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Natural Remedies for Migraines

Raw Local Honey
Posted by Momma_jay (San Jose, CA) on 12/27/2021
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Raw Local Honey for Migraines

I have suffered migraine headaches since I was 30 years old. They identified were so bad that I would vomit. I have used Sumatriptan to abort a migraine, which normally works. I am now 50 and am going through menopause. While I believe that my migraines are hormonal in nature and may be ameliorated by a change in my hormone levels, I have had a much better time since having two cups of black tea each morning, and in each cup putting a spoonful of raw, local honey. I also cut way back on dairy, but I think it is the honey that has made my situation so much better (and made me really regular too! ) I am so pleased! I did not see honey here as a remedy for migraine, but I definitely think it is.