Mole Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Vera
Posted by M.s (Athens, Greece) on 04/05/2010

So here it goes!

I am 18 years old and i had a mole on my cheek 5mm in diameter and slightly elevated. I wanted it desperately removed since i got it(5 years old), so when i was 15 i went to the dermatologist to have it removed. The dermatologist performed a shaving of the upper layer and then an electrocauterization(pretty painful). She told me to revisit her in 15 days. Well i went there after 15 days and guess what, the mole was still there.

She told me to come back in 3 months time because it was summer and she couldnt repeat the surgery again due to the sun. Because it would make my mole worse. I watched it over the summer getting a bit better. The swelling had gone away and it was a bit lighter. So i went to my dermatologist some days before the school started. The same procedure except for the shaving occured and i must admit that it was much better than before. The swelling went away after 1 month but i realised than not only the mole was there, under my skin this time like a big sun spot, but it was formed like clusters of small moles that looked like a melanoma, a condition also know as pseudomelanoma. In the following year i went to several plastic surgeon and all said that they couldnt remove it without leaving a very visible scar. I was so depressed, i had tried everything. From internet remedies such as lemon juice to expensive creams containing hydroquinone and other harmful chemicals only to leave my skin swelled.

I kept fighting my mole desperately till on month ago. I was doing a project on chemistry for the school. My research at that day was on oxidisers, so i came across hydrogen peroxide. That molecule was so fascinating. So i decided to research more on it. As i was searching a came across some articles about hydrogen peroxide and moles. I told my self, here is someting i havent tried yet. I searched on google and i found here at earth clinic may testimonials about mole cures and hydrogen peroxide. I was so amazed! It could even cure melanoma! So after extensive searching i decide that i should give it a try!

I went at the pharmacy and bought 3% hydrogen peroxide.

I then went home and soaked a piece of cotton a little bit bigger than my mole and kept rubbing it on the area for 10 minutes. Then i rinsed the area with water and applied a cotton soaked with aloe vera juice. I did this for 3 days 3 times a day and kept a cotton soaked with aloe juice overnight. At first hydrogen peroxide seemed that it did nothing but after the second application the area started to bubble and at the second day it started to sting. As i woke the third day a scab had formed. I decided not to mess with it because it would increase chances of scaring. After 9 applications of hydrogen peroxide for ten minutes then aloe(as much as the cotton soaked with aloe stayed wet) and then overnight applications of aloe i stopped using hydrogen peroxide. I kept using aloe overnight though until day five. Then i started applying petrolium jelly on the scab as often as i could, sometimes overnight to minimize scaring as i works like silicone sheets which are very costly(i also used petrolium jelly on the area everytime i would bath). 3 day ago(15 day after the treatment with hydrogen peroxide started) i woke up and noticed i had little to no scab and that at the place where the mole was i had skin which was a bit pink. I was stunt! I said, wow it actualy worked! And here i am 18 days after the first application completly healed :D. I am very thankful for earthclinic because it changed my life my this remedy!

Thank you earthclinic!! :D