Knee Pain
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Effective Natural Remedies for Knee Pain Relief

Hemp Oil
Posted by Birdy (Iowa, Usa) on 12/01/2013

So I've gone thru all these ideas for helping my sore knee. It was feeling very sore (on the side, like a stiffness etc), and I was waiting for it to heal for several days. Instead of healing while walking up the stairs I actually heard it make a tear sound and that was 3 days ago. Severe pain. Tried several things, but decided to use a hemp lotion I have and it is all but GONE. It's just a Hemp moisturizer (that is not the brand name), with coconut oil, sesame oil, tea tree oil, calendula, cammellia, tocopherol acetate (e) and a bunch of other stuff. My point is that it eased the pain and made it more flexible and is healing better. Nothing else worked. I believe it needed the lubricant and I wanted you to know this works.