Anal Itch Remedies

Nyastatin and Hydrocortisone Cream
Posted by Lynne (Winchester, England) on 03/30/2012

I suffered from this for over 3 months. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor and also thought it was such a tivial thing I should be able to clear it myself. I tried every remedy on earth clinic and then some! Took some over the counter tablets for worms just in case. Kept scrupulously clean. Nothing worked.

I went to the doc and he prescribed a cream that contains nyastin and 0.5% (VERY WEAK) hydrocortisone. Nyastin cures fungal infections, hydrocortisone often for things like eczema and bites. Worked from the first application and only applied it twice a day for a couple of days. UNBELIEVABLE TOTAL CURE! I imagine that this could be available over the counter or easily on the net. The name begins with T and ends with "dene" 3 years later it came back. Being a slow learner I still tried every home remedy . Had forgotten the name of the cream. Gave up and went to the doc yesterday Itch free from the first application and will continue it for a few days to make sure.Never had any fungal problems in my life which is good for a woman, no thrush or athletes foot. I am 60 and did not think I ever got "sweaty " down there. I have noticed others have commented that high carbs and nuts have caused their symptoms and I must admit I have been eating lots of carbs and just got a thing for eating loads of nuts over the last 3/6 months so they could have something there. Hope this helps someone else.