Lichen Planus Remedies

Dietary Changes, UV Light Therapy
Posted by Lp (Eu) on 12/01/2017

Hi. Just wanted to write our experience treating lichen planus in child. We changed our son's diet and treated him with UVB phototherapy and his LP condition improved.

He is almost cured after 4 months and his condition was bad. He had many skin bumps, nail and oral form. He does not drink cow milk, only goat milk and joghurt, he is wheat free. I also give him omega oil, curcuma capsules, probiotic and multivitamin. His doctor prescribed corticosteroid creams and a series of UVB phototheraphy treatments ( more than 20 to be exact) and that helped a lot.

Now we are not sure how to improve condition of his nails. Please share.