Lichen Planus Remedies

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Natural lichen planus treatments involves the combination of several treatments, such as dietary changes and certain remedies like comfrey root oil, that are applied to the site of the condition.

What is Lichen Planus?

An inflammatory condition that targets the skin and mucous membranes, lichen planus often causes pain and itching in sensitive areas. Typically characterized by purplish, flat-topped bumps on the skin, lichen planus can also affect the mouth, vagina and other areas covered by a mucous membrane. In these areas, lichen planus often presents as white lacy patches that sometime translate into painful sores.

While the specific symptoms of lichen planus depend on the area affected, several common symptoms regularly occur. On the external skin, typically the forearm, wrist and ankle, the condition often presents as purplish, flat-topped bumps. White spots typically appear in the mouth, on the cheeks, near the gums and lips or on the tongue. Other common symptoms include itching, blisters that burst and form scabs or crusts, painful oral or vaginal ulcers, hair loss, scalp discoloration and nail damage or loss.

The exact cause of lichen planus is not currently known; however, research suggests that the condition has a strong relationship to inflammation controlled by the immune system. Certain conditions have been identified as possible triggers for the condition in some people. The hepatitis C infection, hepatitis B vaccine and flu vaccine may be possible triggers of lichen planus. Additional factors that may lead to lichen planus include certain pigments, chemicals and metals, anti-inflammatory drugs and certain medications.

Holistic Treatment for Lichen Planus

Typical lichen planus treatment involves the combination of several treatments. Stress may contribute to the condition, so reducing stress is an important lifestyle change. Dietary changes may also help including eliminating sugar and yeast. Specific treatment options include borax, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coconut oil and comfrey root ointment. Applied to the site of inflammation, these offer relief and treatment. Vitamin K, vitamin D and baking soda are also options for curing the condition.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Claudine G. (Shirley, Bc Canada) on 02/28/2017

Hi there, I have Lichen Planus which is a terrible skin disease. I had it about 15 years ago that took 3 years to control with cortisone shots for a year and left me scarred in the end. It went into remission only to come back worse on most of my body. I read that taking aloe vera might help. I did, at first I took a shot of aloe vera every morning and noticed the lesions were going white after a week and a half. I upped the dose to 2 shots a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and kept seeing the improvements daily. After taking the aloe vera for 3 months, 2 shots a day... it went into remission and have been clear for a year and a half now. I wouldn't of believed it if I hadn't experience it myself. It is fairly cheap to take and the brand I buy, which seems to be readily available, is pure aloe juice, not the gel one. It has no preservatives but just citric acid and it is in a dark brown bottle. You need to refrigerate after opening. A one liter bottle lasts about 3 weeks to a month on one shot. It is worth it, you will see results on your skin very fast.... give it a couple of months at least so that you can be sure to see the difference and is worth the try. You cannot over dose on aloe vera and it does not contraindicate with medicines either from the information on research. But, don't take my word for it, do your own research and see the many benefits to aloe vera... you will be amazed and it is natural. I am a living testimony that this stuff really really works. I hope this may help you....

Sincerely, Claudine G.

Replied by Rose

Claudine, that is great to hear about your results! One question- when you say you take a shot of it, what amount would that be?

Replied by Leslie
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Can you please tell me which brand you are using? Thanks!!!

Replied by Marlene
(So. Pasadena Fl)

I had a flu shot. Was taken off a two yr stint with Prednisone. I went into fever, chills, nausea, my skin eruptions. I actually have just started the Pure Aloe. I am noticing less inflammation.


The flu shot, at about this very same date and time, set off my Lichen Planus. I reported this to the FDA. High fever (102); nearly a delirium; ER visit; high (very high) white count. Have been dealing w/Lichen everywhere in my body ever since.

Replied by Rozanne
(South Africa)

Hi...please can you tell me is this 100% pure aloe Vera juice that you've been drinking?

Replied by Cheryl
(Bradenton, Florida)

Can u tell me the type of aloe juice u use? And when u say a shot. How much is it. I have suffered from Lichen Planus since 2012. I have tried every vitamin regimen possible natural oils and creams to use, as well as numerous cortisone creams. Things had settled down to a manageable time until 2 months ago when I became over worked, stressed and a huge flare up happened over my entire chest, neck and under arm area. A new dermatologist is treating me with prednisone but it gives almost no relief. I wake up at 2:30 /3 am every day with insane itching. So I look EXTREMELY forward and hopeful that this may work. Any other ideas u have would b most welcome as anything may help my Bdy get sleep and relief. Thanks so much. Heading to buy some type of aloe today.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Cheryl, try coconut oil too. Spread thinly.

Replied by Elizabeth

I see this conversation quite a while ago but I just found it looking for natural remedies.. this is what I found: Lily of the Desert. I don't know if that was the kind she used but it's a brown bottle and pure juice like she described and very inexpensive.

Replied by Liette

My oral lichen planus is getting worse and the burning too. I had some red rash under my breasts that was really itchy and didn't like the side effects of protopic so I tried aloe vera gel and after I put a cream that I made 50/50 coconut oil and cocoa butter. It took about 3-4 weeks for the itchiness to go away. Now, about 2-3 months later, the redness is almost all gone!

So then I decided to try to swish aloe vera juice in my mouth for the OLP. It burns but my gums turn light pink which is incredible to me since they are pretty much red. I also started swallowing about 1 oz because I have LP in the esophagus as well. It burned at first but now it does't anymore so I think it's working. Will try to take 2 oz now to see if it helps even more!

Baking Soda and Borax

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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 03/30/2009

As this disease is "supposedly harmless", I have spent a considerable time trying various treatments to try and cure various symptoms with mixed but mostly positive results. I think Ted is a genious, and I am eternally grateful to him, for the knowledge that he has shared through this terrific forum.
Unfotunately, I feel I have too many posts in this topic, and so I lose some credibility; here is the real deal on my current opinion on this disease, and why I have had so much trouble curing it.

I feel that this is a candida-related disease. I have seen so much yeast come from my mouth, that I can't perceive it being anything else. I have seen a white yeast and also a brown yeast. And I have coughed up some yeast as well (from my lungs)(both colors).

In the last 10-years, with my smoking, 4x I have sneezed up blood(like a bloody nose, kind of). I always used to blame the smoking until 1-year ago(4th time), I coughed up a black bug(crab-like)... and I haven't had blood or congestion since, inspite of still smoking. I believe the bug was eating the yeast in my lungs.

Swallowing Vinegar cured my blue warts(on my fingers)(gram-negative anerobic bacteria?).
Swallowing 1/8th teaspoon borax cured my twitchy eye(Blepharitis); however, leve some dark lines where people usually get wrinkles.(is it Tinea, who knows?)

Cured some age spots(Tinea) with Head & Shoulders Blue (Selenium Sulfide).

Cured some un-itchy jock-itch/eczema with the H&S Blue.

As Psoriasis and Eczema patients are almost always Selenium deficient, I have convinced myself that I am Selenium deficient.

Had a Herxheimer-effect with Garlic (this stuff is awesome; has selenium), but wife and family complained I was stinky(on 5 super-garlic pills/day).

Cured a brain-fog issue with a b-vitamin(thiamin-deficiency?).

I think as a big beer-drinker, you are what you eat, and 30% of my calories came from a yeast product(beer), and so I got a yeast problem.

Except for the two days of brain-fog, I can't really say I've felt very sick from 10-years of this disease.

The last symptom I had... at 13, I had no Gin-allergy. At 21, I had hives on my neck from Gin. Last week, I had 1-bump from Gin on my neck... and none the next day. Juniper Oil kills candida(see Psoriasis topic). Perhap a yeast-infected thyroid-gland.
Been mouth-washing with a dime-full of shampoo, 4x per day. I have a red tongue for the first time in 10-years. Been using a toungue scraper and taking 500 micrograms of Selenium Selinite as well, though. I am confident that Selenium deficiency will cure me. However, I feel bad that I have so many posts already in this thread. I will not post again for 6 months unless I'm cured, but will post in 6 months in case I'm not (for Historical Purposes). I will reply to questions though.

Today I felt like a million bucks. No smoking related congestion. I felt the best I've felt in 5-years. Doing all the bad stuff with no problems. However, I am not cured; so I have no right to give anybody advice yet. I have faith that Selenium deficiency is the root cause of this disease (Ted says MS is the same thing(White-Muscle Disease in animals)... I think he has this one right, and I was too slow to hear him. Impatience is frustrating though.

For historical purposes of symptoms, I have 7 cherry angioma spots that have popped up in the last year (never had them before), and fordyce spots(oil glands on the lips). These have never been associated with lichen planus or candida... but when I googled cherry angioma, I saw an accound saying someone got these when they had a yeast problem; they cured the yeast problem, and these didn't go away; so I wanted to second the report.

EC: Rich, if you'd like EC to remove any of your posts on this page, just let us know which ones...

Replied by Tom
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Question on your statement; Cured some age spots(Tinea) with Head & Shoulders Blue (Selenium Sulfide). Did you actually rub the Head & Shoulders Blue on your Skin to remove Age Spots?

Replied by Reema
(Dallas, Tx)


I have Lichenplanus since several years, it has spread to various parts of my body and has left scars. I have tried all possible treatmens homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy and have not had much succcess. Could someone please advice me on some remedy that may give me relief and reduce the scars. I am appreciative of any feedback provided. Do I try ACV, turmeric, borax, vitamin C, I am very confused as to the different theories behind this and remedies to try and get this problem under control. Please Please advice. Thanks Reema


Dr. Berg says the best herbal treatment for it is purslane which I have ordered online. I am also going to ask my dermatologist about Otezla. I have read that there has been success with it and it is not too harmful.

Replied by Marie
(Doral, Fl)

Rich from Boca Raton:

Please advise whether you have cured you lichen planus and how?? I've had this for quite a few years now and it's frustrating! I can't believe there is no cure for this if it's so mild as doctors say! And no one can provide a straight forward reason as to how it comes about and a proper treatment aside from steroids.

To Reema, hope you have had some sucess with this, as I am at my limit with this!

Any feedback from anyone will help!

Replied by Broset
(Monroe, Mi)

Ive had this on my ankle now for about 8 years... Got real tired of this and started reading, .. first off its a inflammatory disease.

so for that im taking 3200 mg of ibuprofen 800 mg every 6 hours (anti inflammatory) a day which slows the imune response... Im also takeing vitimin A, D, and zinc.. And putting neosporin on it.. Also taking benadryl.. ibuprofen is the same as motrin but I think the biggest amount you can get is 200 mg...

after the first day swelling went down 95 percent, does not itch, and is drying up nice... also broke out on my hands which is almost gone now.

vitimin A helps with skin, you need vitimin d to absorb the zinc better, zinc also helps with skin repair.

dont do more then 50 mg of zinc a day

mine was so bad that it was oozing and bleeding on my ankle


Did you get approval from a doctor to take 3200 mg of ibuprofen?? That is an extreme amount of Ibuprofen could cause gastric bleeding.

Replied by Geo41
(Tampa, Fl)

My son who is only 4 years old, was recently diagnosed with this horrible condition (Linchen Planus). We are trying to get as much information, and we are not afraid to use any new remedies that could aliviate him. He was even expulsed from day care until we brought a doctors note saying that it was not contagious. he scratches and it is hard to keep him away from doing it until sometimes he bleeds.

Please keep posting your experiences so that we all can learn from each other. Thank you

Replied by Soldier On
(Dallas, Texas)

TO Geo41 (and Rich): Thank you for your posts. My heart breaks when I hear about a little four year old having this horrible problem. Let me tell you what I have learned if it will be of any help, particularly for the little four year old and all families.

My dermatologist is highly trained and yet, he has a holistic view of the body. He gets this from two points. (1) He grew up in Switzerland and has relatives there. (2) His mother in law changed her diet and got out of her wheel chair to play golf after being diagnosed with M.S.

I will get to my Lichen Planus story in a moment. But, let's cut to the chase.

I also have rheumatoid arthritis-been diagnosed for 17 years. Keep that in mind as I tell you the type of reading I've been doing. I am reading a book call "The War Within" by a noted researcher, Floyd H. Chilton, Ph. D. He has served on the faculties of Johns Hopkins University and Wake Forest University School of Medicine where he is currently a professor of physiology and pharmacology. He has written more than 110 articles and textbook chapters and holds 32 issued and 17 pending patents. That's from the book. This book was first released in 2005 under the title "Inflammation Nation" by Simon and Schuster.

I am also reading a book by the doctor's mother in law. I don't know the availability of this book, but I will tell you of her outcomes.

The bottom line is that whatever we are dealing with here is an inflammation response in the body. You have to go at this from the internal environment in the body and mind, as well as, the external environment of body and mind.

You need to start removing yourself from the poor food environment that we live in here in the U.S. Remove yourself from any processed food, which of course means you must give up eating out or picking up fast food. This includes things like condiments to food. Give up sugar and where it lurks in any form. This means give up white bread or pasta, spaghetti, doughnuts, etc. For adults give up alcohol. Alcohol is sugar. Give up gluten.

The mother in law who was never a cook learned to fix health food type of meals. They were delicious. She got rid of meat and poultry. Only fish. Dr. Chilton's book educates you about protein and what is recommended. The mother in law also (TAKE NOTE) was also battling a candida problem for 8 years before it got diagnosed. All these thing go together. Why? Inflammation.

All allergies, all chronic diseases, (Rheumatoid Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, ) skin disorders, are inflammation responses in our body. We have been eating against what our natural bodies can tolerate for generations now and it is getting worse, isn't it? To hear that this is happening to a precious four year old makes me weep.

Here's another part of the Chilton book that is an eye opener... The fat on our bodies acts like an organ... The more fat we have the more it emits inflammatory messengers. Check out Chilton's words and research. An overweight, sedentary person has 60% more inflammatory messengers in the body than an lean, exercising person.

If this diet is affecting one member of the family, the diet is affecting everyone in someway or the other. Get everyone on the same diet. Chilton offers daily menus to help out. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

This is a must.... You must keep a journal everyday... Write down everything.. Including what changes you notice in feelings and mood, successes and set backs, what is happening within the family, everything. This is the basis for your research, your cause and effect. You will be frustrated and your head will be spinning if you don't do this. Get things down on paper so you can go back and read. This is a journey. There will be "set backs". These are important clues! Never think of a set back as negative.

The doctor said that the most impressive cure that he read about for LP came from a person who was a very high powered type going all over the world. He broke out in Lichen Planus and nothing was working. Then he got diagnosed with a chronic disease. He totally and radically changed up everything. His schedule, his lifestyle, his diet, his exercise, his mental health. The lichen planus went away.

This is why lichen planus is said to be related to stress. That's why you have to journal. Stress in the body is not only what is happening on the outside, but what stress is being produced by the negative reactions to food and drink on the inside. Try as much as possible to eat organic. For instance, coffee has 200 pesticides in it. That will cause stress to the liver and the body. This is an onion thing. You keep peeling off the layers. This is a journey. But, walk it faster than slower.

Remember that for a four year old the loss of a favorite toy could bring on as much stress as the loss of a job to an adult. I'm watching a three year old grandson react to having a new baby sister. Oh, brother. I've learned that some children are much more sensory irritated by stimuli than others.

I will try any topical or vitamin etc. that I find posted. But, I think it's because I am on a powerful immunilogical medicine for my RA that this lichen is not into my eyes, or mouth like some. The spots are becoming larger, but not itching, like the first outbreak. I take salt baths in warm water. Two big cheap boxes of iodized salt poured into the bath. I soak, close my eyes in darkness. Love it. Very relaxing. The salt seems to reduce the redness and make the spots feel better. Doesn't burn or anything. This is one of those stress reducing things you need to work into your days. Look for things like that. My next thing is to start looking for info on candida as this is on my list.

My husband is on the same program as he is fighting diabetes. We read labels, menus together. Don't let all of this fall on one of the parents. Help each other and the whole family learn to get unstressed. Watch T. V. Content for children. In fact stop watching so much and get active with each other.

So this is a huge post, isn't it? I'd love some replies. I, too, will keep posting, but here you have my plan of getting to wellness. I hope some of it helps. BTW my lichen planus started when one of my children developed thyroid cancer. She had a great outcome. Now she, too, is focused on reducing inflammation. Onward and upward.

Replied by Llp
(Houston, Texas)

I have to share my experience here because one year ago my 6 year old was diagnosed with lichen planus through a biopsy. We were thrilled to finally have a name to put with the horrible skin reaction that had covered our son's body (only his face and mouth were clear) and lost as to what to do next. The doctor prescribed three meds. The steroid cream I had to apply to his body using rubber gloves because I was going through steroid treatment for pneumonia (second time I had it). That was scary for me. Every time I would put it on him I would think, "I'm supposed to treat this child with this strong steroid indefinately?! ". The next drug was just supposed to put moisture back on his skin but it was new and I was nervous since I was the victim of a new drug that was later recalled for disasterous side effects. The third was to help him sleep and not scratch his skin at night. We gave that to him once or twice but it knocked him out cold and it was difficult to get him to wake up the next morning.

I know we could have lowered the dosage, etc. But something in me snapped. I was sick and tired of everyone in my family being sick and tired. I searched everywhere on the internet for a cure, including this site. Nothing worked. Then I stumbled across the website I read it all night (I have chronic insomnia too). We had tried so many things that I decided we could try eating the ultra-healthy mcdougall way. It was hard, but it wasn't a pill that might be recalled in a few years. We eliminated all fats, dairy, processed foods (even the processed vegetarian stuff), meat, oils and sugar. We ate a ton of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, barley, beans, quinoa... You get the picture.

Within a week, the swelling went down on the lichen planus sores. Within two weeks we noticed that he had less spots. Within a few months his hair in the places he had lost it actually started to grow back! Shortly after that, he was completely symptom free! The whole family followed the diet (my teenager bought junk at school for the first while and then even that little bit became unappetizing) and we are all finally healthy again. I got over my asthma, pneumonia, even my arthritis pain went away completely, other family members went through winter without getting sick... Not even a cold! My husband and I lost weight and the kids have continued to grow at the same rate they did before. Now we eat the mcdougall way about 90% of the time. When my son spent two weeks at grandma's this summer his lichen planus came back on his back, arms and legs. A few weeks of eating the mcdougall diet helped him to become symptom free again.

I really hope this helps someone. I hope you try it. Everything on mcdougall's site is free. So it really won't cost you anything. We bought one book of his after we were already seeing results because I wanted to be thourough. I also bought a mcdougall cookbook after a while. It isn't necessary though since he lists a lot of recipes for free anyway. I felt that I needed more recipes since this is our lifestyle now and not a diet per se.

Replied by Nina
(Malma, Sweden)

I was rather fascinated by your post and think it is fantastic news that you and your family got help.

I looked up the Mcdougall diet as and didn't really like the reviews I read. Especially for those suffering from hypoglycemia etc. The site called give it to me raw reviews diet and I suggest anyone who thinking about trying this diet read some of the reviews of this high carb, zero fat and little protein diet. Here in my country of origin low carb diets and high fat diets seem to becoming more and more popular for dealing with not only weightloss but diabetes, high blood pressure and the horrible pms. This low carb diet is reccomended by doctors here, can't imagine living life without those yummy avacados or even worse without that amazingly healthy cocconut oil!


Replied by Llp
(Houston, Tx, Usa)

We love avocados too. In fact, this is where our diet is different than McDougall's because we aren't trying to lose weight too. We eat avocados, nuts, seeds etc. Basically, if it came from the earth, we eat it. The only exception is honey but he doesn't seem to react to it. We have a little ham on American Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, we also, don't have processed soy stuff very often either (tofu, etc). I guess you would say we follow McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss without any of the rules about amounts.

As for coconut oil, we used to love it too. But now that we don't cook with oil, oil tastes soooooo slimy. We eat coconut instead of just the oil for the health benefits. It is a little challenging to find shredded coconut without sugar all over it here in the USA so more often than not we just buy the whole coconut. Honestly, we love the way our food tastes (this, coming from a beef-eating Texan) and the smell of meat is now sickening to me, the smell and taste of dairy is a weird cow pasture quality to it. We feel incredible eating this way. I know it is not for everyone. A lot of people tell me they couldn't eat this way and I respect their decisions. For me, personally, it is easier to eat this way than watch my child go through the pain, suffering and emotional, as well as physical scarring of this disease. He is almost 8 now and he will have the random slice of pizza, cookie, etc, and the spots come out on his back within a few days. But we don't worry because we know they will go away.

Replied by Liveinthepresent
(Walnut Creek, California)

I was diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus several months ago by my ENT. In reply to the oral manifestation of Lichen Planus, I can only speak for what has worked for me, but it seems many others share similar beneficial results. One common denominator appears to be pro-inflammatory foods, and I would add that another trigger seems to be stress.

I noticed many of my leukoplakia lesions quite literally "sloughed" off by chewing raw garlic all day (which has potent natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties). Garlic in combination with a vegetable and fruit (fruits like strawberry and blackberry) heavy diet seemed to keep my symptoms at bay, but once I introduced sugar and baked foods (a lapse during a holiday celebration), my plaques and lesions came back. I knew it had to be the refined sugars and processed carbohydrates because as soon as I eliminated them, and started chewing garlic and drinking green tea again, my symptoms went away (i.e. the oral lesions).

The other thing that seems to exacerbate my symptoms is fixation on my jaw/mouth, and stress. When I'm stressed, I have the bad habit of concentrating tension in my mouth, and getting dry mouth. These habits are definite triggers, as any time I fixate on that area, or have inordinate amounts of stress, physical symptoms appear in my mouth. When I take things to control my cortisol (things like L-Theanine with Relora), or work on relaxation techniques preoccupying myself by keeping stress away from my jaw and mouth and out of my body in general, the symptoms subside. The difference is a marked, pronounced decrease in Lichen Planus lesions and ulcers.

In combination, both stress relief and a strict diet that eliminates refined sugar and carbohydrates seems to be my "cure" if you can call it that. I'm conscious of eating a healthier diet now, and keeping stress at bay, as both appear to be a 2-pronged effective therapy. I highly recommend that people add garlic, and cool (not hot) green and black tea to their diets. I saw noticeable results doing both.

Replied by Anthony
(New Orleans, La)


Replied by Alka
(Coppell, Tx)

Llp from Houston,

I know your post is from 2011 but I was wondering if you could update us on the latest status for your son and if you are still following the diet?

I was diagnosed with LP and LPP 9 months back and am struggling with it. I am on cellcept and also following a strict vegetarian diet for the last few weeks. My LPP seems to be better - the patches are lighter pink and I dont see any new patches. MY LP also seems better though I do see very very small bumps or just some rough skin in places and do think it is a very mild form of LP.

If you saw such wonderful results I would seriously consider following the McDougall diet.

Thanks and hoping you will reply.

Alka from Coppell, TX

Replied by Ej
(Ballarat, Victoria)

I was diagnosed with oral lichen planus a couple of years ago and despite the specialist dentist (major hospital) telling me little could be done, I found his advice to be (thankfully) incorrect. When I enquired about the possibility of the condition being related to medication, he said it was 'possible' but 'unlikely' and 'too difficult to determine.' Not being satisfied with this answer, I researched various drugs connected with the condition and went through a process of elimination. The end result? I can confirm that my lichen planus was indeed drug induced and was also being exacerbated by a certain toothpaste I was using. Fortunately, the dentist in question knew about the link between amalgams and lichen planus, so I have started having various teeth refilled/removed as a result. I strongly recommend that people research matters for themselves, as we must become our own (health) advocates.

Replied by Rsw

Can you tell us what drug induced your LP, and also the brand of toothpaste that further aggravated it? I am convinced my LP was caused by statin drugs.


Flu shot 2017 sent me to ER and then to MD for Lichen planus and LPP.

DERM rx'd Betamethasone lotion at hairline and Rogaine. Now I have vulvar lp and I'm dealing with that.
It seems my lichen, in general, stays in control by eating AIP plan (Autoimmune Protocol) and borax.

Baking Soda and Borax
Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 12/29/2008

I've changed protocols slightly. I believe I have this thing in full reversal. However, 6 months going down doesn't mean two days going back up.

As I said, I am confident that I had a staph infection for 6 months that weakened my immune system, and brought on a candida problem. I cured the staph with mega c(sodium ascorbate)... now I'm dealing with the candida problem (which I believe fungus is the cause of lichen planus, candida or not).

The wart like things that come and go, are probably freindly bacteria eating the fungus. No more fungus, and the warts disappear(and you have crappy looking finger-tips).

With the fish oil, I can't say whether or not this produces friendly bacteria that kills the fungus. Perhaps it does. Perhaps this is just bad bacteria infecting fungally dammaged cells. Unclear.
I've been killing off fungus very quickly with Niacin and Garlic Pills(Selenium and Sulfur). Uninating several grams of Candida per day.

What comes along with this is that if you kill your fungus, this "friendly bacteria" looks for a new place to attach to. This is called a "dye-off-effect" by the iodine guys. You get a stuffy nose, and feel like you have a cold. During this time period, you can increase your vitamin c(Sodium Ascorbate) substantially without getting diarrhea. I am at 30,000 mg today.

Here is my new protocol:
Selenium Sulfate Head and shoulders with 2 teaspoons of borax (for the dandruff).

Colgate Total Toothpaste (triscolan plus Sodium Laurel Sulfate)

Sodium Ascorbate (6,000 - 30,000 mg)

Niacin (built up from 500mg to 1,500 mg)

Garlic (built up from 5,000mg to 15,000 mg)

Iodine drops (built up to 1,100 mcg per day)

I mix the iodine and vitamin c with milk, take a niacin pill, and 2 garlic oil pills. If I feel a runny nose, then I skip the next dose, and put vitamin c in milk(4000 mg), or orange juice(2000 mg).

Since I've added the garlic, I had a sore live for 1 day, followed by a sore kidney for 2 days, followed by garlicy breath(hit my lungs), followed by the worst gas in my life and diarrhea(intestines).

With the mega-c, the die-off effect comes and goes, a couple hourse at a time (no big deal).
This new protocol is a modification of Linus Pauling's protocol for Multiple Sclerosis, plus Ted's. It has been postulated in the past that Candida overgrowth in the intestines could lead to MS. I don't know if that is true or not, but I've noticed substantial improvement in 2 weeks on it.

Other problems: you might get a sore back. This could be from the liver, kidney, or the intestines. Make sure you drink lots of extra water.

Additional Notes: don't go to fast, build up gradually at your own pace. The no-flush niacinamide and time-released, stay away from. You want the flush, that means you're actually killing something. Having a doctor actually monitor your blood and liver would probably be a good thing. If you go too fast, you can damage your liver.

Warning on Borax, which I've recommended in the past: Too much borax can explode blood vessels. I cured my blepharitis with it... but I've also seen some blood vessels turn red. Perhaps Borax cures atherosclerosis, however, if you see and signs of red blood vesels, especially next to your eyes, or on your genitals, you better stop using the stuff until those heal. As I've said in the past, ted has chosen wise doses for a reason. There are some studies on Borax that say you can explode blood vessel in the genitals if you go to high on this stuff. What is too high is hard to tell, but if you see red blood vessels then stop.

I've had success with both internal and external use of this substance, but caution should be used.
ps. Ted, your writing is brilliant. I needed alot of time to catch-up. Where should I send the check to? :)

Replied by PR
(Houston, Texas)

Thanks for all the effort you put in posting your recovery. It is very helpful. I do have a question. I notice you are putting vitamin c plus iodine in your milk. I know that vitamin c will neutralize iodine and iodine as an oxidative affect and c being anti-oxidative. My question does adding these to milk keep the c from neutralizing the iodine?

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Dear PR,
Excellent Question about the Iodine. The truth is that I'm learning as I go. I don't know the answer, and am working on theoretical models, based on reading the reports on here, and then following up with my own research on why these cures seem to work, maybe 3 hours per day.

What I have noticed is that all of these substances on this website are anti-infectives. And in fact, they are all anti-fungals. No matter which anti-fungal I try, I get positive results.

With Garlic, I am taking a 1500 mg pill, which is really 3 mg of 500:1 concentrated oil. So it's basically 3mg of Fat-Soluble sulfer. I've read reports of a guy taking 80,000 mg (160 mg Sulfer?) of Garlic slowly built up over time, and curing rosacea. Nice. Perhaps a glucosamine Sulfate pill would get the job done instead... maybe. Note: Glucosamine HCL can't beat the placebo... so I don't think that the Glucosamine half does anything.
On the anti-oxident question, you're right that an Ascorbate or Acetate has both an anti-oxidant plus a pro-oxidant aspect to it. Vitamin C is very poor at killing fungus, but in ascorbate form, it can do something.

With the mega-dose of Ascorbate (which is also used in water treatment, btw), only so much will go in the blood... and the rest acts like toothpaste for the intestines. You can even brush your teeth with the stuff. Nice. Placed in milk, you can't taste it.
I'm thinking that the mouth condition is an early form of gum-disease, that may lead to "Chronic Mucosal Candidadis".

Apparently, Candida has a mechanism to break down lysine, which is a limiting amino acid necessary to produce collagen. So I've added 2400 mg of L-Lysine to promote faster healing.
I have also tried something new on Saturday with positive results. I tried to heal up my body as good as possible with all the vitamins and stuff listed above.

Then I gargled with a lot of colgate total for 10 minutes. I could see some fungally damaged skin and pockets of skin(common in gum disease) seep out of my gums and cheeks, and some white stuff that looked like fungal candida. This hurts, though.

Then two hours later, I tried it again. Then rinsed with diluted ACV(which also hurts).

What I think is that Sulfate is the best antifungal (Sulfur plus Oxygen), and that mixed with the H202(in the toothpaste as well), allows for deep tissue penetratation. Plus this toothpaste has a neutral ph plus an antibiotic.

Of course, after I did this, my mouth filled up with lots of skin-like white stuff, which I figure is your mouths natural-way of scabbing.

5-days later, it feels like I have a new mouth (perhaps I do). The toungue is light red(Yes!). The dark blue vericose-like veins under the tongue have practically vanished. The white lesions on the side of my mouth have improved somewhat as well. I believe that I have succeeded in healing faster than the candida can grow. I really wish I had bought some ph strips to test my saliva, though.

I have no doubt that I didn't kill it all in 1 shot, but perhaps I got 90 or 95% of it in 1 shot, and maybe if I repeat the process this weekend, I can get the rest of it... I'm giving my mouth a week to heal first, though.

But yeah, I've had a red-tounge that isn't turning white again for 5 straight days which is a record, so I'm pretty excited about the results (Note: I've had a white tongue for 10-years)(Never a yeast like taste in my mouth until a few months ago, though). I kind of wanted to wait a few more weeks to see if this is a long-term cure before posting, but I didn't want to leave your question hanging in wait.

In a gum disease topic here, I saw someone had some success with Turmeric. Besides the curcurminoids, Turmeric is high in Sulfur. Nice.

As for milk, it has a slightly acidic ph, but adding the ascorbate raises it. Milk has lactoferrin, Iodine, Sulfur, plus Lactose... if you drink milk and exercise, you can create lactic acid(which kills the yeast-form of candida), far quicker than acidophilus. Some people love the stuff, I haven't tried it, but I believe it's easier just exercising to create lactic acid and using the ACV cure(Acetate), plus the other stuff can kill this stuff in a couple of weeks, rather than waiting 6 months for the Acidophilus to work.

Replied by Tom
(Kansas City, Missouri)

On the Mega Doses of Vit C, do you just buy straight Absorbic Acid with nothing added like Bioflavnoids or Rose Hips? Also any side effects of the ACV ?

Replied by Natia
(Troy, Ny)

Hello my name is Natia n I was diagnosed with this nasty sick looking disease as well lichen planus has went from my breast down to the bottom of my feet I didnt no what it was I was sooo scared to be seen. It started in july 2011 didnt c dermo til mid sept 2011 but a friend seen it n was in shocked so he said use chamomile loction and I did n it dried it out alot but wen I got to the dermo they looked at me n said omg. So dey did a biopsy and diagnosed me with l. P. And the gave me mertronidazole. And I took 500mg twice a day for 30days n it was gone but the marks was there n started to fade. And its all over my body I dont think a man wants to look at me n I'm 30yrs old single with two sons.. So any way june 2012 its back- its on my feet in im jus praying to god that I dont suffer like last yr cus it messes with my mental smh so now I'm back on the mertro pills again and tryna change my diet cus from what I'm reading I c def no suger. Well I also need support n a cure so we need ppl to do more research on this n its prob one small thing that can kill this disease.. Well if we keep praying hard enough god will hear our crys.. Anyone can help me plz call I'm desperate at this point 518-271-1347 thx natia shim:(

Replied by Nancy
(Cincinnati, Oh)

To Natia from Troy, Ny - I too am suffering from L. P with no results. I started in Jan 2011, was sent for blood tests twice and liver panel check. Then referred to a hemotologist for extensive blood work. They then sent me to a dermotologist who diagnosed the L. P. The condition continued to get worst. He tried steroids (shots first) then orally with no result. The condition continued to spread. It had started on the insides of my forearms. Moved up to my armpits, chest, back and insides of thighs. He tried a mild antibiotic which had no effect, then gave me a medication his patients with acne uses containing Tetracycline. Nothing worked and the condition continued to spread and get worst. There is very little itching if any (actually scratching hurts... I can only softly rub these areas when they itch. I went to two 'Grand Rounds' at UC Hospital (where a team of drs, nurses, etc. Examining me and asking questions... All said it was 'A Mystery! ' with only a suggestion of 'light' treatments may work. The derm wanted to try UVB light treatments for about 1 month, but the cost to me was close to $100 a week. I asked him if I could get the same result from a tanning bed and he replied yes. I should try it and then return to him if necessary. Needless to say, I never went back to him. I did try the tanning bed... But no positive results. It only tanned my already dark complexion making the spots less noticeable.

It's been nearly a year and although some of the original spots have faded, others are much worse and the areas have grown so much in size. I have patches that cover my whole inner thighs. When I visited my gyno back in Feb, she said I should be thankful it's not on my face. In fact, the only areas it hasn't hit yet is my face and fmy lower legs. The derm did suggest that I am definitely a candidate for the Mayo Clinic. I'm headed back to my GP in a couple of weeks and hope he has some other suggestion. I may ask him about the medication you took. I'll post after my visit at the end of the month. Although no one seems to know what we have and have never seen anything like this before, it is some what comforting to know that I am not alone. Perplexed in Cincy.

Replied by Monique
(Bronx, Ny)

To Natia, I have LP as well. Mine are the size of quarters and they are all over my body except for my face. I'm 48 yrs old can't wear shorts or dresses anymore. When I do wear short sleeve shirts people stare at me. I know that my skin is ugly but I am a VERY BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE INSIDE. I know that it's hard to look at sometimes but don't give up OK. If you ever need to talk to someone email me at bigmo2799 (at) yahoo (dot)com. Remember, you are not alone we will get through this!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH!

Baking Soda and Borax
Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl, USA) on 11/09/2008

I'm 32, smoked 5-10 ciggarettes/day drank 5 beers/day for 15 years.

At 25 I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus... Doctors gave me cortisone cream, didn't help. Found this site a few months ago, and have done some independant research since. Ted is awesome, by the way.

This post is a little fast and loose, without sources.

Basically, ENT Doctors commonly use Baking Soda, Vinnegar, and Borax added to other stuff, and categorize these as anti-infectives.

It appears that DCA, which is currently being tested in Canada as an anti-cancer drug is a combination of Bleach, Vinnegar, and BakingSoda... which would seem to kill a bunch of infections.
Back to my problems. 3 months ago: I've got a white tongue, with bumps on the side of my mouth. I usually wake up congested, but it clears before 10am. Often I feel congested, and that makes me want another cigarrette.

I played the watch the clock game, and cut my smoking to 1 ciggarettes/day (after 7 pm)(back up to 3). I cut my drinking to 1 day per week. I started running 2 miles per day. It didn't help with my problems, although I lost 20 pounds.

I THINK that I have this thing figured out... I will post a follow-up in a few months, if I'm cured.
Studying Ted's "anti-infectives", first I tried going alkaline (borax and baking soda). This cleared my lungs, but made the bumps in my mouth worse.

Now I've gone in reverse, with the Apple Cidar Vinnegar only, and the bumps in my mouth are disappearing.

So here's my theory. There is a mayo-clinic study from a few years ago that says that most chronic sinus problems are caused by a fungus. As I had a yeast-like taste in my mouth, it was probably Candida. I went to the doc, and got some fluconazole, since the baking soda seemed to be clearing my lungs. Success on clearing my lungs... at least temporarily.... however, the bumbs in my mouth seemed to be getting worse.

It appears that these bumps are a "secondary infection", probably bacterial or viral. Since one problem was cured, I switched to 2 TBSP or Apple Cider vinegar, 2x per day. I had an immediate outbreak of Lichen Planus on my fingers, which appears to be dissapearing completely after a week. Additionally, the bumps in my mouth are 50% reduced.

There was a new study that came out last week that said men have cleaner hands than women, and are less likely to get skin infections, due to their hands are more acidic.

This lichen planus stuff kind of looks like warts, with a dark(blue) center. Since I've been taking ACV... the center of this stuff is red, like it's healing.
So I think I had Candida with a secondary infection, and the secondary infection(Lichen Planus) is cured by ACV.

I need some time to completely cure this stuff... but I think I did this in reverse. First start with the ACV to cure the secondary infection(Lichen Planus), then clear the yeast infection (Baking Soda or Borax or Flucon-azole).
On the white tongue... listerine doesn't help, biotene mouthwash doesn't help. Flouride toothpaste doesn't help. Brushing my tongue with either Baking Soda or Borax or Both and/or combining Hydrogen Peroxide, will turn my tongue completely red.

It will turn white again within 2 days... I've got some kind of infection. This stuff seems to help, though. I've been very impressed with that 20-mule borax stuff, in spite of the fact that the white tongue comes back.

Borax is not to be feared, just follow Ted's small dosage. His dosage is well reasoned.

Replied by Cubby
(Seattle, WA, USA)

to 32-y.o. Rich of boca raton. your white tongue - "thrush" - indicates your immune system is still overwhelmed by chronic systemic yeast. i had it for decades. read Dr. Crooks' The Yeast Connection. there are also other good books at your health foodstore/pharmacy which deal with chronic systemic yeast. i tried fluconazole but longterm solution is careful diet and detoxifying your environment. you MUST conquer your chronic systemic yeast, or else you will get worse health problems because your immune system is overwhelmed by yeast. i'm 57-y.o. and been there. in my case, i had to overcome various junkfood addictions, about which i was in profound denial. beware, and good luck.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

My thought is that Infected Gums + Acidosis leads to Fungus. As the fungus spreads, more stuff gets infected, plus the bacteria can "leak out" of the weakened gum lining (weakened by the fungus), and spread infection elsewhere, like the back of the throat, esophagus, and elsewhere.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Solved. This "Autoimmune Disease" is caused by the Demodectic mite, and is analogous to Demodectic Mange in dogs, and is potentially life threatening.

This mite causes a "Staph Infection" in your cheeks. This leads to acidic saliva. This leads to a "Geographic Tongue". The Geographic tongue is an algae or fungus, which spreads to your cheek lining, weakening the cheak lining, and allowing mouth bacteria to infect your cheeks. This in turn makes the problem worse, causing a form of Gum Disease of the cheeks, allowing the staph infection to spread to the rest of your body.

BTW, staph bacteria loves fish oil, so no fish oil while treating this.
Treatment: #1 the common treatment for Scurvy, or the Mouth wound that doesn't heal is "1000 mg of Vitamin C per day." This will raise the ph of your saliva, kill the staph bacteria, and cure the "geographic tongue".

#2 to prevent this from coming back, you need an insecticide that kills mites. I added borax to my shampoo. My face lit up like a christmas tree. Perhaps you can use a lice shampoo or an "enzymic mite killer", as well. Or ask your doctor.

If following the borax method, a boron supplement might be a good idea. Also you can buy hand soap with borax.
It turns out that while going on my diet, I stopped drinking OJ to cut calories. This made the problem worse. And then when I went on an anti-candida diet, trying to reduce sugar by reducing juices to try and fix the "geographic tongue"... it made it even worse.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Hmm... then again Pallagra or black tongue has a white tongue sometimes. Could be a Vitamin B defficiency or intestinal parasites causing the problem.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

ok. Lichen Planus of the mouth is either staph or strep or the root canal bacteria(ie. infected tooth).

The Staph variation, comes from the demodex mite. This is also known as Pellagra.

Treatment is large doses of Vitamin C and B3-Niacin or Niacinamide. Niacin has two functions. #1, it is used to convert LDL and Triglycerides to HDL. It basically starves the staph. #2 Niacin in plants is an insecticide. It can form NAD or NADP and kill off insects in the body.

On the Vitamin C front, basically Vitamin C is being used to kill the staph, and so basic operations like skin repair, collagen production, and an alkaline tongue are neglected... leading to further infection.

Pellagra, or Demodex Staph, is a curable disease, though.

No fish oil... There is a scientific study of staph feeding on Fish Oil.

Replied by Steve
(Hernando , MS.)

Good information I have been using Niacin time release 250 mg at bed time it is making me feel better this is true. I had to ignore the flushing side effect.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

I have some new thoughts on this disease.

Although I've had "lichen planus" for 7 years, I recently experienced the "AutoImmune symptoms". Plus I've had these mouth problems for 6 months.

For the "Oral Lichen Planus" sufferers, I believe that I'm finally on the road to recovery. It would seem that the root cause of my Oral Lichen Planus was a staph infection, that I missed.

6 months ago, part of the inside of my cheek had turned black, then the skin fell off, then I got a lesion that seemed to keep growing.

2 weeks ago, I experimented with mega-c... I popped 6 pills in 3 hours. Of course, too much c will give you diarrhea. It seemed that I induced a cold 2 days later. However, I had a feeling of ADD(perhaps it was mild dimensia?). I had trouble following 3 sentences. I took a super-b complex pill, and within 20 minutes, this feeling was gone, and hasn't come back.

I kept on the mega-c protocol, and within 3 days, the lesion was gone(not completely healed, but gone). ACV couldn't cure this, so I'm pretty sure it was staph. Perhaps it wasn't the demodex bug like I had speculated before... perhap I just ate some bad food/corn.

I bought some sodium ascorbate from amazon, and have kept up the mega-c protocol (upping to 6000mg/day). Mega-C is a treatment for Periodontal Disease. The mechanism seems to be to raise saliva ph, kill bacteria, and help repair damaged salivary glands, which produce candida-killing hystamines and defensin-b.

So although I attribute my recent problems to a staph infection, Heliobacter Pylori can cause the same problem, along with some other bacterias.

If you're seeing thrush, certainly increasing antifungals isn't a bad idea either. (ACV, Borax, Niacinamide, Garlic(Sulfur), Walnuts(Gallic Acid) )

For the 7 year lichen planus problem, I now attribute this to skin fungus. It seems I had dandruff, which is caused by a fungus, and Jock Itch which is caused by a fungus. If you scratch your head or elsewhere, then you can get this skin fungus on your finger-tips, and then spread it elsewhere (since skin fungus is mildly contagious).

For the other person that mentioned the fish oil... on this strange allergy that only affected part of one arm... I tried the diluted bleach remedy, 1 cap to a cup of water. The skin turned brown in 2 days, and was healed in 2 weeks. I believe that I had fungus-damaged skin, that got infected by some sort of bacterial buildup in my blood. So the bleach killed the bacteria, and the fungus, and the fungally-damaged skin.

For the hand problems, soaking your hands in ACV or Baking Soda/ACV/Borax mix should clear them right up. I had some success with drinking diluted Vinnegar (Acetic Acid and Acetate kills fungus).
For the Lichen Plano-Pillaris sufferer, my remedy is that I have added two teaspoons of Borax to my Selenium Sulfide Head and Shoulders. Now this shampoo seems to actually work. Dandruff is 95% relieved.
So my current regimen is:
Drinking 2x per day:
ACV neutralized with baking soda,
1/8 teaspoon borax
2000 mg Vitamin C
Orange Juice

I've added a garlic pill(sulfur) and a Niacinamide pill 2x per day as well.

Everything seems to be reversing pretty quickly, but it might take a few more weeks.
For rheumatoid arthitis sufferers, I've been told that walnuts, which have Gallic Acid (a strong anti-fungal), will help alot.

Replied by Earth Meow
(Doral, Fl)


I'm wondering if you were ever able to fully recover from Skin Lichen Planus. I have had this thing for 5yrs now and no one can provide a straight answer to date..

ANY feed back would be great!

Replied by Marie
(Doral, Fl)

Rich from Boca Raton!!!

Please advise your exact dosage of ACV. Were you taking 2 tbsp 2x a day? I'm currently taking 1 tsp diluted in a glass of water with 1/8 baking soda as I really don't want to mess up my teeth.

Feedback is appreciated!!!!!! Or has ANYONE tried this succesfully?

I'm also on a niacin vitamin and zinc both once a day. is this okay?

Replied by Suhani
(Fremont, Ca, Usa)

I had Lichen Planus 7 years ago. Tried everything. Felt so bad about my body that I wanted hide in a closet! Then the doctor gave me Sorriatane 10mg. Lichen Planus went away within 2 weeks. Then it started itching again and saw a dermatologist, now he gave me same creams, warm water bath treatment. It is spreading all over again and no sleep at night. Today he gave me sulpha drugs as an antibiotic to cure the rash and itch! Hope it works! I will keep you posted. He refused to give me Sorriatane because he said that it is a dangerous drug!!!

Replied by Sarah
(San Jose, Ca)

I have this lichen planus since 2000!!! Absolutely no cure, no relief. Very very very very frustrated in life because of the itching.

Replied by Td

I was taking large does of niacin to help with my depression and then now I have LP and gross fingernails and hair falling out. Does large doses of niacin cause LP?

Barrier Product

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Virginia (Rochester, Ny) on 11/29/2011

I have been itching for months now from Lichen Planus and tried many of your hints which all work for a short time. However I have discovered something that seems to work better. This hint came from a Nurse Practitioner in a Dermatology office.

When using steroids ( I have cleobesterol which didn't seem to help much) apply the cream and then on top put a barrier! This can be something like a product with silicone or glycerine ( silicone glove, others) or just plain glycerine. This helps the steroid stay and do its work. I felt the itch much relieved after 2 days of doing this. Give it a try. Hope it helps.

Replied by Will
(Brisbane, Qld Australia)

HI first get rid of the thrush. Then try vaseline with the cortisone cream or (over) and/or even on its own. It will improve it...

Black Seed Oil

Posted by Pure (Washington Dc) on 10/12/2018

Lichen Planus: I've had most of the same signs that most of y'all are having But let me tell you what helps me 100 percent: black seed oil mix with vit E oil or coconut oil every single day and now I don't see or feel the affect of this curse.

Replied by Rsw


Do you drink the black seed oil and coconut/Vitamin E oil for LP on mucous membranes or do you have it on your external skin and rub it on? Thank you.

Replied by Koko
(DE (Delaware))

How do you use it plz


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Posted by Steve (Hernando, MS. USA) on 11/07/2008

lichen planus -- I use Bleach it works for me.

Replied by Steve
(Hernando , MS.)

Fungal Arthritis.

Niacin time release works I take one at bed time the body heals its self in sleep. Flushing I believe is the Fungal reaction trying to survive it scared me at first I refuse to let it win.


Pellagra causes a variety of symptoms affecting the skin; mucous membranes (moist linings of the mouth, organs, etc.); central nervous system (including the brain and nerves); and the gastrointestinal system. The classic collection of symptoms includes redness and swelling of the mouth and tongue.

Replied by Mysticalme

I hope u have found a solution to your yeast issue by now. In case you haven't, I would suggest first a mild colon cleanse, probiotics, eliminating all starchy carbs, fermented foods and fungus foods like mushrooms. Focus on greens and lean protein. Try taking krill oil instead of fish oil and try internal cleanses for yeast and fungus. It takes 3-12 months to get rid of yeast. Good luck.


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Posted by Live~n~well In Aptos, Ca (Aptos, Ca/usa) on 05/07/2012


I've had Oral and Vaginal LP for the past 9 years. In the begining it use to come and go and I would use Clotbetisol until it gave me a mouth full of thrush and then use Difulcan to get ride the thrush. Eventually, the oral LP worsed and no longer went away. I've lived the past 6 years with a WHITE tongue and mouth and the incredibly uncomfortable Valigal symptoms. It eventually escallated to my stomach and I've developed additional autoimmune issues, mostly food allergies, a thyroid issue, and my system is over come with Chronic Candididis. Everything upsets my mouth and stomach now and I eat a "very" limited diet. Although I'm very healthy, my diet is VERY restrictive.

2 years ago I was seen at an LP Special Study at UCSF, under went patch test, biopsies, numerous blood tests, swab tests, and monthly appointments and was given Placquinel which I have been on since... 2 years now. After a year on it my eyes started weakening and I was told that this might happen.

April brought about some stress for me and triggered a massive upheavel for my LP both types.

In desperation, I searched the internet to find this fabulously informative website. I immediately started a Borax treatment and honestly within hours saw a huge difference in my mouth! For the 2nd and 3rd days I experienced yeast "die off" as a raging sore throat, I added Asorbic C, and made it thru the brainfog, headaches, and muscle fatigue. However now I'm experiencing bloody nasal junk... It this part of the cleansing?

How long should I remain on the treatment? Are there any reactions that I need to be aware of or watch out for?

The treatment has literally blown me away as today is my 7th day and my mouth is a beautiful pink color my other areas feel much better and I look forward with exultation to reading more about what other people are experiencing and getting feedback.

Is there an area for Dr. Tom's treatments?

Thank you,

Live~N~Well In Aptos, CA

Replied by Rswuniontown
(Uniontown, Oh)

I, too, have Lichen Planus in my mouth and also systemically. I have been taking Boron at 3 mg./day with no change. I also take LDN and have started the low Oxalate diet, along with many supplements, but no change. Are you taking the 1/8 t. 20 Mule Team Borax in 1 liter of water per day? Is there anything besides the Vitamin C you are taking? I would love to get rid of this but haven't found much that makes a difference. Thanks for posting and please update if you can.


Borax…start there. And yes, I drink it! 20 Mule team dissolved in water. Sometimes I use just a pinch in my drinking water.

Replied by Live~n~well In Aptos, Ca
(Aptos, California, USA)

OMG... Happy to be reporting back. I am what I feel is LP FREE!! Iv'e been using Borax 1/8 tsp 2x daily, since May 1, 2012 it's now Oct 2, 2012 and my mouth is beautiful, my stomach doesn't burn, and my below the belt has not had any reactions since May. I am now begining to reintroduce some of the foods that I couldn't tolerate and I'm doing back flips over my progress with Borax.

Based upon my initial reaction to the Borax, I cut the medication Placquinel down by 1/2 and 2 weeks later cut it out completely (I've also had tremendous problems with my eyesite due to the Placquinel).

I take B-6, C, fats (fish oils, tonalin, blackcurrant, & occassional evening primrose), magnesium, zinc, and Ultra H-3, MSM and HMB for my muscles (I do classical ballet 5 days a week at 47 and my training is intense).

The only thing I'm still struggeling with is YEAST... Does anyone have any suggestions for YEAST? I don't do sugar, fruits, or carbs, so I eat really healthy. I do drink coffee (1x per day) and I like an occassional glass of wine. Other than that, no sodas, teas, or fancy carbonated beverages. Its gotten really bad and I've had it now for years. I realize YEAST can lead to a number of illnesses and this scares me. Lately I'm more irritable then ever before, more congested (post nasal drip, lungs, etc), and more stressed out than ever before.

Any other remedies like Borax for LP to cure systemic YEAST? Thank you to everyone who blogs here. In deep gratitude for all of you, TED, and EarthClinic!!

Live~n~well In Aptos, Ca

(Buchanan, Mi)

I have used garlic gel capsules with good success in clearing up a yeast infection. 2 capsules a day until yeast infection clears up.

Replied by Jean
(Mpls, Minnesota)

PLEASE someone send me the exact measurements for the Apple Cider Vinegar and borax. why aren't they on here? I am interested in trying it but I cannot without more information. Thank you!

Replied by Serena
(Flat Rock, Nc)

Thank for the posting about borax healing sores from lichen planus!!! I've only used a few days and all the ulcers are gone and my tongue is pink again!! Haven't had any side effects either!! I've had this for over a year tried everything from purslane, vitamins, lymphatic drainage and nothing has gotten rid of it but borax!!!! I'm so grateful to have found the information!!!

Replied by Anjali

I have been diagnosed with Lichen Planus 3-4 months back. Have been on steroids since then but of no help. Now I'm taking homeopathic treatment. Initially it noticed a very good result but now after seeing new lesions again. Just wondering if I can use borax. Please let me know how to use and the quantity.

Replied by Baldev
185 posts

Hi Anjali,

It is not that easy to treat this condition by just taking the steroids, but unfortunately that is the line of action in the western medicine.

You will have to follow three prong strategy, control of stress, diet and external application. You have asked about the use of Borax, make a concentrated solution of Borax with water and apply it two to three times a day on the affected area, keep it for an hour or so and then can wash it. Also try to alkalize the body with sodium bi carbonate, apple cider vinegar etc. You will get good results. Good luck


Replied by Shawn
(Sarasota, Fl)

Can someone tell me exactly how I should use the borax. Was it a paste that he/she applied, or do you drink it and at what strength. Thank you.

(Pittsburgh PA USA)

Borax…how I use it … dissolve it in water. The amount that doesn't dissolve (depending upon the temp of the water) will fall down to the bottom of a peri bottle (available on Amazon). A paste can be made and applied topically. I have even used borax to brush my teeth when oral is active.

Replied by Veesp

I am so relieved to know that I am not by myself on dealing with LP. My struggle with LP has been going on for 6 months now and the things I've tried a few to mention like oatmeal baths, glycerin soap, shea butter, and many other things has not worked. I am dealing with lesions on a mass amount of my body especially my buttocks, calfskin and thighs. Do you think the Borax and anything else mentioned may help me?

Replied by Frank
(Albany, New York)

I've used vinegar for yeast. Seems to work good for me

Replied by Siddeswari

Hi Baldev,

I am suffering from skin LP from past 7-8 years with no luck with steriodal and cartisone creams. On stopping the steriodal medication(oral), I have been hit by LP more badly, so now I am trying out on the natural remedies like aloe vera. Can you please suggest any other home remedies? if you are aware other than the Borax application to the lesion.



Replied by Siddeswari

Hi Anjali,

I sugest not go for steroidal treatment for LP event hough it is mostly recommended by dermatologists, as it only relieves it for few months. When you stop your steroidal treatment (especially oral medication) it reverts and the lesions become more aggresive. I am dealing it with for past 7-8 years and this was my observation. Try to go for more natural remedies, such as use applying aloe vera gel and consumption of the juice.

Also, let me know if you have found some home remedy to treat.



Replied by Rsw

Hi Siddeswari,

Tumeric has been found to be effective in healing oral Lichen Planus. Not sure what kind you have, but since turmeric is widely available, maybe give it a try, both orally and topically. Best wishes.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai Maharashtra India)
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Hi Siddeswari,

Sorry to read that you are suffering from LP for pretty long time. Aloe vera is good, you can continue taking it internally and application. Borax is very effective on LP which also should be used internally and for application. For internal use you can mix 1/8th tea spoon of Borax in one litter of filtered water and drink this water whole day, only precaution you have to take is that don't drink this immediately before and after the meal. I prefer that this be stored in a glass bottle.

Also you have to change the life style, meaning you have to avoid stress/strain situations, include some exercise ( you must sweat ) in your daily schedule and most important your diet. Your diet has to be more on the alkaline side, I will even suggest taking enema to clean the colon.

Good Luck


Replied by Laurie

Yes to borax for candida and other fungi such as athletes foot. Please read "the borax conspiracy" online. Good recipe for a solution concentrate of borax. I've been taking the equivalent of 30 mgs daily. Candida gone, bones rebuilding (Xray proof), hoping to eliminate mercury and fluorine toxicities but need to confirm that w hair analysis. It's magical stuff and perfectly safe.

Posted by Alexander (London, UK) on 05/27/2008

I followed Ted from Bangkok's advice to treat my oral lichen planus with 1/8 teaspoon daily with Borax (not boric acid) & it has really worked. My Ph is not too acidic. Topical steroids did nothing & homeopathic remedies only a small (but appreciable) improvement. After 2 months the lesions on my tongue were totally gone & now after 4 months the deep striations/veins on my inside cheeks are hugely improved. This will be a long battle. Taking any more than this amount resulted in interference with my bowel movements & overly soft stools. I can now eat normally again though I minimise my sugar intake & steer clear of hot spices...I don't smoke or drink alcohol. Thanks Ted!

Replied by Gladys
(Houston, Texas, U S Of A)

I have a bad flair up of Oral Lichen Planus. Have been rinsing mouth with Fluocininide Gel 60 gm 0.05% sol'n once every 2 days per my doctor's advice, but mouth and tongue are very raw.

You guys keep referring to Ted and his great advice - where do I find Ted or his advise? Also can each of you be more specific regards solutions that work- i e do you drink these solutions or just rinse with them?


EC: Hi Gladys,

Ted is a popular contributor from Bangkok who regularly posts on Earth Clinic. You can find his remedies in the table of contents menu (if he posted any) under "Ted's Remedies" or on any Q&A section (also accessible on the menu).

Replied by Manjeet

Hi Gladys, I do not really know much of this ailment but I have successfully treated mouth sores, skin rashes etc with raw honey which is available in abundance in the US. Just take a mouthfull and with your tongue soil the mouth cavity and try to leave it in your mouth for as long as possible. Try this as many times as you wish and find it necessary. If, however, you are diabetic, just as a precaution, you might want to spit out the honey after having left it in your mouth for as long as you could. Hope it works - raw honey is a miracle product.

Replied by Rico
(Santa Cruz , Nm)

We want to know the safe proper way to take borax for lichen planus

Borax, Tea Tree and Lavender Oils

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Posted by Stephanie (Eugene, USA) on 08/23/2008

I was just diagnosed with Lichen Planispolaris, losing my hair for 9 months. I have read so many cures on this site...where to begin!! I applied tea tree oil, lavender oil mixed with aloe. Also, on alternate days put on a solution of borax and water. I also drink 1/8 to 1/4 teas. borax in liter of water about every other day. I am confused though as Ted says to give your body a rest after a few days, but I don't see this in reader's cures. I have only been doing this for about 10 days, hair loss seems a little less. My urine ph runs about 7. in the AM but changes to acid during the day till night when it is at 5. Been drink 2 T ACV with 1/2 teas. soda 2 or 3 times a day. How can I make it less acid? Thanks for any help or comments.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Dear Stephanie, If a cat or dog started getting a patch of white hair followed by hair loss, the diagnosis would be ringworm (which is a fungus). So I believe ted's advice is all correct.

For pets with dandruff, their is a shampoo with 2% acetic acid, 2% boric acid... which is supposedly more effected than some of the azole drugs.

My suggestion is to buy some Selenium Sulfide dandruff shampoo, and add a couple of tea-spoons of borax to it. Let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off. If it's a fungal problem, this will kill the fungus within a few weeks.

To try to get your hair back, if you're one of the lucky 15% who can get their hair back, Sulfur(Garic Pills), and Super-B complex(B-6) may do the trick(after 3 months). Adding an extra vitamin c per day to boost your immune system and repair damaged cells wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Note: This in addition to Ted's suggestions.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, FL)

I am confused though as Ted says to give your body a rest after a few days, but I don't see this in reader's cures.

-- Everything in moderation. Ted is right. It would be nice to kill all the bad stuff off in 2 days... unfortunately, then you overload your kidneys with bad stuff, among numerous other problems. Extra water seems like a good idea to help avoid this problem.

Vitamin B and C are at least water soluble, and are tougher to overdose on. I'm kind of fond of Sodium Ascorbate, after reading the Linus Pauling research. Too much ascorbic acid will give you diarhea. You can always create Sodium Ascorbate from Neutralizing Vitamin C with Baking Soda.. or getting some Sodium Ascorbate from Amazon or elsewhere, if you want to try higher doses. It seems like neat stuff.

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Kerion is a symbiotic relationship between a bacteria and a fungus. A fungus produces toxins and proteins and then a bad bacteria comes along and eat those toxins.

The bacteria creates an acidic environment allowing the fungus to spread. If you kill the bacteria, the fungus is still there. If you kill the fungus, until you kill all of it, it can grow back as the bacteria is still there creating an acidic environment.

So you have to kill both the bacteria and the fungus simultaneously. This is basically the magic of Itraconazole, which is chlorine plus an azole(antifungal), and why it is more effective than the other azole drugs.

This is also the magic behind the Linus Pauling treatments for Candida and other diseases. If you saturate your tissues with Sodium Ascorbate, you can kill off all bacteria, good, bad, other... and then you have a clean shot at the fungus. Ie, when you kill it, it doesn't grow back, because you killed the bacteria as well.

Additionally, Sodium Ascorbate has the same ph as your blood, so it is basically non-toxic. It is also required in building collagen.
Dermatologists have a few drugs for killing fungus... Sulfacetamide (Sulfur(garlic) plus Vinegar), niacinamide gel, and azole drugs. There are various jock itch creams as well.

For periodontal disease, the treatment is mega-c plus chlorhexadine mouth wash. I believe the colgate total can kill all of the bacteria without using chlorine or bleach or chlorhexadine.

You still need to add an antifungal though, like sulfur, vinnegar, niacinamide, etc... or combination.

Replied by Gaetano
(Kansas City, Mo, USA)

Is it adviseable to take straight Vit C with only Absorbic Acid or is it ok to have Rose Hips and Bioflavnoids? Also is there any side effect to doing 2 Tbsp of ACV per day and is it helpful to gargle with Tea Tree Oil? Thank you

Replied by Jacomina

I'm having lichen planus in my mouth, not too bad but at times it hurts when brushing my teeths or eating solid hard things like nuts, etc.

Find that a daily treatment of Oil Pulling with sesame oil, 20 min. every morning improves the problem a lot, heals your gums, repairs the teeth themselves and makes your teeths a lot whiter.

After 20 min. I spit the oil and clean my mouth thoroughly with natural sea-salt. Leaves you fantastic! I have done it a bit on and of as the lichen appears in times of stress and fatigue. Then I forget till I catch on again. I'm convinced it has kept me more or less in balance in my mouth but

I also believe that beneath all this is my general candidas-infection problem. Know that as long as I don't solve my the stress in my life, and what's behind that, that I'm only "curing" the symptoms.

Citronella Oil

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Posted by Susan (St Pete, Fl) on 12/21/2015

I have Lichen Planus on skin. By chance I discovered that citronella oil has made the red purple marks almost diminish. I had a lemon scented lotion that did not smell very good. So I added about a dozen drops to a 8 ounce bottle of lotion. After using for only a week my skin condition really improved. Just wanted to put it out there for others to try.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Linda (Washington, D.c.) on 01/06/2011

Lichen planus is difficult, I've had it for 7 years now. Hate it. But recently I've been using pure virgin coconut oil on my skin have not had an out break yet and always have it in Dec. near christmas time and in July. I've been using it for about 3-4 months. If one appears it just dries up in a day or so, haven't had a huge break out to know what the reaction would be. My suggestion try extra virgin coconut oil.

Replied by Monique
(Bronx, Ny)

I'm so sick of these dam spots all over, I've been using ambi for these spots but it's taking forever to work. I tried everything. It's been 1 yr since I been diagnose, is there anything that I can use to get rid of these spots?

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Monique: Watch eliminate autoimmune disorders with fresh juices by sister sunshine.

Replied by Karen

I just recently started using organic virgin coconut oil for lichen planus. The itching is definitely less and within about 2 days they seem to be smaller. I'mm interested in seeing what happens.

I also read about using lavender oil. Has anyone tried this?

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Alison H. (Carrickalinga, South Australia) on 08/26/2017

About 9 years ago I had a problem with lichen planus in my mouth, which various doctors, and specialists said there was no cure for. A friend encouraged me to try colloidal silver which he made for his family. I was very happy when I used this to find the ulcers in my mouth healed quickly. I used 20 to 30 mls, 3 or 4 times a day for 5 or 6 days, or less, holding it in my mouth for some minutes. I bought my own colloidal silver maker online, after carefully looking at a number of sites. The lichen planus would return every so often and I continued to use it as needed. I was not always careful to follow through with regular use for a number of days however.

For a number of years I have been free of the ulcers. Recently I had a series of cold sores, and then suddenly lichen planus occurred again, so I quickly made a new batch of colloidal silver and healed my mouth. I wondered if the cold sores somehow were connected with causing the lichen planus to revive in my system. Another small cold sore occurred on my lip while using the CS. After a week I stopped using the silver but the mouth ulcer started up again, more persistent and painful than before, so I went back onto CS again and am still using it with my ulcer not quite healed after a week of CS use. I am concerned that irregular use of the colloidal silver has given the lichen planus some resistance to the CS.

Despite regular use of colloidal silver in the past, I have not turned blue. My CS machine provider (at an Adelaide South Australian business) told me that turning blue is impossible. There is some controversy about this and heated debate about colloidal silver in general.

I have at times also used eucalyptus oil and aloe vera gel from pieces of fresh leaves that I grow, but I have not been systematic with these things. Perhaps a number of different remedies will be necessary to keep lichen planus away.I like using aloe vera because it is fresh and very easy to grow.

I also rub aloe vera leaf on a red cancer sore on my nose and other rough sun damaged areas on my face and hands. My raw nose area heals quickly, but regularly returns after being in the sun again. I slice a bit of leaf open and scrape some of the inner gel off with my teeth, holding the pulp in my mouth then swallowing it. Then I rub more inside leaf gel on my face and hands etc. I believe that this gel also helps to get rid of plaque from my teeth. My dentist told me that my teeth were free of plaque and that my brushing technique must have improved. So regular aloe vera gel use, 2 or 3 times a week makes teeth smooth and clean. While aloe vera pulp tastes bitter, I know that it is very alcaline and healing and have accepted the bitter taste as a good thing.

Replied by Rsw
(Ohwhat Could Be Termed A Cure Is)

Hi Alison,

I have been searching for a cure for oral LP for over a decade, and the only study to show what could be termed a "cure" is this one:

Best wishes! Thanks for your post!

Replied by Annie

Can Colloidal silver be used right on LP? How much do you drink of it for Lichen Planus?


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Posted by Rosanne (Toronto, CA) on 07/11/2014

I found an ointment with comfrey at our big health food store (actually, they had several). It is comfrey in a base of olive oil and beeswax.

Sadly, I'd have to rate this "better but not cured." It does help to control the itch, but the underlying condition remains.

So, I will continue the search...

Posted by Georgina (Tolmie, Victoria, Australia) on 04/22/2013

I have had the condition Lichen Sclerosis for approx. 15 years but about 6 weeks ago a blister type sore erupted over an old childhood scar on my left shin. It was extremely itchy and rapidly grew in size and redness. My doctor informed me it was Lichen Planus and wrote out a prescription for cortisone ointment. Not wanting to use such a toxic medication I tried various other more natural preparations such as Witch Hazel and Calamine Lotion. Nothing worked and the area affected was rapidly increasing. I then decided to make some Comfrey Root Ointment.

Eight days ago I commenced treatment by spreading the ointment on a cotton pad and taped it firmly over the Lichen Planus area. I changed the pad morning and night. The result has been nothing short of miraculous. The itching disappeared almost immediately the first pad was applied. Since then the size of the sore has gradually moved inwards and the surrounding tissue is now a very pale pink. It looks healthy and I may even end up losing the original scar. I am seriously considering using it on my Lichen Sclerosis. The ointment was simplicity itself to make.

A good guide is to go to You Tube and look up 'How to make Comfrey Ointment Part 1' (Part 2 is also there). It is a demonstration by someone called Sue Goodwin. I followed her instructions and it was so easy. At the end of the process I added some essential oil of lavender, just to make it smell nice really. As long as you have some Comfrey Root you can access you can make at least three jars using the method shown.


Update 04/25/2013

It is now 12 Days since I started using it on my Lichen Planus and each day it gets smaller and healthier looking. As with all herbal remedies I will continue with the ointment until it is well and truly cleared up.

Replied by June
(Herts UK)

Georgina can you please give me comfrey root ointment recipe for lichen planus thanks

Replied by Mama To Many

I do not know the recipe the original poster used, but I can share how I make ointments/salves.

To make comfrey root ointment, you can put the clean chopped root (or dried if that is what you have) in a pot (Stainless steel or glass). Cover with olive oil. Heat on stove (electric is better as you can get lower heat. If you must use a gas stove, use a double boiler.) You want it just at a low simmer. Heat for 45 minutes or so. Strain out the root with a coffee filter. Add 1/2 ounce of beeswax for each 4 ounces of oil extract. Heat gently until the wax melts. Put a dab in the freezer for a minute or two and see if you like the consistency. If it is too thin for you, add a little more beeswax. If it is too hard, add a little more olive oil. When you are happy with the consistency, you can pour it into jars or tins. You can add a little vitamin E oil to help it to last longer. Or just store most of it in the refrigerator.

You can also just put the root in a mason jar and cover with olive oil and put the lid on it. Let sit for a couple of weeks. Then strain the root and heat the oil and add beeswax, etc. This is easier, since you don't have to sit and keep an eye on it. But, of course, it takes a lot longer. I am not sure which produces a better product. We have made salves both ways and they have been very effective.

Comfrey leaves can be used instead of the root if that is what you have available. I LOVE my salves that have comfrey in them. We use them all the time for so many things. (Burns, stings, rashes, bites, chapped skin poison ivy etc.) I also include plantain leaf, burdock root, and calendula flowers in the salve I make as an all purpose salve.

Let us know if comfrey root salve works on your lichen planus!

~Mama to Many~

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