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Posted by Jill (Dallas, Tx) on 12/27/2010
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Lichen Sclerosus is a condition that I self-diagnosed myself with a few years ago, after much internet research and no help from my doctor. This is still such a mysterious condition, with little concrete medical data out there to refer to, but here are some of my observations and some things that have helped me quite a bit.

First, I believe that it is caused by hormone imbalance and/or auto-immune issues. Most people notice their symptoms begin with hormone shifts. For me, it was at the beginning of peri-menopause, and came along with other, more common symptoms of that. Along those same lines, the symptoms are always worse at the end of my cycle (pre-menstrually) and better towards the beginning of the cycle. Also, I notice my symptoms flare up (and have heard others report the same) when my immune system is run down or strained, especially if I'm fighting a virus (cold, etc... ). Interestingly, as several others here have mentioned, I also have a history of adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue. So seeking natural hormone balance and a healthy, balanced immune system are, in my opinion, key to going into permanent remission.

Topically, I have found the most success with a cream called Perrin's Cream Complete, found on the Perrin's website (you'll find it if you google it). It immediately relieves discomfort and seems to help quite a bit overall with other symptoms. It is a soothing antioxidant cream that is very healing as well. It was originally developed to help prevent and reverse skin cancer, so for a condition with an increased cancer risk associated with it, this cream is a good one to have on hand. Also evening primrose oil has been helpful topically.

I have tried to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet to help with the auto-immune aspect: no sugar (very inflammatory and noticeably worsens LS), fried foods, junk foods, processed foods/fast foods, margarine or shortening. About a month ago I also eliminated gluten (mostly found in wheat) and either it's a coincidence, or that was truly helpful because it's better now than it's been in years. A whole foods diet that is loaded with vegetables and healthy fats and protein (which includes SATURATED fats: coconut oil, eggs, butter and meat from healthy, pastured cows, etc... ), fish, krill, or cod-liver oil, and low on grains (especially wheat). Try to eat more like your great-grandparents ate and you'll be doing much better than if you follow the USDA food pyramid! The Weston A. Price Foundation has great info on healthy traditional diets and how our modern, western diet and food preparation has damaged our health ( Learning about food sensitivities/allergies would also be essential for reducing systematic inflammation. If you can't afford allergy testing, try checking your pulse before and after eating suspected foods. If you notice a marked rise in your pulse after eating a particular food, you are probably sensitive if not allergic to it.

Also avoiding chemicals as much as possible in your environment (cleaning products, unfiltered city water), and food (genetically modified and/or pesticide laden foods) is also important. I know there are lots of supplements that help with inflammation: turmeric, fish oil (or krill or cod liver), vitamin D3 (current recommendations are extremely low, so probably around 5, 000 mg. daily, or better yet, get your levels tested and aim for therapeutic levels--check out for more info on vit. D), and many more.

There are also supplements designed specifically for reducing inflammation. Chinese mushrooms and herbs have been used with incredible success for a variety of inflammatory conditions, so that would sure be worth checking out. Fungi Perfecti has a product line called Host Defense and a product in that line called My Community that looks very intriguing. It's a very reputable company and scores of people with serious immune and/or cancer issues swear by their products. seems to have the best prices. Searching out anti-inflammatory diet and supplements should provide lots of good ideas. Hopefully there's something of use in all that!

If I discover a magic pill, I will certainly share my discovery, but my guess is that it's really about getting your hormonal and immune systems balanced out, which involves a more holistic approach to diet and lifestyle than what one pill can provide.

Replied by Sherry
(Roanoke, Va)

I have had LS for 7 years. I was diagnosed during the 7th month of my first pregnancy. I have tried so much of what is listed here. I also began using the Perrin's Cream about six months ago. It is by far the most helpful thing that I have tried. I am having a flare up now (that is driving me MAD), and I have had to use the steriod cream, BUT what I find is that the Perrin's Cream seems to help restore health to the damaged skin (by the disease and the steroid creams). Healthy diet is crucial. I am a health nut... When I have a flare up, it is usually linked to STRESS! Stress reduction and dealing with it well is crucial. I struggle with this! I will say that since using the Perrin's Cream, I have only had one flare up. Use the CREAM, not the ointment! The ointment is TOO strong and will burn! You are not alone. I am sorry that all of you are dealing with this also.

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Il Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Jill from TX:

Your advise is EXCELLENT!! I have done my research and agree with all. I am a LS suffering soul. Perrins cream and your diet recommendations do help.

That being said, I would like to add to this forum some things that have helped me considerably with my LS.

I am certain that mine is associated with the endocrine/immune system. I have enlarged lymph nodes under arm when I have a flare up. I also have hypothyroid too.

In the last year I found a product called I-26 or hyperimmune egg. Started taking this and have had GREAT results, symptoms are greatly reduced. I am planning on continuing this until I find something else. I also came up with a remedy for the pain/itching. Take Lysine in powder form and add to Aloe Vera. Within seconds the pain itching will be gone. I apply this usually 1x a day and it lasts until the evening.

I have had this terrible disease for 8 years and found the lysine trick in a herpes tx. I just tried mixing it in aloe vera and it works like a charm.

I am not sure what caused mine, but it started after I had a hyster and dx hypothyroid.

Again, the hyperimmune egg is worth trying. Just mix it in with OJ, drink down.

God bless, hope this helps some other women.

Replied by Diane
(Nashville, Tn)

Thank you for sharing your remedies. Do you apply the lysine and aloe Vera topically or take it orally?

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Usa)

For the LS to stop the intense itching... Take the lysine powder and mix it in the Aloe Vera and apply topically. You may need to start doing it 3x/day until it puts the fire out, then you will only have to do it daily. It worked for me. Best and stay blessed. This is an awful disease.

Replied by Gem
(Melbourne, Australia)

Finally.. A website that gives me some hope. I have written down EVERYone's suggestions and may have to give up work just to manage this LS!! (I wish). But, thanks all for sharing the tips.. I about to embark on a gluten & dairy (&sugar) free diet, see a naturapath AND try many of the 'remedies' on this page. My wish is to stop the steroid creams.. that stop itching but not the progression.. And keep enjoying sex!!

Replied by Louise
(Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.k.)

I was diagnosed with LS two years ago. Pure essential lavender oil in the bath has helped me, and also Perrin's cream. Attention to diet, and cutting right back on sugar and yeast products has also helped. I agree that this is a horrible disease, and sometimes I can't believe I have it, but does anyone know how much research is going on to find a cure? What have we all got in common that would trigger this in us?

Replied by Aine
(Monaghan Ireland)

What is hyperimmune egg?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Aine, If a person has an autoimmune illness, this would overstimulate the system to attack the body even more.

“Hyperimmune egg is an egg from a hen that has been vaccinated against certain infectious diseases. The hen develops specific antibodies that rev up the immune system to fight the specific diseases included in the vaccination. These antibodies pass into the hen's eggs. People harvest the eggs and remove the antibodies. These antibodies are then used to treat diseases in people.”

“How does it work? – Antibodies contained in hyperimmune egg are thought to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight disease.” –

Replied by Sara
(Monterey, Ca)

I have never used the creams or vagisil and I have lichens sclerosis. I do eat primarily organic foods sourced from local farmers markets along with ranch raised eggs dairy and meat.

I find recent stress has aggravated my lichens, that had been in remission. I will go back to the obgyn for evaluation today.

I will seek more prp treatments and one of the topical treatments on this site. I can't tolerate the steroids. The platelette rich plasma treatment has kept the symptoms at bay for over a year. I will keep my hope and faith that it will push it back into remission. I am afraid I will have to change my work out routine as well. It's a life style thing, I'm afraid.

Neem Oil, Green Tea Extract

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Posted by Terlyn (Syracuse, Ny) on 12/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have had LS for a few years to the puzzlement of my gyn until September when the white spotting finally appeared. I tried calendula oil then castor oil and now I am in my 2nd week of Neem oil with a green tree extract added 2 or 3X a day. It is messy but it brought me healing relief.

The others brought relief from the itching and bleeding which is a blessing but I want it to heal and not continue to split.

Niacin with Aspirin

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Posted by Laura (Akron) on 11/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Niacin for Lichen Sclerosus

Niacin caused burning so the pharmacy told me to take it with aspirin to remove the burning and it worked 100%.

Oregano + Coconut Oils

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Posted by Jill (Chicago) on 08/21/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, 10 plus years with LS. I have done all the known therapies. I have found much relief with the essential oil of oregano mixed with coconut oil. 2 tsp of coconut oil to 30 drops of oil. Apply as often as you can, oil of oregano is a HOT oil meaning DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN IT WILL BURN always use a carrier oil like coconut, took care of itch white spots and atrophy.

Replied by EggBiscuit
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Jill, How are you doing now? I tried several oils and creams and the clobetasol seemed to remove the white spots after a month but soreness persists. ( I, too, am from IL but do not live there at the moment.) Have oregano oil and will try with some coconut oil.

Ozonated Olive Oil

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Posted by Elle (United States) on 05/12/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hi All, First: thank you for all the help and advice, you are lifesavers. Second: the best thing I have found for LS is ozonated olive oil. I use it every other night and have NO symptoms and my red skin has turned a shockingly normal pink. I left my ozonated olive oil in the frig for about a month, scared to try it. It does burn at first, for about 10 minutes. It gets better each usage after because it is healing your sensitive skin! Good luck and good health to you all.

Ozonated Olive Oil
Posted by Gertie (Ontario) on 09/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Ozonated olive oil has reversed my LS symptoms. I applied it to the labia area and it unfused the labia. I have applied a small amount 3 times daily for three weeks now.

I bought a small jar from a British Columbia company and when you receive it, keep it stored in the fridge. It's okay to ship via unrefrigerated mail though. It looks like solid vaseline. Reasonably priced.

There are many topical uses for this product, from acne to cuts and bruises.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

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Posted by Ocean51 (Carmel, Ca) on 06/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After 5 years of suffering with Lichens Sclerosis, I must share what has given me relief and remission. My husband researched treatments and found an OB/ GYN in a neighboring county, who provides Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy. This is an experimental treatment, and I am the 3rd patient she has treated with "PRP" for Lichens.

The 3 treatments with an out of pocket expense of $800 each have completely cleared all of my itching, Burning and white patches. Upon my follow up exam, my doctor stated she could not tell I had lichens! I do not have a reversal in vaginal tissue elasticity, but I believe my peri menopause contributes to that condition. My 3 outpatient treatments were completed in less than 2 hours each, and were non invasive. The process begins with your own blood draw that is put in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. The platelet the rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected in the affected areas (with a large needle to protect the platelets) OUCH!, but the local helps a lot.

This 3 round treatment over 6 months completely cleared my lichens. No creams, steroids or prayers could do that. I was told to come back every 6 months, and that I may require more treatments. After a year I am still clear. This doctor was the first of 3 gynecologists to actually do a biopsy to confirm lichens sclerosis, I am forever grateful to her for taking the bold steps to help me.

FYI PRP is also known as the O shot and the Vampire Facelift, and is thought to restore healthy tissue and blood flow. Read up on it to see if this is an option for you. I know I would pay almost anything to rid myself of the agony of Lichens Sclerosis.

Replied by Kat
(San Francisco, Ca)

Can you tell me or email me the name of your doctor? I live in the area and I have been researching the treatment. Thank you for sharing!

Replied by Kathy

Can you tell me what Dr. you went to? Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Replied by Saro
(Nashville, Tn)

Ocean51, could you be so kind and give an update on how you are doing now, please share your doctor that performed the treatment for you, thank you

Replied by Lana

Hello Ocean51, how is your LS doing atm? This post is from 2 years ago but I hope you will read my message. I have recently been diagnosed with LS and I am looking to try PRP. Your feedback will be extremely helpful. Did you need to do another PRP treatment of several sessions? If yes, in how many months after the first one? Was the effect as strong as the first time? Are you using any steroid creams atm?

Warm regards,


Aloha Granny

Dr. Coyle does PRP with laser treatment called the Tulip procedure. He is in Pensacola, Florida.

Prescription Meds for LS

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Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 12/24/2017 88 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I have tried just about every natural remedy that is listed in EC even with help of my naturopath for a few years. I finally went to a dermo who is well versed in LS and he prescribed Acitritin (ended up on 25 mg per day until he decides to decrease again. We ramped up originally as he had good results with other patients ). I also use a topical as well. I still get flares but it is from stress or skipping the ointment a few days or weeks. He feels if I do this for a year I may be able to go off of everything. My skin is so much nicer. The ointment is called Tacrolimus 0.1% Doc also has me use Burt's Bees baby wipes. He is in Chapel Hill NC. Dr Kenneth Becker. Some of the natural stuff would work a few days or weeks and then I would get a horrible flare. This rash just seems to continuously morph... but that is autoimmune stuff. I keep reading just incase something diff comes along so I don't have to do the drugs. (btw, my LS was a dry spot outside vagina and then a 'hot spot' where my butt cheeks touch. I have gotten 'plaque' (really weird dry skin) in both those areas. I had also had like a thrush baby rash from my mound up and over my belly. I have my labia and clit. Good luck all.... lots of work. hugs~


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Posted by Bluebird (Chicago, Il) on 06/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Research serrapeptase for lichen sclerosus! Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by silkworms that dissolves scar tissue in the body. I was diagnosed with LS five years ago and have been searching endlessly for a cure. Clobetasol and other natural remedies didn't help at all. My condition was relatively moderate, and my primary symptoms were fusing and whiteness with occasional discomfort.

I recently started taking serrapeptase to help with adhesions related to abdominal surgeries, and I discovered the LS benefit by accident. Taking 1 or 2 pills per day had no effect on the LS. I achieved remission only by taking higher doses of 4-6 pills per day. After about a week at this dose, I noticed that almost 100% of the fusing and whiteness had disappeared. The skin is completely normal now!

**Serrapeptase is contraindicated in people who take blood thinners. Consult your doctor before taking them. I am not on blood thinners, but I did experience a nosebleed at the higher dose.

Replied by Emma

Sounds very interesting! What brand of SERRAPEPTASE did you use? How many SPU (serrapeptase units) per day?

Shea Butter

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Posted by Tiya (Bellflower, California) on 04/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have has LS for 5 years now and I'm only 16 years old. So far no doctor has been able to figure out a cure to LS. I've done my own experiments and I've been using Shea Butter for 3 years and I rarely have flare ups or any itching. Though I notice I have more discharge but it's worth not having unbearable itching.

Sitz Baths

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Posted by Wolf5alpha (Portland, Oregon) on 08/22/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have recently been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. I have had severe itching and after trying many things which seem to relieve it for about a week and then it is like it develops some immunity to it, I tried vagisil. This has given me the most relief as a cream. But what has actually been helping to heal it and give much longer relief is sitz baths. I use some epsom salt, lavender, chamomile, comfrey, yarrow, and marigold, steep this in a sitz bag for a bit and add it to a very shallow warm bath. Then I add baking soda to the water and soak for 20-30 minutes. Doing this twice a day is best. This is still very new to me and I'm horrified to find out it is chronic and the damage it causes. I haven't tried the steroid cream yet but after reading the many replies, I'm very concerned about using it at all.

Skin Cream

Posted by Vg (Sc, US) on 01/28/2015

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream works as well (if not better) then the prescription Clobetasol. It has all natural ingredients so can be used long term with no bad side effects. My OBGYN said that it was ok to use. The thought of using a steroid cream for the rest of my life bothered me. Glad to have found something safe. Buy it at Costco (best price), Whole Foods or online. Just use as often needed.

Urine Therapy

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Posted by Yofi (USA) on 02/01/2020
4 out of 5 stars

A bit of your own urine stops the itching of LS almost immediately but only temporarily. I also agree with others who have reported that staying alkaline helps.

Replied by Yofi

I just apply the urine topically when I pee and let it dry naturally if I have the time or pat excess off with toilet paper. A probiotic and/or anti-candida enzymes before bed also help w/ night-time itching. I learned about the urine tx from a traditional healer who did not charge me for the advice. Needless to say, this remedy is free and readily available. It's the most effective thing I've used in many years of dealing with LS.

Replied by Carol
(Agoura Hills)

My daughter has been suffering with LS she is 12 and has had it for some time. I didn't use the steroid creams but now I am as fear it has progressed. It is very itchy and lots of discomfort. We had tried holistic treatments and herbs and acupuncture as well. I am very interested in the light therapy where do you go to get that? Where do they use the light exactly? Please help. Thank you

Replied by Katy
(New York)

Carol... Not sure exactly what you have tried or if you read thru the other posts on the site. I can only suggest what I has worked for one of my clients who had it. I had her use infused oregano oil 3 to 4 drops under the tongue, twice daily. I also suggested making a vaginal douche consisting of 50% apple cider vinegar, 50% distilled water with a healthy tablespoon of plain yogurt mixed in. This will be very soothing as well as help the tissues to heal. Diet is also a concern as I'm sure you know and I'm sure you've talked with her about diet, but it is important - getting her to stay away from sugar may be a challenge, but it is necessary.

With her diet, if she can get a lot of probiotics into her from yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut (it's got to be fresh - not canned, bottled - pasturized), also kombucha is a good source. Hope she finds relief soon! Katy

Vaginal Medication Link to Ls

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Posted by Kathy (Brisbane, Australia) on 09/10/2009
1 out of 5 stars


Lichen Scelrosis - theory yet to be proved:

I have a theory that moderate to high use of Vaginal creams for Thrush etc aggravate or possibly even CAUSE LS. The only way to find this out is to get as many women as possible with LS to say whether they have used these creams a lot in the past. I had a history of repeated Thrush and used the creams many times - I notice now that use of these creams aggravate the itchiness and thinness of the area for up to 2 weeks after use. Please post a answer and see if we can 'find' the cause - the Drs have no idea, so....

Replied by Kim
(Los Angeles, California)
1 out of 5 stars


Vaginal Meds causing LS symptoms

This is in response to Kathy from Brisbane, Australia:

I have had the same theory for 4 years, that moderate to high use of Vaginal creams for thrush, vaginitis etc aggravate or possibly even CAUSE LS. 6 Months after taking precription medication for bacterial vaginitis the thinning, tearing, itchyness around th vulva area began.

Ladies please be aware when taking such meds.

Best of luck.

Replied by Jami
(Roanoke, Va)

I've just been diagnosed with LS, how fun. I have been treated many times in the past for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. I believe you may be on to something BIG. I also believe that stress and perhaps past trauma/emotions may have an impact on what is happening now.

Replied by Amy
(Tucson, Az)
1 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with LS a few years back. Contrary to your theory I had never used any vaginal creams for any ailment.

Replied by Montanamama4b
(Billings, Mt)

I read on another website that it is common with LS to be extremely sensitive to any creams that have any of the -parabens in them. This can be methylparaben, propylparaben, etc. Since nearly every single cream out there needs the parabens to make it "creamy", be sure to read the labels very carefully.

Take care!

Replied by Adrianna
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

I was diagnosed with LS 10 years ago. It happened shortly after having oral sex. I have used a vaginal cream since then, but off and on. Not on a regular basis. About 2 years ago I had surgery in which I took antibiotics and pain meds. Within 2 months I started noticing some really weird things happening to me that never happened before. Since then I've been researching relentlessly on what could be wrong with me. My conclusion is the antibiotics, drugs, creams etc. . . are bad for us. I have candidiasis because antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, but the good. This in return let yeast grow out of control in my body causing skin issues, digestive issues, dizziness, drunkenness, etc. . . I believe the only way to get better is to change your life away from the SAD (Standard American Diet). Eat healthy, meaning fresh fruits (very little), meats and vegetables. Try to buy organic, if possible. The pesticides and hormones sprayed/injected into our foods ultimately get inside us and also affect us. No processed, canned, packaged foods. No lunchmeats, sweets, etc. Obviously it can be very difficult to completely stay away from these foods for the rest of your life. I love sweets so I know. I try to eat healthy 99% of the time though. Educate yourself. Research candidiasis, get on a good probiotic, see if you could benefit from digestive enzymes, fish oils, read the Metabolic Typing Diet, search for Yeast Infection No More online book, how dental work can have you suffering (mercury in your mouth), metal in your body. I recently had an eery feeling my LS was linked to my diet as well as all the other issues I've dealt with in the last year. I believe it is true because when I was following a super healthy diet for 5 months (no dairy, only brown rice pasta, brown rice cakes, brown rice, fresh veggies, little fruit (mainly berries) and protein) NO sugar whatsoever and only drank water or decaf herbal teas, continued to exercise, reduce my stress level and take some supplements I had no anal itching and very little if any vulva pain/discomfort.

I also recently decided to research the cream I've been using over the years for my LS and one of the things it says can occur is folliculitis. Last October I woke up one morning with tiny red bumps all over my legs. I have not confirmed by a doctor that it is folliculitis, because I refuse to have anyone try to make me take any medications/creams (drugs)or antibiotics. I am on a mission to change my life for the better and it involves natural/holistic treatments. Always question your doctor and if you don't believe what they are suggesting it is best for you get a second opinion. I recently had to have my wisdom teeth removed and the first oral surgeon I met with said I would have to go on antibiotics and pain killers. I refused because I knew what that mess of meds got me in a year and a half ago. I searched for a holistic dentist and found one who guided me in the right path so I was able to do stay away from the antibiotics and pain meds by using a great quality probiotic and digestive enzymes for inflammation/pain.

I hope some of this helps someone else!

Replied by Sandra
(Grantham, United Kingdom)



Replied by Jonimoso
(Fraser, Michigan, Us)

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis 7 years ago. According to my doctor "no known cause no known cure" -- just take this prescription for the rest of your life and you'll never get better. I also thought it may be linked to use of products for vaginal candida which I used just about every other month for about 5 years before being diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis. Struggled with vaginal candida for many years, but now am free of it. I used 1 teaspoon of dissolved ionic mineral salt in 1 ounce of water, followed by 1 liter of purified water daily for 3 weeks and have had no more candida and also, no more flare ups of lichen sclerosis. Can't say I'm cured, since I haven't seen a doctor after using it, but am extremely happy with the results. Also in the past, I have used organic coconut oil in the vaginal area (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal) for lubrication and sensitivity. IMPORTANT NOTE: Coconut oil breaks down latex condoms, so use polyurethane instead. Hope this helps.


Did you use this topically or internally or drink it? Did it have lasting results?.

1 teaspoon of dissolved ionic mineral salt in 1 ounce of water, followed by 1 liter of purified water daily for 3 weeks and have had no more candida and also, no more flare ups of lichen sclerosis.

Replied by Wendy
(Bristol, Avon, Uk)
4 out of 5 stars

I'd like to add my pennyworth to this thread for what it is worth and in the hope that it may help just one person, more even better. I have suffered from food allergies for some 40 years, I was never able to get rid of them, only control them by eating less. I was diagnosed with LS about a year ago, but I think I may have had it in a more minor form for much longer. For the first two months it didn't seem much of a problem, but then it developed rapidly into a major discomfort and pain. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it, in order to find a solution. I found that lots of things helped but only temporarily.

Then finally as a result of a paragraph I saw written by a Doctor about psoriasis, his theory was that toxins were unable to escape through the normal route ie liver kidneys so they moved to the next available organ which was the skin, causing serious skin eruptions. This made a lot of sense to me, so I started to treat LS like it was one of my allergic reactions, and bingo, the first real success in 8 months of trying. All I did was cut down on my consumption of food by approximately one third. The sores, pimples and razor like cuts cleared up instantly, and the itching wasn't far behind. My symptoms are now 90% reduced, and I can control the symptoms by dieting. Someone mentioned a low carb diet, and I noticed that certainly applied to me also. Ironically vegetables and fruit, the things you would think were good for you, were causing a lot of surface itching that kept me awake all night. I try to eat any major meal early in the day, and at night it might just be a small high protein meal, like a leg of chicken, but no veg or fruit especially potatoes.

I do think this disease is multifaceted and there is no one solution for everyone. One thing I want to say about this. It had spread from my vulva to anus, cleavage, bust, and all over my back, and finally to my mouth where the white skin was about an inch long and half inch wide. I managed to easily get rid of the mouth problem by putting garlic oil on about 6 times a day. It completely disappeared within 3 to 4 days, and didn't reappear for about two months, when I again repeated the treatment and it went again. The diet cleared up the itching on my back and breasts and anus. The manic itching in the vulva area disappears 90% of the time as long as I don't overeat at all, and I am still experimenting with food to get an even better result. But right now I am in a very good place, and maybe this approach might help others. That is my sincere wish - if only to help one person with this awful disease.

I don't know if garlic oil repeatedly applied to white patches in any other area would work, as it seems to me that every place you get it, it behaves differently, so I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any success with that. My sincere best wished to all. Just because they tell us this disease is incurable, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to cure it.

Replied by Angela
(Pasadena, Ca, Usa)

I think that you will find that many people with LS were treated with creams before diagnosis because they or their doctors thought their symptoms were candida. So that would mean they already had LS, not that the creams caused it. That is what happened to me. I was diagnosed with LS after 10 years or more of symptoms that were missed by many doctors and midwives. One midwife saw that it wasn't candida, and saw the changes in the skin, but she apparently knew nothing of LS and called it non-specific bacterial infection, and had me take peridine baths. I've been using clobetasol sparingly for 19 years, and it has arrested the progress, but I don't want to use it anymore.

Replied by Lynn
(Madison, Ms)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone, I've been looking for anwers in many places regarding LS, I've had this for over 10 years myself and it affects my bottom/anal area mostly and I just got fed up with it all!

#1 I've greatly redued the amount of gluten I take in, amost impossible to go Gluten free, but baby steps...

#2 Whole foods, veggies, meats, fruits... I TRY to stay away from processed foods.

#3 and the most important Take a GOOD probiotic. NSM sells a great probiotic, available online.

#4 DO NOT Use the Steroid cream if you can help it! I use A&D ointment on my bottom after every bathroom visit. I also use an aloe/vitatmin E Infused toilet paper, cottonnelle with Aloe & E and Unscented Baby Wipes with Aloe and E after every BM.

The LS is very manageable, I'll even have sex again, my Hubby is so happy... My Gyno is amazed, he said my bottom looked normal! No Steroid cream for over 4 months... IF I have a flareup he suggested minute amounts of the steroid mixed with the A&D ointment... But so for ok, the ointment takes the "edge off" any itchy burny sensation. I know this doesn't cure the LS, but it greatly reduces the effects. Some holistic MD's say the issue is fungus so I'm on it about the probiotics.. I take a double dose once a day... Stay away from Dairy as well even yogurt w/ probiotics...

Replied by Mary
(Encino, California)

I am 60 years old. I was diagnosed with LS about 3 years ago and prescribed clobetasol which seemed to keep it from progressing. About a year ago and about 6 months after I had a gyn exam, I was horrified to discover that my labia was all but gone, I had scar tissue covering my clitoris, and the hood was at least 50% fused.

I have been receiving UVB light treatments (excimer laser) twice a week at first and now once a week for almost a year. Plus I use the clobetasol 2 weeks on and 1 week off. My symptoms have completely reversed. The scarring/lesions are gone. It took a bit of effort to get my insurance company to pay for the treatments, but they couldn't deny the supporting research. The clitoris, hood, labia have returned to normal. Occasionally I have some white patches and itching on the week I'm off the clobetasol. I have also eliminated sugar, wheat, dairy, and artificial sweeteners from my diet for about six months, which is why I think I have been able to reduce the treatments to once a week.

In my research I found and visited a cosmetic gyn who developed a surgery to unbury the clitoris without damaging the nerves. His name is Dr. Ostrenski. He is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Doctors comes from all over the world to study his technique.

Replied by Clara

Mary, I'm having some of the same issues. What kind of doctor performed the UVB laser treatments for you? An OB/GYN or Dermatologist? Have the results lasted for you since your last post? Thank you for your help. The steroid cream is helping but not doing enough and some symptoms are progressing.

Replied by Jillery
(North Carolina)
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An ok theory for some, but there are little kids who get LS and people who have never used vaginal meds... But true I think that stuff can precipitate LS in others. Look at all the variations of symptoms too.

Replied by Jamie

Wendy, your post is so interesting to me. I have had skin issues since I was a teenage (40 years). My skin would itch and burn and small sores would erupt that were like a burn and sometimes would grow to and inch big. I have scarring all over my upper arms, upper back and legs. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with psoriasis. After many years of dermatologists and naturopaths, everyone was perplexed because nothing helped.

I developed LS a year ago and through research was led to Trying Low Oxalates. I went on a low oxalate diet and this has helped tremendously! Many vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, etc are not my friends.

Like you, the less food I eat, the better I feel! I only have LS breakouts, itchy, burning skin when I eat higher oxalate foods.

Thanks for sharing. I rarely run across anyone who has experienced the whole skin thing.

Replied by Patty

I have had the hood of my clitoris removed 3 times over the past years, it always grows back with LS. Like many people, I was diagnosed with candida years before LS was recognized. It certainly is not a pleasant condition. I plan on trying many of the treatments people have posted here. This is a wonderful site, I'm sure glad I came across it. I wish every one the best of luck. If I find something that works for me, I will be sure to post it.

Replied by Irene
(Timmins Ontario)

Seeking more info regarding A&D creme.

Vitamin D3

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Posted by Nancy Kb (Asheville, Nc) on 01/30/2018
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Castor oil is wonderful and soothing and aids skin healing.... BUT the CAUSE Of LS is a VITAMIN D deficiency which my integrative medicine MD, who is also a cardiologist, luckily knew all about (but not the gynecologist, go figure).

Take LOTS Of Vitamin D3 and also a small amount of Vitamin K2 to complement it, and the other cofactors for D which include magnesium, Omega-3s, and boron.

Your Vitamin D levels must get up to about 60-80 ng/dl. but not over 90 ng/dl. I was out of pain within 2 days of taking chewable Vitamin D3 3 X a day 5,000 units each. Still need to keep on top of it all. And now also include MSM, sulfur, another mneral we really need. ALSO Colloidal silver works to heal skin and other soft tissues.

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