Lichen Planus Remedies

Posted by Live~n~well In Aptos, Ca (Aptos, Ca/usa) on 05/07/2012
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Better But With Side Effects

I've had Oral and Vaginal LP for the past 9 years. In the begining it use to come and go and I would use Clotbetisol until it gave me a mouth full of thrush and then use Difulcan to get ride the thrush. Eventually, the oral LP worsed and no longer went away. I've lived the past 6 years with a WHITE tongue and mouth and the incredibly uncomfortable Valigal symptoms. It eventually escallated to my stomach and I've developed additional autoimmune issues, mostly food allergies, a thyroid issue, and my system is over come with Chronic Candididis. Everything upsets my mouth and stomach now and I eat a "very" limited diet. Although I'm very healthy, my diet is VERY restrictive.

2 years ago I was seen at an LP Special Study at UCSF, under went patch test, biopsies, numerous blood tests, swab tests, and monthly appointments and was given Placquinel which I have been on since... 2 years now. After a year on it my eyes started weakening and I was told that this might happen.

April brought about some stress for me and triggered a massive upheavel for my LP both types.

In desperation, I searched the internet to find this fabulously informative website. I immediately started a Borax treatment and honestly within hours saw a huge difference in my mouth! For the 2nd and 3rd days I experienced yeast "die off" as a raging sore throat, I added Asorbic C, and made it thru the brainfog, headaches, and muscle fatigue. However now I'm experiencing bloody nasal junk... It this part of the cleansing?

How long should I remain on the treatment? Are there any reactions that I need to be aware of or watch out for?

The treatment has literally blown me away as today is my 7th day and my mouth is a beautiful pink color my other areas feel much better and I look forward with exultation to reading more about what other people are experiencing and getting feedback.

Is there an area for Dr. Tom's treatments?

Thank you,

Live~N~Well In Aptos, CA