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Essential Oils

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Posted by Veronica (PA) on 06/22/2022

Clobet whatever it's called is a horrible steroid medication it would have me burning 🔥 like crazy or itchy like I would scratch so hard it was crazy. But I was so dry and skin on vulva would Crack or I would get tears near the opening or around the clitoris. Every time I peed it was torture.


Coconut oil (best one they sell in Walmart)

All Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankensence, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil.


If you have Vitamin E capsules pierce 2 and add that too. Store in Fridge.
Put it on before you go out but wear a pad cuz it's messy. After evening shower put it again. It feels so soothed immediately. You will feel the difference by the next day. So moisturized and wonderful. It's amazing. I promise you. My condition is so bad I no longer have Labia Minora. The skin stretched it away. My vaginal opening is so small and tight and too painful for sex. It's been about 4 years.

TRY IT PLEASE!!! You can also use those same 5 ingredients in your hair/scalp for hair thinning. But you should use MCT/Fractionated coconut oil in hair and Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Use on freshly washed DRY hair. Leave in for 2-3 hours with a plastic cap if you can leave in overnight and then wash gently and condition hair in cold water from middle to ends not scalp. Try to air Dry but if you must blow dry use cold setting.


Essential Oils
Posted by Patricia C. (Florida) on 10/21/2021

After years of spotty treatment with steroid cream, my Lichen kicked into high gear. It took a year to find a thread about Frankincense oil, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. By then I even had Lichen inside vagina plus around my anus. The steroid was helping somewhat with hormone cream to thicken skin. Once I started using St. John's oil, Almond oil (Tbsp of each with 40 drops of Frankincense Sacred oil) even a few drops inside me I see a reversal of the condition. White skin turning pink,Vitamin E oil topically 1 x week and Vit. B12 topically daily. Some scaring seems to be going away too. Some skin is still fragile but it's been only a few months! I am amazed when I tried stopping steroid cream it all reversed, same thing happened when I ran out of Frankincense. I hope this post helps someone, there's so little information out there. Good luck in your search for help.

Essential Oils
Posted by Melody (Beebe, Ar, Usa) on 07/27/2012

I believe the Lichen Sclerosus is a yeast/fungal infection and can also be a Thyroid problem. My family uses Essential Oil of Thieves, Ocotea, Oregano... To name a few that are antifungal oils and do no harm to the body. Myrrh oil is also GREAT for the Thyroid. Please do not try using oils that are not pure... Know the company you purchase from and make sure they are pure. Fungus disappears when the oils are used.

Replied by Ab
(New York)

Hello, I am thinking I may have LS just because of the symptoms I am experiencing. Can all of the essential oils be used in conjunction with one another? Also would Vitamin E oil work as well?

Replied by Sylvia
(Birkdale Australia)

Be very carefull of using treatments for thrush when you have Lichen Sclerosus. Several Drs just gave it to me and then the specialist said that the antifungal treatments I was given were actualy feeding the LS and making it worse. I believed this because when I used these treatments it felt worse. It took me 2 years of going from dr to dr to be diagnosed properly.

Replied by Rebecca
(New Braunfels, Tx)

How are you using the essential oils (Thieves)? Taking orally or applying to the site?

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
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LS is an autoimmune issue and not a fungal or yeast issue despite the name (lichen. It just has that appearance when looked at under a scope).


Words have meaning. Also see Leaky Gut - the true cause of all disease.

Replied by Karla

A major contributor to any autoimmune issue is gut dysbiosis... an imbalance of bad bacteria/yeast (too many) to the beneficial bacteria. Since yeast (candida) is part of the "imbalance", ridding your body of yeast is a great step in mitigating/reversing LS. I take Oregano essential oil internally (3-5 drops in a capsule), 2-5 times/day. Oregano oil is the number one "fungus killer".... got rid of the fungal infection on my husband's feet (thick yellow toe nails are an indication of a fungal infection) when used topically.

Oregano oil is a "hot" oil... it should be diluted 10:1 with a high quality vegetable oil when starting topical use.... see how you tolerate it...everyone is different. If you experience red, itching skin, dilute more or discontinue use if very bad.

I would NEVER put Oregano oil (even diluted) near my vaginal area... it hurts to even think about that... which is why I take it internally.

Again, 100% pure essential oils are mandatory for internal use.

Essiac Tea

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Posted by Mk (Usa) on 11/26/2013

I started using Essiac Tonic a few days ago. My symptoms have gotten so much better already. I'm also taking/eating probiotics and taking slippery elm & marshmallow root to heal my gut (I think I have a leaky gut and it causes my LS). I'm also on low-oxalate gluten-free diet. I really do think that Essiac Tonic will cure my LS, combined with proper diet.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Daisy (Ewa Beach, Hi) on 11/10/2012

I had Lichen Sclerosus and was misdiagnosed for a year. I got it under control by steroid creams but it was not gone. For a reason I don't need to go into, I bought someone a detox liquid called Essaic Tonic Tea (nonalcohol) and they didn't want it. So not to waste my money, I used the whole bottle and was cured! I told my friend with Lupus and she takes it and it is making her feel better. It is a miracle the way this stuff works. Its all natural and won't hurt you. I don't sell it, you have to go to a natual health food store and buy the nonalcohol formula.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Daisy, Can you tel us how long you took the essiac tea tonic and how many times a day did you take it? How many drops? You are the first person who has ever been cured of LS that I have seen. I have Lichen Planus and have been trying to cure it for almost ten years. My doctor and dentist admit they don't understand the disease. Mine is all internal and systemic, no skin outbreaks.

I have been trying Lisa's suggestion for water kefir for about a month and I think it is good for the whole body. I have ordered some essiac tea with high hopes, and passed your tip along to others with LP. I am praying this works for me and others. Thank you so much for posting!

Replied by Daisy
(Ewa Beach, Hi)

I took the whole bottle, I was cured within a few days of taking it but took the whole bottle of non alcohol formula. I really stress this because the alcohol one tastes God awful. Anyway, read about the benefits on the internet. I bought the liquid kind. 40 drops on an empty stomach in the a. M. And 40 drops on an empty stomach in the pm. I really want someone esle to try to see if it cures them too! I was diagnosised through a doctor and told and prescribed all the same stuff as anyone else. Essaic Tonic Tea purfies the blood, cleans the organs even the lungs and is a parasite killer too! Again, I took this not intentionally trying to cure my LS but I am cured. I haven't had a break out since this year June and no longer use any creams.

Replied by Joni
(Selma, Oregon)

Hi Daisy, The only type of Essiac I've seen is in a powder form for making a tea. You said your product is in liquid form. Is this a tincture? How wonderful this has cured you!

Replied by Daisy
(Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

Joni, it is made from different plants. It is an old native american cure and people are claiming it shrinks tumors. Its so gently you can use it on your animals. Chemotheraphy patients are using it along with thier Chemo. It comes in all forms... Powder... Pills... Liquid... I prefer liquid... I have a hard time swallowing pills. I hope it works for others. It is wonderful not being itchy especially at night. I have some scaring on my wrists but all other scars have healed. If this doesn't cure others... than I have received a miracle from God.

Replied by Linda
(Reno, Nv)

Daisy, where do you buy your essiac toner with no alcohol? Looking on the internet and seeing only ones with alcohol in them.

Replied by Daisy
(Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

I buy mine from a [local] health food store. It is also sold online by different people who sell it. Usually health food stores have it and it is in the detox section of the store. I live Hawaii where everything is shipped in so, I purchase it for about $25 a bottle. I plan on taking this 3 times a year. Next year, I will buy a bottle in March, July and then in November.

Replied by Linda
(Reno, Nv)

Daisy, thanks for your reply. Is this tonic something you need to take everyday? You mentioned using 3 bottles for a whole year.

Replied by Daisy
(Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

I would treat it like a detox and only take it a few times a year. A bottle of drops lasts me about 2 weeks. When taking it I feel great... I even get a zing in my step. But I wouldn't take it every day all year long. Just a few times a year to reclean and purify your body and blood. Again, if you do take it and it works or doesn't work let me know. If it doesn't work, than I know it was a miracle I was healed and I will quit telling people about Essaic. If it does work than we can let everyone know it really works. I have yearly appts. Now with my doctor and she doesn't know I am cured. I can't wait for my appt and bring the bottle of Essaic Tonic Tea with me.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Daisy, I ordered essiac tea, which I will brew at home, and it should be here this coming week. I hope it will work as well as the tea tonic, which I didn't see on the Internet. If this works, you will have found a very elusive cure and many people will finally find some relief from these miserable autoimmunes. I have tried every lead that seems plausible for ten years and I'm so excited to try this! Thank you, Daisy, for posting your experience on EC. I hope we get a bunch of success stories!

Replied by Joni
(Selma, Oregon)

Thanks Daisy, I am going to get some Essiac and will certainly let you know the results. I absolutely believe in miracles. God doesn't always work in the same way for all people, but I won't know if this will be my miracle too until I try!

Replied by Linda

Daisy, I am going to try it and I will let you know for sure if it works.

Replied by Mjf030947
(Las Vegas, Nv)

I have LS and want to know how to apply the essaic tonic.

Replied by Daisy
(Ewa Beach, Hi)

You drink it.

Replied by Kim

To Daisy from Ewa Beach: Does the Essiac tonic still works for you? I was going to try it myself and was wondering if your LS ever came back?

Replied by Anna

If you type in Essiac Tea in your browser you will find all the information you need to make a decision about using this product. I have just started to use it.

Replied by Ashleigh

Do you drink it straight or mix it with something?

Replied by Ingrid

So Daisy, after 5 years, how is the LS? Did the Essaic Tonic Tea work?

Essiac Tea, Homeopathy

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Posted by Kate (Auckland, New Zealand) on 03/02/2013

Last year I had my first flare up of Lichen Sclerosis, I didn't know that's what it was till I got it back this year in early February. I'm not interested in using steroid creams so I researched alternative treatments and came across Essiac Tea. I followed the instructions, it is now early March and it is almost gone. I also used homeopathic remedies to ease the itch, inflammation and splitting. Homeopathic Graphites, Urtica-urens, Nit-ac and Apis, each in a 30c potency. Am also taking homeopathic Kreosotum and Petroleum and they are taking away the last of the splits and itching. Hope this helps anyone suffering this awful affliction, feel free to message me. Xx

Replied by Desperate For Help
(Grabill, Indiana. Usa)

What brand of Essiac tea did you use? I am desperate. There are different brands... Liquid and powder. Please advise. Thank you.

Replied by Sher

My condition was self diagnosed. I have had LS for several years now and non of the doctors could figure out what it was. Finally my condition got worse and started researching the symptoms and couple of months ago I figured what I had. I came across this site to find cure for this and I took Daisy's advice and ordered some Essiac Tea to cure it internally and used Perrin's blend for external use. It's been almost a month and I am feeling much better. The white patches have almost disappeared just 2 small areas to be treated. Also I've heard that this could be due to some emotional trauma and shame so I am sending myself some luv every morning and night. Essentially I am doing three prone healing - internal, external and emotional. I am optimistic that I am getting better and better everyday. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Victoria
(San Francisco, California)

Hello.. Re: LS... Where did you purchase the Essiac Tea?
How are you feeling now?
Thanks!! Victoria

Replied by Jerene
(Burlington, Ky)

I have Lichen Sclerosus and am 16 wks pregnant. Would essiac tea be safe?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jerene,

Personally, I would want to find something else to try first. When I look at cures for LS, I see a number of things I would try before Essiac if I was expecting. I am a huge fan of herbs and use them often. Herbal medicine can be quite powerful. So, I would hesitate to use Essiac in pregnancy. In a cursory search, I was not able to find that the ingredients in Essiac, individually, were contraindicated for pregnancy, I would still err on the side of caution with an herbal blend that is able to cure cancer.

That said, if I had cancer and had to pick between Essiac and chemo, I would pick Essiac.

When I look at Earth Clinic's cure page for LS, I see things like Apple Cider Vinegar, baking soda, dietary changes, eliminating artificial sweeteners, etc. I would be more comfortable with trying those things first.

I hope you find a cure soon! And I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Linda
(Alice Springs, Australia)

Hi Kate. You mentioned a number of homeopathic remedies you used. I am currently using urtica urens based on your advice. It is helping but not complete. How did you use so many remedies? In what order, when and how much? Thank you

Replied by Pat
(Montgomery, Alabama)

How is the Kreosotum and petroleum used? Is Kreosotum an over the counter cream or pill?

Replied by Ashley
(Talladega, Alabama)

I think that's what I have. Where do you order the tea because I itch the most at night

Replied by Felicia

Hello, I'm wondering how to use the essiac tea for lichen Sclerosis, I'm reading that people have said they followed the directions, you mean just what the bottle says? Or is there a specific way to take it for lichen Sclerosis? Thanks so much for any help!

Replied by Evan
(Los Angeles)

Can you please say which homeopathic remedy was helpful for the skin splitting?


Replied by Mary

I am newly diagnosed and after reading so much about this disease, I am terrified. I already suffer from fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis. I really feel that a cleansing diet and natural remedies are the way to go. The high strength steroid cream just made it worse. My Dr. won't listen and insists I keep using it! My body is telling me something different. Going to try all these natural remedies until I find what works for me. Thanks for all the support on this site.

Frankincense Oil

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Posted by Gentlestrength (Globe, Az) on 01/27/2014

Frankincense Oil completely healed my painful LS very quickly! To think that I had suffered with this for over 4 years. At first I was embarrassed thinking that it was a painful VD but because of the itching thought it was a candida fungal problem. I tried EVERYTHING... with various results but it kept returning and was excruciatingly painful. Rosewater sprayed on the area would stop the itching though. Yes, I even tried Oregano oil diluted, white iodine with DMSO, baking soda baths. All would help for a day or so but would not heal it.

Then I read that this was a precancerous condition and very closely tied to emotional issues. So I immediately started using pure Frankincense oil and within two days could tell it was healing. No pain, no itching and the lesions were disappearing. I used two drops in the am and in the pm for three weeks. Now it is GONE! I'm so thankful for this healing and am staying off sugar and starting to eliminate wheat! I can sit without wincing and walk without that pain! Thank you EC for your awesome website to help us all!

Replied by Mary
(Minneapolis, Mn)

I had a question about the frankincense oil, did you use it straight or diluted?

Replied by Paula
(Toronto Canada)

A further question about the use of Frankincense Oil - did you use it topically or did you take it internally?

Replied by Asrana
(Rancho Cordova, Ca)

Oil of Frankincense, as well as any other essential oil but Oil of Lavender, should NOT be used neat (undiluted) put the drops in a carrier oil and apply topically. Do NOT take it internally!

Replied by Linda
(Mariposa, Ca)

Was the Frankensence oil applied topically?

Replied by Debbie
(Lyme Regis, GB)

I'm very interested in your post as I have had Lichen Sclerosus for 2 years and been on Steroid cream, which has stopped working. I would love to use a more natural approach, so thought I would try Frankincense oil - do you put it in a carrier oil? And do you apply it directly to the area affected? Thank you so much! I am looking forward to enjoying itch free evenings. Debbie

Replied by Monie
(Virginia, US)

Frankincense - why not, I have tried everything else. It has got to work. I have gotten rid of bread, sugar and dairy.

Replied by Shades
(South Africa)

Can I mix francinsense mixed with coconut oil for lessions on vg?

Replied by Nathan

What brand frankensense oil did you use?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah. Qld.)

Which frankincense did you use, pls. The product of India or Yemen? The latter very expensive.

Replied by Lisa

Hi. Did you take the frankensense oil internally or use it topically? Thanks.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Lisa,

Frankincense Essential Oil should be used externally.

I have used one or two drops neat (without diluting) unless the area to treat is a sensitive one, in which case, I would mix it one drop with a bit of castor oil or coconut oil and apply to the area one to three times a day.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Shelby
(Connellsville, Pennsylvania)

Hello. I've been suffering with lichen sclerosus for about 5 years now. I was wondering if the frankincense oil completely cured you of it. Are you having any issues to this day? Thank you! -Shelby

(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

I tried the Frankincense and it caused a flare with me. I used it diluted with coconut oil and again with Emu oil. Nope, not for me :-(

Replied by Mary K

Mama to Many, I tried mixing colloidal silver water with distilled water and coconut oil and drops of frankincense and lavender. It burned so bad! What to do? Lessen oils? even coconut oil with baking soda burns badly. I don't know what to do anymore! It is spreading. I am going to try emu oil or castor oil now.

Replied by Mama To Many


The bad reaction could be that the oils and water didn't mix well and you got essentials oils straight into your skin.

Baking soda does some as it is too alkaline for sensitive skin.

You might try to keep to a single ingredient to make sure it suits your body. Perhaps just castor oil to start.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Beebs (Scotland) on 02/15/2020

When I went to my GP with symptoms and white patches I was told I may have thrush .. a swab was taken and sent to the lab. In the meantime I was given a cream to relieve the itch ( Of course it didn't relieve the itch..). Later that week I met with my friend .. and it was my friend who told me I had LS... she had the exact same symptoms but hadn't been diagnosed quickly. I went back to my GP and she confirmed that I did indeed have LS. I was prescribed an emollient to use when showering/washing and a steroid cream.

I used both and the steroid cream did help but I didn't want to be using it on a daily basis. My GP referred me to a homeopathic doctor and I was prescribed a remedy called Acidicum Nitricum (nitric acid ).

I take this remedy daily and also use the emollient on a daily basis .. Since I started using the homeopathic remedy I have only had to use the steroid cream on a handful of occasions. I tend to use Organic Aloe Vera Gel in the first instance. I think the fact that I was diagnosed early ( albeit through my friend ) has helped keep symptoms to a minimum. I was not aware that LS was progressive and have gained knowledge from reading others posts. My friend was mis- diagnosed on several occasions and as a result has many problems associated with LS.

There are many things which can trigger LS flare ups the main factor being stress. Diet can play a big part in alleviating symptoms. Everyone is an individual and if you find something natural that helps you then go for it.

Replied by Ann

Beebs, Can you tell us whether acidicum nitricum was a remedy specific to you/our constitutional type, or is it a remedy that is known to work for anyone with LS? I think your homeopath would know this. Thanks for sharing.


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Posted by Jennifer (Warwickshire) on 02/14/2014

I have found using a good quality honey applied topically to the area a few times a day until the symptoms are relieved does reduce itching and irritation.

Replied by Arobi

I find strong Manuka honey fantastic for instantly taking away and keeping away the itch and soreness of vulval LS. I apply it topically morning and night. Have also tried paw paw ointment and calendula ointment which help a little but the honey is best. Manuka honey is well known for healing leg ulcers so I'm hoping it might also heal my LS but have only been using it for a week so don't know yet whether it will be a wonder cure.

Replied by Te Ao Marie
(New Zealand)

How has the honey treatment been going?

Lichen Sclerosus Triggers

Posted by Anna H (Ireland) on 11/21/2016

Another possible cause of LS...

I have had LS for 20 years and while it mostly stayed calm, lately the itch around my genital area is off the chart so I am delighted to find lots of options on your site to try out. I had a suspicion, which others have validated, that years of wearing sanitary towels is a possible contributor, especially if during the 70's, 80's etc.

Lichen Sclerosus Triggers
Posted by Jodi (Maine) on 04/29/2016

My (vaginal) LS completely went away for over 15 yrs. Clobetasol, then Aubrey's organic aloe gel (the ONLY one that won't burn, even compared to drinkable stuff), coconut oil, etc. So, I'm reading about LS all over again and the one thing I never see is any awareness about one's mental/psychological state.

My mentor acupuncturist's first comment 15 yrs ago was "this sounds like a boundary issue to me..." Why is the skin tightening, atrophying?? I was in a yucky relationship... keep him out, down there!!

I am currently dealing with boundary issues in my life and hello LS.....I am offering that, for some, straightening out there life and head may be part of the cure. I definitely believe we can cure ourselves of this. I say something you perceive as embarrassing and your skin turns RED!! The mind affecting the body....As part of your healing you may want to be kind to yourself and shift what you can in a positive direction.

I am working on a cream with Chinese herbs for a natural vaginal alternative.

Replied by Arlene

Jodi, I think you've got something there. I've had LS for almost 30 years. It started in 1987. I was having sex with my ex-husband 5 years after we were divorced. I think mentally I was trying to stop and that was my defense mechanism. Thank goodness he met someone and stopped needing me. You mentioned Aloe Vera but didn't say if it helped. Please let me know.

Replied by Effie

Excellent contribution, I agree whole heartedly. Well said. Our internal world is going to manifest in all kinds of physical symptoms, our bodies work to get us to listen, we need to do that.

Replied by Suzanne

My LS history is definitely related to psychological issues. I am an incest survivor. While I look to manage LS symptoms because they can be so disturbing, I am well aware that the root cause lies in my history. Medical people have not a clue about this. They just cut, burn and poison with chems.

Low Oxalates Diet

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Posted by Sandra (Ottawa, Ontario) on 04/28/2012

I have had LS for a year now. I went on the Low Oxalate diet in September and noticed that the itching immediately began to subside (a HUGE relief considereing I was returning to work and hadn't been able to wear pants for the past 4 months). I had also been experiencing extreem fatigue and digestive issues, which went away within a matter of days. After about a month I was at a confrence and cheated by eating a sandwich and cookie. I was exhausted.

I switched up the low oxalate diet for a gluten free diet and found that the fatigue and digestive symptoms went away, the LS became gradually less itchy, and the white patches started to disappear. I have not had to use steroid cream for months and I have been able to resume a normal sex life. After a significant improvement I realized that while the dietary change was helping it was not the only answer. I had also noticed that the itching would be the worst when I was lying down or sitting for long periods of time so I started jogging. I started off with 2km and have worked up to 6km 3 times a week. I think that the extra blood flow may be what is helping, because I did do regular excercise before, but it was yoga which was much lower impact and much less demanding to the cardio-vascular system. I would like to mention that I have also not had athsma for months since changing my diet. Trying the low oxalate diet an was the best thing did for my LS.

Replied by Nickie
(London Uk)

Until you have figured out the cause maybe you could use a homeopathic cream such as Hypericum and Urtica. This is extremely mild and soothing and can be used for burns and stings etc, if it doesn't help, it certainly won't hurt.

Replied by Jane

I READ YOUR INFO AND WENT ON A GLUTEN AND LOW OXALATE DIET. I was told I had Lichen S.Thank you to everyone that shared their advice about going on a low Oxalate diet and gluten free. It works, I no longer suffer with this condition.

I did use a steroid cream for several weeks. But I am all clear, skin is normal color now, my gp advice is to continue doing what I am doing.

Replied by Tanya

Please, tell me more about the low-oxalate diet. I have not been diagnosed with Licen Sclerosus but I have all the symptoms and they are getting worse. My life has become terrible with my husband, I lost sleep from itching and pain, the obgyns ignore me. Only now I found out what I have.

I need all the help to diminish my agony.

(Corvallis, Or)

Have you heard of sitting in a bath with borax and baking soda? Look up the borax conspiracy.

Replied by Terry

I have had it for 3 years. For intense itching I use desitin maximum strength, wear white cotton panties with unscented panty liners, and drink organic apple cider vinegar all natural drink, ( found at health food stores and festival food store) 8 ounces 3 times a week. Also when I followed a gluten free diet and no artificial sweeteners my LS was gone. Now I restarted the gluten free diet and no aspartame.

Replied by Margaret
(United Kingdom)

I have had lichen sclerosis for years, it got so bad I went to a Specialist at a Nuffield hospital, finally I found out the name of it. I'm 79 and 3/4!

I tried the "Emuaid" cream, it came from America and was nearly 68 dollars!!! I found out later that it's on "E-bay" much cheaper, it only lasted me a week but it was so good! So soothing, but I can't afford it!

I'm going to try the "Gluten free and Low Oxalates diet, I have done a lot of research on line, my ls is particularly bad at the moment. Wish me luck!! Margaret.

Replied by Candice
(Kansas, Mo)

Please help on this diet and how long till see results?

Replied by Danise

Try 4 tablespoons castor oil....Organic 2 drops essential Lavender oil, 1 drop essential lemongrass oil......that's it. Bought mine from herbal store...supposed to work. anyway they say dont use more drops than what ingredients call for. Just diagnosed....comes and goes...flare ups are soap, just rinse warm water....began wearing boxers or mens underwear soft cotton equipo boxers.

Low Oxalates Diet
Posted by Healthygirl110 (Sacramento, Ca) on 02/18/2012

I've been able to reverse Lichen Sclerosis by going on a Low Oxalates diet. Steroid creams do not work. After being on a low oxalates diet within a month my LS has reversed by 50% and still healing everyday! I hope this others -- I never thought in a million years I could reverse LS but it's possible. You can also check out Vulvar Pain Foundation online with similar resources. Good Luck!

LS - Hyperthyroid Connection

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Posted by Seeker (East Sussex) on 04/05/2015

I have a theory about lichen sclerosus and wondered if it applies to anyone else. I heard that girls born to women with an overactive thyroid whilst pregnant have a high chance of developing LS. This applies to me, does anyone else have a mother with LS and who had it whilst pregnant?

Replied by Karen

Definitely. My sister read anything she could find on LS and our mother had thyroid problems, thyroid removal and in later life developed chronic crohns disease. Poor immune system.

Replied by Justine

My mother had a thyroid operation when I was very young. I think she had it removed and subsequently was told that it was underactive as she gained weight. She developed LS of the vulva in her 50s and now has scleroderma in her fingers. I have never had any health problems but at the age of 43 I developed LS of the vulva. Could be an interesting line of enquiry to see if there is a connection.

LS and Hypothyroidism Connection

Posted by Wendy (Canada) on 05/27/2014

Hello everyone.....I am sorry that a lot of you are suffering with LS!

I've had LS for at least 7 years now....diagnosed for 5 years.(I am 55) I have tried so many lotions, potions, treatments, etc....I've been reading your posts and will try some of these! I eat organically, eat pasture fed meat and eggs, drink Reverse Osmosis water and exercise.I eat healthy. I am going to try the gluten free diet and see if that helps. I take all kinds of vitamins, etc...a lot of these were mentioned in your posts. I have been using steroid cream....but it has stopped working about 10 months ago....I hated using it anyways......but kept me from going mad. I was using organic, bio-identical progesterone cream..(Natpro).....I didn't think the cream was working, and thought maybe that I didn't use a high enough dosage, but after discontinuing the cream my LS became much worse. I was also under a lot of stress since about that I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not. I belong to an online support group and some of the women on there say they have had remarkable success using concentrated cannabis oil (topically). Makes one think. I know my doctor would never give me a prescription for it. :( They rarely give people here prescriptions for medical cannabis...let alone the oil. Makes one want to break the law! A lot of the LS treatments are just that.....treating the horrible symptoms that we get....never getting at the cause. It definitely has something to do with hormonal imbalance. Almost everyone that has LS has hypothyroidism...and I think the ones that don't have hypothyroidism just haven't been diagnosed with it yet. It makes me think that maybe we should be finding something that cures hypothyroidism which in turn would cure the LS. I am going to start researching into the thyroid issue. I've been rather down about my LS lately. I hate the horrible itching, the pain, the atrophy.....and especially how it effects my sex life and relationship with my husband. I usually try to be positive and up beat about things......but lately it's been bad.

Replied by Lynn
(Phoenix, AZ)

I feel like I could have written your posting........ ;(

Replied by Cyn
(Wa State)


I have had LS for about 15 years. Your post concerns me because you fail to consider that this is a progressive disease.You are in the early or mid stages, and I assure you there is no going backwards. I urge you to arrest the progression before you have irreparable damage. By the symptoms you are reporting, the disease is marching forward. This is not good..

There are stages to the disease that are much worse than you are experiencing now. I urge you to seriously educate yourself on this disease. I know a great resource!!

I belong to a wonderful LS support group, well over 10,000 women and men are members, discussing what is working.. Please get ahold of the LS before it progresses much further.

Here it is:


Sincerely, Cyn

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld. Australia)

Wendy, have you read Dr Brownstein's book re iodine and followed up with the Iodine protocol as mentioned on Earth Clinic; and, whether this has cured the LS?

Replied by Nancy

I had hyperparathyroidism, had parathyroid removed, which fixed that, but have lichens acutely. Used clobatasol and premarin cream for years and cannot get rid of it. It even hurts to urinate.

Replied by Alison
(Vancouver, Bc)

What group are you on where they talk about using cannabis oil? I'm in Vancouver, Canada and that sort of thing is pretty available, with prescription of course. It's something I'd like to look into so if I can connect with those talking about it, it would be ideal. Thank you.

Replied by Kat

I have LS and hypo/hyperthyroidism depending on thyroid med dosage :) It fluctuates all the time. I currently started using Ashwagandah for thyroid and adjust it according to hypo/hyperthyroid symptoms (Now using three a week - Mon, Wed, Fri). Seems to be a good fit for me. Haven't had a blood test since starting it almost a year ago; but according to the symptoms it is working well. It is good for many other medical issues too.

Didn't know LS and thyroid were linked. This is interesting. I use various combos of essential oils in emu oil topically for the LS ... the itching of LS is less with ashwagandah, but the rash and patches are still there.

Replied by Queenie

This comment is a little harsh, judgey and might not be true.

It is a very emotional thing, having LS and knowing that stress makes it worse. In fact there is "a going back". There is. I am not there yet, I have just discovered it. But hundreds of women that I have read from in the past week have said that they are experiencing NO symptoms and taking wheat sugar and processed foods out of their diet did the trick. No, I won't say cure- as that would cause an argument. But no symptoms. So there is a "over the rainbow" place for many women. We can't be so harsh online- every single body is different, and some heals faster then others.

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