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Liquid MSM with Vitamin C
Posted by Zander (Columbus, Oh) on 07/23/2016

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C

I bought this formulation for my eyes. It is a liquid combo which can be used as eye drops. Well, it sure came in handy elsewhere on the body as well in my case. Due to repeated use of moist wipes after using toilet paper, I created a damp condition which worsened into what can best be likened to diaper rash. It was very painful, itchy and irritating. I tried ACV & paramicrocidin and got some relief. I tried olive oil and got some relief. I tried straight DMSO and got some relief [after some increased pain such as occurs when applying DMSO to the site of a burn.] However, the best, most long lasting relief I experienced was with the MSM & Vitamin C formula. I wonder how many crying babies wish they could ask for this? I'll tell you, it hurt enough that it made me want to cry like a baby, too ~ very annoying.