Lichen Planus Remedies


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Posted by Meera (Gold Coast, Australia ) on 07/03/2020

Taking LDN has put my LP into remission after two years of trying numerous dietary changes.

Light Therapy

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Posted by Joe (Ct) on 08/23/2014

I have had lichen planus for about 7 months now. I had a biopsy confirming the diagnosis. It has been very uncomfortable, and has caused my skin to become raw in some areas. I have tried numerous steroid creams as well as prednisone treatments without much relief. Finally, I tried going to the tanning bed a couple of times, and it is finally cleaing up miraculously fast. I know light therapy is one of the treatments used, but my dermatologist hasn't even talked about it yet. My skin condition was to the point of being debilitating.

Best of Wishes, Joe

Replied by Christi

I know this is a old post but I hope you can reply. I have been battling lichens planus for 4 months and like you tried numerous steroid creams and prednisone with no relief. I had to stop working due to my hands and feet becoming so raw and cracked and peeling that I couldn't wear shoes or use my hands. I, too, starting going to the tanning bed last week and it did seem to be getting better but then flared up again. How often and for how long did you go to the tanning bed until you got relief? Do you know what caused yours?


It's an autoimmune response. Mine was caused by hypersensitivity to mercury.

Struggled for years had it on skin tongue scalp and genitals. I was misdiagnosed with psoriasis geographic tongue dandruff and jock itch.

Olive leaf extract helps.

Hopefully, they will clear after removing dental amalgam.


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Posted by Anita P. (Stockton Ca.) on 05/24/2015

Saw you had posts for lichen plantus. I had this rash until I started taking monolaurin pills. Two pills twice a day. Rash was gone after two weeks. Now just small scars im treating with store bought lightening creams. Thought you would like to post for your readers.

Replied by Rsw


Thank you for your post. Can you tell us how many mg. per pill you took, and the brand? Did you have LP only on your skin, or did it also occur internally, like your mouth?


Replied by Amelia
(Los Angeles)

How long ago did you have it for? Are you still taking Monolaurin? I started taking it after seeing your post, I have it all over my body, I am afraid to use steroids ointments due to flare ups . Have your LP come back? How long have you been free from LP? Are you atill taking Monolaurin? Please help, thank you

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Tashya (Lawrence, Ks) on 10/19/2016

Severe lichen plains healing:

I have had lichen planus for over 14 years now. The dermatologists say I have the worst case they have ever seen. One even wanted a picture for his medical journal! I have lost all 20 nails, have hair loss, and my esophagus and vagina have constricted and I have to do monthly dilations. I have many other conditions so will list them with the solutions that I have found.

First of all, over the years I have found that any treatment given for herpes works for my lichen flare ups. (Yes, I have been tested for herpes and it is negative). My obgyn had stopped my period to avoid eroding of the membranes, baths with lavender and lemon balm help. I have even applied lemon balm directly to the area when not raw. For severe flare ups, she prescribes me herpes medicine (valtrex).

For brushing teeth, I use Tom's natural toothpaste with propolis and myrrh, and a natural mouthwash. Gums never hurt and blisters have gone away. Dentist can't even tell that I have it in my mouth. I drink whole leaf aloe juice everyday, 4 oz. in with my green tea 2x a day. I watch my argenine to l lysine intake. A diet high in l lysine and low in argenine has worked wonders. A list can be found online. I take omega 369. I take isotonix brand vitamins and the ingredients in the opc 3 help the most.

Hope this helps someone with relief thru my years of finding alternatives to taking steroids. This week, I am going to start researching the immune boosting benefits that mushrooms have, thanks to the advice of the local health food stores. Best wishes on your path to healing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kyara ( Georgia ) on 05/14/2015

I've had an active breakout of lichen Plantus for two going on three years now. It took almost 4 months to get a correct diagnosis when I finally did doctors put me on oral steroids, steroid creams, and steroid injections. These things worked only for a short time and had awful side effects. I quickly realized I'd have to cure this on my own. Here are some things that have helped me: 1) A homeopathic, first aid ointment is extremely effective, helps with active LP and dark spots the also. The downfall of this product is its very pricey. 2) Tea Tree oil helps and is affordable the downfall with this is it smells. 3) Lavender Essential Oil is VERY effective if you can find it. 4) Epsom Salt Baths 5) Tea Baths 6) Cold Aloe Vera Gel helps a lot with itching and dryness 7) Lastly I've found that when I went to hawaii swimming At the beach, which I know can be embarrassing helps a lot. I hope this helps people suffering from this disease.

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

What is the name of the homeopathic expensive gel you bought? Frustrated here.

Replied by Jyoti

Is ur lichen planus completely cured?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by David (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 01/08/2011

Since 5 month I have skin lichen plan, I tried, cortisone, prednisone, protopic, elidel, Tazorac, Topicort and Apo Hydroxyzine for itching, since I bought a neckless made of hazelnut dried wood, it slowly started to fade away. I am doing Soriatane 30mg a day since 1 month, it works. Success is skin well hydrated, soriatane and hazelnut wood.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chrys (Chennai, Tamilnadu) on 02/09/2010

Lichen Planus

Hi all,

I did read all the posts.And i was surprised to see so many people are facing the same problems like one i am. But feel little better cause i have someone to share the feeling, pain and information of something overtaking our lives called "Lichen Planus"..Some months back i was so sick i could not help myself out of bed i had fever and severe cough by the time i found relief not cure..i lost my father due to heart attack. It was as though something was waiting for the push down the cliff and there i started getting aggravated symptoms of lichen planus...which i thought was bronchitis or sore throat. When i read your information i feel we are so helpless to understand our own bodies with which we live 24x7. Understanding of Lichen Planus in chinese culture is stagnant heat and stagnant blood.. Anything stagnant starts causing to decaying effect. Cleansing becomes highly essential..Similarly yoga says it is cleaning of wind that moves through your body..which needs to be done via the appropriate breathing excersie and some hand gestures..

Please read this link and look for this moo-draa (this is how it is pronounced "mudra" or hand gesture saying " Varun Mudra " read it carefully and understand the is natural body helps relieve the lack of moisturein oral lichen planus. Also check "Prithvi mudra" for mental relaxation which is a must in this growing anxiety of growing lichen planus.Please try to take Vitamin C dosage i am currently taking aamalika (indian gooseberry capsules 2x a day)and neem capsules 2x a day (leaves which are blood purifiers and relieve the itch effect to decent extent...not too promising, yet helpful as of take vitamin C in the afternoon as late evening will cause disturbed sleep.

I alternate bedtime routine with 1. Oil rinse ( i have infused olive oil with garlic and rinse just front portion of mouth with this 1 tsp oil) (do not follow this instructions if you have Olive oil or garlic allergies) and next day an tumeric poweder 1/2tsp in lukewarm water (if sores are bad reduce the water heat from lukewarm to little more manageable levels)and rinse in the front of the mouth and spit it out but do not wash your mouth, let the tumeric particles remain(do not follow this instructions if you have tumeric allergies)...try not to take it closer to throat...not harmful cause it is just spice but may leave unpleasant taste..but i sure did get quick relief from open sores and they are sealed all the time and do not oooze bloody taste in the mouth.

Check this website for some yoga techniques to cool off your internal self as i mentioned earlier...body is captured heat that does not convert into energy and flow out..instead stagnant and causes ailments...

2nd Posture is one which unwinds and cools off the body...but read the instructions carefully and consult a yoga practitioner for good results...slowly take this situation under control...but haste we may do more harm then good..We should not bombard ourselves with tons of medications..

Do read these techniques :

Once you try them once a day chalkout the techniques that made you see the happy and soothing results (much needed now)...Put them in front of you or place you visit the most (for me it is the kitchen) paste it and write on the heading "If it is to be it is upto me" do check with your doctors everytime...period of 5days/10days/15days

These are just over and above your regular medicines...hope this helps...atleast ithelps me to know we are helping stranger who bought us togather for a cause..treat this group as your study group...and work...we will see reults and hope for any future cases..I hope doctors read these case studies...

Replied by Taranjeet

Hi dear, I am suffering from oral lichen planus too from past few years and have tried with corticosteroid therapy and steroids injections. Later I started with ayurvedic treatment and it has reduced to some extent.

Multiple Remedies

I was diagnosed with lichen planus in November 2008. I saw a dermatologist who was to say the least not helpful with information in regards to this condition and told me to "just live with it and be grateful that it's not worse" I have been working with an Herbalist and only using natural, organic products. I take daily: 3 Source of Life vitamins, 6 oral enzymes, 6 skin cleansers, 6 ignatia, and I shower daily with a liquid bath soap made with lavendar, olive, coconut, and palm oil. I also use an eczasalve for itching. Lichen planus starts from the inside and I have learned that in order to at least stabilize it, I have to treat it from the inside out. I had in my mouth when diagnosed and it has not gone. I would suggest to anyone who also suffer with this to learn about Natural and Organic healing products.

Replied by Marie

I am so appreciative of all this information. Especially yours, as I also have lichen planus in my mouth. I cannot eat anything even a little spicy. My gums hurt to the nerve if I do. My gums bleed just about everyday. My dentist diagnosed me with this problem upon a series of painful tests. Please post more information as I will follow your posts. Need help, Marie

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Savanah (Guelph, CA) on 09/21/2008

Drink 1 full tsp baking soda in a glass of water to take away the itch of Lichen Planus. Also when extremly itchy apply ice under a cloth, also I have tried Mr Clean Wipes with Antibacterial and they worked really well. Also just baking soda and water paste applied on the lessions and let dry against skin. One more is, I have applied the little yellow container of Carmex lip balm for cold sores to lessions and it works too. For my mouth I use Oracort Dental Paste that you dab not rub as it turns grandular if you rub it. You only need a ml size of it.

Olive Leaf

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Posted by Yass (London, Uk ) on 04/04/2013

Please, anyone with mouth lichen planus, please try olive leaf you can swallow.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Could you please elaborate on the dose and kind of olive leaf you are suggesting? I have tried olive leaf capsules and didn't notice any improvement in LP. I only took a small dose and would be interested in hearing how much, how often and what kind of olive leaf you used. Are you completely cured or is it temporary relief? Thanks!

Replied by Madelyn

Hi Matthew,

Would you mind sharing where specifically you order the olive leaf from? I'm looking for a good source. Thank you :)

Replied by Will

Hello, olive leaf In itself is completely safe to use. Myself I buy a olive leaf extract in tincture form. You can use it straight but I recommend mixing it 50/50 with cold pressed olive oil (organic) it's help with any skin disorder or viral infection.

Replied by Marie
(New York)

Hi, I use olive leaf for about two months now and the salesman in the healthfood store said that olive leaf shouldn't be used for more than a few months at a time..He said since it's an herb it can take out good bacteria in the gut.. I also use probiotics.. Is this true? I use it to help lower my blood pressure. I also use a few other things.. Thank You


Olive leaf actually helps your gut. It is Prebiotic and does not adversely affect your probiotics. I buy ground olive leaf in bulk 1 lbs bag from California. A teaspoon or 2 a day in Juice or under the tongue and sip liquid or salivate and swish cleared after a month.

Replied by Mike62

Marie: The longest lived animal in the world spends all day every day eating marine phytoplankton. Scientists asked centenarians in China what they ate and they said they drank several cups of jiaogulan every day. Indians living on an island in the Caribbean drink 6 cups of cocoa every day. A 54 year old Tarahumara had the best time in a 100 mile race at an elevation of 10,000ft. A year later some runners, including a man who won a 125 mile race in death valley during the summer, went to the copper canyons of northern Mexico. They raced 50 miles over rough terrain. The indian won. Every day all his life he ate corn and beans. A master herbalist in Arizona takes he sho wu, hu zhang, and jiaogulan every day. He is 70 years old. When he is not working in his herbal business he is working on his ranch with his beloved wife. I am not sure because many herbalists say cells develop tolerance and that they should be cycled, food too.

Oral Lichen Planus Treatment

Posted by Gonyx (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 10/20/2013

Dear Ma'am/ Sir,

My name is Atira from Indonesia. I've been diagnosed for Oral Lichen planus for 4 years now. My OM Doctor prescibes me to use Klorderma and Solcoceryl (ointment). I use Klorderma twice a day and the next day I will use Solcoceryl twice a day also. I would like to ask you whether there are any treatment for this OLP using baking soda or other herbs. My tongue condition now is red at the side of my tongue and it's very painful if touched to the teeth or food. Right now I only use my left side of the mouth to eat. Last April, I had my 2nd biopsy and Thank God everything is clear, only the red and soreness left. Thank you so much for your help. I hope that you could help me with my problems.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

I have oral LP, also, and after trying many things for over 5 years, I have found something that has cleared the part of my mouth that I had biopsied to confirm the LP. This has been confirmed by my dentist. I take one of these after I have brushed and flossed before bed. Don't drink any water for at least half an hour or more after dissolving it in your mouth.

This is the only thing that has worked for me to heal my gum. My mouth still burns some in the morning, but no more lesions. Best wishes!

Replied by Rosanne

This is a question for Rsw from Uniontown, Oh, or anyone else who may know.

You posted the other day and said that you had tried many things for OLP. I'm curious to know if you've ever tried purslane. I saw some studies that indicate it may help, but it's rather pricey to order. I'm hoping for some feedback before spending that much money.

I'd really like to try those lozenges that you mentioned, but I can't find a source for them here in Canada. I guess I'll have to keep looking.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Rosanne,

Yes, I have tried purslane. I bought it in dried powder form. I took it for a short time without any change, then read that it is very high in oxalates which is not recommended for LP, so I stopped taking it in favor of a low oxalate diet. Although some have benefited by this diet, I found no noticable change after many months. The oral probiotics with the BLIS ingredients worked for my mouth, and another man who also has LP tried it and it worked for him in his mouth, also. Systemically, we are both still trying to figure this out. Currently taking LDN ( this is not effective but I believe it is so good for the immune system that I continue taking it), enhanced absorption curcumin, a special CoQ 10 since I believe this may have been statin induced, yoga, low dose benedryl (just started this today) and a high anti-oxident cream. If you find anything effective, please post. I continue to read and research every day. Best wishes.

Replied by Rosanne

I'm so glad I asked for feedback on the purslane before buying it. Thanks!

I've had a patch of OLP on my gums for many years, which never caused me any trouble. In fact, I wouldn't even have known it was there, except every time I went to the dentist, they asked if it was bothering me.

But in the last few months it has slowly crept up on me. About two weeks ago, it got really awful all of a sudden. My lips/gums/cheeks/lips were burning and tingling, and a white patch under my tongue was downright painful. I happened to have had a dental cleaning scheduled then, and they confirmed it was OLP.

Of course, they could not offer me much in the way of treatment, but they did give me a sample of "moisturizing" toothpaste and mouthwash. (brand name starts with B) I also bought some toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, and I quit oil pulling (EVCO) since my mouth was just so irritated.

A week later, I am considerably better. Of course, there is no way of knowing which, if any, of the things I changed had any impact upon the state of my mouth. And the white patches are still there, of course. And...I have issues with LP on other parts of my body as well, so I'm most interested in this as a systemic issue. Might this be related to the Perioral Dermatitis that I battled at this time last year? I have to think that's a possiblity.

Thanks for your information.

Replied by Ali

Thanks, I have ordered the same and will update after a month.

pH Regulation

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Posted by Ben (Ny) on 07/25/2011

I think that lichens planus has alot to do with the acidity of the body. I have found that if I keep my (urine) pH up (~6.2 or higher), that the itch goes away and the bumps stop appearing. If the pH goes lower, the itch starts and the bumps start reappearing.

I started noticing this because I would get something like water blisters in my mouth around meal time. If figured that my pH would be lower around meals. I also noticed that the blisters would pop easily if my pH was up, and would be harder to pop if the pH was low.

I think that lichens planus might be a reaction to acidic sweat.

I have used baking soda to raise my pH

Replied by Kr.arun
(Faridabad, India)

hi I'm ashwini. I have been suffering from lichen planus for almost 2 years. Well till now all the itching and all has reduced but I'm left with the scars. So it would be great if you could help me out on this my age is 16 and I am female.

Replied by Ben
(New York, Ny)

I would suggest putting vitamin E oil on the scars from lichens planus. It gets rid of the scars but it may take a few weeks.

Replied by Ali

Hi... I have the same blisters appearing when I eat food, fruits or sometimes vegetables. Sometimes they stay for a day sometime a week. Some times easy to burst and sometimes not... Did you find any cure? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Ali, I have been diagnosed with oral LP by a biopsy. After trying many things over a ten year period, I found J----oral probiotic lozenges with BLIS K12 and BLIS M18, an inexpensive supplement with 8 lozenges per pack. To my amazement, my gum has healed and my dentist confirms that! I use one at night, after brushing and flossing before I go to sleep, and it takes at least 30 days to colonize. I am so happy and it may help you, too. However, oral LP usually means systemic LP, and the other mucous membranes are not changed. But I'm grateful that my mouth has healed. Best wishes!


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Posted by Jdh (New Mexico) on 10/16/2016

I had Lichen Planus for 10+ years. I started taking the probiotic strain Lactobacillus casei for arthritis I believed was caused by oral bacteria. Within 30 days my arthritis had improved but the lichen had almost disappeared!! After more research I found there is a link between the two so I added a women's probiotic and vitamin C. 60 days out and only a few white dots left and no itching!! Purchased both on Amazon.

Replied by Bilal K.
(United States)

Could you please post a link to the product you purchased off of amazon.

I believe I am currently experiencing OLP and it's my first time ever. Thankfully it's not too severe, just had horrible dry mouth and burning. Doctor recommend Nystatin then moved to “Magic Mouthwash”, and they've helped, but I want to take care of this once and for all. Please do you feel like the products you got off of amazon will help.


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Posted by Kat (Mississippi, US) on 10/04/2014

Common Purslane: aka duckweed, fatweed, pursley, pussley, verdolagas and wild portulaca is known to cure lichen planus according to my dentist.

Personally I have been looking for this plant and will find it.

grown in wild is better than domesticated

Purslane may be a common plant, but it is uncommonly good for you. It tops the list of plants high in vitamin E and an essential omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Purslane provides six times more vitamin E than spinach and seven times more beta carotene than carrots. It's also rich in vitamin C, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium and phosphorus.

Omega-3s are a class of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. Your body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids, so you must get them from food. Unfortunately, the typical American diet contains too few omega-3s, a shortage that is linked to a barrage of illnesses including heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Salt Water Baths

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Posted by Sophie (Edmonton, Canada) on 12/04/2014

Hey everyone,

I've had lichen planus for the last 4 years now. It started in 2010 when I was 25 years of age and got worse and worse. I trusted doctors a lot at the time, untill they told me they dont' know much about this condition. Put me on antihystamine pills and cortisone creams which made my condition a gazillion times worse.

This is when I realized I need to take things into my own hands, the first thing that really helped me was I stopped drinking milk. This helped, not a lot but a little. Then I started eating a ton of honey, which is a natural antibiotic. I did this because honey is mentioned in the Quran and it has healed a lot of people. This helped a lot. The last thing that completely got rid of my lichen planus was a swim in the oceans of Hawaii. After my Hawaii trip, my lichen planus really died down. I realized the salt water worked wonders on my skin.

Since then I have not broken out into lichen planus. In the recent few months 2 new lesions have appeared on my thigh which I have not treated with any chemicals except for extreme salt water baths which flatten the lesions immediately. I also take vitamins that enhance the immune system. (More zinc and vitamin C)

I hope this helps someone out. Try not to make things too complicated and definitely try the salt water baths


Replied by Penny

Sophie, thank you! We went to Mexico and while there my intuition told me to get in the ocean water for my lichen planus, which was all over my back and various other places. I did that, and it got lighter, and within a few weeks it disappeared!! Wooohooo!! :-) I heartily recommend getting your body in the ocean as a remedy for lichen planus!! :-)

Replied by Gale
(Nb, Canada)

Sophie, thanks. I am going to try this. I too have this "lovely condition" and believe you heal from within. ( I refuse to use steroids) It is nice to hear I am not alone. Sad we have it, but comforting to be able to share with others. I am using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbs and am a reflexologist, vitamins and lots of water daily . I am menopausal and working on that :)

Thanks again, Gale

Replied by Sophie
(Edmonton, Canada)

Hey, just wanted to update everyone with my lichen planus remedies.

Since my last outbreak on my thigh, I have another outbreak all over. This time around I wasn't able to get to the ocean :( but I have tried several other things. as of late I have been using frankincense and lavender essential oils mixed into a fragrant free all natural lotion. This has helped with the itching dramatically. Also I have incorporated turmeric pills. There was a study done that showed 9/10 people were cured from trumeric. As you all must know turmeric has known to help with inflammatory conditions and also helps with diseases in your digestive tract. As long as your gut is clean the rash will stay away. Try it out!

Replied by Cynthia

I have had lichen planus for over 4 yrs. I have gone to 3 different dermatologists, biopsies have been taken to confirm, steroid creams given, etc., & to no avail NO CURE. What types of salt water baths? Should I use Epsom salt or can you inform me what kind of salt. The honey would not be good for me because I have diabetes..Pls any suggestion to help would be much appreciated..Thank You!!

Replied by Evelyn


Epsom salt would be the easiest thing to start with. You can buy Dead Sea salt on line. Look for a brand with good reviews.

Replied by Isabel

I did this and it got worse for me. I'm in distress and I don't know what to do

Replied by Amelia
(Los Ángeles)

I have been recently diagnose with Lichen Planus and I am very sad. I am using aloe Vera gel on body, taking Monolaurin supplements, taking Dead Sea salt bath, using Triamcinolone and Tacrolimus ointment ( not too often though, mayb once a day ) . The dr recommended PUVA light, and I am have not done it but I would like to get a feedback. I don't know what to do, the scars are very ugly . It started on the sole of my foot and it has been spreading on my body. I am very scared and pray to the Lord to heal me. I will appreciate any advise. I purchased Dead Sea Mud and I hope it can help. I just ordered it.

Replied by Glenn
(Cedar Rapids IA)

Sophie, I also discovered my own treatment for lichen planus. I started getting it on my lower legs and arms in my 30s, and it would appear mid-winter and disappear in the summer. This cycle repeated annually from my 30s into my 50s, but not every year. Then one year it didn't go away in the summer. I mentioned it to my doctor (an internist) who inspected it, looked it up on her version of webmd, and agreed with my self-diagnosis. She referred me to a dermatologist, who took a biopsy, prescribed a steroid cream and said come back in two weeks. Two weeks later, he seemed surprised that my legs looked so good so quickly after using the cream. I told him I had a free afternoon after business meetings in Ft Walton Beach FL so waded in the gulf for about a mile in each direction, and my legs looked better. He smiled knowingly and said “saltwater, and particularly sea water, is very therapeutic for people with skin conditions”. Five days in Playa del Carmen cleared it up completely and I've managed to get to the ocean once a year since then. With covid travel restrictions it has been more difficult to get to the beach but I've been taking regular Epsom salt baths and that seems to keep it at bay. Last year it showed up again on my gums so maybe it's time to return to the ocean.

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