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Natural Remedies for Migraines

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 11/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Earthclinic, Thank you for putting up such a fabulously informative site. I am a daily visitor. After reading some virtues of coconut oil on your site, I decided to drink it daily for weight loss. Well, I began to notice that if I had a couple of teaspoons coconut oil in the morning with my breakfast, then I didnt get acidity the entire day. Also, I didnt get migraines that day. I am quite susceptible to migraines close to my periods. So during those days, I have a couple of teaspoonfuls twice/thrice a day, and dont get migraines that day. In fact, I now carry a small bottle of coconut oil in my purse, and drink some of it if I start feeling a migraine coming on, or if I start feeling nauseous(sign of acidity)--after drinking the oil I burp (because of acid base neutalization and subsequent gas release, I guess), and my acidity/migraine goes off.If I am home, I may drink the coconut oil with some cold milk--helps immensely. If I am out, I drink the coconut oil by itself, and just drink some water on top of it to take the oil taste off my mouth. Ever since I started taking coconut oil (thanks to earthclinic), I have been free of migraines and acidity nausea. My facial skin had open pores previously--the pores have closed now (!!) since drinking coconut oil and skin looks moisturized. Thanks again.