Lichen Planus Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jennykk (Mansfield, Australia) on 11/12/2011
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Hi, my experience with Lichen Planus, firstly an oral specialist prescribed cortisone, not to take it but to rinse out the mouth 3 times a day to reduce the inflamation and help repair the damage. However I am quite drug sensitive and couldnt do any more than three days. I was informed that Lichen Planus is an auto immune system disorder, and there is no cure.

However I have been dealing with a naturopath in Qld, Mermaid beach, this wonderful lady does hair analysis, and has helped me enormously, she found I had a multitude of problems that stressed the immune system.

But Lichan Planus lives off sugars and yeast, so the first thing is to give up both these things in the diet, and I did if for nearly a year, I make my own sourdough, that was easy. What was really hard was sugar, the sugar in tea and coffee was a breeze, but the alcohol was not, not that I am a drinker but I do enjoy an occassional beer or wine or whisky, they were to me like treats, not daily and never a hangover even but just something nice at the end of the week.

And no chocolate, or desserts, no vegemite etc

But the Lichan Planus was gone for some months, but sneaking a bit of sweet stuff from time to time, and now stressful times with business being busy and Christmas coming I have tender gums again, so back to hard core diet, it's shit full, but if anyone out there has any better input that would be helpful, that would good great.

regards, JennyKK


Dietary Changes
Posted by Kristi (Danforth, Maine) on 01/23/2010
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I've had oral Lichen Planus for years now, some days are better than others.. I have notice that the summers are better and I agree with the Low carb diet. My exercising and eat are so much better in the summer than the winter. I also take B-complex which helps but doesn't clear it altogether. I do use a prescription mouthwash in the winter time that I get from my doctor. I am not sure of the ingredients. I am looking foreward to seeing some of the other peoples exact amounts of ingredients that they are using, like the vitamin k, vitamin d, borax, baking soda, salt solution, iodine ,Peroxide, grapfruit seed axtract. the numbers will really help. I also notice people with Lichen Planus also have other systoms of another type of fungus like nail fungus, ringworm, Maybe there is a simularity . Does anyone know what there blood type is? Mine is A positive. Very interesting study.