Lichen Planus Remedies

Dietary Changes, Sage, Aloe  

Posted by Milli (Leiden, Netherlands) on 01/01/2012

I battled for years - and still - with glucose intolerance and candidiasis after nearly dying of peritonitis (inflicted by a surgeon carelessly performing a laperoscopy. Went into hospital with vague stomach pain, came out with a punctured bowel).

Banish all sugar and yeast and living as close to nature as possible worked a miracle! Zero confidence left in the medical profession and pharmaceutical remedies. My best friend now suffers with lichen planus and has been prescribed all kinds of steroids and ointments that don't work and are too painful to apply anyway. So she turned to me, her 'witch doctor' friend and is now on the mend.

The immediate remedy for lichen planus in the mouth is sage, either chewing the fresh leaves or if this is too painful, brewing tea from it. (Fresh) Bayleaf may be added to soothe the throat. Rosemary is less potent than sage but also works and has the added advantage of being a breath freshener. Lichen planus on the skin is best treated, depending on the severity of the skin lesions, with 99% aloe vera gel (skin mildly afflicted) or honey poultices (put cold-pressed organic honey on a gauze and attach to the skin with hypo-allergenic plaster). Honey naturally is antifungal and antibacterial. These are symptomatic treatments, however.

Systemic treatment means banning all fungi (mushrooms, cheese, beer and wine - good quality brandy will be 'manageable' - bread, peanuts, unwashed vegetables etc. ) as well as processed sugar (i. e. Refined, including all sugar derivatives) though honey and fructose may be tolerated. Plus complementing one's diet with beneficial bacteria to restore balance to the gut flora, e.g. Acidophilus (present in bio yoghurt) and bifidus. Once the immune system is functioning adequately again, foodstuffs such as bread may slowly be added to the diet again so that the body's response may be monitored.

Please someone try this and let me know whether this is beneficial to you, too?

Replied by Alice
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi Milli, I have oral lichen planus for close to a year now and just like your friend, I hate those steroids and yucky creams that don't work. Like your advice altho I know is going to be very difficult to follow but will definitely try my very best and feedback to you. Thanks and God Bless

Eliminate Vitamin D  

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Posted by Vanessa (Okinawa, Japan) on 09/20/2008
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I have suffered with Lichen planus since I was 10 years old. I once had a severe outbreak that lasted almost 4 years. This included oral lesions and lesions on my legs, feet, ankles, arms, back, neck, scalp, and vaginal lesions. After unsuccessful topical cortisone treatment, the doctor placed me on prednisone. Because prednisone depletes Vitamin D stores, I was told to take a very large amount of Vitamin D supplements. I started the prednisone, but did not start the Vitamin D supplements for a couple weeks. I noticed a drastic improvement in my lichen planus. They began to shrink in size, and the itch began to fade. However, once I started my vitamin D supplement, I flared back up. Thats when I put 2 and 2 together. I told my doctor, and he dismissed it. I would not take his word for fact though since I was also told that lichen planus is not father and his sister both suffer with lichen planus. I followed my gut and cut vitamin D completely out of my diet for a while. milk, eggs, fortified cereals, fish, less sunlight, etc. My lichen planus went away. My father did the diet with me, and his went away as well. Once they went away, I took, I ate normal again, and whenever I notice old scars turning pink and starting to itch, I watch my Vitamin D for a couple of weeks. I recently had another outbreak, and I think it is due to the fact that I have had 2 back to back pregnancies and have been on prenatal vitamins for 2 years, which have a significant amount of vitamin D. I think its finally caught up with me, so I started the diet that I did ten years ago once again, I have already noticed I am getting better. My father is currently getting another outbreak because he was supplementing his diet with Fish Oil, which has large amounts of vitamin D. Since he has cut it out of his diet again, he is also improving.

Replied by Monica
Ontario, Canada

Is it possible the problem may not be just Vitamin D, but the inability of the liver/ kidney to metabolise the pro-vitamin (as ingested) into vitamin D2 and D that gets released into the blood stream? Have you tried taking liver supplements (such as Milk Thistle) that will promote detox and better liver enzyme function?

Replied by Docw
Los Angeles, Ca

This is the strangest logic I've heard yet... You have no idea what is causing your malady, why would you toy with your calcium homeostasis? Has it occured to you that the waxing and waning of your disease is just that... Part of the natural course of your disease?

Just because prednisone can alter your level of vitamin D doesn't mean it did in your case and it certainly doesn't mean that the prednisone had no effect on your disease. In fact, Vitamin D is a critical component in dampening the immune response to your mucocutaneous lesions(lichen planus).

Stick with your doc, he knows best.

Replied by Askbeforeyouact
Las Vegas, Nv

The one thing I've learned through my 50 plus years is never trust your doctor. Ask all the questions you can and get as many different opinions as you need! No two people react to the same remedies in the same way, so find out what works for you and stick with it! How many times have you been to the Doctor and he has said, try this and if it doesn't work come back and see me. It's your body and money, spend both of them wisely, you only get 1!

Replied by Mrs. Yarb
Emmaus Pa
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I agree with her 100% My daughter has had LS from the age of 2. We did everything her Dr. said nothing worked for years. Her LS had gotten so bad I had to take her out of school and started homeschooling. I would be up day and night reading on LS looking for anything to help her out calling LS Doctors sending out emails. One day I he had received a phone call from a Dr. in L.A. He had just finished reading my email. He told me change her diet cut out milk he said to try coconut, almond milk not milk from a cow or any animal. More white meat less red meat lots of green veggies. To buy gluten free foods. My daughter has had no LS problems for 5 years now. But this summer she was at her grandparents house. She came home in pain crying that she had burning again I took a look and her skin was right back. The only thing different my parent did was the milk they drink regular milk. My daughter loves regular milk but I never buy it, so when she was at my mom's she went overboard my mom said she had to buy milk everyday. Now that she is home her pain is less and less I too believe the milk has a lot to do with. Everyone is different but I believe changing her diet and giving her coconut milk or almond milk has helped her alot.

Replied by Maria

What diet did you do, can you give me an example?. I find itching is unbearable. Thanks

Essential Oils  

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Posted by China (Kelayres, Pa) on 07/15/2016

I had Lichen Planus on my hands and forearms. But I used essential oils. It was a mixer of lavender, tea tree and coconut oils. Then I mixed all in organic plain cream. This I used sometimes twice a day after my bath. Also I took a bath every day with 1/4 cup baking soda poured in the tub. But you have to rinse private areas good after bath. Some people say you get a itch if you don't. It has taken it away totally. Good luck!

Posted by Ladyb302010 (Grand Prairie, Texas) on 04/23/2016
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I've had lichen simplex chronicus since September 2015, and I've been using organic olive oil with the following essential oils: tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. This combination has been amazing for the itching, hydration, and has soothed my senses and skin. When I was first diagnosed, the dermatologist gave me a steroid cream that I used for 1 night, because it dried my skin severely. He also gave me itch relief pills for night-time, which are amazing too. I later started using a cream and soap containing emu oil, and since I've been using that with my essential oils combination, I've been functioning with extreme improvement! I pray this helps someone.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

Posted by Marilyn (Plattsmouth, Ne) on 12/04/2010

I have been reading your posts concerning your battle with Lichen Planus. At one point, I believe in November of 2008, you said you were taking 1000 mg of vitamin C and Apple Cider Vinegar. Then you said that you found the cause, which was some sort of mite. Am I to assume, then, that the Vitamin C and Vinegar helped for a while but didn't cure it? And did your treatment for mites then cure it for you?
I have Lichen Planus both in my mouth and on my skin and am using a dexamethason solution which I rinse my mouth with twice a day for the oral Lichen Planus. This seems to help the condition, but if I quit using the solution, it comes back with a vengeance. The doctor wants to put me on some sort of steroid treatment for the skin LP but I am very leery of this because of the possible side effects, which include weight gain and osteoporosis.

A friend sent me an email which talked about the benefits of using a 35% food grade peroxide for Lupis, which is also an autoimmune condition, so I am thinking of trying that. It is inexpensive and looks to be a beneficial way to treat Lichen Planus as well as other conditions. We have our own well water and my husband raised the question of whether or not there may be bacteria in our water that could be either causing or worsening my Lichen Planus. So I am now drinking only bottled water, which to my concern, I am reading now on the internet, may be too acidic for me. Woe is me! Maybe I am reading too much on the internet! Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Marilyn

Replied by Debbie
Nobleton, Florida

I have been fighting sores mostly on my arms for 3 months now. The inside of my mouth and tongue are very sensitive. After this long, I decided to research the condition because it just wasn't going away. I finally come to the conclusion that it has to be lichen platus. I remembered when I was a child, doctors used to recommend sulpher tablets for various issues affecting the skin, such as impitigo. I just went on the net and ordered some. I will let you guys know how it works. I have confidence.


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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 01/30/2009
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I'm 2 days into trying "Betadine/Providone" as a mouthwash for the "Oral Lichen Planus", aka Gum Disease of the cheeks and tongue. This is similar to the cure for white tongue in another topic, which uses Iodized Salt. The Salt may work eventually as well. I'm very encouraged by the preliminary results though. Iodine kills candida and many bacterias as well. The protocol here is 40 seconds, 3x per day for 10 days. It's used for drug resistant thrush in Aids patients... and may aid in Gum disease.

The FDA approved perscription drug for Gum disease is Chlorhexadine, which as I said, kills ringworm as well, and is antifungal. If this iodine solution doesn't work perhaps I'll try that, but I have good preliminary indications that this will work.

Replied by Mignon
Arnhem, The Netherlands

The post is so old, but I wondered what the result was of iodine mouthwash for Lichen Planus?


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Posted by Neil (Usa) on 04/15/2015
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To Abeera, from Pakistan who wrote:

Hi, I am suffering from LP. It's all over my body, scalp and now oral, can u please suggest me how to use sulphur for oral lichen planus? I am so desperate by this LP. Please do inform me if there is any other remedy available easily in village side

I have Lichen Planus but not severe, I have an LP sore on my leg which has been there for about 5 years.

I have just started 1 week ago drinking Kefir made with cow's milk and also I have been rubbing a small amount into the sore. The change in a week is amazing. The underlying bumps have gone down and the redness is getting less. I am hoping this is a good cure. I have heard that kefir has cured eczema and crohn's disease, that is what gave me the idea to try kefir. Give it a go.

Best wishes, Neil

L-Lysine, B-6  

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Posted by Mspatpat (Dayton, Ohio) on 06/28/2011
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I have had skin Lichen Planus for about 1-1yrs. I tried all the Dr's suggestion. But it always returned just as bad. Finally and herbalist for a health food store in Atlanta Georgia call (i think) the Garden of Eden, told me to take 2000-3000mg of L-Lysine & 50mg P5P (B6) 3x per day. And from the first 1000 mg that evening my itching & breakouts decrease about 99%!! I like the L-Lysine by Solaray that also contains vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B6. Hope this helps.

Replied by King Kevin
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Yikes because the Dr. as well as me and my wife have narrowed it down to the lichen planus being caused by a high lysine dose...especially after you stop taking them...mine was 6 months after I stopped the lysine and my LP lasted close to a year after. Get .05% clobetasol ointment for the skin and a kenalog shot for the instant relief.

Haven't seen a bump in 3 years and have used the ointment twice in those 3 years. Only diet I live by is eat whatever you want so don't let people tell you to stop eating and drinking all your favorite stuff. I know I wish someone had said this to me when I was dealing with it. Just go to your Dr and ask for kenalog shot and clobetasol ointment. Done!

Light Therapy  

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Posted by Joe (Ct) on 08/23/2014
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I have had lichen planus for about 7 months now. I had a biopsy confirming the diagnosis. It has been very uncomfortable, and has caused my skin to become raw in some areas. I have tried numerous steroid creams as well as prednisone treatments without much relief. Finally, I tried going to the tanning bed a couple of times, and it is finally cleaing up miraculously fast. I know light therapy is one of the treatments used, but my dermatologist hasn't even talked about it yet. My skin condition was to the point of being debilitating.

Best of Wishes, Joe

Replied by Christi

I know this is a old post but I hope you can reply. I have been battling lichens planus for 4 months and like you tried numerous steroid creams and prednisone with no relief. I had to stop working due to my hands and feet becoming so raw and cracked and peeling that I couldn't wear shoes or use my hands. I, too, starting going to the tanning bed last week and it did seem to be getting better but then flared up again. How often and for how long did you go to the tanning bed until you got relief? Do you know what caused yours?


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Posted by Anita P. (Stockton Ca.) on 05/24/2015
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Saw you had posts for lichen plantus. I had this rash until I started taking monolaurin pills. Two pills twice a day. Rash was gone after two weeks. Now just small scars im treating with store bought lightening creams. Thought you would like to post for your readers.

Replied by Rsw


Thank you for your post. Can you tell us how many mg. per pill you took, and the brand? Did you have LP only on your skin, or did it also occur internally, like your mouth?


Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Tashya (Lawrence, Ks) on 10/19/2016
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Severe lichen plains healing:

I have had lichen planus for over 14 years now. The dermatologists say I have the worst case they have ever seen. One even wanted a picture for his medical journal! I have lost all 20 nails, have hair loss, and my esophagus and vagina have constricted and I have to do monthly dilations. I have many other conditions so will list them with the solutions that I have found.

First of all, over the years I have found that any treatment given for herpes works for my lichen flare ups. (Yes, I have been tested for herpes and it is negative). My obgyn had stopped my period to avoid eroding of the membranes, baths with lavender and lemon balm help. I have even applied lemon balm directly to the area when not raw. For severe flare ups, she prescribes me herpes medicine (valtrex).

For brushing teeth, I use Tom's natural toothpaste with propolis and myrrh, and a natural mouthwash. Gums never hurt and blisters have gone away. Dentist can't even tell that I have it in my mouth. I drink whole leaf aloe juice everyday, 4 oz. in with my green tea 2x a day. I watch my argenine to l lysine intake. A diet high in l lysine and low in argenine has worked wonders. A list can be found online. I take omega 369. I take isotonix brand vitamins and the ingredients in the opc 3 help the most.

Hope this helps someone with relief thru my years of finding alternatives to taking steroids. This week, I am going to start researching the immune boosting benefits that mushrooms have, thanks to the advice of the local health food stores. Best wishes on your path to healing.

Posted by Kyara ( Georgia ) on 05/14/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I've had an active breakout of lichen Plantus for two going on three years now. It took almost 4 months to get a correct diagnosis when I finally did doctors put me on oral steroids, steroid creams, and steroid injections. These things worked only for a short time and had awful side effects. I quickly realized I'd have to cure this on my own. Here are some things that have helped me: 1) A homeopathic, first aid ointment is extremely effective, helps with active LP and dark spots the also. The downfall of this product is its very pricey. 2) Tea Tree oil helps and is affordable the downfall with this is it smells. 3) Lavender Essential Oil is VERY effective if you can find it. 4) Epsom Salt Baths 5) Tea Baths 6) Cold Aloe Vera Gel helps a lot with itching and dryness 7) Lastly I've found that when I went to hawaii swimming At the beach, which I know can be embarrassing helps a lot. I hope this helps people suffering from this disease.

Replied by Jillery
Rawlly, Nc
62 posts

What is the name of the homeopathic expensive gel you bought? Frustrated here.

Replied by Jyoti

Is ur lichen planus completely cured?

Posted by David (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 01/08/2011

Since 5 month I have skin lichen plan, I tried, cortisone, prednisone, protopic, elidel, Tazorac, Topicort and Apo Hydroxyzine for itching, since I bought a neckless made of hazelnut dried wood, it slowly started to fade away. I am doing Soriatane 30mg a day since 1 month, it works. Success is skin well hydrated, soriatane and hazelnut wood.

Posted by Chrys (Chennai, Tamilnadu) on 02/09/2010
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Lichen Planus

Hi all,

I did read all the posts.And i was surprised to see so many people are facing the same problems like one i am. But feel little better cause i have someone to share the feeling, pain and information of something overtaking our lives called "Lichen Planus"..Some months back i was so sick i could not help myself out of bed i had fever and severe cough by the time i found relief not cure..i lost my father due to heart attack. It was as though something was waiting for the push down the cliff and there i started getting aggravated symptoms of lichen planus...which i thought was bronchitis or sore throat. When i read your information i feel we are so helpless to understand our own bodies with which we live 24x7. Understanding of Lichen Planus in chinese culture is stagnant heat and stagnant blood.. Anything stagnant starts causing to decaying effect. Cleansing becomes highly essential..Similarly yoga says it is cleaning of wind that moves through your body..which needs to be done via the appropriate breathing excersie and some hand gestures..

Please read this link and look for this moo-draa (this is how it is pronounced "mudra" or hand gesture saying " Varun Mudra " read it carefully and understand the is natural body helps relieve the lack of moisturein oral lichen planus. Also check "Prithvi mudra" for mental relaxation which is a must in this growing anxiety of growing lichen planus.Please try to take Vitamin C dosage i am currently taking aamalika (indian gooseberry capsules 2x a day)and neem capsules 2x a day (leaves which are blood purifiers and relieve the itch effect to decent extent...not too promising, yet helpful as of take vitamin C in the afternoon as late evening will cause disturbed sleep.

I alternate bedtime routine with 1. Oil rinse ( i have infused olive oil with garlic and rinse just front portion of mouth with this 1 tsp oil) (do not follow this instructions if you have Olive oil or garlic allergies) and next day an tumeric poweder 1/2tsp in lukewarm water (if sores are bad reduce the water heat from lukewarm to little more manageable levels)and rinse in the front of the mouth and spit it out but do not wash your mouth, let the tumeric particles remain(do not follow this instructions if you have tumeric allergies)...try not to take it closer to throat...not harmful cause it is just spice but may leave unpleasant taste..but i sure did get quick relief from open sores and they are sealed all the time and do not oooze bloody taste in the mouth.

Check this website for some yoga techniques to cool off your internal self as i mentioned earlier...body is captured heat that does not convert into energy and flow out..instead stagnant and causes ailments...

2nd Posture is one which unwinds and cools off the body...but read the instructions carefully and consult a yoga practitioner for good results...slowly take this situation under control...but haste we may do more harm then good..We should not bombard ourselves with tons of medications..

Do read these techniques :

Once you try them once a day chalkout the techniques that made you see the happy and soothing results (much needed now)...Put them in front of you or place you visit the most (for me it is the kitchen) paste it and write on the heading "If it is to be it is upto me" do check with your doctors everytime...period of 5days/10days/15days

These are just over and above your regular medicines...hope this helps...atleast ithelps me to know we are helping stranger who bought us togather for a cause..treat this group as your study group...and work...we will see reults and hope for any future cases..I hope doctors read these case studies...

4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with lichen planus in November 2008. I saw a dermatologist who was to say the least not helpful with information in regards to this condition and told me to "just live with it and be grateful that it's not worse" I have been working with an Herbalist and only using natural, organic products. I take daily: 3 Source of Life vitamins, 6 oral enzymes, 6 skin cleansers, 6 ignatia, and I shower daily with a liquid bath soap made with lavendar, olive, coconut, and palm oil. I also use an eczasalve for itching. Lichen planus starts from the inside and I have learned that in order to at least stabilize it, I have to treat it from the inside out. I had in my mouth when diagnosed and it has not gone. I would suggest to anyone who also suffer with this to learn about Natural and Organic healing products.

Replied by Marie

I am so appreciative of all this information. Especially yours, as I also have lichen planus in my mouth. I cannot eat anything even a little spicy. My gums hurt to the nerve if I do. My gums bleed just about everyday. My dentist diagnosed me with this problem upon a series of painful tests. Please post more information as I will follow your posts. Need help, Marie