Menopause Remedies

Avoid Sugar

Posted by Tammy (Eugene, Or) on 02/11/2013
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I have very few hot flashes and not intense when I stay away from sugar and simple carbs. This includes diet soda, artificial sweateners, alcohol, etc. Simple carbs turn to sugar in your body. It way take a few days to clean sugar out of your system but it works like a charm.

Posted by Nancy (Indianpolis, IN) on 08/17/2006
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I noticed that cutting sugar out of my diet helps cut down on hot flashes.

Black Cohosh

Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 02/12/2013
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Black Cohosh - Oddly enough, it was something that my M.D. recommended for night sweats, and it worked!

Replied by Grace

I did both, stopped all sugar, gluten and took black cohosh twice a day at first and I no longer felt warm. I never really had hot flashes, just felt warmer than usual which felt uncomfortable to me. I now prefer the indoor temperature to be 67-68.

Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Rebecca (Sydney, Australia) on 01/31/2009
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I stopped menstruating 2 years ago (I'm 47; my mother stopped at 46), and was pretty sure that I had gone through menopause. However, six months ago I started taking blackstrap molasses, and one month began bleeding. I stopped the molasses and the menstruation stopped too (it was very light). Now I have begun the molasses, the menstruation - very irregularly has begun again. I'm a bit worried why this is happening and whether it is normal. Anyone's informed feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Jennifer

You have to use unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses. That's the one they doesn't cause you to bleed more.

Replied by Akhdar
Larkspur, Ca

May be the high iron content....

Posted by Suzy (Chrisman, Illinois) on 07/14/2008
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Hi ,I just had to tell you what a blessing your site is! I just started using two tablespoons of molasses daily for my arthritis and hot flashes.Wow I just can't believe it works !!! Within two days my pain has almost gone away and no hot flashes and as an added bonus I have so much more energy! I am 53 and I don't feel or act like I am ,any longer!! God bless who ever came up with these {inexpensive} remedies. I am going to try some of thr rosacea remedied, I hope they work too. Thanks. Suzy

DHEA and Progesterone Pregnenolone

Posted by Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 03/27/2014

Hey EC....Since I hit menopause, I am considering using Dhea/Pregnonolone to help with hormonal/adrenal issues. Your input on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.....hoping for a quick response.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Lauren: You should surely benefit from the correct amount of these hormones. Start w/ a low dose of either and slowly work your way to a maximum dose.

For DHEA 10mg - 50mg. Pregnenolone 10mg - 50mg.

For more info read the book Your Hormoneous Life by Calvin Ross.

Replied by Lauren
Queens, Ny

Thanks Timh for your response.

Dietary Changes

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa, Usa) on 02/12/2013
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I believe I am peri-meno, because of my age, and I do get night sweats at times and seem to be gaining weight in my middle. Isn't being a woman fun?!!!!! ;-)

Anyway, I have noticed that if I eat snacks after dinner I will get night sweats. It seems like the higher the calories, the worse it is.

The trick for me is not eating after dinner. sigh.

Good luck to you! :-)

Posted by Caitlin (Austin, Tx) on 06/13/2012
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Not over-eating at a sitting can keep hot flashes at minimum or not happening at all. For me, overeating always brings on a hot flash 15-30 minutes after a huge meal. The point where that does not happen is when I only eat 1/2 of a normal plate of food. Also, if I habitually eat grains, potatoes, and sugar (high carb-foods) hot flashes keep me up all night. Sticking to a diet of meat, berry fruit (low carb), and veggies in smaller amounts than I once ate when I was younger and buring vast amounts of calories, has proven to be ideal for this older woman's long-term health and nutritional assimulation. There is also less to nil inflammatory arthritic flareups.

Posted by Diane (Modesto, CA) on 04/01/2008
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For 2 years now, I have been able to avoid hot flashes by not having caffeine. I even had to stay away from having too much decaf coffee otherwise the small amount of caffeine in the decaf would cause me to flash. Shortly after I started taking ACV (2 tbsp. 2 times a day) for joint pain, I had read that people were having success with it helping hot flashes. I decided to try drinking regular coffee again and I am still hot flash free! The ACV is wonderful!!!

Posted by Cynthia (Henderson, NV) on 07/29/2007
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Responding to the emails posted, I think Valentina is closer to the "answers." After a vaginal hysterectomy (kept my ovaries) I started realizing a lot more hot flashes (from 1 or 2 a day to 5-10 hotflashes per day). Took black cohosh which minimized all, but got tired of using it and wanted to help out my liver. I got mad and headed for the organic food section...did a liver cleanse, put myself on 75-90% organic and several weeks later I realized I hadn't had a hot flash for a week, they fluctuate now between 1 a week to none. Now I am seriously studying the ph aspect of my body chemistry. Valentina's email was reinforcement and I am sure I am on the right path. I am now adjusting my grocery list to include a lot more Alkaline forming foods and fewer acid forming foods. Wish me luck. I am 53.

Posted by Valentina (Sedona, AZ) on 07/18/2007
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re: Fountain of Youth-- I am 58 years old and I am still asked for an age ID when going into clubs. I have always looked much younger than I am - Here is what I have always done: * Never take drugs of any kind - no aspirin, no antibiotics, no alcohol, no smoking, This is most important. * I eat raw salads daily and use generous quantities of Apple Cider Vinegar - Organic - and Organic Olive Oil. Most of the food I consume is raw and occasionally I add a little cottage cheese or organic cheese in small amounts and about one time per month, I eat organic kefir or yogurt - The only cooked food I have is vegetable soup that I make from organic vegetables. I do NOT eat any grains, rice, beans etc. Everyone asks me where I get my protein. Apparently I don't need it.

* Still have not gone through menopause, my hair has no gray, my teeth are just like when I was young - I do yoga daily and callanetics and am very active physically. Most people I know are sick with all kinds of things and they run for a prescription immediately - this, I believe, was the biggest factor for me. Oh one more thing - I also use lots of fresh garlic daily in salads. This may sound difficult, but I find it extremely easy to live like this and cook so minimally. No grease in the kitchen!

Posted by Patricia (Mooresville, IN) on 07/04/2007
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Re Night Sweats: I changed to a vegan diet and am no longer having night sweats. Eliminate all meat, all milk products, eggs, and as much oil and butter from the diet as you possibly can.

Don't eat wheat products but change to rye bread, ezekiel bread or other good whole grain bread. You can have sugar in small quantities and use fruit spreads, jams and jellies on toast. You can have refried beans on tortillas or soft tacos with as many of the fixings as you like - just no cheese. Lose weight, stop having night sweats, and control diabetes too.

After three days I lost several pounds, reduced blood pressure, had tons of energy and stopped all night sweats.


Posted by Earlygirl (California, Usa) on 12/14/2013
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I started taking DIM with calcium d-gluconate for menopause symptoms/hormone issues, specifically breast pain. I have been on it for about a month and the breast pain has almost completely gone away. I am hoping that the DIM will work to balance my hormones and help me lose the unexplained weight that I've gained over the last few years (estrogen dominance?) Time will tell.

Posted by Loo (Boston, Ma) on 10/30/2012
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I went through a very bumpy ride to menopause last summer. After much research I decided to try DIM. After about 2 weeks I noticed a major improvement that I can only attribute to the DIM. I was taking 2x a day last summer and through the fall, but now take 1x a day. Relieves menopause symptoms and has been a life saver.


Posted by Diane (Palatka, FL)
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I believe there must be a link between exercise and hot flashes. I was plagued by hot flashes day & night, then started riding my horse for 2-3 hours daily, 4-6 times per week, suddenly I noticed I was no longer having them, but then when I got too busy to ride, they immediately returned; started riding again,. . . hot flashes subsided again . . .