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Vitamin E

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Posted by Terri (Wisconsin) on 03/30/2021
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I have found that the burning sensation I get from Lichen Sclerosus (biopsy diagnosed) is alleviated by Vitamin E oil! I just apply to my “hot” area as often as needed. Amazing relief. I have a steroid prescription too, but I'm concerned about using a product that tells you to use as little as possible. 😳

Vitamin E
Posted by Andrea (Asheville, NC) on 03/01/2009

For Lichen Sclerosus, I have found that using a vitamin E capsule like a suppository overnight usually takes care of symptoms overnight. My MD prescribed steriod creams, which also work, but not as well. However, they are more convenient to use during the day. Although steriod creams are not natural, I believe a natural estrogen cream may work the same way. I have read lately that lichen schlerosis is often triggered by a decrease in estrogen in the body, so I'm experimenting with increasing intake of soy products, which contain natural estrogens. My MD also recommended probiotics and turmeric to control symptoms. Apparently, there is no cure available, just good symptom management.

Replied by Jillery
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Try adding Red Clover herbal pills... they supposedly increase estrogen. They have helped my LS symptoms a GREAT DEAL!!

Vitamin E, Lavender Oil

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Posted by Ajm (Alabama) on 12/22/2013
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Lichen Sclerosus: Based on some of the suggestions on this site, I began using vitamin E oil and certified pure therapeutic grade Lavender oil on the affected area and all symptoms have stopped. Lavender oil has analgesic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, to name a few. I have had LS since puberty but was misdiagnosed until 3 years ago. No cure and steroids are a no-go for me so management is my focus. Symptoms vary based on diet, exercise, and hormones, though this combo seems to be working well so far. I may try the purple emu oil in the future or possibly make an essential oil combination using lavender, melaleuca (tea tree), and oregano. Thanks to the makers of this site! It helps a lot!

Replied by Lg
(Sacramento, Ca)
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Thank you for sharing, I was skeptical that this would help. It has more than helped it has almost completely healed. I have dealt with this for over 20 years and I am amazed at the results. I use cotton rounds with a few drops of lavender and dilute with water 3 times a day. I also purchased some Frankincense as someone else suggested on here and plan on using it as well just as a precautionary.It is a little pricey, but we'll worth it and it's not a steroid! Thank you again for sharing! I hope this information will be helpful to others as well.

Replied by Freda
(Lancaster, Tx)
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I can't begin to thank you enough!!! I've had LS for 11 years and I can deal with the pain and bleeding and all that but the itching!!!!!!! The kind where you want to take a knife and cut it out or the relief from scratching is better than sex. Anyway, I was having one of those episodes last night... It is always at night... And so came searching once again and found this. I use essential oils and have a bottle of lavender mixed with cedarwood, mineral water and witch hazel that I use on my pillows and thought maybe this would work. I added a few more drops of lavender and many drops of frankincense and all I can say is I was in heaven from the instant relief! I usually have itching in the morning also right after my shower and I used the spray again and what joy! THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU

Replied by Thankful
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I swear I used lavender oil vitamin e, witch hazel and castor oil and I am as free as a bird from lichen sclerosis after reading your remedies. I was suffering from it for a year and prayed for a solution and found it on your page. Thanks a million for everything I can live a better life without the itching. That was one of the Worst things ever Thanks😀


Thanks for posting! How did you go about mixing these together?

Replied by Robbie
(Missouri (mo))

How much of each of these ingredients for Lichen Sclerosus?

Replied by B
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Could you please post how you used the oils, how much...

Replied by Cheryl

Review post.... how did you use these oils? How much of each?

Replied by Terri

I have had wonderful success with Vitamin E oil as well! I posted this under “remedies.” I get a burning sensation, so I just apply a drop of the oil to the hot area, and it soothes it almost immediately. I haven't had a flare-up for a couple of weeks, so I'm just applying it after I shower every morning as I'd rather stave it off than deal with a flare-up.


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Posted by Colleen (New Brunswick, NJ) on 03/29/2009
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Wheatgrass Cure for Lichen Scelrosis.

I have had this for 2 years. and found Wheatgrass works wonders after using the topical steroids and it getting worse. I stopped using what the doctor prescribed and used WG and she was amazed and wanted to take pictures and everything. I tried many natural remedies and this is what I have found to work. I had about 6 months that was excruciating and painful sex but now and basically symptom free besides having a small patch of white spots that never real go all the way for good.

Wheatgrass pulp as a compress for 15-45 mins. Make sure it is juicy this is a little messy but very clean and has been proven as a remedy for many problems including yeast infections. Just holding the compress on for 30 mins made my white spots disappear and the skin that appeared was pink and healthy. Juice it and grow it yourself and use 1-2 times a week or get a wheatgrass shot at a heathfood store and ask for some of the pulp. I do this -you can tell them it is to treat a burn or infected cut b/c it is used for that too. You just bundle up the pulp and hold it on press it to your skin firmly. I sit and watch TV on the couch or in bed on top of a towel with paper towels on top. The chlorophyl is very rich and can stain clothing/sheets. Wheat Grass contains many minerals and chlorophyl so maybe this is why it works so well.

But, I recently got wheatgrass cream form an Australian doctor who makes it. it is sold on his website Dr. Wheatgrass. I find if I put this on a few nights a week the white spots disappear too and the skin heals. This stuff is amazing you can heal cuts and burns very quickly with it with generally no scarring. I also found that salt water baths help and Aloe Vera gel helps soothe, and tea tree oil ointment takes away itchiness.

I used the Nuva Ring birth control vaginal ring for 2 years and that is when my problems with LS started. Now I use a pill and generally have a little bit of white spots but no irritation at all anymore and the white spots always go away every month when I get my period. I feel maybe if I did not use hormonal birth control at all this would go away completely but am not at a point in my life where I can justify it as there is not as reliable of a natural method Hope this helps some people with LS b/c it is really awful to have this condition.

Replied by Stacy
(Durango, CO)

Hi, I haven't ever used this form of communication before but I have a question. A friend suggested to me that I may have lichen sclerosis. I have tiny razor blade slits up the sides of my labia majora (both sides)- they bleed and sting and feel much like a razor blade cut. Sometimes it seems to go across my perineum and over my anus, causing that to also be painful. I used to only think that it was from sex and maybe I had an STD but have been checked many times and seem to baffle the practioners - they often start questioning me about abuse. Well, now, I haven't had sex in two months and I have it again - so I am trying to figure out what it may be - my symptoms do not seem to be the same as what you are describing but I'm trying whatever avenue I can because it is quite painful and debilitating and I recieve no valid answers from practioners.

Replied by Linda
(Houston, TX)

Stacy from Durango - According to my good friend, a dermatologist, Lichen sclerosis can be diagnosed with a biopsy of the skin. According to her it is not that uncommon and you should be able to ask a derm or ob-gyn to biopsy the skin so you can get an answer and start treatment. I too have been diagnosed with it but I haven't had the biopsy yet. I will be doing that soon so I can get a definite answer. Steroid creams are used quite a bit to bring the skin back to normal. If you don't want to waste your time with an uninformed doctor, try calling ahead and find out if they're familiar with the condition. Good luck

Replied by Mary
(Valencia, Ca)
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I was desperate for relief and decided to try the Wheatgrass lotion. The delivery was great. However, when I put the lotion on the vaginal area it burned like crazy. Not just for a short time. I put some more on later thinking it just takes time. Again the burning. So, I went back to my salt water which seemed to relieve the burning for a while. There must be something else out there but I don't have a clue. I don't have the itching, I have the soreness (sitting and exercising are very uncomfortable), redness and inflammation.


Replied by Tropical Qld
(Australia, Qld)

I have had LS for 13 years and had no idea what it was until I saw this post.

I have gone to the doctor and each time I go, they diagnose me with Thrush. So I'm so grateful to find that there are other women out there.

I noticed this in my teens and found everytime I had candy, chocolate or anything high in sugar, the itching would get worse. Bread from the grocery store and carbs in particular would also make the itching worse. For this reason, I just limited my carb and sugar intake (I have the sweetest tooth ever! ) and found that it was fine. Exercise, like 30 minutes of intense cardio regularly really helps with the symptoms.

I have young children and my diet has gone out the window and I've noticed that my symptoms are getting worse and the burning is getting more intense. I think I will have to get back on the bandwagon and continue with a 'healthy lifestyle.'

I have found cocoa butter oil helps with the itching and it's funny as I bought neem oil a couple weeks ago for this reason and looks like other ladies on this site have found it helpful.

Replied by Venda
(Redmond, Wa)

Biopsy showed lichen sclerosis, sorry I always misspell this. Prescribed ointment thinned out skin so it would easily break, so I stopped. Also when preg wanted natural option. Best natural relief: Burt's bees chapstick, with peppermint is the best. Can be used several times a day without irritation. Shower daily a must. If leaking urine after baby, wipe with wipey as well for extra cleaning. Actually have always been very sexual, and luckily this hasn't affected my drive :)

Replied by Ingrid

I have had this question too.

Replied by Patty

Hi - People don't always have all the symptoms at once. What you are describing sure sounds like LS. You said you've seen doctors, have you brought up LS to them? Maybe ask your doctor to referrer you to an OBGYN or a Derm who specializes in LS. My biopsy came back positive, but they don't always, yet you still have it. I wish you luck.

Witch Hazel

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Posted by Georgina (Tolmie, Victoria, Australia) on 03/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I don't know about the Essiac Tea but I recently read on a Lichen Sclerosa Forum about Witch Hazel. The writer had felt that in someway her urine was to blame for her symptoms. I had had some similar thoughts so decided to follow her advice.

For the past week I have been drying myself, after having a pee, with a tissue, and then wiping myself with a tissue with some Witch Hazel on it. The effect has been quite dramatic. No more itching or soreness at all.

Is it possible, I wonder, that there is some toxic reason for the urine to affect the vulva so badly. All one gets from the medical profession is that Lichen Sclerosa is believed to be an auto-immune system breakdown. That seems to be their answer for anything they don't have an answer for.

In closing I should say that I don't believe my Lichen Sclerosa to be a really bad version of the complaint although I have had it for the past ten years. If I can stop using the Diprosone Ointment by using Witch Hazel I shall be well pleased.

Replied by Alea
(Las Vegas, Nv)

I clean with Witch Hazel Wipes (courtesy of VA dr) and using diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. Hopefully I can cure self using these simple things. Four years is too long to be itching and having skin tear and bleed. Been celibate well over four years!!!!!

Zinc Oxide

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Posted by Linda (Auburn, In) on 04/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 56 yo female who has suffered from Lichen Sclerosis for nearly 20 years. I've been using Clobetasol prescribed by my gyn. It doesn't help at all. More recently, the itching became so intense that I scratched my "down there" skin so hard that I caused bruising and tearing of the thin skin. I was a complete mess from the view I saw while looking at a mirror. A friend suggested zinc oxide so I bought a tube. Oh my word, what a relief that has done. I highly recommend it for vaginal itching!

Replied by Natalia
(Mn, Usa)

Glad you found some relief! This condition sounds a bit like the IC I have that makes eating high oxalate foods or detoxing endotoxins at times unbearable. As an RN, Zinc Oxide used commonly for 'toughening' the skin with burns, but it's only a bandaid. While I heal from Mycoplasma (one of the Lyme complex infections), I use a more healing bandaid for symptom tolerance: Oils of Frankincense and Tea Tree in equal parts to 20 parts of raw coconut oil, applied externally.

LS has both fungal and bacterial aspects and both need to be addressed. One option is Borax in coconut oil as a vag suppository for the fungal aspect and D-Mannose (buy the pwdr) to rid the body of excess E. Coli. There are benefits to vag supps of probiotics too. For bacterial vaginosis, douching with ACV or even 25% dilute hydrogen peroxide works. You may want to look at an overall Candida overgrowth and begin a protocol to balance your microbiome or body terrain, do some diet changes, balance minerals and vitas, and do some serious self-care, knowing you deserve to be well. Best to you.

Replied by Becca86047

Dear Natalia, it sounds like you really know a lot about this disease! I have learned so much from reading on this site. It helps me a lot as I have just been diagnosed. Could you please give me the specific amounts of what you recommend? After urination, I would like to have something to "cool off" ..

I believe in essential oils and use them often so the one with frankincense and tea tree oil would be beneficial. Please let me know how much of each to use or some kind of recipe would be great!

Thanks so much!

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Marion (Perth, Australia) on 02/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Zinc Cream for LS

Please try zinc cream and zinc baby powder for lichen sclerosis. It worked for me. I also use borax water for itchy eyes.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Janet (Anglesey, Uk) on 10/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After months of suffering and using steroid creams to no effect I used zinc oxide and within 24 hrs the soreness, redness and discomfort had gone. I have only applied the cream 4 times but the affected area seems to be almost back to normal. Miraculous result

Replied by Sydney
(Richmond, Virginia/usa)

I have had LS for 18 years. I have tried everything my doctor has suggested and had it under control for many years. About 1 1/2 years ago I had a flare up that has persisited. I am burning and itching. I can no longer use the prescription medications. I have tried Perrins products which helped at first but are no longer giving any relief. I am considering other options such as Emuaid and the Zinc Oxide powder or Scar-Zone mentioned above. I have tried Desitin which contains zinc oxide, in the past however, and am wondering if I need to even try to zinc oxide products. Can someone tell me if there is a significant difference? Has anyone tried the Emuaid?

Also, for immediate, calming relief there is a product which is mixed with water and used as a compress. It is available at most drug stores and is similar to the vinegar idea. I have used this for years with flare ups.

Replied by Agnes
(Merritt, Canada)

I brought some zinc oxide powder. Do I make a paste and put it on the affected area?

Replied by Patty

Hi - I have had LS for 30 years, but until recently I have not had to treat. I use emuaid, in fact I just ordered the moisturizer bar today. It works very well for the itching and burning. I stopped using it to treat with hormone cream my dr prescribed, and this was a big mistake. I cancelled my follow up appt with the dr and started using the emuaid again. Like every one else, I am looking for something to fix me, so I am also trying many things which I have found on this site. Lavender has also worked well, I mix a few drops in with the emuaid. Good luck!

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Leslie (Sydney, Australia) on 12/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

There might be some hope for LS sufferers by using Zinc Oxide powder. I'm a 69 year old male and I first got LS at about age 30. After trying a few other treatments I tried simple ZnO powder. Within about 2 days most of the annoying symptoms were gone, and by 2 weeks it was like I never had LS (apart from a little scarring).. LS reappeared about a year ago and I treated it again with ZnO. Amazing, the clearing up of LS as I got 40 years ago. I don't think that the treatment can be as simple as ZnO, but it has worked miraculously for me both times. The reply of Kim from Effingham above is the first time I have seen mention of ZnO working for anybody else.

Replied by Rachelle
(Kearney, Ne)

How much Zinc Oxide powder, and how often. Do you apply it or ingest it?

Replied by Mama To Many

Zinc oxide powder is only for external use. You can look for a diaper rash cream with zinc in it for external use.

Replied by Ingrid

How are you now? Do you still need the Zinc? Has all the skin returned to normal? Hope you are doing well.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Kim (Effingham, Il Usa) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello again on LS... Found something I wanted to share that is working for the elimination of the small white lesions and itching. It is called Scar-Zone. The zinc oxide and antioxidants completely resolve the itching and thinning/white lesions. I hope this helps someone with this dreaded disease. Not sure if it will completely resolve the issue. Please respond and let me know. Thanks.

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