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Lichen Sclerosus Remedies

| Modified on Jan 24, 2024
Change Fabrics
Posted by San (UK) on 01/24/2024

I have this condition and have had from some years now. I was prescribed Dermovite cream which is a steroid and although it works to reduce the inflammation I don't take kindly to anything prescribed by GP's, so rarely use it and found other ways to bring some comfort. I use Emuaid Cream, which has proved to be a great success. However, I think it may be certain fabrics that cause this problem because I always buy stretch fabric jeans and there is one particular pair that has more elastane in than others. I find that when I sit in them for a prolonged time, the itching begins. It could also be washing powders or softeners used in your machines. For now I'm going through the fabric experiment!

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy
Posted by Lisa (New Jersey) on 01/18/2024

Stem cell PRP is the only thing out there that comes close to a cure for LS. Dr. Nathan Newman in Beverly Hills California has performed this technique on over 200 LS patients all 100% show improvement or go into complete remission for years. See his Yelp. People confuse the two techniques:

PRP: platelet rich plasma: They also call it the O-shot or Vampire shot. The technique is, they draw your blood, spin it down and extract the plasma which rich with platelets. Then they inject the plasma into the affected areas. The platelets release multiple growth factors that stimulate the regeneration of health tissue in the genital area. It last for about 6 months to a year, however some patients go into complete remission with just PRP alone.

Stem and PRP therapy: is combo of PRP and stem cells. They first inject the PRP into the LS areas, then do a small liposuction removing fat from one area of the body (e.g. tummy) and inject it into the LS areas. The fat contains stems cells that can turn into the surrounding tissue. These stem cells also release anti-inflammatory chemicals prevent further inflammation. Also the PRP stimulates the stem cells to grow, and they continue to grow and take over the whole area bringing the genital tissue back to normal. The immune system does not recognize these new cells and therefore stop attacking the area rendering the patient ASYMPOTOMATIC! IT WORKS!

Borax and Olive Oil
Posted by Laurel (Beaverton OR) on 12/23/2023

What is the recipe for borax and olive oil, please? Thank you!

Castor Oil
Posted by Lolo (Boston) on 12/14/2023

About 1 month later - happy to report that I have been able to manage symptoms with castor oil etc. --other than a 2 day flare up where I did use Clobetasol, and have been mostly symptom-free.

Also invested in very expensive Dermasilk underwear, which seem helpful when having symptoms

Castor Oil
Posted by Karen (Phoenix, AZ) on 12/05/2023

I've been using ozonated hemp oil as it the highest frequency and hopeful it will continue to heal. The company I use is PureO3.

Ozonated Olive Oil
Posted by Karen (AZ) on 12/05/2023

I've been using o instead hemp oil too. Powerful and hemp has the highest frequency out of the oils so I thought to go that route. Have you noticed the white patches returning to healthy link yet? Does that even happen?

Castor Oil
Posted by Lolo (boston, ma) on 11/18/2023

lichen sclerosis relief with castor oil

thanks so much for these posts. My gynecologist insisted that I would need to use clobetesol twice a week for the REST of my LIFE!! Tried that for over a year, but still had flare-ups. And who wants to use steroids forever? -- I have started using castor oil twice daily, with occasional aloe vera for irritation or lavender oil for itch, and coconut oil once during the day for extra moisturizing. Symptoms calmed down quickly, and No symptoms for 1 week now.

Wonder if people are using the castor oil even when symptom-free as a preventative? Or just when needed. Would be helpful to know.

I notice that lots of people ask for follow-ups, to see if these remedies work long term -- so I will post again. Here's hoping...

Change Toilet Paper
Posted by Kathy (Winston Salem NC) on 10/31/2023

Hi, so you switched from Charmin to something else? Mind sharing what you went to? This is interesting. I'm willing to try anything. Thanks

Posted by BdetteR (United Kingdom) on 10/30/2023

Thank you for this update. It's helpful to know of the concentration you are using given there are so many concentrations of DMSO available. That there is a combination with comfrey and castor oil is interesting, too. I don't know about Tallow Balm so will look. I am about to use DMSO to work with herniated discs and adhesions in my neck and wonder if comfrey would be additionally helpful given its effects on bone, flesh and cartilage healing.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Bliss (FL) on 10/08/2023

Did it work for you?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Melissa (TN) on 08/06/2023

If you happen to see this, could you post how you did the essiac tonic detox? I drank essiac every day for a year and it made no difference but I didn't change my diet.

Castor Oil
Posted by Susan (Wa) on 07/29/2023

You can improve a lot by avoiding foods with OXALATES. There a list online of foods high in Oxalates

Posted by Stacey (Nc) on 07/25/2023

Does anyone know what milligram of serrapeptase is recommended?

Posted by Art (California) on 07/24/2023 2089 posts


Given the known side effects of cyclosporine :

It might be worth viewing ECs page on LS here and decide what you think would be most appropriate for you:


Posted by Steve (Coastal Southern Oregon ) on 07/24/2023

Anyone Ever Try This?

My primary care doctor wrote me a prescription for 100 mg of Cyclosporine to try and clear up my LS. It's fairly expensive so I haven't gotten it yet. Thought I see if anyone has tried or heard of this treatment.

Borax, Black Walnut
Posted by Sowingbird (USA) on 07/02/2023

Hi, I have been dealing with Lichen sclerosis since 2015. after trying many things as it continued to get worse and having things fuse from it, I went before the Lord and asked what it is and to please heal me. I was told it was parasitic. I then ordered turpentine, but I could only do that once. The itching was so intense that I wasn't able to sleep.

I came to this site and started reading about borax and then started doing it. I was still having itching at night, and I remembered black walnut was good for fungus and ringworms etc. I had bought some with wormwood and cloves in it for our fur baby, so I started putting it directly on the area after cleansing with borax. The itching stopped.

After two and a half months, the scales are coming off and it is helping with the fusing of skin. If in the fungus family or parasitic family which a fungus is a parasite the black walnut and borax is killing it.

Every day it is improving more and more. Lichen Sclerosis looks so much like tinea versicolor. I use the black walnut in the morning and at night. I rinse a couple of times a day with borax water and then I also mix black walnut with castor oil to help it stay in place. I take 1/8 of borax in a quart of water a day. I am a very thankful child of my Father. Praying this helps many.

Posted by Christy (Cameron, WV) on 06/27/2023

What dosage are the tablets that you take. I have been reading of the wonderful benefits of serrapeptase

Oregano + Coconut Oils
Posted by For ever better (Israel ) on 05/30/2023

Thanks for sharing. After which period did you see results? it stopped the atrophy or regenerated tissues as well?

Dietary Changes
Posted by For ever better (Israel ) on 05/29/2023

Can you please share with us how you take the colloidal silver and which type?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by For ever better (Israel ) on 05/29/2023

does it cure it?

Posted by For ever better (Israel ) on 05/29/2023

Sounds great! How many tablets? How many times a day?

Baking Soda and Borax Bath
Posted by For ever better (Israel) on 05/29/2023

"Healing LS" - like in "skin color and texture got back to normal, no atrophy, etc"?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cat (UK) on 05/26/2023

Hi Jen,

hoping you still have access to this thread. I wondered about your progress, if it was healed ect. also you mentioned the white patches are all gone. did you mean they re- pigmented. Tanks Cat

Dietary Changes
Posted by Robin (MI) on 04/25/2023

It is not a meat free diet but a plant free diet. If it grows on a plant, I don't eat it and if it grows on a tree, I don't eat it. Seafood is good, wild caught fish and all kinds of meat is good. Carnivore diet was a big learning curve for me. The LS disappeared within 3 days of starting. Eating organ meats is where a lot of the minerals and vitamins are. Beef liver, heart etc. I learned that ruminants are the best for me. Single stomach animals not so good and can't explain but did not feel the greatest after eating chicken or pork. I lost 50 lbs. in about 6 months without trying to lose weight. I feel the best I've felt in many years. This is not for everyone. We are all so different and some can handle the toxins plants produce better than others. I have an allergy to dairy which causes my nose to run. I have learned alot about myself and what my body can and does tolerate by eating this way. Best to You!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 04/09/2023

This is incredible information and I wish it were shared more mainstream. I've recently begun learning more about the carnivore diet, so I was happy to read your post.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Taz (Canada) on 04/06/2023

Carnivore diet is the best diet. Our military unit tried 3 different diets one year to learn which diet was best for deployment. We divided our unit into 3, and each was given a strict selected diet for 3 months. After which we were all evaluated mentally, physically, had scans, blood work, urine and fecal testing. You name it we had it done. Turns out after the 9 months after all 3 groups had been on all 3 diets for 3 months, the results were tabulated and it was proven that the majority of health benefits, recovery, strength and endurance were on the carni diet. We exhibited better recovery, better injury repair, better energy, more strength, and better mental outlook. As you mentioned, we had a team member with a chronic sore shoulder, and another with chronic hip issues. When each of these members was on the high protein or carni diet, their pains went away. Actually both had returning pain on the vegetarian diet. Since then, our deployment meals have changed. We take a lot of dehydrated beef and turkey now. A lot of our meals have been changed for more protein and fats and less carbs.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Deaanna (Illinois) on 04/06/2023

Hi Robin, I too am trying the Carnivore diet. So far the changes I have noticed is my knee's don't hurt so bad. I was getting ready for knee replacement but now I am going to keep eating carnivore. The everyday pain and inflamation is gone. I watch Dr. Ken Barry on Youtube and also Dr. Anthony Chaffee. They will tell you all you need to know. They have been on the diet like for 20 years and their vitals are excellent.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Pyper (FL) on 04/01/2023

Robin, I've also been eating Carnivore and I can attest 100% that it does work. IF I go off though (like I did 3 days ago and had 2 glasses of dry red wine - I had an almost immediate terrible reaction, and became inflamed, in pain, and horrible itching. Many people with various autoimmune problems have tried Carnivore and had a lot of success. Basically, you are eating whole, one ingredient foods with none of the garbage that is put into processed foods. There are lots of support/community groups for those who wish to eat Carnivore - there are also three main types of Carnivore. 1) Carnivore where people try to eat as close to zero total carbs per day. 2) Ketovore - this is kind of a combination of the ketogenic diet with Carnivore (keeping carbs under 10 total carbs per day and eating whole foods) - it's more lenient than Carnivore. 3) The Lion Diet (also zero carb) but more strict. Lion Diet is nothing but water, and ruminant meats such as Beef, Bison, Lamb, Goat. I follow Carnivore. I DO allow spices (unless they have sugar/gluton/corn/rice in them) I make my own spice mixes whenever I can if I can't find what I want pre-made. I also discovered from my last flare up - I can NEVER have wine, peanut butter (even sugar-free organic) - and whey protein powder is still in question. Also, after my last flare up- in an effort to quickly calm things down, I fasted for 24 hrs (water only) I would like to incorporate longer fasts into this way of eating too - as occasional fasting can bring a lot of healing according to the research I've done. If anyone wants to try this food protocol - I would suggest using a food diary so that you can list any reactions if you have them.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pyper (FL) on 04/01/2023

What's helped me with symptoms of painful inflammation (flare ups) to vaginal tissue:

My personal routine:

1) taking estradiol (inside my vagina -insert) 3x week, as well as spreading a small amount around the tissues on the outside of my vagina - this has made a huge difference. On the off days when I don't use the product - I can feel a big difference and I have more symptoms.

2) The ONLY thing I've found for pain relief and itch relief (so far) Is Aloe Vera gel with lidocaine (like the kind you put on for sunburned skin). It soothes and takes away the itch - and it's wonderful.

3) Not sure if It makes a real difference - but I also started drinking 1 T of Apple Cider vinegar (with the Mother) well diluted with 8 oz of water (I mix a one squirt of Sturr sugar free water drops flavoring with it and a little sea salt) I have this every morning. Sometimes I make up another drink like this in the evening.

4) Sitz bath with warm water (1-2x day) with baking soda added (1 Tbsp) If doing this 1x day - I do it in the evening before bed, dry gently, and apply a skin barrier like either A & D ointment, or Desitin and gently rub those in, then add some of the Aloe Vera with lidocaine. IF it's on a day that I'm supposed to use the Estradiol, I skip the skin barrier and gently rub the Estradiol into the vaginal area - then add the aloe vera afterwards.

5) Supplements I'm currently taking:

4 drops of iodine daily mixed in my morning coffee (Lugol's 2% iodine) Daily

Women's over 55 multi-vitamins (daily) by "New Chapter"

Garden of Life women's 40 billion probiotic to promote vaginal health, immune health, digestive balance (daily)

Vitamin C (1600 MG) (Daily)

Vitamin D (3 per day = 30,000 IU) yes, this may seem like a high amount -BUT my Dr. had me on a prescription before of 50,000 - so I'm not worried about using 30,000. each capsule is 10,000 (250 mcg)

Vitamin B12 (shots from Dr. - every month because my body does not absorb B-12 the way it should)

Methyl Folate daily (1,000 mcg) (this is Vit B-9)

"Doctor's Best" High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerine

"Doctor's Best" Vitamin K2 MK-7 with MenaQ7

5) DIET - I think this is HUGELY important. I keep a detailed daily journal of everything I eat and drink to help identify possible things that might cause a flare up of symptoms. I use a free program called Carbmanager - there is another free program called Cronometer which is very good. Both are free - but you can also get premium, which will give you access to more features if you want. I have been working with an Elimination diet - and then adding foods back in one at a time to see if I get any flare ups.

What I currently eat:

Beef, chicken, liver (1x week only) eggs, - have added back in: Salmon, other fish, shrimp, smoked oysters (canned) fish roe, Mackerel, Bacon, sausage (I mix in my own spices to fresh ground pork)

FRUITS: ONLY berries because they are lowest in natural sugar (blue berries, black berries, raspberries) I only eat fruit occasionally - 1-2x week and not many. I also will occasionally squeeze a lemon and add a little juice to a drink for extra vit. C

VEGETABLES: I haven't added them back in yet. But the plan is to add low oxalate, low carb vegetables like broccolli, cauliflower, celery, garlic - hoping to add back tomatoes - but will keep them to small amounts because tomatoes have a lot of natural sugar - so do onions.

What I no longer eat: Sugar in any form (watch out for "hidden" sugars - food manufacturers like to add in sugar using different names) It's safest to look at the carb counts to find sugar content of foods - even in vegetables & fruits. No processed foods (if a food has multiple ingredients - stay away from it) No gluten, no grains.

FLARE ups from food: Anything with sugar, grains, peanuts, rice, flours, WINE - my most recent flare up came after drinking a glass of dry red wine - within 2 hrs, I had a big flare up of pain, and itching - same thing happened with natural "organic" Peanut Butter.

I'd really like to encourage everyone to keep a Diary to note any foods that do cause them to flare up. It's been very helpful.

Posted by Laura (Florida) on 03/07/2023


I also have LS and I'm hoping to reverse scar tissue with serrapeptase. Was it 40,000SPU that you used four to six times a day? or the stronger 120,000SPU?



Posted by Christy (Cameron WV. ) on 03/01/2023

A few months ago I researched LS on this site and found many successes with Boron tablets 3mg. I started that process and feel it has been very successful at eliminating my LS as well as toe fungus. What happened to all of those posts?

EC: The posts are still there but under borax, not boron.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Hannes (Vienna) on 02/03/2023

Collodial Silver works wonders for me and my Lichen Sclerosis, I don't wanna miss it anymore!

Posted by mauisuzi (sequim) on 01/07/2023

Update on DMSO treatment above post:

DMSO was initially effective mixed with aloe vera but it didn't have lasting symptom management.

Next I mixed it with my DIY Tallow Balm and so far this compound is having better results. The DMSO is 99%. The Tallow Balm contains Castor Oil, Tallow and Comfrey Infused Avocado Oil. It's available on Etsy if you don't want to make your own.

Change Toilet Paper
Posted by LL (Ohio) on 01/06/2023

I was recently diagnosed and wondered about how or if toilet paper affects LS. Thank you for your post.

Lichen Sclerosus Triggers
Posted by Suzanne (WA) on 01/04/2023

My LS history is definitely related to psychological issues. I am an incest survivor. While I look to manage LS symptoms because they can be so disturbing, I am well aware that the root cause lies in my history. Medical people have not a clue about this. They just cut, burn and poison with chems.

Posted by mauisuzi (Sequim, WA) on 01/03/2023

Lichen Sclerosus History

2000 - 23 yrs ago, first symptoms were itching across lower belly and groin. No diagnosis, was prescribed steroid gel which controlled itching. Symptoms went away after 3-4 years.

Life was very stressful. I had given up my home, furnishings and everything that didn't fit into 10 boxes, to live with my sister on Maui. After 6 weeks, we fought and she dumped me and I was challenged with finding a home and work and knowing only one person.

2005 - New symptoms begin, vaginal itching and burning just like a yeast infection. NP gave me an antibiotic cream and a steroid gel. No diagnosis. The gel controlled the mild itching.

Life Stress Bad as I was in a very toxic relationship that lasted 7 yrs.

2012 - Symptoms escalate. Doc diagnoses as LS and gives me instructions to use a steroid cream, heavily, briefly mentions skin thinning as side affect and warns against any straining during bowel movements.

2020 - I find Earth Clinic and begin experimenting with natural remedies and diet as I am determined not to continue using the poisonous steroid cream (which works well to control my symptoms). Symptoms are the worst ever and disturb my sleep. COVID stress times.

Natural Remedies I've tried:

  • ACV - no help
  • Aloe Vera Gel 99% - soothing, best symptom control, but far from perfect.
  • Baking Soda and Borax - no help.
  • Comfrey calendula healing salve (DIY) - soothing, minimal symptom control.
  • Castor Oil - soothing and better symptom control
  • Tallow Balm (DIY) - soothing, minimal symptom control.
  • Diet - no sugar, less wheat, minimal dairy. My efforts were hit and miss, no affect on symptoms.


Day 1, this almost eliminates symptoms after 4 applications and sleep was good at last.


Put 1/2 tsp aloe Vera in palm of CLEAN hand with 3 or 4 drops of DMSO. Mix with fingers and feel it warming, then apply liberally on CLEAN affected area working it in gently. Let the area dry thoroughly before coming in contact with anything. About 10 - 15 minutes. DMSO is transdermal and will carry anything it touches into your body; toxins from soap or laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheet toxins, etc. If you are confident you have a toxic free home and laundry, you could put on clean panties after a few minutes and get dressed.

I will continue mixing the DMSO with aloe Vera but eventually, I will mix it with tallow because of tallow's healing qualities for our skin. I render my own tallow from 100% grass fed beef. Tallow balms are sold on Etsy.

References: › collections › dmso

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Angela (Boston, MA) on 12/26/2022


if you google your area, you will find some places.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Susie (Mi) on 12/24/2022

I have suffered from LS for many many years and like all of you tried so many different things somehow, some didn't but what I have found is a definitely boils down to diet when I went to my doctor she said my oxalates were high and she wondered why so she tested my candida it was high and high candida will make high oxalates so needless to say I do a low candida low oxalate diet and I do biocidin!

Within 4 weeks my LS had cleared up by 95%! I was ecstatic it definitely has to do with diet because I know as I fall off my diet and eat the wrong things again that are high and yeast and high in oxalates it comes right back my doctor said I should do it for about 6 months the protocol and I possibly could get rid of it completely for good. Hope this helps you.

Vitamin E and Quercetin Cream
Posted by Julie (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ) on 11/10/2022

Could you tell me the name of this cream and where you purchased it?

Borax and Olive Oil
Posted by Mary (Stockport Greater Manchester) on 10/21/2022

Will the Borax and olive oil help genital Thrush as well I think I have both.

Vitamin D3
Posted by Liz (Florida) on 10/08/2022

Are you in remission?

Witch Hazel
Posted by Christine (Geelong Victoria ) on 09/11/2022

I think l agree with you if it is indeed that then cellerly would be good too

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Tina (Indiana) on 09/11/2022

Is the TULIP treatment like the MonaLisa Touch procedure? I have had the 3 treatments and still have the white skin but not the bouts of wicked itching. It is manageable now to wear clothes. I also soak in baking soda and epsom salts with lavender oil added to the bath. I am curious if the TULIP treatment would help.

Vitamin E and Quercetin Cream
Posted by Lifesawhspr (San Diego CA) on 08/08/2022

Vitamin E and Quercitin Cream for Lichen Sclerosus

After years of steroid use and skin being worse. I recently tried a compound of 3% vitamin E with 1% Quercetin cream and it's worked beautifully. My skin was in such poor shape and painful and has been healing great. I've also used Vaseline with the fissures, but the quercetin has been healing my skin up and helps with inflammation

Borax Baths
Posted by Donna (London, Canada ) on 07/16/2022

I've suffered from Lichen Sclerosis for years! Nothing helped and I had to endure colposcopies every year to make sure I didn't have cancer. Ouch! I found a group that recommended Borax Baths. Initially, I thought that was an insane idea. I did my research on Boron and decided to try it. Four years later, and I'm still taking my Borax baths on a regular basis. It is the only thing that calms my itching, burning and pain. My skin is healthy and soft, my overall physical pain is relieved and I rarely catch colds or viruses. (I've even managed to avoid the coronavirus— not that I'm suggesting that it's a preventative measure). My gynaecologist thinks I'm crazy for bathing in “detergents” but she's all wrong. Crazy like a

Vaginal Medication Link to Ls
Posted by Qkas704 (60466) on 07/01/2022

I too had been treated several times for BV and later came down with LS.

Essential Oils
Posted by Veronica (PA) on 06/22/2022

Clobet whatever it's called is a horrible steroid medication it would have me burning 🔥 like crazy or itchy like I would scratch so hard it was crazy. But I was so dry and skin on vulva would Crack or I would get tears near the opening or around the clitoris. Every time I peed it was torture.


Coconut oil (best one they sell in Walmart)

All Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankensence, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil.


If you have Vitamin E capsules pierce 2 and add that too. Store in Fridge.
Put it on before you go out but wear a pad cuz it's messy. After evening shower put it again. It feels so soothed immediately. You will feel the difference by the next day. So moisturized and wonderful. It's amazing. I promise you. My condition is so bad I no longer have Labia Minora. The skin stretched it away. My vaginal opening is so small and tight and too painful for sex. It's been about 4 years.

TRY IT PLEASE!!! You can also use those same 5 ingredients in your hair/scalp for hair thinning. But you should use MCT/Fractionated coconut oil in hair and Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Use on freshly washed DRY hair. Leave in for 2-3 hours with a plastic cap if you can leave in overnight and then wash gently and condition hair in cold water from middle to ends not scalp. Try to air Dry but if you must blow dry use cold setting.


Zinc Oxide
Posted by Jennifer (IL) on 06/14/2022

I have used Emuaid and it does offer a great amount of relief. I just ordered some more yesterday as well as the bar soap. I just with is wasn't so strong. I feel like people must smell it on me. I think it has turpentine in it. I have had LS for about 8 years, and like most on here, I have tried many things. I just turned 53 and think I am now heading into menopause and I've now been experiencing intense itching that is not leaving me alone at night or in the am. Also, I've noticed some of those sores that people talk about which I never had before. I just went to naturopath nurse and did a pap and will have results this week. She was going to test my hormones as well and I she did a complete thyroid panel as I have Hashimoto as well. I know there is a connection to the 2 I just wish we could figure this out. I know the medical field has the answers, they just want to make money. I really wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! So painful and stressful sometimes! I've tried Vitamin E, it's ok. I've tried, Boric acid suppositories recently and wondered if that's why my problem seems to have exasperated, perhaps I kicked up some fungus/candida and now need more to rid myself. I know food is definitely a factor, high oxalates and inflammatories. Clobetosol had worked well in the past to stop the attack until hormones or stress or food made it act up again. But recently it burns and does not stop the itching!!! I also have recently done a few castor oil packs and I got this mark on my belly that looks like ringworm, so I'm wondering if I did something with my hormone balance that caused a shakeup and just need to keep doing it to get it right. I do take sitz baths with epsom salt, borax, baking soda, ACV. I am going to try some lavender and frankincense oil w/castor oil to see how that works. I'm hoping if this nurse can help with hormone balance, that will help a lot!! I can't just keep living like this every day! It's so hard to tell people what you're suffering from because it's so personal and in such a private place. I thank God I'm not the only one suffering, because how would we learn if we weren't all here talking about this!! Keep experimenting and sharing ladies!! WE GOT THIS!!! God bless you all!!! Wishing you health and happiness!! And a healthy vagina!!! :)))

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by WHB (Belgie) on 05/24/2022

Ook mijn ayurvedische arts zegt geen fabrieksmatig verwerkt voedsel gebruiken.

Dutch Translation: Also my Ayurvedic doctor says don't use factory processed food.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Katrien (The Netherlands) on 04/27/2022


Wat een verhaal, Mijn ayurvedische kunsten. Heeft me verteld. Na 15 jaar LS-problemen, witte westerse kunstmedicatie en gels DR. medication and gels Nu suiker, Geen industrieel voedsel It goes better, but dificult to follow this diet.


What a story. My ayurvedic arts. Told me. After 15 years of LS problems, western art meds and gels DR. medication and gels Now sugar, No industrial food. It goes better, but dificult to follow this diet.

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Aloha Franny (HI) on 04/10/2022

I am 71 years old. Had treatment 2020. It's not a cure. Because I am old, I will go back for a touch up treatment November 4 ,2022. There is no cure, only treatments to live a semi-normal life. It has helped me tremendously.

Dietary Changes
Posted by B. Latifa (Algerie) on 03/26/2022

هل ممكن ان تدليني عن هذه الحمية الخالية من اللحم، لاني مريضة منذ 4 سنوات بمرض الحزاز المتصلب وشكرا

Can you tell me about this meat-free diet, because I have been ill with lichen sclerosus for 4 years, and thank you.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy
Posted by Melanie (London) on 02/28/2022


Would you mind sharing the details of where we could find this dr please

EC: A number of doctors now perform Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. You can search Google using those search terms for a local doctor in your area.

Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Paste
Posted by Jackie (Grand Prairie, TX) on 02/04/2022

Does anyone know if this mixture would burn, I hear baking soda is strong?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jackie%2520C (Dallas, TX) on 02/04/2022

Hi Cindy, I have been with LS for 2 years now, my symptoms had disappeared during this past year but came back with a vengeance, you said you bought powerful antioxidants, can you share which kind, were they powder form, last night had a sitz bath with ACV for the itching and put some clobetazole or else wouldn't have slept much

Posted by Lisa (California) on 02/02/2022

How much mg did you take?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Lily (Vero Beach, FL) on 01/26/2022

Hi! I know this is a super old thread but I'm wondering if you could tell me the name of the aloe Vera gel you use? It's so hard to find a good pure one! Thank you so much!!


Change Toilet Paper
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/03/2022

PAM,,,,,,,, ORH here and as a hunter, you improvise when in the woods. A year or so ago my plumber neighbor told me about the TUSHY and we installed on each commode. That will solve your problem. Greatest thing since the whistle. ====ORH====

Change Toilet Paper
Posted by Pam (Douglas Az) on 01/02/2022

I have been dealing with LS for 15 years. My dad was staying with me and he had went to the store and bought a different brand of toilet paper. I have used Charmin for as long as I can remember. By the following week, no more break outs. Anyone else Charmin only users?

Posted by Laurel (OR) on 12/10/2021

What was the dosage? I have 80,000 SPU.

6 of these would be 480,000 SPU Might that be too high? Thank you!

Vitamin E, Lavender Oil
Posted by Vicky (N. Carolina) on 11/29/2021

Can you be specific in amounts of lavender oil, frankincense, castor oil and whatever else?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 11/07/2021

Glad you found a cure, Cherry. Did you have hair loss from LS and did/does it grow back please?

Posted by Julie (England Essex) on 11/05/2021

Hi Melissa, has the hot baths and cream application still working for you? I am also finding it difficult to get the itching and soreness under control I was diagnosed in June after a punch biopsy and recently had really dry skin on either side of my clitoris that has shrunk back as of yet no white plaques on vulva. Thank you.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Cherry Blossom (Tel Aviv) on 11/02/2021

Hi. I wanted to add an update. The LS is a thing of the past. The aloe vera did the trick.

Essential Oils
Posted by Patricia C. (Florida) on 10/21/2021

After years of spotty treatment with steroid cream, my Lichen kicked into high gear. It took a year to find a thread about Frankincense oil, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. By then I even had Lichen inside vagina plus around my anus. The steroid was helping somewhat with hormone cream to thicken skin. Once I started using St. John's oil, Almond oil (Tbsp of each with 40 drops of Frankincense Sacred oil) even a few drops inside me I see a reversal of the condition. White skin turning pink,Vitamin E oil topically 1 x week and Vit. B12 topically daily. Some scaring seems to be going away too. Some skin is still fragile but it's been only a few months! I am amazed when I tried stopping steroid cream it all reversed, same thing happened when I ran out of Frankincense. I hope this post helps someone, there's so little information out there. Good luck in your search for help.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy
Posted by Aloha Granny (Maui) on 09/08/2021

Dr. Coyle does PRP with laser treatment called the Tulip procedure. He is in Pensacola, Florida.

Vitamin E, Lavender Oil
Posted by Terri (WI) on 08/24/2021

I have had wonderful success with Vitamin E oil as well! I posted this under “remedies.” I get a burning sensation, so I just apply a drop of the oil to the hot area, and it soothes it almost immediately. I haven't had a flare-up for a couple of weeks, so I'm just applying it after I shower every morning as I'd rather stave it off than deal with a flare-up.

Borax and Olive Oil
Posted by Sofia (Holland ) on 07/28/2021

What does borax mean? and is it safe where can I buy this? How are you, are you still complaints free from LS?

EC: Borax = 20 Mule Team Borax, which is found in the laundry aisle of most US grocery stores or online at Amazon. Read more here:

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Melissa (Louisville, TN) on 07/10/2021

Is it still working and any changes in the fusing?

Borax and Olive Oil
Posted by Lisa (Kentucky) on 05/16/2021

What kind of Borax? The kind for laundry?

EC: Yes, 20 Mule Team Borax is what people typically buy.

Posted by Emma (Sweden) on 05/12/2021

Sounds very interesting! What brand of SERRAPEPTASE did you use? How many SPU (serrapeptase units) per day?

Posted by Melissa (TN) on 05/03/2021

On LS:

I have mine under control using a protocol found on a white paper from a doc in CA. It is:

20 min. hot bath every night for 6 weeks, immediately after, rub pea-size amount of clobetasol in for 90 sec. No less. Then 20 min Hot bath every other night for 6 weeks, immediately after rub cream in for 90 sec. Then 2x a week for life.

This has worked for me but I want it gone. On the relations part, idk cause I'm too worried to try.

I'm going to try some things I found today on here but wanted to post this for the lady who is having a hard time & can't get it under control.

The doc had a video showing how getting the thicker type skin down there hot via a 20min bath softens the layers then rubbing the cream in for 90 sec helps the cream Penetrate multiple layers. I have no itch. It's amazing & I'm very happy but I would really like to find a way to not have to use the cream at all.

Good Luck Ladies & I hope this helps someone.


Cold Water, Evening Primrose Oil
Posted by Elsa (Beaupr) on 04/23/2021

By VJ do you mean vulva?

Vitamin E
Posted by Terri (Wisconsin) on 03/30/2021

I have found that the burning sensation I get from Lichen Sclerosus (biopsy diagnosed) is alleviated by Vitamin E oil! I just apply to my “hot” area as often as needed. Amazing relief. I have a steroid prescription too, but I'm concerned about using a product that tells you to use as little as possible. 😳

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Sara (Windsor) on 03/09/2021

Can you tell me how you are doing after the TULIP procedure?

I am having a hard time locating folks that have had the procedure +1 years ago.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jackie (Dallas) on 02/23/2021

Can I also get a link to o shot providers? Thank you.

Posted by Jackie (Dallas) on 02/23/2021

I will be having biopsy tomorrow but Dr said all my symptoms point to Lichen sclerosus, I have taken MMS in the past, but this pain has caught me off guard, it's like my inmune system has gone haywire, so I will start doing dlsitz baths with MMS, the new version protocol is CDS or Chlorine Dioxide, protocol on how to make it is on YouTube, Dr Andreas kalcker shows step by step how to make it in its purest form. There's also a spray protocol to dilute and use on skin like bacterial vaginitis, so I did do a sitz bath to nite with baking soda, warm water, helped a lot, the creams I'm still researching which to use, organic coconut oil is my go to cream, but needed one like a barrier to help while sitting, I tried Vaseline with Shea butter and it works pretty good, the only thing is gotta reapply after each pee, washing thoroughly, but I'm hopeful that MMS will cure it completely, it got rid of my pollen allergies a while back and helped me with the covid virus back last March.