Knee Pain
Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Remedies for Knee Pain Relief

Posted by Ronald (New Hampshire) on 09/01/2021

For knee pain I use DMS0 diluted from 99.9 percent down to 70 % using distilled water. I put the DMSO into a small spray bottle and put arnica spray or gel on first and then spray my knees and around the sides a bit down my leg.

Don't put on colored clothing right away as the DMS0 takes everything you put on the skin and sucks it into the tissue and into deeper parts of the body. Dyes on the pants could come off and get on your wet skin and the DMSO will take that into the tissues also.

Just sit around and let it get absorbed. Works wonders!! I can walk without any pain.

Posted by Kathy (Australia) on 10/02/2016

I was told about DMSO a few years ago but didn't bother purchasing it until I saw how much my brother in law was suffering with the pain in his knees, for the last 18 mths the pain had been getting progressively worse till it was painful for him to walk.I spent the extra money and had a bottle sent from America, I felt it may be of a better quality, it's in a glass bottle which I read was important, and 99% pure, he applied full strength to the knee, within an hour there was no pain and he could walk normally, it's hard to believe but there has been no pain for the last two weeks, it has changed his life completely, he says it's a miracle