Lichen Planus Remedies

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Alison H. (Carrickalinga, South Australia) on 08/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars

About 9 years ago I had a problem with lichen planus in my mouth, which various doctors, and specialists said there was no cure for. A friend encouraged me to try colloidal silver which he made for his family. I was very happy when I used this to find the ulcers in my mouth healed quickly. I used 20 to 30 mls, 3 or 4 times a day for 5 or 6 days, or less, holding it in my mouth for some minutes. I bought my own colloidal silver maker online, after carefully looking at a number of sites. The lichen planus would return every so often and I continued to use it as needed. I was not always careful to follow through with regular use for a number of days however.

For a number of years I have been free of the ulcers. Recently I had a series of cold sores, and then suddenly lichen planus occurred again, so I quickly made a new batch of colloidal silver and healed my mouth. I wondered if the cold sores somehow were connected with causing the lichen planus to revive in my system. Another small cold sore occurred on my lip while using the CS. After a week I stopped using the silver but the mouth ulcer started up again, more persistent and painful than before, so I went back onto CS again and am still using it with my ulcer not quite healed after a week of CS use. I am concerned that irregular use of the colloidal silver has given the lichen planus some resistance to the CS.

Despite regular use of colloidal silver in the past, I have not turned blue. My CS machine provider (at an Adelaide South Australian business) told me that turning blue is impossible. There is some controversy about this and heated debate about colloidal silver in general.

I have at times also used eucalyptus oil and aloe vera gel from pieces of fresh leaves that I grow, but I have not been systematic with these things. Perhaps a number of different remedies will be necessary to keep lichen planus away.I like using aloe vera because it is fresh and very easy to grow.

I also rub aloe vera leaf on a red cancer sore on my nose and other rough sun damaged areas on my face and hands. My raw nose area heals quickly, but regularly returns after being in the sun again. I slice a bit of leaf open and scrape some of the inner gel off with my teeth, holding the pulp in my mouth then swallowing it. Then I rub more inside leaf gel on my face and hands etc. I believe that this gel also helps to get rid of plaque from my teeth. My dentist told me that my teeth were free of plaque and that my brushing technique must have improved. So regular aloe vera gel use, 2 or 3 times a week makes teeth smooth and clean. While aloe vera pulp tastes bitter, I know that it is very alcaline and healing and have accepted the bitter taste as a good thing.