Mole Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shelia (Tx) on 04/16/2018
4 out of 5 stars

This advice works for me. I only recently found this blog. Moles are something I thought I was doomed to have the rest of my life. Since giving up artificial sweeteners, wheat, and corn my body has been growing these things like crazy. Their favorite spot in underneath my breasts. I have been using vinegar as a topical treatment and taking 500mg of niacin, 100mg of B-100, and 50mg of Zinc. My order of DMSO just arrived and I will begin using it today. This is day 6 in this regimen and I am happy to report there are two moles drying up and flaking away from my skin without any scaring, soreness, or mess. I had no idea.