Anal Itch Remedies

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C

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Posted by Zander (Columbus, Oh) on 07/23/2016

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C

I bought this formulation for my eyes. It is a liquid combo which can be used as eye drops. Well, it sure came in handy elsewhere on the body as well in my case. Due to repeated use of moist wipes after using toilet paper, I created a damp condition which worsened into what can best be likened to diaper rash. It was very painful, itchy and irritating. I tried ACV & paramicrocidin and got some relief. I tried olive oil and got some relief. I tried straight DMSO and got some relief [after some increased pain such as occurs when applying DMSO to the site of a burn.] However, the best, most long lasting relief I experienced was with the MSM & Vitamin C formula. I wonder how many crying babies wish they could ask for this? I'll tell you, it hurt enough that it made me want to cry like a baby, too ~ very annoying.

Replied by Sadia

Hi Zander, may I know the brand & where did you buy this liquid Msm with Vit.C. Thank you.

EC: We're guessing it's this eyedrop product on Amazon.

MSM, Raw Garlic

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Posted by PB (Vancouver, BC, Canada) on 07/03/2009

Anal Itch remedy: 5gm MSM/ 2 cloves raw garlic, taken 2x per day at the beginning of a meal.

This webpage should mention that Pinworms cause anal itching. Pinworms cause itchy butt by depositing a gel around the anus, where they lay their eggs. Butt scratching is an important part of the pinworm lifecylce. If itchy butt wakes you up at night -- you probably have pinworms.

I struggled with anal itch for 10+ years, finding many remedies that cleared symptoms temporarily. I've also tried numerous 'parasite cleanse' remedies, including zapper. I was even tested for parasites and declared "clear". Yet, itching would recur, soon.

On a recent trip to India, I discussed my problem with an ayurvedic doctor who diagnosed me with "worms", and prescribed an ayurvedic deworm remedy (krimighnavatika) -- which I took for four months. After two months symptoms had mostly disappeared. This is the longest I had been without symptoms since I could remember. But the symptoms returned when I got off the medicine. I believe the doctor's diagnoses about "worms" to be correct... he told me that the longer I'd been infested (i.e. how many worms and eggs I have inside me) -- the longer I'd have to take the medicine. Four months was not enough.

This confirmed to me that I had worms that were not cleared by western style natural health parasite cleanse methods. I've lived and traveled extensively in Central America and in Asia, and I guess I have something from there that isn't seen that often in N.A. and Europe.

I could not afford to take the ayurvedic medicine indefinitely. Searching the internet for "deworm" remedies, I encountered a veternary sites that were discussing alternate therapies for worm infestations in livestock. In some searches, there was overlap in discussions between livestock and humans. Somewhere along the line, I ran across a site discussing MSM, administered in super doses causing a choking effect on worms.

That site recommended 5gm dissolved in a few ounces of water taken right before the main morning meal and again before the main evening meal. Then with those meals, 2 raw cloves of garlic, finely chopped, or crushed. (I butter a slice of bread, spread the garlic over the butter, and add a slice of cheese... yummy ... and a good antidote for the bitter MSM drink). Don't take more than 4 raw cloves per day -- too much will inflame your stomach and cause cramping. You can eat as much thoroughly cooked garlic as you want in addition to the raw garlic.

You stay on this regimen until symptoms subside, then slowly reduce the dose. MSM advocates recommend MSM be used daily (1gm) for health maintenance. Claims are made that it helps move blood to joints, hairs, and nails, and also lubricates cell linings allowing toxins to be more easily removed (which is how it clears worms). I can also claim that, at age 53, my beard has started growing faster, and much less hair falls out in the shower!

I have had astounding results with this method -- for the first few weeks there were worms appearing in my bowel movements every few days... about 4 different shapes. I haven't found any worm/parasite images anywhere on the internet to match them to. The most common type is not a worm at all, but looks like a tiny jellyfish, maybe 5mm across. I expect there's probably stuff I can't see coming out as well -- the ones I've seen are all white. I've only seen one mixed in with fecal matter. I hadn't had a worm show up in weeks, then this morning I had one about an inch long -- so it's still not over -- but I'm managing with out the ayurvedic medicine, and I'm happy about that.

While I used to be awoken at night by itching, now itch only occurs after a bm. But the degree of itching after BM has subsided considerably. I have also made significant lifestyle changes... Asian style hygiene in the bathroom (i.e. wipe with water) ... always brush fingers and under nails after using bathroom, and before handling food. Avoid handling food with hands, avoid touching face with hands.

I can say whatever I have is not communicable (unlike pinworms, which are easily transferred to anybody you touch with your hands)... been in two relationships during these years, and neither partner picked up my parasites.

Replied by Shandy
(Limerick, Ireland)

Sorry, please could you explain for the ignorant (me!) What is MSM?

Replied by Tdc
(Pleasantville, Ny)

In my case the itching of many months went away (it's been 2 weeks) with CLOTRIMAZOLE AND BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE CREAM USP, 1%/0.05%. Made by TARO. Mine was a fungus that did not let me sleep every night for months. Cortisone only aliviates for short term, but did not cure.

This medication combines both benefits, takes away the itching and kills the fungus. In two to three days you will start to see improvement. If you have tried everything else with no results, ask your doctor to treat you for fungus with this product.

I wish you a healthy butt.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Shelawford (Hampton, Va) on 07/01/2020

No, not a cure. Asking for help. I have scratched my butt till it bleeds I have tried all the remedies listed here. Nothing works. I hardly eat any sugar, I'm gluten free for the most part. Try to eat organic and a balanced diet.. Please help, it's becoming unbearable!!!!!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Well, there are lots of things it could be, could be fungus and you can buy fungal creams for women at Walmart near the pads, cool it right down. Could be liver issues and then you need to eat a nice healthy oil to produce bile to digest B vitamins. Could be you eat hot sauce and got fire on the butt. Cool that down with some baking soda . Witch hazel is used for sutures pain. Gotta be careful here to treat the problem.

Can do a sitz bath with some mineral salts. Clove would numb it. What is going on in your sigmoid.....maybe some Colace store brand at Walmart is inexpensive, clear the lower bowel incase fermenting is going on. Maybe you have a prolapse and those are a pain in the butt, I can tell you firsthand. Dhea or progesterone cream or vitamin D with k, or maybe some magnesium, (Epson salt soak).

Lets see what could be the you have any tips that might pin it down? Alpha lipoic acid stops nerve pain and B vitamins help. How much stress do you have? Ashwaganda maybe calm that down. Oh yeah I just remembered there is a vaginal numbing cream like anbasol for the vagina at Walmar . Saved my day a few times. Hate pain. If it's parasites, you need to do copper or borax. Maybe diaper cream that has zin . Okay I'm out of ideas, I did my best to brainstorm with you but you gotta give me some hints.

Replied by Anon

Pinworms? Diatomaceous earth is not listed among the 50+ remedies you have tried:

Use ONLY FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth.

You might try applying Anbesol to the itchy spot to help not scratch it.

I hope you are feeling better soon. :)

Replied by Sabita
(Orange City, Florida)

Under Ailments on this website look up Candida.

I had various symptoms of Candida including yours. I also had psoriasis on top of everything. Not natural, but I finally took Nystatin internally and Fluocinonide topically for the psoriasis. The Nystatin took care of all the symptoms. You can try going all out on the natural treatments first, which I did, but my symptoms were too severe and unbearable.

Replied by Trishygg

Aloe vera helps with the anal itch. You can also drink aloe vera. Have you tried a cleanse? Sounds like you have candida overgrowth.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville , Us)

I ruptured L-5 ( bulging disc can also cause this)and it caused all hell to break loose. For years I fought bowel and bladder incontinence. I overcame that : ) ! The bowel incontinence irritates the anus. I read that B-12 and other B's help that, the gut normally produces b vitamins unless it's out of order, then even when you take b vitamins you may not be absorbing them.If it's part of a disc issue or prolapse issue then it means you don't need new spark plugs, you need a new engine. Get out the book and study the car and get ready to buy a truckload of supplements . Nothing is too hard to overcome given time and wisdom. Blessings, Charity

Most women don't understand prolapse until they get one diagnosed. They handed me this pamphlet and explained that the uterus the bladder and the rectum can all three at the same time crowd into the vagina as they fall . Or if you are lucky it will only be one. I was lucky. Thank God.

Nutrient absorption causes them to fail or pinched nerves from spinal issues, or both. See Eric Berg:

Replied by Mary

Is it possible you have a pinworm parasitic infestation? They lay eggs on the anus at night and cause itching.

Replied by Miss M
(New York)

I just discovered my so called “psoriasis” was an allergy to cream. I was drinking multiple cups of coffee with full fat cream as I am on keto diet. Guess what cut the cream, and problems disappeared. Also potatoes! I would eat my Mickey Don fries and my head scalp “Psoriasis” would get itchy and breakout!

Look at your diet. Are there foods you eat on a multiple basis during the day? Culprit foods, dairy, nightshades potatoes, peppers, citrus, peanuts. You can save yourself medical bills by eliminating foods.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Es (Abdn, Uk) on 12/29/2012

I'm not saying this is an all out cure, this is a basis for a cure, people are different, have different tolerances allergies etc. So try work around the following, with me it was peanuts and I'm sure the itch is caused by food and aggrivated by stress, stress causes sweat and so the cycle goes on... So you want to look at what you do throughout the day... Your food intake and your personal hygiene.

For awhile I was plagued with a serious itch. I do a lot of sports so I sweat a lot and also shower a lot so I'm sure this contributed, as well as that I ate a lot of peanut butter and cycled a lot.. All of which promoted the itch.

At its peak, late at night it was like something was tickling my but and worst case I scratched my butt at the gym... Not nice at all.

After some serious searching on the internet nothing was found and so I began to try and work the itch out for myself. I changed from using ordinary toilet roll to baby wipes to clean myself - Toilet roll makes the itch worse also tiny fragments are left this imo makes the itch worse and you are never properly clean... Baby wipes clean away more of the waste.

I got myself some pinworm tablets, just in case this late night tickling sensation was the female laying her eggs... Very clever cycle, Lays eggs in a mucus which causes anal itching, the area is scratched and the eggs transfer to the fingers, underneath the fingernails and ultimately into the mouth.

So for awhile hygiene was a priority, finger nails scrubbed with a scrubber and underwear changed twice daily or after using the loo - This was to prevent the transfer of any pinworm eggs, if this was the problem.

The pinworm tablet seemed to work, my ass area seemed drier and this is after 2 weeks and the itching had subsided considerably.

Sometime after I bought a big bag of cashews and the problem appeared and so obviously my itch was caused by peanuts and aggrivated by the cycling, sweaty sports and using toilet tissue.

In summing up the best thing to do if you have a seriously itchy but is the following.

1. Buy baby wipes to clean yourself insted of toilet roll/tissue
2. Buy new cotton underwear
3. Buy and take pinworm tablet [I didnt know if I did or did not have pinworm]
4. Check your diet, peanuts caused my itch

5. Change underwear twice daily, if doing sports more
5.1 If you sweaty, use a baby wipe to clean yourself, the salt in the sweat will make the itch worse
6. Hot baths provide some relief but dont really stop the itch you need to follow some of the above steps
7. People spend more time sat in front of a computer, so if you do buy a soft cushion to sit on

To date the itch is all but gone just some minor irritation remains. At its peak I could of used a fork to scrape and scratch away so bad was the irritation.. And for all you fellow sufferer's you have my

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jay Jay (Sydney, Nsw Australia) on 11/15/2012

Both me and my partner had the itch. It was excruciating! I tried ACV and this definitely stopped it for a while but man it hurt!

When it came back I tried ACV again taping it on overnight as some had suggested and holy crap the next day INFECTION!!!!!!! White pussy and open sores disgusting mess. WTF!!!! OWWWWWWWWWW sad sad sad.

Luckily I have a silver colloid machine. I soaked a soft cotton ball in silver and gently wedged it against my anus and kept it there overnight. Next day was not infected and 80% better!

I cut fresh pieces of aloe vera leaf and soothed it on to heal the sores - sticky, icky but oh so soothing.

One week later - Fixed the sores But my butt was still itchy!

Decided to bring my own brain back into gear. Most problems that I've had over the years have been due to parasites. Even though there was NO visible signs of parasites I remembered that it is always a good place to start.

Used tablets that contained Black walnut, Chinese Wormwood, barberry, ginger, gentian, thyme oil, cinnamon bark oil.

We are both now itch free, a lot happier and a tiny bit (heaps) embarrassed! Lol

Replied by Mark

Jay Jay in Australia, can you tell me what supplement to buy, which has Black walnut, Chinese Wormwood, barberry, ginger, gentian, thyme oil, cinnamon bark oil in it?

Nyastatin and Hydrocortisone Cream

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Posted by Lynne (Winchester, England) on 03/30/2012

I suffered from this for over 3 months. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor and also thought it was such a tivial thing I should be able to clear it myself. I tried every remedy on earth clinic and then some! Took some over the counter tablets for worms just in case. Kept scrupulously clean. Nothing worked.

I went to the doc and he prescribed a cream that contains nyastin and 0.5% (VERY WEAK) hydrocortisone. Nyastin cures fungal infections, hydrocortisone often for things like eczema and bites. Worked from the first application and only applied it twice a day for a couple of days. UNBELIEVABLE TOTAL CURE! I imagine that this could be available over the counter or easily on the net. The name begins with T and ends with "dene" 3 years later it came back. Being a slow learner I still tried every home remedy . Had forgotten the name of the cream. Gave up and went to the doc yesterday Itch free from the first application and will continue it for a few days to make sure.Never had any fungal problems in my life which is good for a woman, no thrush or athletes foot. I am 60 and did not think I ever got "sweaty " down there. I have noticed others have commented that high carbs and nuts have caused their symptoms and I must admit I have been eating lots of carbs and just got a thing for eating loads of nuts over the last 3/6 months so they could have something there. Hope this helps someone else.

Olive Oil

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Posted by Paul (Uxbridge, MA) on 11/09/2008


Suffering from anal itch. For the past four months I have been suffering from this nagging itch that I can't get rid of no matter what I try. I have made significant changes in my diet (no more sugar, very little caffeine), tried every medication, it even got to the point where I used a suppository because my rectum was itching. I no longer wipe the area, instead I use alcohol free wipes and pat the area. Nothing has worked. I have been to my physician twice and he prescribed two different topical creams that haven't worked. I find myself going on the internet on a daily basis to get rid of this, and had to leave work early this week b/c of the itch. My doctor and I have ruled out pinworms, anal fissures and hemoroids. I personally think its just broken skin that has been irritated further from all the creams and medicine i have been putting on it. The past few days I have been applying refrigerated extra virgin olive oil to the area. It has a soothing feel to it and the itch goes away for a little while. The olive oil seems to absorb very quickly so it doesn't feel greasy. We shall see what happens, but I refuse to get back on medications for this because they only seemed to make it worse.

Replied by Janis
(Renton, US.)

I had an awful anal itch around the age of 50 and at that same age I found out that I had colon polps. After I had a colonoscopy and had 2 polyps removed, I never had another anal itch. It may be just a coincidence or the polyps may have caused the itch somehow. Anyway, if you have reached age 50 or over or if colon polyps run in your family, you may need to get a colonoscopy at a younger age, if you are younger than 50.When I had the anal itch it was constant and I didn't have hemrhoids either. Good luck. I hope you can get the cause of the itch figured out.


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Posted by Carol (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 09/27/2019

Had a colonoscopy and from using toilet paper frequently and washing I was left with an itchy butt. It was driving me crazy so searched earth clinic. Many remedies, some complicated but I read someone ate about 10 olives and it took the itch away. Sounded good to me and pretty simple as I had just puchased a new jar of olives. Nothing special green with stuffed pimento. Anyway I ate about 10 to 15 and then went to bed. No itch in the morning. Good advice. Thanks Earth Clinic.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City)

Olives work well for me too. I find my symptoms have the root cause in the gut. I'm especially sensitive to sugary foods at night and so eating olives with dinner is good. My favourite remedy is actually wheatgrass powder taken orally, but I will have to make a seperate post about that.

Omega 3

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Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 08/26/2020

Omega 3 is one remedy that works really well for me as a remedy for anal itch. It was most noticeable for me that the symptoms improved the next morning after eating a nice big salmon steak with skin on for dinner. Fish oil works well too, of course, you will need quite a large dose to make it work. I would need about 3000mg (3grams) of fish oil as a remedy, taken at night with dinner.

Onion, Garlic and ACV Enema

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Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 12/29/2014

I found a great remedy for anal itch, mine is caused from a mold virus.

I cut up half an onion a few fresh garlic - I use lots of garlic, I then soak these two in apple cider vinegar over night, the next day take an enema with this solution and you will see great results. Do this as often as you feel the need to do so. Because I have a mold virus I saw an awful lot of puss or inflammation coming out onto the floor. What a big surprise but also a huge relief. The sad part is not one doctor can or could treat me. I ended up handicap because of the lack of. But the best results is I feel a whole lot better. God Bless.

Replied by Jennifer

Your doctor probably couldn't help you, because there is no such thing as a "mold virus."

Over the Counter

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Posted by Wisdom Ace (Port Huron, Michigan) on 12/26/2012

I have used ointment for this after showering. Just an amount the size of the end of your finger is all it takes. After drying real good with a towel I dry completly with a hair dryer then I apply a small amount of Ointment to the hemmoroid and anus area. Thats it. It's a very old remedy. I live in Michigan and can only find it at one Walgreen's store in town. Active ingredients: Camphor, 3.0%, anti itching. Phenol, 2.5%, anesthetic. Tannic acid, 6.6% astringent. Other ingredients: Petrolatum, Bees Wax, Lavender Oil The trademark is PBO and it's in a yellow container. could be in a tube or a small plastic jar of 3oz. My mother and Uncle used this preparation for years with success. Thats why I use it too.

Replied by Anonymous
(Mount Rainier, Md)

It took me hours of searching to find the OTC product that you mentioned. For those of you that want to know as well, it's called Peterson's Ointment or Peterson's Hemorrhoidal Ointment.

Parasite Connection

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Posted by Cece (New York ) on 02/17/2023

Please before applying (symptomatic) itch relief, think about checking yourselves for parasites. I have been extensively reading up on parasites in the gut as one of the major causes for anal itching. I'm not sure what the test is, but the cure for worms is usually black walnut hulls and wormwood -- tincture and or capsules. Something else I read was that if you have dogs or other animals, chances are you have worm parasites. I think you can do an on line test for parasites. This is as much as I know for the time being.

Personal Hygiene Bottle

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Posted by Lynne (Dayton, Ohio) on 06/22/2009

I suffer with anal itching usually around my menstral cycle. When I gave birth to my daughter years ago, the hospital gave me a personal hygiene bottle. You fill the bottle with water and wash your rear with it. Ever since then I use it every time I go to the bathroom. I have ordered several bottles off of hospital supply websites and keep at least one bottle in every bathroom. I even take them with me when I travel. You can't beat them for cleansing. You don't have to further irritate the area by wiping to get clean. For severe cases I put castor oil on a cotton ball and keep it on the area for a while and it brings me relief.

EC: personal hygiene bottle = enema bag/hot water bottle

Pinworm Connection

Posted by Geraldene (Adelaide ) on 10/17/2017

Sometimes people overlook that the itching can be caused by pin worms. It's not only children who suffer from pinworms.

A simple one off tablet at night can illuminate the itching.

My friends have put up with anal itching and all sorts of medications from the Doc for years..they all denied it could not possibly be pin worms..

Well after trying the medication for pinworms. They are itch free!

Their answer was..."why didn't my Doctor tell me this? And I hàve put up with this for years and it has cost me a fortune in medications for other diagnosis.


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Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 04/06/2016

Probiotics can also help with itchy bum. I find it works very well for the duration that I am taking it. Different strains may work better - I use multi-strain probiotics, usually about 8 or more strains.

Should help if you have an underlying gut flora imbalance that is causing the itch, as seems to be frequent with people who have other inflammatory issues (asthma, dermatitis, eczema, allergies, etc).

Probiotics won't help, however, if your root cause is worms/parasites.

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