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Natural Remedies for Migraines

Pencil Massage
Posted by Alelen (Poland) on 12/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

With my migraine attacks, I managed to massage my head with a pencil or charcoal, made in a certain way:

First, massage the right half of the head, then the left. I never crossed the center line. I started from the base of the nose, eyebrow arch to my temple. I was returning to the root of my nose with the side of the central line of the forehead, towards the base of my hair and towards, behind my ear. I drove lightly along the lines, stopping for moments in the points where the light pressure brought relief. Then, circular movements on the skull, then sliding down the side of the cervical spine to the shoulder blade. On the shoulder blade, I made several times a fast sweeping motion from one blade to the other and only in this place I passed from right to left. And I started everything from the beginning this time, the left hemisphere.

If I did this massage, when the migraine started, it was enough once that the attack did not occur. When I let in a lot of pain, sometimes I had to repeat it all two or three times. I had terrible attacks of migraines, many years. When I started using my idea with a pencil, the attacks quieted down until they stopped. I have not had migraines since 2005.

I should not hide it for myself. Unfortunately, no one treats it seriously when hearing the word pencil. And this is about graphite (carbon variety), which I simply collect electrons from the surface of my head. The massage pencil should be blown, of course, but not sharp. Preferably HB.

Since I do not speak English and I use a Google translator, I apologize for any errors in the translation.