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Posted by Renu (Novi, Michigan) on 10/18/2012

I want to thank people for their advice who responded to my post on October 12, 2012 regarding my issues with Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto, Depression, Migraine headache and insomnia. I did a lot of research on this site and came up with a plan (All of this was suggested either by Ted from Bangkong or Bill from Philippines). I would appreciate if Ted from bangkong or Bill from Phillipines can also give their advice regarding my plan to take the following supplements:

Take two tablespoons of ACV with 1/2 tspn sodium bicarbonate in half a glass of water three times a day with split doses of between 300-600 mgs magnesium Gluconate per day.

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in one glass taken in the morning to help the energy level. (How Long should one keep taking this)?

For Liver Detox:
* Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.
* Milk Thistle -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Selenium -- 100 micrograms twice a day at mealtimes.
* Vitamin C -- As Ascorbate, 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes

How long should I keep taking these for liver detox?

Lugol's Iodine (Since I have Hashimoto, is it OK to try this? If yes, how long should I keep taking this?).

Dosage: 2 to 4 drops twice a day in a glass of water.

Borax: 1/8 tsp. Plus 1/8 tsp. natural sea salt in a liter of Fluoride free water.

Take CoQ10, Fish Oil and Vitamin D3, Continue taking Cymbalta, and Synthroid. Try RO filtered water for a few weeks. Be on Gluten free diet.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Renu... Except for a few problems, your regimen is looking quite good.

Although Hydrogen Peroxide is normally highly useful, I would avoid using it in your protocol because it tends to greatly deplete and neutralize anti-oxidants in the blood and can complicate your regimen unnecessarily. Also, for Hashimoto's, excess hydrogen peroxide is actually part of the problem in the thyroid cells. Read this research article:

Simply put, the thyroid cells naturaly produce HP free radicals during transformation of Thyroglobulin to T3 and T4. If there is not enough glutathione peroxidase enzyme(as anti-oxidant), then the excess HP free radicals will tend to damage the cell while also transforming the thyroglobulin into new protein compounds that are then regarded as foreign protein bodies by the body's immune system -- hence the antibodies end up attacking the thyroid cells -- causing the nodular damage. This is why taking selenium is so important -- selenium is the central metallic atom for the glutathione peroxidase(GP) enzyme that is so essential and important for safe thyroid T3 and T4 production. Also, sulphur is essential for GP, so eating garlic or eating a handful of Brazil nuts(also high in selenium and cysteine) every day will help keep your GP levels high in order to help cope with and successfully neutrlize the excessive HP free radicals produced in your thyroid cells during hormone production. Supplementing Lugol's Iodine will also help in this respect because it is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

If you also regularly eat a handful of cilantro in salads 3 times a week and drink green tea daily, this will also help to remove heavy metals. Iodine will also help to remove cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminium, arsenic, bromine and fluorine from the body. Adding half a teaspoon of sea salt daily(taken with water) or taking humic acid daily will also help to detox the body of poisons from pesticides etc.

It is also well known through research that candida complications can occur in many autoimmune diseases such as later stage Hepatitis C, HIV AIDS and Cancer -- to name but a few. There was also one large research study that found that 80% of all Fibromylagia patients also had candida. So if you have candida and only address the fibro and Hashimoto's then you will have great difficulty curing these without also addressing the candida problem.

You can quickly check for candida by looking at your tongue in a mirror. If your tongue is pink then you may not have candida --- but if it is white then there is a great likelihood of a candida infection. To be sure -- take this questionnaire for confirmation:

If you also have a hair analysis(quite cheap) this will tell you what minerals you are lacking and, specifically, what heavy metals you have in excess in your body and you can adjust your daily nutrients accordingly. Here, you are addressing the root cause of your Fibro, Hashimoto's and possible candida problems -- caused by a greatly weakened immune system.

Further useful information can be gleaned from various books by Dr David Brownstein. Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It and Overcoming Thyroid Problems are both excellent books that will give you unbiased and honest proof of the effectiveness of lugol's iodine in the treatment of all types of thyroid problems -- including Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

It is also advisable for you to take the full iodine protocol which is given here:

Work up to the full lugols iodine dose slowly to avoid excessive die-off and detox reactions.

If you do find that you also have candida, your current protocols should be suffcient to kill off this candida infection as well as deal with the Hashimoto's and the Fibro. And if you do have candida -- I would also add Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum to your protocol at the dosages that Ted from Bangkok recommends if you can. This will not only help to kill off the candida, but will also help to greatly reduce the brain fog, pain and will also help remove the poisonous alcohols and aldehyde waste causing such debilitating symptoms during the die-off.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

I forgot to address your questions:

How long should I keep taking these for liver detox?

I still take the liver detox on a daily basis myself as a preventative. I do his because it addresses the serious lack of minerals and anti-oxidants in our western diets. The same argument goes for magnesium. So I take the liver detox combination regularlly, which also helps to purify the blood and keep free radicals down to safe manageable levels. So in this respect it is also an anti-aging and an immune boosting protocol as well.

Lugol's Iodine (Since I have Hashimoto, is it OK to try this? If yes, how long should I keep taking this?).

I also take 4 about drops(25 mgs) of 5% iodine every two days or so (you should be taking 8 drops LI at a minimum if you can). This promotes stomach and intestinal health, boosts the immune system, kills candida, helps to maintains a healthy thyroid and detoxes the body all at the same time. This is also a regular part of my own protocol that address the sad lack of iodine in our diets now.

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in one glass taken in the morning to help the energy level. (How Long should one keep taking this)?

I also take this at twice a day. Since 90% of western food is now acid forming in our bodies it would seem to make complete sense to take baking soda on a daily basis to help promote a healtheir alkaline environment (ie blood) for our bodies. The same argument goes for taking ACV and baking soda -- which acts to alkalize the intracellular environment as well.

Replied by Paul123
New Jersey, New York

Bill - San Fernando, please clarify, just taking Baking Soda by itself without H/P 3%? Or Baking Soda and H/P 3% together twice a day? You have mentioned that H/P 3% neutralize antioxident.

Replied by Waytogo
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

Er, um, I think you might want to look up Hashimto's disease and iodine useage. It is generally considered a bad idea, according to several doctor's blurbs I just read. Apparently it can worsen, or re-activate the disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, brought on by excessive iodine. --T.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Yes I was just talking about baking soda and not baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. My apologies for not making that clear. I have also noticed that people continually ask how long they should take this or that remedy. Regarging alkalizing the body using Ted's alkalizing remedies, it's my own opinion that everyone should be alkalizing every day because 90% of what we put into or mouths now is acid forming in the body -- this is the main damaging characteristic of all processed food which is approved by the USDA and FDA today. Perhaps our greatest problems, in this respect, are our own bad eating habits that always seem to perpetuate pure indulgence. But, if truth be told, we all suffer from this. The other enemy is, of course, convenience.

Many people are also in the doctor's mindset where they expect to take perhaps a few pills for a while in the morning and they will be quickly cured. This cure, of course, rarely if ever materializes when you have a serious autoimmune disorder like Heart Disease or Arthritis or even Candida. A certain greater effort has to be made by the sufferer if he or she uses alternative remedies. And if the sufferer infers that this is too inconvenient and their job is more important than their health then, further on down the timeline after using just drugs, when the disease progresses unabated and he or she then becomes completely incapacitated and they lose job as a result -- where are they then ?

When modern medicine describes a disease as autoimmune or idiopathic, this simpy means that modern medicine does not have any damn clue at all what causes that disease. So, in the end, how can modern medicine cure your autoimmune disease when they don't even understand it's etiology properly ?

If people are still eating processed or poor nutritional food -- and this is very hard to avoid nowadays -- then supplementing nutrients such as Iodine, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, the B Vitamins etc on a daily basis and in proper orthomolecular dosages becomes an urgent daily health necessity.

Lastly, I read a wonderful explanation on the difference between modern medicine and TCM the other day. Modern medicine deals with the study of disease whereas TCM deals mainly with the study and promotion of good health for the body. That's it in a nutshell.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

Thank you so much Bill for all your advice. I will start this plan tomorrow.

1. I will not take hydrogen Peroxide as you suggested.
2. Should I be taking green tea if I am trying to avoid Fluoride?
3. Will all of these help my insomnia, memory loss and complete lack of libido. Or should I add some other supplements to my routine?
4. What dosage is good for me for adding Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum to my protocol. How do I take this, and do I take this everyday and for how long?

Thank you again for your wonderful advice. Hopefully, all of this will help me feel better so I can live a productive life.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi renu... In answer to your questions:

Should I be taking green tea if I am trying to avoid Fluoride?

Although there is a possibility of Green Tea containing fluoride, the reason you are taking GT is to help you remove heavy metals efficiently from your body. And so if you are also taking lugol's Iodine -- then this will help to remove both fluorine and bromine from the body at the same time. So where is the conflict? For myself, I always take both green tea AND lugol's iodine regularly on a daily basis to avoid the fluorine problem but this choice is really yours.

Will all of these help my insomnia, memory loss and complete lack of libido. Or should I add some other supplements to my routine?

There can be several reasons for the above problems. A main reason for the above problems could be because of a lack of iodide for the thyroid -- which causes a drop in the body's overall metabolic rate where your body processes became less effeicient in other words. So the thyroid can also be thought of as a governor of the the body's hormonal sytem because every hormone receptor in the body(not just the thyroid gland) needs iodine/iodide to work efficiently. Other nutrients that will also help you to increase energy and relax are methyl cobolamine(B12 -- 1000 mcgs per day) and Magnesium Threonate. You can also use Mag Citrate or Mag gluconate(250 mgs twice a day) as alternatives.

What dosage is good for me for adding Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum to my protocol. How do I take this, and do I take this everyday and for how long?

Ted recommends taking between 10mgs and 25 mgs of Sodium Molybdate a day for only about two weeks, which is a much higher daily dosage than the recommended RDA max of 900 micrograms per day. Therefore, you will most likely have difficulty getting dosages higher tha 900 mcgms unless you buy the powder form. But even 900 mcg dosages of molybdenum can be helpful to your problems.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

Thank you very much Bill for all your recommendations. I am starting the protocol today. Hopefully, I am on my way to recovery. Thanks again for all your help.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

After discussing the following plan with Bill from Philippines I followed it for 6 weeks.

Take two tablespoons of ACV with 1/4 tspn baking soda in half a glass of hot water two times a day 5 days/week.

For Liver Detox:
* Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.
* Milk Thistle -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Selenium -- 100 micrograms twice a day at mealtimes.
* Vitamin C -- As Ascorbate, 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes

Magensium Citrate 400MG twice a day

I take all the above mentioned supplements for 5 days/week then take a break for two days.

Lugol's Iodine
Dosage: 2 to 4 drops twice a day 2% in a glass of water. Built up the dose to 8 drops twice per day for 5 days/week.

Borax: 1/8 tsp. Plus 1/8 tsp. Natural sea salt in a liter of Fluoride free water. Taking it for 4 days and then discontinue for 3 days.

Take CoQ10, Fish Oil and Vitamin D3, Continue taking Cymbalta, and Synthroid. Drink RO filtered water for five days and drink spring water for two days.

Be on Gluten free diet. (Not able to do it on a very regular basis.)

My results:
As soon as I went on this plan, I started seeing improvement. Biggest improvement was in my mood. I felt more energetic and happier. I started sleeping better. My joint pain got better.

After following this plan for 6 weeks, I could not continue it because of some family issues for 5 weeks. Now for last two weeks, I am back on the plan. But this time, I tried 5% lugol iodine 4-5 drops twice a day. After taking this for 2-3 days, I have a severe mouth sore. Both corners of lips have cracks. It hurts to open my mouth wide. When I eat anything spicy, my mouth is burning a lot. So I stopped taking Iodine for the time being.

I would appreciate if Bill from Phillippines will again advice me for the following issues:

1. Am I right in thinking that my sore mouth is a side effect of too much Iodine. If true, when should I go back on IODINE and what dosage? I have two bottles of 5% Lugol's Iodine sitting here. Can I just take this and if yes, what dosage?

2. You had adviced me to take molybdenum. I just bought Chelated Molybdenum with 150mcg of molybdenum in it. Is it OK to start it now and how much of it per day? Should I continously take it for 12 days and then stop it?

3. I also started taking Rhodiola 300 mg 1 tablet with 1 vitamin 400mg E tablet. Right now I take these two tablet every other day, and take Cymbalta every other day with the hope of quitting Cymbalta soon. Is this OK to do?

4. Is there anything you can suggest to me that I can add to my protocol for memory improvement, and retention? There are events and things that take place and I completely forget them as if it never even register in my mind. My father has alzheimer so this is very scary for me.

5. Also what can I take for lack of libido? There is total lack of it.

6. I have extreme puffiness under my eyes. Some time people ask me about my eye bags to see if everything is OK. Is this indicative of some health issue that I am not aware of? My doctor has checked my kidney function and it is OK. Can I take something to get rid of these bags?

I will really appreciate Bill if you can please guide me with my protocol. Thank you very much. Every thing you suggested last time worked for me.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philppines

Hi Renu... Thanks for your post and for letting me know how you are progressing against your candida problem. Here is a quick run through on your protocol and some advice on how to improve it;

Liver Protocol

Your dosage of Selenium is too low. You should be taking 200 mcg of selnium twice a day. Adding acetyl cysteine to this protocol will also help -- 600 mgs twice a day -- and would also benefit you. Selenium is essential to the production of thyroid hormone and helps to avoid auto-immune thyroid problems when taking iodine. After this post, I will be putting up some research by Dr Guy Abraham from the Iodine Project, which explains why and how selenium prevents autoimmune thyroiditis which explains why and how his iodine protocol cures both Hashimotos and Graves disease. You should read this to understand the reasonswhy it is good for low thyroid. I must also add that the liver protocol that I advise also greatly helps the performance of the thyroid -- due to increased production of glutathione peroxidase in the body -- and so this should perhaps be renamed the LIver and Thyroid Suport Protocol for clarity.

Lugols Iodine

This is absolutely essential to your protocol against candida and is essential to improve your thyroid and hence improve your energy and mood. I normally advise taking between 8 to 16 drops per day of 5% LI against candida. This may also cause a rapid Herx or candida die-off reaction and may also cause a sudden heavy metals detox reaction(similar to Herx reaction) at the same time. If this happens then just reduce the dosage to bearable levels. I have helped people with candida from third world countries -- these people can easily take dosages of of over 30 drops of lugols per day(6 drops LI in water 5 times a day) because their food is more natural and unpolluted - unlike in the west where all food is processed and polluted with heavy metals, pesticides etc. , which is why western people can barely take one drop of iodine(iodine is a wonderful detoxer). Iodine is not at fault here -- the problem is a bad processe food diet which is greatly lacking in anti-oxidants as well.

You had adviced me to take molybdenum. I just bought Chelated Molybdenum with 150mcg of molybdenum in it. Is it OK to start it now and how much of it per day? Should I continously take it for 12 days and then stop it?

The molybdenum will neutralize and help remove all the aldehyde and alcohol poison waste from the candida and will reduce any die-off effect. These poisons affect the body and the brain in many bad ways -- problems like brain fog, forgetfulness, unclear thinking, low thyroid, mood, lethargy may all be attributed to these candida poisons. Molybdenum also kills the candida. At the moment you are only taking a very small dose of molybdenum. I would raise your dose, if you can to at least 10 mgs to 25 mgs of molybdenum -- or at least to 900 mcgs per day in three split doses of 300 mcgs -- and take this for two weeks -- then take a week off molybdenum and start again. I also realize that you may have trouble buying molybdenum in these larger amounts but you can buy it as a powder on the internet -- so I leave this up to you.

Is there anything you can suggest to me that I can add to my protocol for memory improvement, and retention? There are events and things that take place and I completely forget them as if it never even register in my mind. My father has alzheimer so this is very scary for me.

The borax and the iodine should help the brain and help prevent Alzheimers. Another protocol is Ted's Carbicarb protocol -- shown here. I must also emphasize that your memory improvement will not occur overnight -- it will take some months before your memory starts to improve -- this was my own experiencewhen I cured my candida -- and this usually bears a direct relationship to your supplemented lugols iodine reaching proper iodine storage levels in your body which can take 3 to 6 months or longer and is usually dependent on the iodine dose that you are taking every day now.

Also what can I take for lack of libido? There is total lack of it.

I would recommend supplementing Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) which is a very natural and beneficial way to raise you testosterone levels. I would avoid using viagra, ciallis and yohimbe because these just create an erection with no feeling. When you have sex regularly as a man, the nerves in the penis get damaged and need repair -- Goats Weed and Maca are also good for this aspect but viagra, ciallis and yohimbe only act to constrict the the veins(outgoing blood) from the penis and that;'s all they do. Viagra and cialis can also adversely effect the heart which is why I would avod using them. Tongkat Ali is all natural -- and beneficial to the body. Just to also add that, if you are regularly taking borax, then this should also help balance your libido to more normal and active levels again.

I have extreme puffiness under my eyes. Some time people ask me about my eye bags to see if everything is OK. Is this indicative of some health issue that I am not aware of? My doctor has checked my kidney function and it is OK. Can I take something to get rid of these bags?

Puffiness under the eyes and cracked skin at the corners of the mouth can also be a sign or symptom of low iodine. I also had low iodine and puffy eyes with bags under my eyes when I had candida. And when I got rid of my candida I was left with huge empty suitcases under my eyes -- my eyes looked old, sunken and horrible!! So I tried some things and what worked for me the best was to combine 50% castor oil and 50% VCO and rub it around my eyes every night and every morning. I also rubbed 1% hdrogen peroxide around my eyes and eyebrows (with eyes tight shut!! ) after showering. The reason I did this protocol was that I reasoned that muck usually collects around the corners of our eyes -- and we tend to rub this out onto the skin below. This muck, as far as I'm concerned, is a breeding ground and food for bacteria, viruses and fungus. So doing this protocol gets rid of the pathogens in this area and the skin returns to its normal tightness and elasticity -- and the bags are gone.

Many of your problems seem to relate to low iodine problems -- so I would continue taking the lugols iodine as a priority. It would also benefit you to take Ted's lemon/lime alkalizing formula and also taking the sodium bicarbonate and water remedies as detailed in my protocol. These protocols will alkalize the cells and the blood, help kill candida, remove biofilms and also help to remove heavy metals. It was a major part of my own successful protocol when I got rid of my own candida. I would also take the B vitamins in the form of B50 every day -- once a day -- this will benefit you in many ways.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

Thank you Bill for such a prompt reply. I really appreciate all the help you have provided me with my health issues. I have a few questions that needs clarification:

  1. I am adding molybdenum 900mcg per day 300mcg (3 times/day). I will take it for two weeks and rest for a week. Should I keep repeating this cycle for a few months?
  2. What is Ted's Carbicarb protocol? I read the link that you suggested but not sure which one is Carbicarb protocol?
  3. For lack of libido, you suggested Tongkat Ali. I am a 58 years old female. Does this work for male and female both or should I take goats weed and Maca both and what should be the dosage
  4. Question regarding the protocol for under eye puffiness involving (50% castor oil and 50% VCO and rub it around eyes every night and every morning and also rub 1% hydrogen peroxide around eyes and eyebrows (with eyes tight shut!!) after showering)):
  5. Do I rub caster oil and VCO in the morning after I rub Hydrogen peroxide?
  6. Do I take Ted's lemon/lime alkalizing formula in addition to baking soda and ACV that I take twice a day with hot water?
  7. Is it a good idea to use Either Himalayan pink salt or Sea salt for cooking and for table salt? If I do this, how do other members of the family get Iodine since neither of these salts have IODINE in it?
  8. Should I also add VCO to my protocol and how much should I take every day?
  9. Should I stop eating fruits because of sugar content Are there any fruits that one can eat while trying to get rid of candida problems?
  10. I have started taking LI 5% again with 2 drops twice a day. If symptoms that I am having with sore mouth and burning of mouth don't go away after a while, do I need to make any changes or just ignore them?
  11. Is it OK to keep taking Vitamin E 400mg and Rhodiola 300mcg per day with this protocol that I am trying for candida?
  12. I also wanted to mention one other condition that I keep having. I get infection in my eyes often specially when I am visiting India. My eyes got mild form of conjunctivitis every few days when I was in India 6 weeks ago. I don't know if it is a symptom of my candida problem. I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

Thank you again for all your help.

Replied by Larry
Fairfax, Va/usa

As to taking large doses of molybdenum on a regular basis, does one have to be careful of copper depletion, which can interfere with red blood cell functioning?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Renu... In answer to you questions:

I am adding molybdenum 900mcg per day 300mcg (3 times/day). I will take it for two weeks and rest for a week. Should I keep repeating this cycle for a few months?

Yes repeat this cycle as necessary

What is Ted's Carbicarb protocol? I read the link that you suggested but not sure which one is Carbicarb protocol?

The carbicarb protocol consists of: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate, 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or another similar one such as potassium bicarbonate) in a glass of water twice a day.

For lack of libido, you suggested Tongkat Ali. I am a 58 years old female. Does this work for male and female both or should I take goats weed and Maca both and what should be the dosage

Tongkat Ali increases the libido of both men and women. Take as recommended on the packet that you buy.

Do I rub caster oil and VCO in the morning after I rub Hydrogen peroxide?

Do both prtotocols twice a day -- it does not matter whether you do them both at the same time or at different times.

Do I take Ted's lemon/lime alkalizing formula in addition to baking soda and ACV that I take twice a day with hot water?

Yes. Take the sodium bicarb and water remedy at least twice a day 1/2 hr to 1 hour after meals.

Is it a good idea to use Either Himalayan pink salt or Sea salt for cooking and for table salt? If I do this, how do other members of the family get Iodine since neither ofthese salts have IODINE in it?

Sea Salt is better than refined table salt because it is more alkaline and because it contains more healthy minerals. In my opinion the iodine in iodized table salt is too small to be of benefit. Best to take kelp or lugols if you are defficient -- 12. 5 mgs a day. The recommended RDA for iodine is only 150 micrograms -- this is also way too small for a daily iodine dose and will not sustain the whole body's need for iodine(not just the thyroid).

Should I also add VCO to my protocol and how much should I take every day?

Two tablespoons a day with meals.

Should I stop eating fruits because of sugar content Are there any fruits that one can eat while trying to get rid of candida problems?

Fruits contain sugar so no sweet fruits in the diet.

I have started taking LI 5% again with 2 drops twice a day. If symptoms that I am having with sore mouth and burning of mouth don't go away after a while, do I need to make any changes or just ignore them?

I doubt whether lugols iodine is the actual cause of this problem -- which can be caused by menopause, candida(thrush), lack of folic acid etc.

Is it OK to keep taking Vitamin E 400mg and Rhodiola 300mcg per day with this protocol that I am trying for candida?

These herbs should not create any problems.

I also wanted to mention one other condition that I keep having. I get infection in my eyes often specially when I am visiting India. My eyes got mild form of conjunctivitis every few days when I was in India 6 weeks ago. I don't know if it is a symptom of my candida problem. I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

Conjunctivitis can also be caused by candida. Similarly other tyoes of allergies and sensitivities can be caused by candida. Once you cure the candida, these allergies usually disappear.

Replied by Susan
New York

To Bill from San Fernando,

What is maintenance dose for molybenum for general health, I have the pure powder, can you give me the measurement in spoon size and how often to take ?

Also I am taking 20000 iu of Vitamin D3, what other supplement (how much) I should take to prevent any calcificaiton in the blood ? (I saw in your older post) What dosage do you recommend since I don't get too much sun in winter ?

Thanks Bill

Replied by Anon

Hi, magnesium balances calcium in blood- easy way to take is bathing in magnesium salts. Be careful with vitamin D supplements- there has to be a balance with vitamin A and also a decent amount of chloresterol in body to utilise it properly- it's better if no sun to use sun bed or take cod liver oil. Have you established thru testing that you have low vitamin d?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

Hi Susan... The maximum Molybdenum RDA is about 900 micrograms per day. Ted recommends between 10 mgs and 20 mgs of molybdenum a day for only a few days then you should take several days break.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can estimate, by eye or by spoon, 900 micrograms or even 10 mgs or 20 mgs -- its just too small. You will need an electronic weighing machine. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to purchase both a small weighing machine and a pill machine from an internet seller like and make up your own pills like that.

The Vitamin D3 should help with calcium metabolism but magnesium will also be needed too. Magnesium dosage -- Mg chloride or Mg citrate -- should be 250 mgs twice a day. Vitamin K is also helpful -- take the regular advised dosage on the bottle. If blood calcium is a real problem for you, I would also recommend 1000 mg capsules(or 1/4 teaspoon of the powder form) of Chanca piedra -- taken at mealtimes or just take the tea form three times a day. Chanca piedra is a mild diuretic that is highly useful for removing any excess calcium from the body and the blood in a safe way. Excess calcium also inhibits iodide uptake in the thyroid. And if you have any excess calcium in the blood -- caused by problems like osteoporosis -- then taking boron or borax would certainly help this problem. The highest concentration of boron is always found in the parathyroid whose main function is to regulate just the removal of calcium from the bone. Calcitonin -- a hormone from the thyroid gland -- is the one that regulates bone formation. So if boron is lacking in the diet, bone removal is increased with a higher amount of calcium being removed from the bone than bone formation -- hence osteoporosis and excess calcium in the blood. Too much calcium in the blood causes mitochondrial degeneration, loss of energy in the cells and also tends to inhibit iodide uptake to the thyroid and so it becomes like a vicious circle -- where a lack of iodine for the thyroid will tend to slow bone formation and a lack of boron in the diet also increases and accelerates bone removal. So proper daily iodine is also important to achieve correct balance in the body's bone regulation.

But the major reason for excess calcium in the blood is perhaps still due to a bad diet -- too much dairy in the diet through eating too much processed and heavily calcium-fortified food.

Replied by Susan
New York

Hi Bill from San Fernando, I am currently do not have blood calcium problem. I read that taking too much D3 might cause this side effect. Since I am taking 20000iu D3 because of working in office most of the time, do I have to take any precaution ?Thanks!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Susan... The RDA for vitamin D or D3 is only 200 to 400 iu. But its a known fact that in sunny summer conditions the body can produce over 20,000 ius a day. The best form is D3.

So I don't think that 20,000 ius is too much. I've also read occasions where cancer sufferers have taken over and upwards of 50,000 ius and more for their cancer problems.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

I need immediate Help and advice. I have been trying everything that was suggested. I was feeling some of the negative symptoms for couple of months now but for last couple of weeks, I am feeling extreme low energy, I feel totally drained, and very depressed, angry and irritated. My upper back hurts a lot. Pain in legs and other parts of the body comes and goes. My lower lip is extremely dry, cracked and bleeds some times. I am writing here everything that I am taking. I am not sure if my symptoms are die- off reaction or some other side effects. I will really appreciate if Bill could again help me out.

I stopped talking Cymbalta after weaning myself off for 3-4 weeks. I was taking Rhodiola and Vitamin E all this time when I was gradually decreasing my dose for cymbalta. For I week now, I stopped Rhodiola and Vitamin E to see if some of my extreme fatigue, low energy, and back pain was due to Rhodiola. Instead, I am taking SAM-E 400mg once in the morning.

I was on Cymbalta for 5 years. I am not sure if some of my symtoms are because of Cymbalta withdrawl. Though today I have been off Cymbalta for 6 weeks.

I still take Synthroid. can that be a problem since I take Lugol's Iodine now?

Currently I am taking:
* Take two tablespoons of ACV with 1/4 tspn baking soda in half a glass of hot water 1-2 times a day 5 days/week.
* I take 1/4tsp. of Baking soda in half a glass of water 2 times/day.
* Have not done carbicarb protocol yet. I need to buy Sodium Carbonate before I can start this.

For Liver Detox:
* Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes. Has not taken this for last two weeks.
* Milk Thistle -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Selenium -- 200 micrograms twice a day at mealtimes.
* Vitamin C -- As Ascorbate, 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
* Vitamin B-Complex 50 once a day.
* Tongkat Ali 80mg twice/day at mealtimes.
* N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 600mg twice/day at mealtimes
* Chelated Molybdenum with 150mcg of molybdenum in it. Taking two tablets 3 times a day for two weeks, then off one week.
* Magensium L-Threonate 3 times a day with meals.

I take all the above mentioned supplements for 5 days/week then take a break for two days.

Lugol's Iodine
Dosage: 6 drops twice a day 2% in a glass of water twice per day for 5 days/week.

Borax: 1/8 tsp. Plus 1/8 tsp. Natural sea salt in a liter of Fluoride free water. Taking it for 4 days and then discontinue for 3 days.

Take Ubiquinol 200mg , Fish Oil and Vitamin D3 5000, and Synthroid. Drink RO filtered water for five days and drink spring water for two days.

Be on Gluten and dairy free diet. (Not able to do it on a very regular basis.)

I think I mentioned everything that I am taking. Thank you for all your help.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

One correction to my protocol. I am taking 6 drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine instead of 2% Lugol's Iodine.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Renu... Regarding the use of Synthroid, here is an explanation as to why using Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) from bio-identical sources (bovine and porcine sources) is the better source of thyroid hormones to use for thyroid problems:

Synthroid -- the Problem

Natural Thyroid 101

Synthroid only ever provides T4 for your body. Natural Dessicated Thyroid provides T1, T2, T3, T4 as well as Calcitonin for your body in a natural form. Cacitonin is necessary for your body for good bone health -- and also helps to avoid bone loss problems as occurs in diseases like osteoporosis.

And here is why TSH tests are such poor indicators of thyroid health:

TSH - Why its Useless

Mistakes Patients Make(or their Doctors make for them)

You should get the Free T3 and Free T4 thyroid tests done instead. These are much more accurate tests than the TSH tests. Insist on this from your doctor.

Here is an interesting article, which might help you to understand more on the relationship between thyroid problems and Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia - its not what you think!

Both getting a more accurate Free T3 and Free T4 test and switching to Natural Dessicated Thyroid should help to resolve most of your thyroid/fibromylgia issues in time. Issues and similar symptoms to low thyroid and fibromyalgia(lethargy, low energy, myalgia etc) can also be due to low iron or ferritin levels(anaemia) in the blood, low B12 levels and adrenal insufficiency problems.

Just to also add that your anger, irritation and depression etc may well be the result of you coming off Cymbalta(duloxetine):

Duloxetine -- Discontinuation Syndrome

Your discontinuation problems of depression and irratibility can perhaps be helped by adding 500 mgs of niacinamide, taken twice a day at meals, to your protocols.

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, England

Very useful, important and interesting documents, especially on TSH. Thank you for posting.

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

Thank you Bill for your advice and prompt response. I really appreciate all your help in this regard. I am adding 500 mgs of niacinamide twice a day at meal times to my protocol right away (this is 500 mgs each time meaning 1000 mgs everyday?) Should this be also taken 5 days and then off for 2 days.

I will start taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid right away instead of Cynthroid and ask for the test that you suggested.

I am going to see my doctor soon. Could you please tell me all the different tests (including any hair analysis that needs to be done) I should request to get done so I have a complete picture of my deficiencies and needs and then may be after seeing my results, you can tweak my protocol to match my particular needs.

Should I add something more to SAM-E to help me with my low mood, depression, anger and irritation. Or should I go back to Cymbalta. I don't want to go back to Cymbalta if I can take something more natural to deal with this. I have Rhodiola sitting at home that I stopped taking to see if any of my reaction was due to Rhodiola. Should I add Rhodiola also in addition to 500 mgs of niacinamide or just try niacinamide right now? It has been 6 weeks since I have not taken any Cymbalta, can the withdrawl symptoms last this long and this severe?

Thank you very much for all your help and advice.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Renu... What you should do, at a minimum, is get the following tests done:
* Free T3 and T4 test
* Adrenal Insufficiency Tests
* Ferritin(iron) level blood tests.
* Fluoride level tests(from blood tests or hair analysis)
* Switch from Synthroid (synthetic T4) to a Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone(bio-identical thyroid hormone)

I also notice that you live in Michigan so I think you are in luck. Dr David Brownstein, one of the finest authorities on the use of lugols iodine, on thyroid problems, on fibromyalgia and on the use of bio-identical hormones (he has written definitive books on all these subjects) also practices in Michigan. He is a board certified MD who also practices Holistic Medicine and, when I looked up your town -- Novi -- on Google Maps, I saw that you live less than 6 miles from his practice -- in West Bloomfield -- just a few minutes drive away from your house in Novi!! Here are Dr Brownstein's contact details:

The Center for Holistic Medicine
5821 W. Maple Rd. , Ste 192
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Tel: (248) 851-1600

So if I were you I would perhaps change your doctor and contact Dr Brownstein immediately and simply ask for an appointment. He specializes in treating people with the same problems that you are experiencing. Dr Brownstein will also know exactly what tests to perform and he should be able to help you to eventually achieve a full recovery from all your problems.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

I second Bill's statement, regarding Dr Brownstein. Anyone within tolerable driving distance should definitely go see him for holistic health concerns. You are so lucky!

Replied by Renu
Novi, Michigan

Thank you for all your advice. I will call Dr. Brownstein's office first thing Monday morning. I will keep you posted regarding my recovery.

Posted by Jolole (Beaconsfield, Tasmania) on 09/19/2012

To Ted. I feel strongly responsible for my own health and after weeks of reading, re-reading, further research and filtering out what seemed specifically relevant for me, I designed my own health plan. My sincere gratitude you and all other contributors to EC and also my sincere apologies for cutting and pasting info and no longer able to mention the original sources. My request to you is to look over my plan if I can improve on this.

In putting my health plan together I am mostly guided by keeping it simple and by Ted's?? advise: "Therefore, above all else, you must first concentrate on restoring and healing your intestines in order to restore your nutritional pathways". To put my health plan in context,

these are my health issues : Urinary and saliva pH remains around pH 5.5, already for years in spite of cutting out all acid forming foods. I am diagnosed with high blood pressure (varying 150/78-178/82), calcified pineal gland, fibromyalgia, prolapsed bladder and bowel. Further I have long standing lower back/shoulder/hip pain, sleeping issues (waking up after 2-3hrs), serious toenail fungus, suspected candida and mal-absorption of nutrients and gained 10kg in last 5 years in spite of healthy home grown organic diet (no sugar, processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol, red meat, minimal gluten and dairy intake and one cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I use only VCO, have tsp. Camu camu daily, trransdermal magnesium as needed, changed to boiled tank water as tap water fluorided and have hardly used any pharmaceutical drugs throughout my life). I am now 68 and my health is deteriorating; I am needing to do something now, before it is too late to improve my health.
- Alkalising: minimum urinary pH of 6.5, ideally 7. The salivary pH is ideally 7.3, but minimum is 7. For simplicity sake, both urinary pH and salivary pH should generally be 7)
- Ted's bicarb and water remedy 3 times a day, ½ hour to 1 hour after finishing your meals. Take the ACV or lemon/lime remedy with bicarb and water in between meals.
- Borax: upto 1/4 tsp on a litre water sipped through the day for only 4 out of 7 A hormone balancer, fluoride remover and the ultimate fungal killer. Borax can also kill mycoplasma, a strange fungal like bacteria that can also infect your intestines as well as the rest of your body.
- Magnesium: For boron (compound of Borax) to be fully effective in reversing tissue calcification ample magnesium is required. For elderly individuals I recommend 400 to 600 mg of magnesium together with the daily borax supplementation spaced out during the day, and with protracted joint problems additional trans-dermal magnesium. Transdermal magnesium is bypassing necessity of needing to be digested and absorbed through ill-functioning intestines and will help resolve calcium problems and tissue pain. Spray areas once a day and let dry. Magnesium Chloride also has further beneficial effect on body as it is involved in over 300 enzyme and co-enzyme processes. The best magnesium supplements to take are Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag gluconate. Magnesium should definitely help your tissue acidity and is involved in over 300 major enzyme processes in your body and is a very important mineral
- Sea Salt: Take at least half a tsp of sea salt a day with water. Few seem to realise that sodium, in the form of sea salt and in proper amounts, is essential to the absoption pathways at the intestines/blood and at the blood/cells levels where sodium is traded out of the cell, via sodium pumps or symporters, for other essential minerals. If you don't take enough sea salt, your mineral absorption pathways will therefore be impaired. If you take sea salt then you should also drink more water to help detox the blood in order to maintain proper mineral/water balance. Sea salt also acts like a safe antibiotic in the intestines and delivers many other beneficial micro-minerals safely to the body.
- Glutamine: 500mgs twice a day with meals. because of its beneficial healing effects on the intestines

Daily liquid intake
- 50 ml of water mixed with ½ tsp of sea salt in the morning
- 100ml of juice with 100ml water and mixed with 50ml of Aloe Vera gel- 1 hr before food
- 50ml of warm water mixed with camu camu and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper after lunch
- 1 litre water with whole ground lemon incl. 6ml hawthorn berries extract during the day
- 1 litre water mixed with 1/4 tsp borax sipped throughout the day

For high blood pressure:
- Hawthorn berries: 3x daily 1-2ml daily in small quantity of water (shake before use)
- Frozen whole lemons grounded: high potassium beneficial for hbb

Phase 2: Enhancing intestinal health, mineral absorption and immune system
- Humic/Fulvic Acid: (dosis???) Raw chicken liver. Fulvic acid helps to make all the foods you eat bioavailable and this will increase all the mineral almost across the board, to optimum levels. Taking a fulvic acid supplements will normalize the mineral balance greatly within a month. Raw chicken liver is the best humic/fulvic acid source.
- Vitamin C: Continue 1 tsp of camu camu

For immune system: Niacinamide: 500 mgs 3x daily at mealtimes taken with (B50 once daily ). Niacin and niacinamide also help kill candida

B3 can increase the effectiveness of the immune system by a factor of 1000. This fact alone will help your body to more effectively defeat any pathogen in the body. B3 should always be taken with B50 or B100 complex for its synergistic effecs.

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to read and maybe improve on my plan

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Jolole, wow! That sounds like a HUGE protocol!! I'm not the one who can tell you if it's good/too much/too little, but I CAN tell you that whatever you do, keep calm about it!! You seem a bit overly concerned and that in itself might hinder your healing. So ease up and enjoy life!!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Lolole... Your candida protocol, in terms of strategy, should include the following:
* Take broadband pathogen killers that not only kill candida but also kill associated bacteria, parasites and viruses as well
* Detox heavy metals, bad halogens and other toxins from your body(a root cause of candida)
* Full mineral and vitamin support to address the nutrients lacking in your diet
* Liver support protocol(optional) to lessen the detox and die-off effects
* Diet -- avoid all processed foods(another root cause for candida)

To confirm whether you do have candida and for your own peace of mind -- take the test questionnaire at this site:

The full candida protocol is shown here:

Just some notes about the protocol that you have decided on:

* Borax is a good candida killer and fluoride remover, but using lugol's iodine(as recommended in the protocol) as well borax will make your protocol even more effective. I have had great success using this borax/lugols iodine combination in candida protocols that I have recommended for other people by email. Using borax with lugols iodine together is a very strong remedy. Not only does it kill the candida in the intestines and in the blood, iodine also chelates and removes cadmium, aluminium, mercury, lead and arsenic from the body and is the main remedy for removing bromine and fluorine from the body.

* Your heavy metal detox can also be improved by eating raw cilantro in salads 3 times a week and also drinking green tea several times a day. Chlorella is another good one for removing heavy metals from the body.

* Fulvic/humic acid does not come from chicken livers. Ted recommends liquidized chicken livers as a good daily nutrient baseline for all your vitamin, mineral and amino acid needs in the body. Although I agree with this, I prefer taking the dessicated liver tablets. Humic acid is found in pre-carbonacious rock stratas where dead plants have turned into 75 million year old humus or humic acid. Thermodynamic pressure has also been applied to these plant deposits which then become highly complex molecules that will help to kill candida(anti-biofilm), anti-viral, detox the body, supply trace minerals to the body, heal intestines and do alot more besides.

Ted also now recommends taking Sodium Molybdate for candida and this is also a very effective candida killer. Another advantage of taking molybdenum is that it neutralizes aldehydes by helping to increase a body enzyme called aldehyde oxidase which removes aldehydes from the body -- aldehydes are a main aflatoxin excreted by the candida. The only trouble is that you have to buy the powder form of molybdate to be able to take the 10 - 20 mg dose that Ted recommends -- the pill form RDA dosage maximum for molybdenum is only about 900 micrograms.

Your other problems -- calcified pineal gland, myalgia and bone pain, fibromyalgia, serious toenail fungus, malabsorption of nutrients etc should all be helped with this protocol, since they would all seem to be related to your candida problems.

Overall all your protocol is pretty good but please take note of the diet with this protocol which is also very important. Hopefully I've clarifed some aspects of this protocol for you.

Replied by Jolole
Tasmania, Australia

Dear Bill, thanks so much for early response. I just read the profiles of the people behind Earthclinic and wow what a team. Now I can also put faces to names and that is really nice. I am on a steep learning curve and at time overwhelmed with all the information I am sifting through. Some of your info is beyond me (i. E. Broadband pathogen or bad halogen) and requires some further research, which I will happily do. However, from previous reading I thought that alkalising my body should be my highest priority since long term acidity would have caused most of my health issues, including candida. Are you indicating that the alkalising protocol and candida protocol should happen at the same time? I will consider dessicated liver tablets, Sodium Molybdate powder and also test for the presence of candida and if so, that throws my need for keeping health plan simple straight out the window.

I'm already learning that my body seems to respond quite fiercely to substances it is not familiar with. I soaked my feet in ½ bleach and ½ water and ended up with dreadful skin eruptions around root of toes and front part of foot. Fortnight later and it is still oozing some pus and turning blue under the skin. Fortunately, I had both my feet in the same solution for the same times and the other foot came out just the same as it had gone in. If I had only put my fungussed foot in, I would have been so worried. Yesterday I took the first 1/8 of borax in litre water and ended up with bad neck/headache, so I did not take today. The kind of neck/headache very much reminded me of a similar pain I had more than 10years ago when I took lamisil for fungus toenails. Only 2 days of this medication left me unable to move around due to neck/headache and tests revealed that my liver could not handle it. So I am suspecting that again my liver is not coping and will take on board your feedback to support liver function and do some research how best to do that. I will also start with very low amounts of whatever new supplement I am taking to lessen detox effects.

I am confused about your feedback to take full mineral and vitamin support to address nutrients lacking in my diet, as my understanding from other earthclinic info is that with severe acidity metabolism is not functioning properly and unable to absorb the goodness of supplements. For the last 2 years my diet (fruits, vegies, herbs) come straight out of the quality soil of my organic garden, yet I am obviously not absorbing the goodness of this either. On top of that, I couldn't afford too many of those supplements either. It would help me to know which supplements are truly essential to take and to what extend malabsorption would detrimentally influence their effectiveness.

Can removing heavy metal, if that is present in my body, taken care of at a later stage when alkalising and candida has been taken care of?

One last question, when my body starts detoxing could that further spike my high blood pressure?

Good health to you and all other earthclinic contributors.

Posted by Singapore 87 (Singapore) on 07/13/2012

Hi, I would like to asked when ur took golden seal, will there be vaginal discharge? I've been taking all the stuff but still having green vaginal discharge! Is not fishy but smell like poop. So embrassed about it. I've been having that since I was as when I started my period. Today my stuff cames..

I bought golden seal, tea tree oil. Co-q10 head lice for my smelly scalp. I apply it the moment I got my stuff! A givenooria (wrong spelling) shampoo and conditioner! All from online. It seriously does help me with scalp odor. but the headlice smell as in the stuff I used is still there.

Doesn't smell already! I also bought givoneerina shampoo and conditioner! My hair IS SUPER SOFT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Lols.. and also many other stuff.. I've bought artichoke pills, co-q10 also. I started popping pills like they were sweets.


1) for how long does golden seal help? does it comes out with vaginal discharge when ur took it too? thanks!


Posted by Hippy_chick (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/17/2012

I've recently found this site and it's addictive. Thanks so much Earch Clinic and everyone for posting - it's a welcome breath of fresh air from our medical industry, which frustrates me beyond words! I'd like to share the love and post about where I'm at and again later as I progress. I've found other people's progress stories on this site really helpful.

Soooo... I have been living in South America for several years. I returned to Australia in November last year with what felt like exhaustion and this general feeling of not being quite 'right'. Nothing specific, just lots of little things such as... I'm 33 and basically my hair has been going grey since I was in my early 20s but the last few years it has greyed dramatically. The look of having greying dark hair doesn't bother me but not knowing why does. My scalp appears to be psoriasis (oily, itchy, flaky, sometimes inflamed). My skin has been so pale with dark circles around my eyes and just dull looking.

I saw an iridologist recently who was shocked that my pupils were so dilated even when she shone a torch in them. I started getting bleeding gums and general mouth issues about 6 months ago. I have had a few sebaceous cysts on my skin. A simple grazed knee recently turned into a 2 day bleeding frenzy followed by a festy, stinky, pusy 2 month infection and antibiotics. I've had very light periods for the last few years, a few months without hardly any flow, and lately a lot of pain and very heavy on the first day and virtually nothing afterwards. I haven't been eating badly in SA but haven't been in an area where there are a variety of fresh vegetables or fruits. The time I've spent in Australia in between - 4 months since returning and around 10 months in 2010 - I've eaten well, lots of water, herbal teas, fruit and vegetables, brown rice, small amounts of lean red meat, etc. Even then though, I feel like all the nutrients go in and out without being utilised (basically have had loose stools everyday for years now so it seems normal). I'm constantly tired, wake during the night, get up feeling groggy in the morning, have had low energy, foggy brain, been stressy, and sometimes quite irritable.

Over the past few years I've been very sick a few times. A little over 2 years ago I had what might've been swine flu. Basically had all the symptoms but was out of an area where there were any doctors so it wasn't confirmed. Similarly, around 8 months ago I had all the symptoms of glandular fever though a recent test done by my doctor came back negative. However my naturopaths theory had been that I might've had chronic fatigue following glandular fever. The test though came back with high LDL and low HDL cholestorol which was surprising because I don't have any bad fats in my diet at all.

Anyway, overall have been feeling like I'm aging rapidly. Like as though I've aged at least 10 years in the last 2. When I tell people that, they laugh at me, tell me I look fine (I wasn't fishing for compliments! ), and that I shouldn't worry about getting old at my age. But this all does worry me because I feel like my health is deteriorating much quicker than it should and nobody is taking me seriously!

I am now taking gingko, zinc, and B vit complex and started doing a detox through my naturopath which is all helping. I am in week 5 now of the 7 maybe 8 weeks of detox. I've done an intestinal cleanse (3 wks), now doing a kidney cleanse and next week I start on the liver. I've been dry skin brushing, bathing in epsom salts, and using foot detox pads to help it all along. It's made me feel much more tired and my skin got even duller which I didn't think was possible, though this week I'm starting to feel better. There are definitely nasty creatures being expelled in the toilet and my stomach and intestines still feel like there are battles going on within. But my energy is better, my outlook on life is back to being more positive, and I'm starting to feel like I'm returning to myself. Hopefully all of the good, nutritious food I've been eating is starting to get into my system.

Thanks to this site I've been inspired to take action on some of the things that worry me the most and a week ago I started oil pulling (for 20 mins 2x a day with organic cold pressed sunflower oil) and following that by gargling with salt water with a drop of peppermint essential oil. I'm hoping this will help my gums, digestion and skin. I've also just purchased molasses hoping that this will inject extra minerals into my system, make my periods more normal, and colour my hair with happiness! I've bought some organic ACV to start trying topically and internally from tomorrow too. But, please, if you have any other ideas or suggestions, or a similar story, I'd love to hear!

May health and happiness find you wherever you may be :)

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa

Hippy_chick, Just carry on what you are doing & intend doing. Then when you are finished then reasses. But you will have to do a couple of liver flushes. All your problems are there because your organs of elimination are overwhelmed that is why your skin is suffering.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky
2110 posts

Hippy_chick, very nice recovery post. You are on the mend for sure. My additions: I suppose you have switched from Iodized to Sea Salt? I am using Sea and Himalayan Salt and couldn't be more pleased all round. Speaking of minerals, if you can find a good product source, that contains all major & minor or trace minerals it would be beneficial. Here in we have the Great Salt Lake in Utah that contains all these wonderful minerals. Also any fulvic or humic acid product would be perhaps even more beneficial than simply minerals.

Also, make sure you are getting something to invigorate your glandular system. Try any "Women's Multiglandular" product to restore your hormone levels, which translates into strength, stamina, and energy. The hormone Melatonin (hope it is available in Australia) is not only good for sleep, but also a very powerful antioxidant that boost natural Glutathione.

Don't overlook the possibility of parasite infection (particularly as you seem to have perhaps spent some time in the bush) and/or pathogen infection. Lots of nasty microorganisms out there that can slowly debilitate the body.

Hope this helps. Please report your progress.

Posted by Tracy (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/17/2012

Don't know if this will be posted where it needs to go. But it's worth a try. Multiple Chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, food allergies are symptoms of mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic matters that enter the blood from fungi (mold) spores that have built up in the system. I have been ill for 8 years now, I haven't given up on solving this problem. I am getting very close to the answers to be able to live a normal life again.

I am no longer chemical sensitive to the max, maybe 5% left and this only flares up when the mold multiplies. I am still extremely sensitive to certain foods. I can now use nail polish again.. Yay!! I feel for all the people out there suffering so bad.. I know the pain, I suffered fibromyalgia for 7 1/2 years.. Now almost pain free.. The mycotoxins deplete the body of all minerals and vitamins and puts you in a extreem state, in the end you end up with cancer and will die if it isn't taken care of.. I became full on mentally ill with suiside tendeceys for 2 years.. Now I got my mind back..

I'm not selling anything, I am human just as you are, and I have a heart.. I have researched this thing for 8 years, and have kept me and my family alive.. My daughter who is now 18 suffered pretty bad with off centerness and still not sure what it is called but everything around her would move, like the walls were breathing.. Ect.. She is doing heaps better and can now eat more foods. I don't know maybe she is recovering faster due to being young. But I do know one thing I won't give up till we are 100% well again.. I am here to help and I am not wanting nothing from you. I don't want to help people for money, I believe we should all get behind each other and share information. I know a lot of doctors don't believe in this illness and they say it is in your head.. It is not in your head.. It is happening. Stay off the ssri tablets, they do more harm then good, they open the blood brain barrier and the molds can go straight to the brain. There are remedies for every symptom you have, including diabetes if you have been diagnosed with that.

My husband's health was probley the worst, his IGE was at 302, extreemly low potassium, extreemly high iron, was diagnosed with diabetes, low vitamin D, basically everything in his blood was where it shouldn't be. All blood tests are showing good now. It has been around 5 months now and we are all doing heaps better.. And no it isn't as simple as taking a pill, diet changes need to be done as well.. If you are interested in help I'm here to give advice on anything I know. I promise I will not ask for money or gift.. I know everyone else has, but I am a victim here as well and I am so sick of seeing people suffering with this. Anyway give me a yell if you want. Thanks Tracy.

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 02/03/2010

I was wondering, if Ted or someone out there, maybe Joyce could tell me the best way to self diagnose? If you are looking at symptoms, most of the time it can be one of many diseases.

Here on Earth Clinic, it is often very easy to find multiple cures for multiple diseases. When it comes to self diagnosis there is not much. So, how would you know if you have correctly diagnosed yourself without expensive medical testing?

Like all the people Ted treats, how does he know what to treat them for? Does he diagnose them or do they get medical test done somewhere. This seems to be a weak link in the natural medicine field OR a field I have not studied or learned about.

Best example would be a RASH. Possible causes are diabetes, candida, nano, mites, hives, contact derm, eczema Ect. I think you get the point.

Are there at home tests, like a candida test?

Because if we are treating something that has been wrongly diagnosed, that could be why we get alot of the Nays on here.


Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
512 posts

Hello Rebel from Somewhere USA,

Good question, but no quick and easy answer. The quick answer is to quote another famous answer "The attorney who defends himself is a fool". Some doctors I know say the same about the doctor who treats himself or his family. There may be some truth to this, but my addition to that fellow's saying, is "Assess the results of the diagnosis no matter if it is from self or another person". Keep in mind that your doctor is only making an educated guess when he diagnoses anyone and according to the statisticians (I believe this one was published in the last 2 years) in at least 50% of cases the diagnosis is incorrect and even when the diagnosis was correct, the treatment following was not correct. Doctors and other health care providers have received some extensive training in assessing how the person looks, but probably the most important thing I learned from an instructor was "If you only have 10 or 15 minutes to see a patient, spend most of those minutes listening to the patient". The patient may not know the medical lingo or the proper names for parts of his anatomy but they usually have a pretty good idea of why he/she is there.

I recall the young man who came in and told me "My gallbladder is stopped up". Ok - to clarify what he meant, I asked "What symptoms are you having that makes you think your gallbladder is stopped up?". His reply "I can't pass my water", made the problem clear. He knew exactly what the problem was, but as I smiled as I told him, "If I understand you correctly. you need to urinate or pee and you can't". With a relieved smile, he answered "Yes". I then told him that for future reference, he was blaming the wrong bladder, because it was his urinary bladder that was causing his discomfort, which we could solve immediately with a catheter and run a few tests on the urine obtained to see if we could find what caused the problem.

Sometimes assessing the environment solves the problem. Like the time I was called to the floor because a patient was having trouble breathing. After standing beside the patient a few minutes, this was in the winter and electric heat (which means hot and dry) all the doors and windows closed and the temperature must have been at least 85 or more and very dry. I started having trouble breathing myself. After checking him over and assessing the room, I asked one of the others to open a window so the incoming air would be aimed toward the ceiling, not the patients. Fortunately, I guessed right and the patient and I both started breathing better and I left with asking them to keep the room temperature between 70 & 75%. I recall a 6 month old, overweight after being hospitalized for 1 month for intractable diarrhea, and sent home still having diarrhea and his mother told me that the doctor who treated him in the hospital was wanting to put him on drugs to lower his cholesterol. She also said that he told her the baby might be retarded. I almost laughed when I told her I wouldn't worry about that if I was his mother. After observing him closely for at least 20 or 30 minutes, I told her that I saw nothing to indicate that he was retarded, but that he might be a hyperactive little fellow that was going to keep her busy. My assessment of him was size for age, except for over weight. skin color good and normal, no rashes or lesions, active, aware of what was going on around him, development good for his age, sitting alone on the floor, playing. Adding up history I was given intractable diarrhea more than 1 month, appetite good, no problem eating, stools (bowel movements) very loose to watery & mostly yellow. After assessing what I knew and not coming up with any answers, I began questioning the mother about allergies in herself, husband and their families. She knew of none except for asthma and allergies in the paternal grandfather. I then told her that we were going to try to peg the problem, that I thought it was going to probably be a milk allergy. We discussed how she would have to be diligent about not giving him anything with milk in it from table food, like creamed potatos, not put milk in eggs she scrambled for him and sent her home with a few days supply of a soy bean formula instructing her to return in 1 week for followup. one week. I also told her to use her own judgement on the cholesterol medication the doctor wanted to give him, but knowing some of the side effects of these drugs I would never consider putting one of my own in infancy on it. The following week the 1st words I heard after entering the building was, "His mother called that she won't be here today, but his diarrhea stopped about noon the day after you saw him and he is fine."

I recall 2 other babies I saw with completely different symptoms, but still the same basic problem of milk allergy problem. One was a 6 weeks old infant who looked failure to thrive and was barely her birth weight. Mother brought her in for check & to start vaccinations. Again I listened to the mother, asked about feeding problems, did she choke easily while nursing the bottle, etc. Mother denied problems saying she nursed like she was starving to death. While mother was gone to car to get her bottle, I thought again of allergy and asked the nurse if we had a ready to go bottle of soy formula. We did and little hungry girl had finished the bottle before mother returned, no problems with feeding. Mother and I had a talk about milk allergies and that the reason I saw her little one was because she looked like a failure to thrive infant, however her heart and lungs sounded good, and because she didn't look dehydrated I didn't think it was lack of TLC and care. Mother almost cried when I told her that. She said everybody looked at her baby and asked what was wrong with her and often made her feel terrible like she didn't take care of her. We discussed the game plan between her nurse, mother and myself. Send her home with a week's supply of Sobee formula, since the clinic was going to be closed for 2 days, she was to bring the baby back to the clinic Monday morning so the nurse could weigh her. If she hadn't gained at least 2 or 3 ounces the nurse was to arrange to send her through the system for evaluation immediately. If she had gained weight continue with the Sobee formula but delay her vaccinations for a few weeks while she caught up to where she should have been. Another good guess.

The 3rd one was an l8 months old with repeated respiratory infections/ear infections. This fellow looked like he should grow into being a football player if we could keep him alive long enough to make the team. After assessing him from head to toe, talking with the mother, I went to confer with the regular nurse practitioner who knew them better than I. When asked what I thought, my reply was this kid is sick enough to be in the hospital, but I think if we send him over there they are going to miss the problem and he'll keep on having this over and over. When I asked how much we could rely on the mother, if we let him go home, she was very comfortable with that. We then discussed that I suspected a milk allergy was triggering the congestion that was causing the infections and if the mother was reliable, I thought he needed some antibiotics to get rid of the infection, but he needed to be off all milk, and once his chest cleared up he needed some antihistamines. Another lucky guess. So you see, even when the basic problem is the same, the symptoms can be quite different. You know you hit the right diagnosis when the therapy corrects the problem.

To add another one from my own family - one of my nieces was hospitalized around 6 or 7 years old with what the doctors initially thought was "galloping arthritis" of rheumatic fever. They later changed the diagnosis to allergic to johnson grass, which she was surrounded by where she lived. This same niece started having blackout spells between age 12-13 years. Her initial internist gave up and sent her to Vanderbilt, where the neurologist sent her back to him after an extensive workup including eeg's, with a diagnosis of "idiopathic epilepsy". When her mother asked what that was, the internists reply was, "something arising from inside was causing her to black out and we don't know what the hell is causing it". She was given Dilantin, and the assurance from the neurologist that after a few weeks on this medicine, she would not have any more blackouts. Several weeks later, she had developed a dark mustache (which her male classmates probably envied) and darker hair on her arms and legs and was blacking out twice as often. We were smart enough to wean her off the (neither of us had any medical training at that time) Dilantin which seems to increase rather than decrease her problem. After checking out and reading just about every book I could carry home from the library, her mother and I spent the weekend reading about allergies and the problems they cause. One profound sentence from one doctor was "There is no system in the body an allergy can't hit and no disease that it cannot mimic". Mother started playing detective recording everything that she ate, drank or chewed, times of each and time of any blackouts. Her mother's detective work gave the correct diagnosis of blackouts caused by allergic reaction to ingestion of chocolate covered nuts or chocolate covered cherries, both of which she loved.

I remember a coworker discussing her 5YO granddaughter's frequent urinary tract infections, barely get one cleared up before the next one started. I suggested that there was an allergy to something causing congestion (fancy medical term is stasis) and that the best way to find it was to have parents or caretakers play detective with everything that she ate, drank or took. A few months later she elatedly told me they had found it and she was no longer having UTI's. I was floored when she told me the culprit was Flintstone vitamins - those cutsey little mutlicolored dinosaurs, etc. Then she expressed concern over her not being able to take vitamins now. After thinking over why she was having the problem with them, the logical thing was that it was not the vitamins, but the chemicals used to flavor and color them, so she took the suggestion to go to a pharmacist or vitamin store and inquired if they had a uncolored, unflavored children's vitamin to see if she had any problem with the vitamins. She later reported that they were available and she was taking them without problems.

Hopefully you now know how difficult some diagnosis can be, but in trying to pin down the problem yourself, asks yourself some of the same questions a nurse or doctor would ask you. When did it start? If it's a rash, what might have triggered it? What parts of your body are involved? All over, arms, legs, face or wherver? If it's generalized ask first about things you have changed recently that might have caused it: laundry detergent? lotion? bath soap? etc? Of course a generalized rash can also be a result of a day at the lake & contact with poison ivy or oak, or other offending plants.

If you are really keen on getting sharper on what to look for, I recently found an interesting site on line that discussed the (believe it was the Chinese) diagnosing by assessing symptoms and examination of the tongue. Just type in diagnosing disease by the tongue, and see if you can find it. I remember the textbook we had in the FNC program was "Physical Assessment" by Bates. Medical textbooks usually have a hefty price, but if you can't find it on Amazon or local bookstore, go to the nearest medical college and I'm sure they will probably have one. I can also remember a good article on line (believe it was a cosmotology thing) about assessing one's health by looking at the nails. I am sure that whoever wrote that article had also been gleaning information from some medical texts. Just try typing "self diagnostic tips" in a search window and see what you can find. You might be able to pull up the Chinese tongue diagnosis by typing in something like "diagnosis by assessing the tongue". In the meantime, remember that most trivial ailments usually solve the problem for you by getting better without treatment in 5 to 7 days.

Remember also that you can make a trivial passing ailment worse by treating as even aspirin and acetoaminophen have some serious risks involved. You should also remember that fever is one of the body's defense mechanisms and you don't kill your soldiers for doing their job. If that fever doesn't go above l04 F leave it alone except for keeping fluids going in small amounts frequently. If a fever goes higher a freezer bag of ice enclosed in a washcloth placed in each armpit and across each groin will drop that fever more comfortably and safer than the aspirin or other medication. Most of all remember that your best doctor is your immune system and you keep it in prime condition by giving your body the nutrients it needs to work with. You can't run your automobile's engine on kerosene or water and you cannot expect your body to run properly by feeding it junk food. You don't even have to worry about learning a lot of nutrition - our Creator made it simple for us by giving us color vision and growing a variety of different colored foods.

So just remember to keep looking for those beautiful fruits and vegetables, eating them as fresh as possible, even raw - and serve the different colorful ones at each meal. The closer you eat them to the way our Creator grows them, the healthier you will be. Fresh frozen fruits & vegetables are probably much healthier than the canned variety as long as you stick to the ones that have not been preseasoned (more highly processed) than the simple ones with just the fruits/vegetables and maybe a little salt. So feed yourself and your loved ones the foods to keep your immune systems in high gear, and you won't be having to diagnose a lot of problems. Eating healthier may be a little more expensive, but look at the time, as well as money saved, in not becoming a standard fixture at the doctor's office or the pharmacy. As I told a niece when she told me that whole grain breads cost more than the bleached flour bread, "Yep, until you add in the cost of the doctor bills and medications you buy to correct the problems caused by the lack of nutrients that your body requires.

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa

Thank you, Joyce! Interesting information.

It seems everyone every where is battling skin conditions these days and they nor thier dematologist are able to diagnoise it.

I am ( Knock on wood ) having some great improvement with the urine therapy on my own rash, I have had over 4 years. I thought it was several differant diseases.

This is all the things I have done and it has not gone away yet. I drank 1/4 Teaspoon Borax in liter of water 5 days on 2 days off for 6 weeks. I used a borax peroxide mixture to spray on the rash. Countless fungus and hydrocortazone creams. Covered myself in Nu-Stock for 4 days. Use clove oil internally and externally as well as coconut oil. I used the ph alkaline baking soda remedy. Oh and don't forget the mini beet protocol!

I am sure there has been more, I just can't remember what they were now. After I read about the UT, I figured I had nothing to lose. So the external application is working better than anything else. I know, my whole family is grossed out by it, but the say they can see a great improvement. This is all that counts, if it works it works!

I just hope to continue to get better results and hope this will be a cure and not just a treatment. I am truly amazed at how light the rash has gotten and the skin is returning to smooth. I could always fell the bumps there and some feel as though they are gone now.

I have began to change my diet some also. Being overweight has been my greatest challange in my lifetime. I have lost weight on numerous occasions , but alway seem to put back on more.

There is a workout program on tv, that I am considering ordering. It builds strength as well as looses stubborn belly fat.

My late chiropractor, who passed away this January. Always told me that you can prevent and avoid alot of body injuries, exspecially in the back, if you tighten up your ABS.

My goal is to look and feel better than I did in high school. I have feel off the band wagon before because of Stress. This time, I will try not to re-invent the wheel, but rather just take this life one day at a time. Let the past be the past and everyday be a new journey. We can never change the past, but we can determine our future.

I made so many mistakes as a young man in this world and have alot of regrets. It is now time for me to help my family and other people to avoid those mistakes that I made.

I will be posting a ten point plan for health on here in the coming days. It will be a plan I will try my best to follow.

Thanx again!

Replied by Bessie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Wow! Thank you, Joyce, for such an informative article. I'll print it out and definitely will use your valuable tips!

Replied by Bee
Anon, Usa

Thank you so much for sharing this, Joyce. I hope it can help someone- your stories reminded me of my problems when I was young. As a baby I had colic and tubes in my ears 5 separate times and chronic ear infections. At times my mom said the doctor would put me on soy formula and I'd get better and then they'd put me back on milk and the problem would return. It wasn't until I was 12 or 13 that I was finally diagnosed as lactose intolerant- by my pediatrician- a great doctor who I have never been able to replace (sadly he is retired now). I also never knew of the relationship between dairy and ear infections- but it makes soooo much sense now- looking back. Even today if I have just a latte with dairy my ears get a little cloggy and my stomach almost instantly lets me know it's not happy!

This website has been amazing and while I've read about health and nutrition for years- I still feel I'm only beginning to start my journey to help heal myself. I feel like I cannot afford not to- and with eating healthy, it is expensive, but I can't afford the alternative. I've had bad experiences with doctors lately and they are little or no help- none of the ones I see have any knowledge of things you can find here. Either that or they just choose to ignore it. I wish everyone good luck on finding the solution to whatever problems that brought them here. I personally have found some simple remedies to be extremely effective and I'm still working things out and learning what works for my body and how I react. Thank you for all who contribute!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
512 posts

Hello Bee from Anon, USA

Sorry you lost that good old doctor, because it is difficult to find another one these days. These days, all too often the doctors are like my son's. When he called in that he was sick and needed to see him, his doctor instructed him to go to one of those walk-in clinics instead of coming to his office.

My good old doctor that saw my children through their numerous ear and other respiratory problems, was also a practical and down to earth doctor. However, he never connected their recurrent infections with allergies. It took adopting a little dog with allergies to clue me in on that. The first fall we had the little fellow who looked to be rat terrier/beagle mix, he developed a terrible cough that had me about to carry him to the vet when he started getting better. The next spring the little fellow starting his coughing, respiratory bit again. My aha moment said, same as last fall so what is blooming out there now that might be triggering this. I had never noticed the unattractive blooms on the big elm trees in our yard until I went looking for anything blooming and that was the only thing I could find to connect it to. So you can say I learned from a little adopted dog to keep benadryl elixir on hand year round and start him and my children on it when the elm trees bloomed (looked more like a non-colorful nondescript fuzz to me) and keep them on it until the trees leafed out good before stopping it. In the fall the golden rods blooming alerted me to restart the benadryl and keep them on it until the first killing frost. This also helped me with diagnosing the basic problem with patients after I entered the medical field. When those problems occur mostly every spring and fall you can bet it is from allergies to something out there. You can also bet I told their parents to keep benadryl or other antihistamine and watch for mother nature to signal when to start and stop giving it to them.

My good old doctor was better at diagnosing some allergies though. I remember when I went to him and discussed the problem with my colicky, nearly constant crying 3rd. son. This son always ate like he was starving, although he did gain weight. He would nurse & seem content but usually 30 minutes or less after nursing he would be awake & crying. Thinking my milk supply was insufficient, I switched him from breast to whole milk formula. Same old problem, so we then went to a canned evaporated milk formula. Ditto again. After one day of no relief on this one, we went to a skim, powdered milk formula. Same old problem. Ater listening to my sad tale of woe of lack of sleep and a miserable child who was getting as little sleep as I was, my good old doc looked at me and asked "Is he still on skim milk?" and after I nodded yes, he then asked "What are you doing for the constipation?" My reply to that was "What constipation? It is closer to diarrhea than constipation-plenty of slightly formed mushy stools". I can still hear him saying "If he is not constipated on skim milk you can bet your bottom dollar, he is allergic to milk" and advised me to get a soy preparation formula. Got some of that stinky stuff on the way home, mixed it very quickly and fed my crying uncomfortable waif who emptied the 8 ounce bottle in no time at all and promptly went to sleep. Thirteen hours later, for the first time ever, I woke a sleeping baby up to make sure he was alright. Wow, it was like I had swapped a constantly crying, colicky baby for a happy new one that actually made both of us very happy with our getting more sleep.

You aren't the only one learning from EC (and other sites) as I pick up some hints from them myself. I have tested the inhalation H202, oil pulling (personally used EVOO) with results of pulling out something that may have been mercury from multiple fillings from the looks of it. A second round of oil pulling opened a small slit in my gum over the area where most of the silvery colored stuff (whatever it was) came from. Continued oil pulling brought a piece of bone protruding through the gum in this area. After a few attempts to catch it with tweezers failed I just left it alone for a few months, but sure got tired of that bone irritating my tongue whenever my dentures weren't in. After about 6 to 9 months of this, I finally succeeded in breaking this darned thing loose and carrying a needle holder forceps to my daughter and requesting her to close it on that piece of bone so I could pull it out myself. She did and proceeded to remove it for me, declaring it looked like a tooth. I thanked my daughter and told her that she was much better looking and better extractor than my last dentist. After washing the thing off, it appeared to be piece of a root from one of the last molars that was extracted in August 2002. Now everyone will know why I said I couldn't tell you how or why oil pulling works, but it definitely does work somehow or other.

So, fellow ECers, keep on sharing those successes you have, and we can all keep learning from one another.

Posted by DAnne (Downers Grove, Illinois) on 02/04/2009

Please help I have been very ill and got worse within the last three years it started out as congestive heart failure, my weight increased and then i started to have blood pressure going as hight as 200/113. Once diagnoised then I was told I never had heart failure even after they gave me meds for these conditions. I am allergic to sulfur which was given for three years without my knowledge to remove fluid retention this caused my skin to show marking and swelling in my face hands and feet, where I was hospitalized for these reactions. I was on a blood pressure medicine which was also something that I was allergic to which caused me to cough, and vomic blood, I found this out by the pharmacy who informed me of the side effects. I stopped taking this drug without the permission of the doctor. got hospitalized again and again for sleeping problems, pain in my left side of the stomach with continously increase in blood pressure etc.

just a month ago I came down with a bad tooth access infection which I was given the drug clindamycin 300 mg. doivan 30 mgs, metoprolol tartrate 100 mg, norvas 10 mg, which did not decrease my illness just seem worse.

The clindaycin caused me to get a rash on my face, tingling, painin my left side, swelling under my arm pits, and in my neck, hives, itching and now bleeding of red blood out of my rectum. I feel faint, can't sleep, have numness and other issues please help.

I have taken the sea salt baths with baking soda, and epson salt, that helps somewhat, also taking dong qua 500 mgs and dandalion tablets, but I feel barely alive and i am frighten to death of doctors now because of failure to diaynois, also was told I had ecoli.

I had a tox screen and they told me that there is mold in my system and higher levels of vitamin B^ nothing else. taking also coQ10 please write asap i need help asap please thanks

Glutathione in a Nebulizer

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 11/10/2013

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , ,

Sit back a relax because this another one of my ditties. I is a story teller as all will attest. Dang, I 've been down lot of dusty roads .

I went to Atlanta last week to get an Ozone shot in my knee. It still works after I spent 5 years with Orthopedic types to no avail.

While there, my doctor told me about doing Glutathione via a nebulizer. I know all you folks are up to speed and know that Glutathione is the strongest anti oxidantant there is. You produce this compound until you get old like me. Then you get it via IV's and it is expensive. I do that, but my budget is limited. Now, I got a better way.

My Atlanta doctors precribed it to a compounding Pharmacy and it is very reasonable in cost. I also learned from the compounding pharmacist that you can get glutathione eye drops which will delay catarats. We will pursue that also because we both in deep doodoo. Dang, guess we all need to read to survive. Regardless, do glutathione via your nebulizer.

Good people, your traditional doctor is not your friend. He is your enemy. You must rely on what you read for yourself when it comes to your health.


Gout, Anemia, Fibroids

Posted by Sania (Faisalabad, Pakistan) on 05/19/2013

I'm 30 years old unmarried girl having gout 7.4. Plz tell me remedies. I'm anaemic tooo and I have also fibroid in uterus. So pls tell me remedies for all which u have used and u r cured

Replied by Carly
Wa, Usa

Hello Sanai, please try 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 ounce of apple cidar vinegar, and when done foaming, add about 10 oz of water. Do this two to three times each day until relief is found. My husband gets gout, and this is what we do.... If caught early, this will really, really cut you recovery time. If not caught early, it still helps a LOT. If you do not have apple cider vinegar where you are.... I do believe that the baking soda alone in water will help also. Good luck to you.

Replied by Megzwakefield
Miami, Florida, Usa

Hello Sanai. Hope you can give us the latest update also. I'm sure many would want to know the details, as well, what are the steps that you have undertaken in your part. Cheers.

Help Requested

Posted by Anne (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) on 08/18/2013

I have Fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis and heart problems. Seeing natural remedies.

Replied by Gab2well

I have recently started using topical magnesium oil and for years have found magnesium has helped me with FM along with an alkalized diet.

When I got the magnesium oil, I found that it helps so much more than I imagined. Look it up and read about it. I used it topically and haven't done the suggested foot soaking with it, but it is supposed to cause the body to absorb it and have quicker remedy by soaking. Though I was hurting in my feet due to arthritis and it is much better btw from the diet change and magnesium. I don't have the bone spurs I used to have in my feet that caused a terrible pain for me. Anyway, I used the spray on my feet that were so sore from over work /arthristis also. Spraying them helped them right away. I sprayed a spray on top and under my feet. Now the magnesium spray can make itching or burning which is really minimal unless you spray it on rash/not recommended of course. It is suggested to just rub the oil in with a bit of water to reduce the itch or burn that may happen. It rarely has happened with me but it helps to rub it with a bit of water. Then after it absorbs in about 25min you can shower or wash it off.

Replied by KT

Look up information here on EC for turmeric, ginger and Blackstrap Molasses.

Replied by Sandra

For your heart problems you should research hawthorn berry tea. Hawthorn berry tea is renowned for its heart protective properties (either fresh or dried). I would stay away from processed supplements. The best form of magnesium is in fresh green juices or even chlorella or spirilina. Research herbal books. Only take fresh herbs or dried herbs.

Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/05/2012

Lisa hello, on googling the place you went to - wow! A lot of negative posts, calling it a scam etc. I dont believe everything I read on the internet and these weren't people who had actually had treatment yet.

I did some yoga stretches, sore of course, but extreme pain!!! Feels like poison. I cant use a sauna, I cant take any heat - I assume my adrenals, so I just take coriander, sodium thiosulphate, chlorella, wheat grass, lots of greens. It could also be calcium in my tissues. But how would I know? My hair analysis says both.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Robyn, Yes, I have seen the negative posts that you speak of. Personally, I don't pay much attention and it bothers me that none of them have actually had stem cell therapy done but bad mouth it. If you go on the actual site that is you will see video available of those who have been treated for a variety of issues. I can only speak for myself and my success. Still, I can personally say I have had interaction with these doctors that are mentioned and they have been kind, caring and honest with me.

I'm sorry to hear you keep bumping into road blocks. I still say, don't give up! I know it can be discouraging but keep working to move forward. Let me know when you get that earthing mat!

Peace to you, Lisa

Posted by Robyn (Sydney, Australia) on 06/30/2012

Hello Lisa, I have been following up stem cell therapy as I have been in hysterical pain for 20 yrs, barely got up off the floor, not until I became so allergic to everything I had to. Now I can't go into most buildings. I'm very toxic which has come down. I have done everything on here and more, although the toxicity has come down (slowly - my liver isn't working well - lab says phase 1 ramped up too high, phase 2 too low). My immune system and nervous system are haywire. I have more than adrenal fatigue, I have addisons. I was most interested in your silver pulser although anytime I have used anything with a current it put my nerve pain through the roof.

Of most interest was the emf protector. I can't use the computer or phone without being electrocuted so I don't get very far trying to research your ideas because 10 mins into it I'm screaming in pain. Can you tell me more about your emf protection?

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Robyn, I have seen you post many times in the past. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain all the time. I use different emf protection. There is actually quite a lot available today. I wear a q-link all of the time except going to bed as an emf protector. I don't need to wear it to bed because I have an earthing pad in my bed which grounds you thereby giving you emf protection. I also use an earthing pad under my feet while on the computer which protects you from all the emfs being emitted from that as well. I was convinced of their efficacy while at a Longevity Now Conference over a year ago. David Wolfe actually demonstrated them on stage and using a trifield meter which measures emfs. It was crazy what you witnessed! I bought 4 of them right then and there, that's how convincing the evidence was! Many beds still have box springs under them which is one of the worst things for your body because the metal magnifies the emfs and other electrical currents around you.

As for the q-link, here is the website:

You will find information about how it works, testimonials from some pretty impressive people, and the products. I have been wearing a q-link for about 12 years now. I have noticed there are a lot more products available now since I purchased my q-link. I wear the silver retro pendant which back then was the only silver one they offered.

Hope this info helps you. I wish you the best in your quest, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia

Lisa, thank you. I looked up the silver pulser etc you talked of. I had a doc that used an electronic regenesis machine on me at a HUGE cost. I was in extraordinary pain after each session, couldnt get up off the floor. And from then on I've had MCS. And one of the bad cases. I can't go into most buildings. It might be best if I left anything with a current out of my repertoire. I've been in touch with the stem cell people but I don't know how I'd be able to be accommodated much less make the trip there. Housing for MCS people is elusive. I'm trying to heal myself because just trying to avoid all chemicals is not possible. But healing has become just as elusive. I still don't know what is my biggest enemy. I have got the metal toxicities down, no way to really test if I've got the viral count down, or if I really have candida, have tried to clean out my inner and help my liver but the pain is as bad as ever and since I can't go near people my life is has no point until I saw your comments about stem cells.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Robyn, Sorry to hear you are still suffering so much. Whom did you contact for stem cell therapy? Don't give up on that thought. I too wondered how that miracle was ever going to happen!

Also, did you check into the EMF protection that I had given you the links for? I really think that might be a key to helping you. I thought of you when I saw the earthing sleeping bag because I think I remember you saying that you can't sleep indoors due to all your sensitivities. Also, the Q link because you can wear it everywhere. The earthing pads are also fairly affordable and can be moved around. I use them in my bed and under my feet when I am using the computer. Don't give up! There are answers... I know sometimes it appears to be monumental- I know I felt that way in the end with my hips but my answer finally came. I wish you the best, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia

Lisa, thank you - yes ordered a grounding or earthing mat to start with. Contacted medra - I think thats the one you went to, Hope hospital China and found one here in Oz - just experimental at the moment but they've been very prompt at replying called adultstemcellfoundation.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Robyn, I'm very glad you have ordered the earthing mats. I will be very curious to see if they help you at all. Did you have the chance to read any of the information regarding earthing? I was fortunate to hear a couple of the doctors speak on this subject. Also, does it help to just lie down on the grass?

As for the stem cell therapy, I went to ASCAAC in Ecuador. They now have clinics in the Grand Cayman Islands and Trinidad where a few of my friends have gone. You can google them and find their website. When you say the one in Oz is only experimental, does that mean they are not treating people?

Anyway, let me know how the earthing mat works out. I know you have done so much work at trying to find an answer as I have watched your posts for a long time so I hesitate to ask but, have you looked into enzymes? Wishing you the best, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia

Lisa thank you. Yes I take enzymes. This naturopath got me concerned. Enzymes and dhea both of which I am lacking are considered stimulatory and harmful for a dysfunctional adrenal gland. um?? It might be more harmful not to have any. The reason I am paying attention is my mcs is so bad & supplements can be too much for mcs people.

Posted by Laura (Clovis, Ca) on 04/10/2012

I have always been very healthy but got food poisoning @ this past Thanksgiving. Threw up all night and then started having weird symptoms of pressure in my throat. Then everything returned to normal. A month later same thing happened again. Then 2 weeks later, then closer and closer till more symptoms and by This past valentine's day (Feb 14) I was in urgent care with bloating yet could hardly eat, chest pain, chills, anxiety, fatigue, problems sleeping, racing heart, etc.

So many random symptoms that my doctor seemed to think I was just being anxious so he tried to give me Xanax. Finally when he saw me dropping weight (25 lbs in one month) he ran tests. Frustrating since everything kept coming back normal. I finally saw something that rang a bell, H pylori. I had him test me for it and the results came back positive... The same day as my upper GI which also showed fungus (candida) in my esophagus. This was in the beginning of March. I was put on a quadruple therapy of tetracycline, (another antibiotic that starts with an 'm'), bismuth 4 x's a day for 7 days and a PPI once a day. For some reason the PPI made my chest even tighter and I had to discontinue after 2 days. By the last day on the antibiotics, I was miserable. They made the candida in my esophagus worse. Once I started the flucanzole I started feeling relief in esophagus. After 7 days my prescription was over and I tried to get another prescription but it was the weekend. Within 1 day my tongue was green. By the next day I was miserable.

Doctor on call gave me an oral nystatin but I only took this for 5 days since it never cleared anything up. Got another prescription for the flucanzole (7 days) and finally things seemed better except I started having some h pylori symptoms again (not all the original symptoms but now a new one, a pain in my upper abdomen).

I had read that you can treat the h pylori with VCO. I have, all along, been taking whole food vitamins, kyolic garlic (2 pills 3x's a day) and a probiotic (90 billion). So the VCO really seemed to be helping. Taking after every meal. But then when I ran out of the anti fungal, this past week, I started noticing pressure in my throat ( and a dryness) and tightness in lower esophagus and my tongue is now turning again (white this time). I am waiting to see doctor next week since he won't prescribe anymore anti fungal till he sees me.

I have a book "Yeast Connection Handbook" by a doctor that didn't know about candida and then once he started learning more from another doctor, he embraced complimentary medicine. He states how important to adhere to a diet free of sugar, dairy, fruit, wheat and even legumes ( at least at first till you cleanse). I have been following this strictly for over a month now. Only eating greens, organic chicken, fish, red meat ( very little red meat though) and water ( lots of it), no coffee or tea. And he states that it is important to be on an anti fungal for several months ( he recommends a powder nystatin since he says the oral suspension has too much sugar in it. This is the kind the dr on call gave me and this is probably why I saw no improvement).

I also started a para cleanse 4 days ago. My doctor did check me for worms/parasites but this came back negative.

I really need some help since I have now lost 33 pounds and even though I am eating healthy and taking my supplements it seems like I'm not really progressing. I need to know the things I can help that will help both the candida and the h pylori... And not interfere with each other. I'm sorry this is so long but I greatly appreciate all your help since I'm so frustrated with the doctors not understanding of how these two illnesses interact. ALL advice is appreciated! Thank you so much!

Replied by Crazymomma
Luvsmyfamily, Usa

I was diagnosed with H. Pylori and it was recommended to take 1 oz. of colloidal silver daily for at least 6 weeks. I also have learned H. Pylori needs an acidic ph to live in. So I am drinking b. S. In water throughout the day as well. (and apple cider vinegar and lemon juice). I am sure my doses of coffee and chocolate does not help, but not ready to give that up yet!

I have found through the internet that H. Pylori is linked to many health issues: deficiencies in B12 and magnesium, eye issues, ulcers and polyps in the stomach as well as cancer, tinnitus in the ears... Tiredness and a general feeling of "not feeling well and healthy".

In the past, I believe it is the H. Pylori that has caused my skin issues, which are not prevelant anymore as I am working at resolving this bacteria. I would get rashes, bumps and itchy spots. Adjusting my breads and yeasty foods has helped with this as well as working toward balanced p.h.

Also, if we are being depleted of various vitamins and minerals from this bacteria, the depletion of those vitamins and minerals seem to cause a host of other problems. H. Pylori is a bacteria and causes a low grade infection in the body. Not sure what gets rid of it, or how to keep it away, but will continue to work at trying to eradicate it:) The more balanced my ph becomes, the better I do feel. (Also, I feel hesitant in the antibiotic course of treatment, since so many have struggled with eradicating it with antibiotic after antibiotic).

Basically, I took the biggest health issues in my life and tried studying online if there was any relationships with H. Pylori. It seems that most of my health issues have roots to the H. Pylori. It is quite interesting! And No, I do not have the normal stomach issues that most people have, but yet, I still have H. Pylori.

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec

I wish to clarify a big misconception about the H. Pylori bacteria requiring an acidic environment to flourish.

Based on blood test, I am a confirmed case of being infected with this bacteria and yet I have probably taken more stomach acid as a supplement than the vast majority of people on this site.

I have closely monitored my condition and found no related symptoms whatsoever as reported on the internet from the devastation effect of this bacteria.

There is really no single supplement that you can take to make your illness go way as I have learned the hard way over the years.

When I started taking HCL Betaine my condition significantly improved but occasionally I kept getting gallstone attacks. I have found that HCL Betaine would work only in very specific cases as I had to rely on other types of supplement to correct the balance of my digestive problems.

In spite of this I think I have finally established a sort of knock out punch against what I would consider the vast majority of harmful pathogens I have encountered in the last 2 years.

But first let me describe what a 100% HEALTHY digestive system should be like. This should become a real marker for determining what real progress is being made while attempting to cure your digestive problems on your own.

First, at any time during day or night your stomach should not feel anything whatsoever. Even the slightest long term continuous dull pain no matter how weak would be a reason for concerned.

Next, the appearance of your stools must be exactly as the one prescribed by many health professionals on the internet and absolutely no excuses whatsoever!! In other words, no diarrhea, no constipation and the color must always be normal brown.

Third, your weight must always be constant and tend to remain constant for long period of years. In other words, no big fluctuations whatsoever for the long term.

Any deviation from the above is a sign that harmful pathogens are settling inside your body and will end up making your life miserable until you can get rid of them permanently.

I see so many on this site who use the word candida very freely for describing the main source of their illness. That is a misconception because there are more than several hundreds of species of pathogens that live inside your body. Your illness may be the result of a many different types of bacterias, fungi and viruses that are attacking your body all at the same time.

All these pathogens can be controlled by your own natural body's defense mechanism.

The trick here is to identify those supplements that mimics as close as possible your body's own natural defense mechanism.

What are the most effective natural mechanism against harmful pathogens that your body has in place?


(2) BILE


Since I have been supplementing my body with all of the above, it seems that I may have finally reached the highest peak in curing my illness.

(1) Stomach acid in the form of HCL Betaine controls all pathogens that enter through my mouth. I don't have to follow a ridiculous diet that deprives my body from the desperately needed nutrients just in an attempt to kill off the candida. HCL betaine contains chlorine something that the body can easily tolerate while at the same time being very deadly to all harmful pathogens.

(2) Bile which I am supplementing using Lecithin in liquid and granulated form. Bile is another fluid that controls pathogens in the body and a deficiency of this vital fluid has always led to gallstone issues and gallbladder infection. Instead of following the rather very unpleasant olive oil and apple juice protocol, Lecithin which bile is primarily made up of, is all you need to dissolve the cholesterol that causes gallstone issues and gallbladder infection.

Lecithin is very unique in that it immediately dissolve on contact cholesterol and fat deposit in the liver that would make it much easier for the body to get rid of. THERE ARE NO SUBSTITUTES! Olive oil does not even come close to it since it is nothing more but a vegetable fat that only increases bile flow but does nothing to dissolve excessive fat and cholesterol in the body.

(3) Organic sulfur supplemented by MSM which also act as a very powerful substance against pathogens as I have just recently discovered. MSM actually provides a sulfur coating on the stomach that prevents pathogens from attaching itself to it and thus causing damage to your whole digestive system. I had just recently been experiencing dull pain all around my stomach area. Although the pain was not that severe it was a cause for main concern since it was non-stop. I took 1 tablespoon of MSM in pure orange juice to make it more effective with Vitamin C and the dull pain almost immediately went away. Dull pain that last for more than several days could be a sign of ulcers taking shape or even a more serious disease developing so that is why I had to take immediate action to correct this situation.

Since I have been focusing only on these three supplements, (a) my stools are now always perfectly normal, (b) I have far more energy than I ever had during the past 2 years and (c) no physical sensation whatsoever inside my entire digestive system day or night.

Anyone who is suffering from constant digestive issues and has been for so many years should not compromise the body's need for nutrients in an attempting to "die off" the pathogens in the body. BIG MISTAKE !!!

Your immune system depends entirely on what you feed your body with. You cannot afford to deprive it on what it needs to protect you against the harmful effect of pathogens.

I now realize that it's all about replenishing the vital ingredients that your body uses everyday to keep you alive and healthy. So far I have identify 3 main supplements that have cured many of the illnesses I have been suffering for many years.

Of course there may be more than 3 vital supplements that you can identify but as far as my body is concerned, these represent the essentials ones for a full and unconditional complete restoration of my health.

Replied by Lisa

Hi, I too had h. Pylori and candida. I noticed improvements when I stayed strictly on the candida diet. The antifungals were very severe on my intestines. I felt that I passed a true progress point after 10 months. For some it's even less time. It's been almost 2 years now and I don't miss the junk food. Apple cider vinegar is great. Read the candida section and follow it. I got rid of the h. Pylori with mastic gum, colloidal silver and manuka honey 3 x a day on an empty stomach. you will get better!

Replied by Anita
Bethlehem, Pa

Question: lecithin is soy; what about ox bile capsules?

Posted by Margaret (Clinton Township, Michigan) on 10/14/2011

Please help! I have nasal poylps and asthma, aspirin sensitivity. I have never had any of theses problems prior to chemo therapy. It has been over a year and the antibotics and steroids are only a temporary fix.. I cannot take it any more please tell the best natural remedy.

Posted by Gail (Greater Manchester, United Kingdom) on 03/11/2011

Hi Ted I am trying hard to come off prescription drugs. I have psoriatic arthritis, underactive thyroid, high colestrel. I used your reflux remedy and am now cured. Thankyou for that. The main problem is the joint pain which I have been taking msm 1,500 mg a day but the only pain killer that works is 440 mg twice a day for the pain and inflammation I have even purchased DMSO to apply topically but have only been using it for a couple of days. Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Your work is really appreciated Thanks again.

Replied by Lotusland
Vancouver Bc, Canada

I am suggesting this because I have had great personal success with it, as have others: Serrapeptase. This stuff 'eats' inflammation and pain, and will clear out any dead tissue in the body - meaning arterial/coronary plaque, cysts, endometriosis, COPD, edema, scar tissue... Its uses are quite extensive. Surprised that I haven't seen it quoted extensively on this site.