Anal Itch Remedies

| Modified on Dec 15, 2023
Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Colorado Kris (Colorado) on 11/16/2016

Ok, so I has a VERY itch butt. There was small white little crumble discharge, that was the itchyness. It had been going on for a couple months. I was gonna try some natural things first, then last resort, the doctor. I'm a believer in apple cider vinegar. It work like a charm on acne! I was reading all the itchy butt refleif stories, so I thought I would give it a try. I soaked a cotton ball in organic apple cider vinegar with the mother( actually with a little of the mother on it)i put it just right inside the hole for 10 min-that's were I believe I went terribly wrong! It burned like crazy the whole time! I took it out and immediately horrendous pain!! The worst pain I believe I've ever experienced. I could barely move or breath the pain was undescribably. I thought I was going to pass out but knew if I did I would most definitely rip it more and wouldn't be able to get up of the floor. I filled the bathroom sink with warm water, coconut oil olive oil, tea tree oil and tried my hardest to sit in it because the bath trying was impossible to get back it( I could lift me legs up that high because of the pain.

I began searching this site for doing some kind of relief. I tried extra virgin olive oil, aloe Vera from the plant and the bottle- I was too far gone.. I some how barely made it on my bed in the worst position ( the only one that wasn't so painful. I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call the ambulance with all the noise I made for so many hours. I was sweating and exhausted. Luckily I remembered I had some left over pain pills from a old surgery! I feel like that thing saved my life! I tried all the other natural cures that I had ingredients to at my house.

Anyways I was not able to view the damage I did to myself until I woke up the next am. The taint, or the little flap of skin in-between your vagina and anus burst in a couple places and where I put the soaked cotton ball, shredded inside and outside it! Puss everywhere and a little blood. I called out to work that day and slept the whole day until 9 pm( 24 hrs later) I've been doing a couple sitz baths with olive oil, coconut oil, epsom salt then pour olive oil all over it after each bath the last two days, still lots of puss and can hardly walk . I guess I drew out the infection, man it was rough! I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, especially since I did it the wrong way. I am still a believer in the apple cider vinegar remedies, just not for me down there in the booty department. Sorry to be a complainer, I think this site is great and tell people about it when I can. I should have read more carefully.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dwayne (Merika, US) on 09/02/2014

I used coconut oil and almost instantly felt better. And now my a-hole smells like macaroons...bonus!!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 07/19/2011

Have you got a really itchy anus? If so this is most definiatly a fungal infection. Untreated it could last for many years, the constant scratching can just exacerbate the problem, which will just make the piles worse. As a start get some virgin coconut oil and start taking, about four teaspoons a day.. And rub some around the anus as well. Its no coincidence that a well known brand of pile cream contains coconut oil. But topical application wont remove the fungus in the gut.

Aloe and Witch Hazel
Posted by Lsck (Ontario, Canada ) on 04/03/2017 1 posts

Cure for chronic Anal Itch:

So many ailments of mine have been cured by things that people have taken the time to post on here. So it's time for me to contribute!

I've been suffering from severe anal itch since I got pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. It would go away temporarily but then would always come back. I tried EVERYTHING. From trial and error, I finally discovered something that works for me. Hopefully it helps somebody.

Here it is:

Soak mini cotton balls (not q-tips) in witch hazel/aloe combo. Shape them in a skinny-ish narrow shapes. If you can't find little ones, break them in half. Put in freezer. Once frozen, insert whenever needed. I tried coating with coconut oil to help ease them in, but I found that the oil caused more irritation. Sorry for TMI but you kind of have to apply a bit of pressure to get in. But once in, oh my gosh it is COLD. I urge you to grin and bear it because it instantly relieves the itch, and after a minute it is extremely soothing. Leave in for as long as you can, but I don't recommend overnight because it will start to bug you. Use these whenever needed until the problem is resolved. It took about three days for my problem to go away completely.

The frozen factor relieves the swelling and irritation, which I believe was THE key to curing my problem. Keeping the swelling and irritation down so that the area had a chance to heal.

I tried frozen ACV cotton balls first, but I believe that unless you have some sort of infection in there, the vinegar is too harsh for that area and will slow/prevent the healing process.

Hope this helps somebody!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Emilyette (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 08/24/2013

I had itchy butt for 3 years before I got up the nerve to go to a doctor. Then over the next 3 years, I went to 3 different doctors. They didn't help. I started researching and tried a few different things including yeast solutions, they helped a bit, but nothing stopped it. Finally I saw a book with a special diet for your health and I decided to try it for other problems that I was having, such as swollen knees. After 3 months I was surprised to find that the itching (had gradually) gone away!!! Yea!!!

Turns out that I have a problem with wheat! I have recently gotten carried away with eating wheat again and I'm back to the itch. I've also noticed that sugar makes it worse, so have cut way back on that too. But I cut out wheat entirely. Very hard to do, everything has wheat in it. I've been off wheat and cut way back on sugar for about a week and the itch is gone! I intend to make some coconut flour pancakes, muffins etc. I'd almost forgotten that wheat was that bad for me, it's been so long since I've had this kind of reaction.

I know this is not the solution for everyone, but I just wanted all of you to know that something like this could be a solution. The book I was talking about is Eat Right For Your Blood Type, just in case someone would like to try it. Good luck and good health to all of you.

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Stevesall (Renton, Wa) on 03/03/2013

I see many remedies posted on this site regarding anal itching. Some remedies gave good results or temporary results. In my case, I finally figured out it was coffee causing my constant itch and burning. It wasn't because I had a cortisone cream or apple cider vinegar deficiency, the itch was caused by drinking coffee. Fortunately, I drank only 2 cups max a day, so quitting it did not cause the withdrawl sypmptoms when I quit. Because I suspeceted coffee, I abstained for 3 days and the itching and burning disappeared. I wanted to see for sure if it was from coffee so I had a few cups two days in a row and on the third day, the itching returned. I only have one cup of coffee every other day and there's no problem. If you drink coffe and have a constant itch and you want to rid yourself of the nuissance, totally give up coffee for 3 or 4 days. When it works for you, you will thank me. Leave feedback if it works for you. Thanks

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Bignumbas (Bunadaberg) on 01/17/2018

I had an itchy anus for 25 years from age 40 on until I found out my arteriosclerosis was probably cause by inflammation caused by wheat intolerance. This was after having 3 stents at age 56.

So I gave up wheat at age 60 and went gluten free and the itching stopped and has not come back.

If I ever accidentally had some gluten I would immediately get the itching and also a small sore that hurt when I wiped my rear end.

I have been told that when you go gluten free you become more sensitive to it as you lose any immunity that you had built up.

Coincidentally I found out that Lugol's iodine was used for treatment of arteriosclerosis so I have been having Lugols iodine for the last 7 months applying it transdermally usually about a half inch in an eyedropper every couple of days and found before Christmas that my gluten intolerance has gone.

I no longer get an itchy/sore anus even if I eat gluten.

I am however not going back to wheat but it makes my life so much better being able to eat it occasionally.

Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Jambamama (Los Angeles, California) on 03/01/2014

Re: Anal Itch

YES, raw organic coconut oil worked very well for me, but only gave me a temporary reprieve from itchiness. Then I called my holistic MD and she said to add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract. Within a day the whole condition improved by about 75% and now it is almost gone. I tried the tea tree oil and it worked for a fews days but then it started burning my skin to the point where it was excruciatingly painful. Both the coconut oil and the GSE are very soothing- no burning at all! I am SO grateful to have found this solution. This was a very frustrating awful experience..I could barely sleep for a few nights. I have a whole new respect for babies with diaper rash- imagine poor things suffer and can't scratch. No wonder babies wake up all the time!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thomas (London, Uk) on 06/22/2012

I am often skeptical about natural miracle cures but I have to admit Christine was right on this one. Last night my anus was itchy and burning to the point of insanity. After reading this I gathered I had nothing left to lose. I got the ACV I already had in my cupboard, put a bit on a piece of kitchen towl and tucked it between my cheeks for a minute. The initial sting was unpleasant but if you get to the point I was at it would be the least of your worries. I removed the kitchen towl then applied a little aloe vera gel to help the burning. 20 mins later the itch had practically gone and I was able to sleep. My only regret is that I hadnt read this at the beginning of the night! Thanks for your help and I would recommend this remedy to anyone.

Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by John (Alabama) on 03/19/2022

Have had this anal itch off and on for twenty years tried about everything with no success then I used a tablespoon full of organic coconut oil rubbed into hands with 6 drops grapefruit seed extract then massaged it into the itching area and presto it was soothing and immediately stop itching. Amazing thank you earthclinic people success again.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Lorica (Indiana) on 10/15/2015

Anal itch:

I got this problem after a bout of diarrhea and lots of toilet paper use therefore. I tried extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil with and without turmeric, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, Neosporin, Noxzema, all to no avail. The problem got worse after several days. I prayed and the word "silver" came to me.

I sprayed folded sheets of toilet paper with colloidal silver to remove all traces after a bowel moment. I also sprayed the entire outer area 3X a day with c.s. About 5 minutes after the spray I applied Neosporin to keep from getting dried out in that area.

In less than 24 hours the difference has been dramatic. I feel an occasional mild itch, that's all and assume the problem will go away with more of the same treatment. It was awful before and really interfering with my sleep so much that if I had had some alcoholic beverage around I would have been tempted to get a little drunk so I could sleep!

Btw, I used homemade c.s., which you can make cheaply with distilled water.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Fellow Sufferer (Eastern Usa, Usa!) on 03/20/2013

After suffering from anal itching for well over a year I finally found something that works!! No burning vinegar, (which did help but the itch was always back the next day or two)

Pure Virgin COCONUT OIL!! I haven't suffered the itch in a month. Trust me, that in itself is a miracle. Instead of burning or itching more at first like the vinegar or baking soda or peroxide it actually soothes. If I start feeling it come back I just add some more. I hope you all can find some of the relief that I have found with coconut oil!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Faith (St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands) on 08/18/2009

Trust me, the apple cider vinegar works for the "itchy butt". I've used it a number of times. I get itchy when i eat too many carbohydrates. I use apple cider vinegar for must skin irritations and it works. :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Lorenzo (Portland, OR) on 03/21/2007

I had a very bad case of Candida last winter. It was extremely harsh. My crotch and butt were itchy and sometimes burned, my mood was agitated, I was suffering from insomnia. To finally get rid of the ailment, I went on a sugar-free diet and took some medication from my doctor. This was great. It killed all the candida within days. My problem then became a severe flu, as my body was not getting rid of the dead candida fast enough. My body was basically experiencing toxic shock. I took tons of fiber, drank gallons of water over several days. This finally made me feel better. Now, I just take Grapefruit seed extract in water every few days to keep the candida at bay. It is very effective at eliminating candida after it has set in as well, but you should take a diuretic to get the dead candida out of you. For candida, take 5-6 drops of GSE in 20oz of water. Drink in one sitting. Do this once each day for 3 days. May cause heartburn. If so, water down the dosage or use fewer drops (3-4).

Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 08/26/2020

Wheatgrass powder, taken orally, is currently may favourite remedy for anal itch. One heaped teaspoon mixed in with water or vegetable juice, and drink this once or twice a day. I haven't tested this out with barley grass powder, but I expect it should work too.

For me it is most important to take at night as that's when it is the worst for me. I actually get really sensitive to sugar and simple carbs like rice at night, and that's the main reason. Some kind of dysbiosis in the gut causing the itch and the wheatgrass is helping that somehow.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sabita (Orange City, Florida) on 07/02/2020

Under Ailments on this website look up Candida.

I had various symptoms of Candida including yours. I also had psoriasis on top of everything. Not natural, but I finally took Nystatin internally and Fluocinonide topically for the psoriasis. The Nystatin took care of all the symptoms. You can try going all out on the natural treatments first, which I did, but my symptoms were too severe and unbearable.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Trishygg (Florida) on 07/02/2020

Aloe vera helps with the anal itch. You can also drink aloe vera. Have you tried a cleanse? Sounds like you have candida overgrowth.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mary (Idaho) on 07/03/2020

Is it possible you have a pinworm parasitic infestation? They lay eggs on the anus at night and cause itching.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Miss M (New York) on 07/04/2020

I just discovered my so called “psoriasis” was an allergy to cream. I was drinking multiple cups of coffee with full fat cream as I am on keto diet. Guess what cut the cream, and problems disappeared. Also potatoes! I would eat my Mickey Don fries and my head scalp “Psoriasis” would get itchy and breakout!

Look at your diet. Are there foods you eat on a multiple basis during the day? Culprit foods, dairy, nightshades potatoes, peppers, citrus, peanuts. You can save yourself medical bills by eliminating foods.

Posted by Bee (Lansing Mi) on 06/21/2018

I've had anal itch for a decade. A Decade! I tried lots. Spent lots. Recently I began taking some supplements. After about 2 weeks I suddenly realized I hadn't been itching. It's been 3 months now and I'd say the improvement is 95%. The supplements I took had grapeseed extract and devils claw among others. 'm not thrilled with the cost of the vitamins but maybe this information will help you in some way. Now, the eczema behind my ear hasn't improved one iota. All this time I figured the itch was related.

Keep on trucking for that! I've been waiting years hoping one day to write a review here and say this. Such relief.

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 01/30/2018

Had itch for 10+ years. Tried all the creams, coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, etc. Nothing worked. I stopped drinking coffee and no more itch!! It's so hard to give it up but worth it :)

Hydro Therapy (Hot Water)
Posted by Bdb (Kerrville, Texas) on 12/26/2017

Anal Itch - Hydro Therapy (hot water)

Some people seem to be prone to this problem.

First of all make sure that you resolve any intestinal issue like fungus or parasites. In my case, I was clear of all of these things, but still the itch persisted.

I have been a student of natural medicine for many years and so I tried everything with very limited results.

Aloe Vera, ACV, coconut oil, witch hazel, comfrey ointment, all kinds of natural ointments, natural soaps and nothing worked very well.

In a moment of inspiration, I remembered that someone had posted that hot water relieved poison ivy, so I thought I would give it a try.

Amazingly...this worked better than anything else that I have tried.

To do it effectively, you need a good hand held shower head with a strong massage setting. Simply run the water hot but not scalding. You can gradually increase the heat, but don't over do it. Apply the hot water to the sensitive area using the massage jet setting. I do this every morning in the shower, with the best results that I have ever had.