effects unless you breath it dry. Don't do that. But to drink it as you are supposed, its great stuff :)

Treating the parasites and fungal issues will sort out everything else. All the other symptoms you mentioned are in line with those. You sound like me. I have been fighting candida for a while now and finally getting it under control. Just be careful not to feel the hibernation they go into and think you are healed. They are tricky buggers. Both fungus and parasites. Will love to hear your progress. Best of Luck!

Replied by Ava

Dear Yekara, please visit Here you will find a wealth of free information on how you can eradicate all your infections and begin on your journey back to wellness. Good luck!


Posted by Brad (N.providence, R.i) on 03/07/2012

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have psoriasis since I was 5 years old. Well at 36 with 70-80% of my body covered and psoriatic arthritis I went the holistic route over a year ago with many ups and downs. Decided to go to a natural doctor who suggested no gluten no dairy.

It has been almost 2 months and yes my skin looks a little better but the arthritis is still the same. Anyone know how long this could take? I fugure I am not putting the toxins in anymore so why hasn't the inflammation gone done. I'm pretty sure he is right about the food allergy for I did the master cleanse 2 months ago for 4 days and my skin was completely clear. This tells me something I'm putting in my body does not like. Also the inflammation was way down as well. Candida and leaky gut I do know about and read about. Thanks for listening, signed At Wits End.

Replied by Rswuniontown
(Uniontown, Oh)

Maybe you would benefit from LDN (low dose naltrexone. ). Look at the home site or you can join the Yahoo LDN group and ask if anyone takes it for this and what have the results been? I know people take it with good results for RA. It will modulate your immune system so your body can heal itself. It is usually taken in conjunction with alpha lipoic acid(European sourced) and B vitamins. Best wishes!

Posted by Gwenm7 (Humble, Tx, Usa) on 09/19/2011

I am a 56 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia, Fatty Liver and H Pylori. Is there a diet out there that would help with all of these issues? The pain sometimes becomes unbearable. Not too sure what to eat anymore. Thanks

Replied by Mdee
(Provo, Ut, United States)

Well I'm a digestive mess... Well was severe IBS/Crohn's/candidasis/Ulcer's (h pylori) whatever they name the stuff. Couldn't and still can't eat really anything... but here is what I do and have learned.

Sourdough bread... as in flour/water/starter...thats it. Hot out of the oven... really nutritious and healing.

Good raw fat is key. Raw coconut oil, raw cream (milk) or raw kidney fat(what I eat... $) before bed! If you cook in fat, use only saturated.

No lies it works... and for others not just myself.

I'm not sure how interested you'd be but you can look up how make the bread, any other quesitions just ask.

Good luck

Replied by Taram7
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Hey Gwemm, good news is you are all fixable. I cannot speak to the hernia. But for the Pylori and liver, its actually kinda easy. The best diet - for all things is fruits and veggies with a few nuts legumes and minimal poultry or fish. No red meats. No processed foods (nothing boxed or bagged or pre-made as all contain chemicals) and absolutely no sugars, artifical sweeteners or chemicals of any kind. Eat as much homemade natural organic as you can and avoiding grains also helps to boost your immune system.

Natural antibiotics that are fast and great is Sea Salt and Garlic and Bee Propolis. I swear by all three and Propolis is the big dog. Not much will continue with propolis. Its anti-viral and anti-bacterial, its awesome. Changing diet is the key.

Since Pylori is in the gut, I recommend great probiotics as they no doubt put you on deadly antibiotics and the best are fermented veggies you make at home. I also swear by these. My body was wrecked for years due to antibiotic abuse that I never knew was harmful.

As for the liver, you can do a normal liver detox or cleanse... but NEVER do the epsom salt one ... do the apple one. And a parasite cleanse would also be helpful. There is a good chance the underlying issues are parasites and fungus infection- from my research - to most illnesses and diseases. If you take care of these two and keep a healthy diet then you will find a new life.

Work on Balancing PH in your blood and treating the fungus and parasites (as are present in most of the global population and try a great garlic syrup (equal parts lemon juice, organic raw apple cider vinegar and minced garlic - from raw garlic, not the pre-minded jarred kind and raw organic honey).

This is a tasty syrup that you can never over do and is only healthy- completely. Can store quite well in the fridge. Take at least 3x a day and I would recommend to get and use propolis. Capsules may be the best, the extract can be tricky but needs to be taken and mixed with honey. Also Turmeric, Ginger and Honey tea- so good. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, energy booster, immune boosters, etc.

Dandelion and Milk Thistle also support a healthy liver and here is the link on Earth Clinic to the Fatty Liver page.

Hang in there! Hope to hear good news soon.

Replied by Sam


If this person is on antibiotics for HPylori, then everything you have written would not be beneficial at this time. He needs to identify main problem based on symptoms. Overloading with supplements without knowing what is going on is not wise. He needs to go on elimination diet, elimination of all supplements, etc. And start from a clean slate. He can google about elimination diet. The only things I would recommend is distilled water with a splash of apple cider vinegar.

We are all different and such a seemingly unimportant thing as low stomach acidity can mean multiple issues vs. Health.

Documenting everything while on elimination diet would help to determine the main trigger of multiple issues.

Also, I assume this person is 100% gluten free. Soy, sugar and corn Free. This is a starting point of road to health.

Posted by Philip (Dearing, GA) on 07/02/2009

I read alot on this site and I am learning new stuff everyday.I believe one of the most important parts of healing the body, mind and soul is through nutrition in our diets. If we don't clean up our DIETS...Then we are only treating symptoms and not curing the body.

I think all of these remedies have thier place and are great at curing up some of our symptoms, But let's all get on changing our habits of what we eat. Food does matter.

A guy on a TV show the other night said ( Cheap food is really not cheap, because it comes back to make you very sick ) Think about all the money you can save,if you cure your body with food. So if it's not organic and fresh,raw or frozen. DO NOT put it into your body. Also what what you drink. There is alot of information out here now and we all need to study and live by it at least 90% of the time. Even if you fall of the ban wagon 10% of the time, I'll bet it is still better than most of us are doing now. Detoxing is also great to and I am seriously considering doing the mini beet protacal.

Digestion, Rash

Posted by Anniebananie (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 11/05/2011

Dear Ted,

My 15 year we thought she had gastroparesis because of pain and vomiting when she eats after too much motrin 4 mos ago. It turns out she doesn't have it but they found questionable very small red areas, possible ulcers in her tummy under endoscopy yesterday. I'm going to try coconut oil or pine nut oil to coat them today so that maybe she can eat normally and not have to adhere to strict food combining. She took cayenne tea this morning and it really hurt her to tears and then the pain went away.

But my question is since all of this digestive distress she developed 100's of little bumps under her skin called blocked comedones I believe. You can really see them in the sunlight. She always had a little bit of acne, nothing severe but these bumps have some up all over her cheeks and sides of neck, it especially came up when I tried cod liver oil and flax seed oil for hormone balancing so I stopped. She doesn't have a rosy appearance anymore. She has lost 10 lbs in 4 mos. Her nails are peeling. She has a gray appearnce to me. I'm so worried about her. She used to be a strong and healthy ballerina. No one else notices this look of unhealthiness but I do. It's almost like a slow death. As a mother I know! . I was worried about malnutrition so I started a teen vitamin for insurance- it does helps the overall appearance her skin, but the bumps don't go away. I've done liver detoxs, Apple Cider Vinegar doesn't help with her pain. She also has occasional mild gasping for air now too, which dr just said is stress from the gastro stuff and worrying about if certain foods will cause pain or not. I don't agree. He says the acne is just teen related. So why then all the bumbs that she didn't have before? Before it was just the odd pimple no more than 3-5 on forehead etc.. These bumps are worrying and ugly. Please Ted, any ideas or suggestions. Thx so much, there is something wrong with her and I don't know what it is. No h pylori! Over the counter motrin and cough syrups are so deadly for your kids. I wish I'd know back then.

Digestive Enzymes

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Posted by Granny Laura (Waco, Tx Usa) on 01/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was really weak from being sick for a year w/candida, cfs and fibromyalgia. I had e coli last year and just seemed to be sliding downhill since.

I have taken vegetarian enzymes for years when I ate beans, cabbage family, or milk products. But, I have never taken them on a regular basis until a couple of weeks ago. I think I actually felt even worse at first but after about 10 days I started feeling amazingly better. I've tried eating wheat, small amount of sugar and dairy and I still feel better.

By better I mean I don't feel like I have a cold or flu. I actually have some energy. My itching has greatly reduced and the candida symptoms, such as IBS seem to be much improved.

Now, I need to leave the carbs alone and see if I can get really well. But, I was really hungry for them. I sometimes get real energy for a couple of days from eating sugar so I knew that my body just wasn't converting what I ate to energy. But, I think that proves that I wasn't digesting enough food for my body to operate on, and of course, I need even more nutrients for my body to heal. I think I will now have to be careful to not over do all the supplements I take, if they were actually helping me I would probably be taking waaay too many. lol


Posted by David (Granbury, Tx) on 10/24/2013

Diphenhydramine - an Almost Universal Treatment:

Below is an email that I sent to Dr. Lance Becker who was featured in an episode of "Through the Wormhole" called " Can We Revive the Dead". In the exchange I describe a therapy, a "universal" therapy, if you will, that works directly on the mitochondria to inhibit cell death and/or degranulation by inhibiting mitochondrial swelling (links to study and my observations included):

Dr. Becker replied to my below email, "I believe you are correct. There will be many many conditions for which this may prove to be a very important therapy. Keep up the good work!"


Long story short: I am disabled. I have an acquired mitochondrial dysfunction from statin drugs.

16 months ago, prompted by Phizer's research on "Dimebon" and some anecdotal evidence from several with adult onset mito, I started low doses of diphenhydramine hoping for cognitive improvement. What I saw, within 24 hours, was a tremendous decrease in the effects caused by excessive and/or premature cell death. A tremendous improvement in my condition. Because apoptosis is the form of cell death most often seen in my case and because apoptosis requires ATP I saw an immediate doubling of the energy available to me.

I have endeavored to understand and have found the following which explains what I am seeing:

From the abstract:

1. It is shown that a number of antihistamine drugs which prevent liver injury inhibit mitochondrial swelling at concentrations at which they do not affect electron transport or oxidative phosphorylation.

I have been testing this therapy on conditions from autism to MS, not to mention mito patients and the merely aged and, so far, it has led to dramatic improvements in almost every case.

I have chronicled my observations and the research I have found on this here:

In how many areas will breaking the cascade of cell death produce dramatic results?

Post stroke
post heart attack
post concussion
post traumatic shock
post trauma of any kind

What do you think?

Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners, Msg, and Toothpaste

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Posted by Shari B (Small town in, WI) on 05/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the information. I recently was having unexplained muscle pains, head aches, stiffening of joints, chronic fatigue & more. My doctor tested me for numerous things, and he was unable to diagnose my problems. After cutting several things out of my diet (MSG, artificial sweeteners) I was almost functioning normally again, but could not get rid of the pain. When I finally stopped use of my tooth paste, my pain went away.

I'm not sure if it was the fluoride, propylene glycol (antifreeze) or the sodium lauryl sulfate. All those ingredients has serious side effects. I tell everyone - read the labels!

I brush with baking soda now.

Replied by Penny
(Half Moon Bay, Ca)

Try mixing equal parts of baking soda, peroxide, and sea salt together for a tooth paste it is great for cleaning your mouth.

Replied by Lin
(Qld, Australia)

Hi Penny, Can you mix this up monthly or do you have to mix as neeeded?

General Feedback

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/04/2012

Robyn from Australia, haven't seen you posting recently. How are you doing? Have you found anything yet for relief? I sincerely hope so. Keep trying!!

General Feedback
Posted by Trish (Houston, Texas) on 12/01/2012

Symptoms of fatigue, low iron, low b12, low white count (3.7) palpatations, dry ichy eyes, shortness of breath and right surface shoulder pain with certain movements. my white count has been on the low side for a couple of years now ranging from 4.5, 4.3 and now 3.7. What should I be concerned about and what type of test should I have done. My HIV test was negative and all hep test were negative. I am waiting for autoimmune test to come back.

General Feedback
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/21/2012

Some people have got better from fms, cfs, mcs which are truly dreadful illnesses, life wrecking in every way from brain retraining. I'd like to know if anyone has had any success. I certainly have reservations for very good reasons but it should be worthy of discussion. And honestly, I have no options left. Or are we only allowed to talk about Apple Cider Vinegar and similar on here?

General Feedback
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/16/2012

Anyone tried with success? I tried NLP 12 yrs ago & I'm still homeless because Im too sick to live in a car. But there are some people getting better from cfs, fms, mcs. Saw a short movie from a lady with mcs for 17 yrs. She also suffers pain. I got very depressed listening to her sad story but then she's living in a house, not a car. And the movie was about her walking around Paris!! So I tried to find some success stories. Even though I now know that I cant metabolise carbs, doc says pancreas isnt working, xylene and ammonia poisoning, aswell as my other, no atp production, bacterial overgrowth - the only success stories I could find was with brain retraining. I don't know how tapping (years ago I had lots of naet sessions & desensitisation (allergy shots) is going to heal a liver, pancreas, kidneys & immune system but 20 yrs is enough for me. Another yr is approaching, xmas & birthday which I spend by myself miserable in pain which the morphine doesn't remove lying in a car. I cant take it anymore. Been on new supplements for new test results for quite a few weeks now. And been tapping for almost that long. No change. Anyone else into brain retraining?

General Feedback
Posted by Robym (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/26/2012

"it's cost me a career, a family, all my friends and put my entire life on hold" - I'm so glad there is a place we can say this without being threatened to be taken to the closest mental ward. But after 20 yrs of this severity of pain & being so allergic Im now homeless I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel. I have no inkling that I can beat very low ATP production, gut bacterial overgrowth, unable to metabolise carbs, renal ammonia loading, xylene poisoning. Ive been on all the recommended supplements for a few weeks now, some a few years; COQ10, vanadium & chromium, nac, glycine, arginine the others Ive been taking for immune support. If anything the pain is worse. I know from lab tests my pancreas, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands are all compromised. If its been going on this long without me knowing & doctors only feeding me drugs they are probably irrepairable. Im just going to die in a car. It may as well be sooner than later. Lisa, I cancelled my stem cell treatment talk. I couldn't even drive there much less my body accepting being cut open.

Replied by Chezzanne
(Newcastle, Nsw, Australia)

I don't have a remedy but I read your comments and feel that you are at a very low place right now and are not seeing any lights at the end of the tunnel - there is one, so please check out what EC has to offer, I'm sure there is a remedy for your pain. Take small steps at first and you will be able to dig your way out. Sorry to hear about your problems.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

Robyn: I am not far behind you on the severity issues, with the exception of sensitivity and allergic reaction. I do have those problems but have been spared the extreme category of others in the MCS community. Speaking of, I was a member of an MCS organization that had emphasis and support for housing as this is a major issue for many folks. A community house for MCS'rs would be great for you if you could find it.

As for remedies, I have two things in mind that might help. One, an age old herbal that has broad spectrum effect from detoxification to healing ---Comfrey. Yes, it is toxic in high doses or continual usage, just begin small and increase. I experienced toxicity issues w/ Comfrey but got much alleviation by upping my Milk Thistle and adding NAC (the active pyrrolidazine alkaloids deplete glutathione in the liver). How about my often recommended Zinc / Vit-A ?? which would surely help heal the gut and build immunity, and are somewhat affordable nutrients. Second, I too suffer major ATP or energy productions issues and nothing has been more helpful than Quercetin. 250mg has noticeable effects that last all day. A new form which is touted to be much more absorbable and effective is the dehydroquercetin (hope this spelling is correct); I haven't tried this form yet, but from the natural plant derived extract form alone being so helpful, I can't help but believe that as little as 250mg of the dehydro form would do a major lift in your energy. If either or both these nutrients could get you back to a level of hope and possibility it would maybe begin a few more positive things to occur.

I have made minor improvements in the last few months, but am yet on unsustainable course, unless I can make at least one major improvement. Like yourself, I face the high likelihood of simply succumbing to the laws of nature.

Hope this helps. Keep in touch.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2072 posts

As an addendum, I forgot to mention that Quercetin is a very good natural antihistamine/anti-allergy nutrient, which could help w/ the sensitivity and reactions.

Something else that I have considered that could indeed help you is Magnet therapy. I have proly already mentioned it, but I have had good results, and especially recently w/ a very powerful magnet. Strength is key. A large Magnet from a blown speaker would work. You can administer this yourself, with the exception of the back and spinal area which would need an assistant. In the case of your heavy metals, you might need to use some Fulvic Acid, Coriander /Cilantro as some of these metals will displace during treatment. A clay footbath will work good for capturing these loosed heavy metals.

Back to the Comfrey. I said "detoxifier" which isn't exactly true; it's a good "purifier" as it chelates toxins to the liver for detox. Also, Comfrey is a good healer especially of the epithelial tissues like Lung, Kidneys, Intestines. Just getting those organs "re-built" alone would help.

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