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Posted by Tom (Kansas City, Kansas) on 08/11/2011

Has anyone ever heard about a product called "Immunocal?" The people there tell me they can cure hepatitis C in 3 months... Sounds too good to be true... They say it's made from organic cows milk with a process that elimanates all but the bioactive protein containing cysteine... It is supposed to dramatically raise the glutathione level in your body...

Also has anyon ever heard about a company called "Ideal Health?" They take a urine sample and then send you back various vitamins and mineral to take then re-check you 6 months later and adjust your intake of the suplements... I knew a guy who told me he "Cleared" himself of hep-C with this program... However he was a salesman for the company, so I have my doubts about the veracity... He did however give me his doctors name to ask about his treatment...

Another questionable claim.. maybe for profit motive?

Any feed back on either or both...

Thank you for reading

Replied by Jd
(Okc, Oklahoma)

Need help! I have had HCV for longtime--maybe childhood but did not find out until 30. I have no history of drug use of alcohol but have had cirrhosis since being first diagnosed. I have done a lot of different remedies including interferon in the early 90s. I am currently in situation for which I have no answers. For the past two weeks I have become more bloated and bloated and have been told it is ascites. However my scores have been improving and improving. Two protocols that worked best for me are Dr. Zhang's herbs and MMS. I have had a ton of parasites though that I just discovered last summer after a liver cleanse.

I went to the emergency room today because I am have such bloating and trouble going to the bathroom--never did that before. My hepatologist (the nurse) told me not to wory about it because it was just ascites and to lay off the salt ( I have a very clean diet). I talked to Dr. Zhang and he said it could be something else other than ascites and then my herbalist said take amio acids and olive leaf. Because I was sure I had a blockage, I went to the emergency room. No blockage was found and they just said I had a urinary tract infection but my right side feels like something is there and I am still not getting regular bowel movements. Did something build up or is there a parasitic ball stuck there? My mouth also tastes funny in the last few days.

I may have done too much at once--MMS and Dr. Zhangs and black walnut tincture since March tetering off on both a both in the last 8 weeks. A kinesiologist muscle tested me for all of it and gave me the doses (less than intially prescribed) I needed. He also told me to give my body a break so I reduced doses and kept up the black walnut tincture.

ALP now 159 March 212; AST 131 now, March 189; AST now 61 no real change (had been 55 last week), GGT now 37, March 54. My red blood count and white blood count fell from normal in the past week. Last viral load this summer before protocals was 1.5 million --it has been as low as 600,000.

I just ordered BHT and took one this evening. I guess I will take the antibiotic prescribed. I am afraid to take supplements because I am not sure what is going on down there. I did the mineral oil enema and oral dose last night becuase of the fullness. It did not help. I also took malic acid to break things up.

Has anyone had these problems? Has anyone tried the new MMS protocol or Dr. Zhang's herbs? Do you think BHT is superior or easier than thises other protocols? Do I drink a little water or a lot?

I appreciate any knowledge on any of this!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello JD from OKc, You asked about the BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. I will do my best to address your questions and concerns. The BHT worked remarkably well for me. I am Oscar and have discussed all that and provided links to some others who had equally amazing results. Also, Dr. W, a member of this forum has written in this forum at length about his successful self treatment using the BHT. He achieved a NO VIRUS detected in about 2 months using the BHT and has some usefull advice for those wishing to give the BHT a try. You state you took some BHT. You did not mention any bad side effects. This is true for most people and therefore, at least for you side effects are not an issue. Now, I highly recommend that BHT be taken seperately from anything other than a gulp of water to wash the capsule down on an empty stomach. Wait one hour before eating or taking anything else. This allows for the BHT to be metabolized and absorbed. If mixed with other things BHT will chemically react in unpredictable ways with other substances in a person`s stomach and duodenum so do NOT mix it with anything else. Also, I know of NO reason why BHT cannot be used along with some other treatment. Having said that, I do NOT think it is helpful to be trying too many treatments at the same time. The BHT seems to work very well all by itself.

You can read what facha brute has to say about that here: http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?p=6967512Ã

fatcha brute achieved a no detectable virus in one month along with freeing himself of genital warts with the use of BHT only.

Pass this on, I am not one to babble on sites, if you wish to let people know of a cure for Hep C, herpes, venerial warts, google this: Warts BHT. BHT works, google it you will see why, it will clear all virus in a month, no rubbing on this or that, no vinegar, no padhyoflyn.

Try it or research it.

Replied by Anne
(Tucson, Az)

Tom from Kansas, did you ever try that protein thing from cows and how are you doing now..I have just heard of something in Germany and wanted to know if it was the same thing...

General Feedback
Posted by John C (Weare, Nh, Us) on 10/15/2010

Is there anyone who has any latest information on hep-c being treated by traditional medicine and can use holistic remedies as well to ease the treatment. We are on the road to a liver transplant and the drugs just keep coming and I'm afraid of the extra damage being done if all they want to do is throw pills at the situation. And I have a stubborn wife who wants to believe in everything that they say and go no further in research herself because of her fatigue. Any help would be appreciated.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi John,
The only remedy that seems sound to kill the virus causing hepatitis C is lomatium dissectum. It is able to get rid of mycobacterium spp also. A study done in BC showed a significant antiviral activity in lomatium dissectum. It's a cheap product because the plant grows in the USA wildly. The native people used to use it against flue and all other viral infections. High dose of Vitamin D3 is also very recommended against Hepatitis C. However, other studies say that high dosage of Vitamine D can damage the liver. You can start with small dosage or just get some sun. I hope that can help you. I'm not a doctor but I won't recommend liver transplant to anybody. Wish you a good health. Tommy.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Me)

Hi John - try googling herbal healer... She's a long-time naturopath in Arkansas..... Essiac tea, liver cleanse, etc. May be in order.... She offers a help desk email forum on Wednesdays.

Replied by Caroline
(Orlando, Florida)

I have been having Autohemotherapy to treat my Hep C and I am astonished as to how well I feel. I have not felt this well in many years. My energy went off the charts at first and has now become more normal. No more fatigue!! My Naturopathic Dr. prescribed 8 treatments, twice a week. I have one more treatment left and then he suggested an 'as and when needed'. Worked well for me.

Replied by Catpleasant
(Reno, Nv, Usa)

I applaud the efforts of everybody trying the numerous and various holistic remedies for "curing" hep C. I've had it since 1975.

My liver is shot. I have COPD (bronchitis type), low platelet count (low enough for internal bleeding to be a problem), small blister in my throat that are also at the back of my tongue (new symptom/problem over the last 6-8 weeks), cirrosis of the liver, I pick up infections that are resistant to anitbiotics easily and way to often. All this is from the Hep C virus. Oh, I forgot - a "deadly form of cancer" that has been treated once and may or may not come back or spread to some organ besides the liver.

I used to ask what the viral load level was. It turns out that the viral load level can go up and down (and does) all by itself. The only time you are cured of this killer disease is when the viral load level is not detectable for 6 months. Then you have been cured.

Anything you find that lowers the viral load level is good. As long as it is detectible, the disease is still doing it's damage. I have tried just about every herb known to man. The only reason the cancer was treatable was because the tumor was still small, and an experimental treatment was used. It just happen to have worked.

I won't say that the herbals won't work. They do. They help a lot. Hep C is nothing to play around with. It is a killer. Worse than any thing - in my opinion - worse than HIV since there appears to be a treatment for it that throws that disease into remission. Where the current medical treatments for Hep C are so hard on the body that they are actually worse than the disease itself, and if you have gnome type A, those treatments don't usually work. Gnome (gee-nome) A is the commonest type in the US (where I'm at.)

There is a new treatment for Hep C, that the US FDA (wonderful group of liers) may eventually approve. It consists of 4 treatments. First treatment being one dose, 2nd being a stronger dose, 3rd a stronger dose, 4th and final being a stronger dose. It is not the interferon (forgive the misspelling please). It is a totally different type of treatment. Is available I believe in Great Britain. Wipes out the virus. Side effects are few if any, and not as severe as the chemotherapy.

From what I read, the hydrogen peroxide treatment does what the interferon does. Where the interferon creates hydrogen peroxide once it's taken. Rather sounds like the hydrogen peroxide bypasses the middle man (pharmaecuetical companies), and works directly.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if all the damage that has been done by the virus, prior to getting rid of the virus can be reversed. Any feedback on that would be great. I know that the liver rejuvenates some - by itself.

Keep doing what you're doing by all means. But research the disease as well. I wasn't told I even had it until the first treatment was created. I guess the doctors figured there was no point in telling me. (not the true reason since I was given the disease along with the immunizations received in basic training). The damage done by the time the initial interferon treatment was developed was so severe that I wasn't able to physically able to even try it. Due to the treatment destroying plateletts and the immune system.

It's only been in the last 7 months that all the really bad effects of the disease have really hit hard. So for the one who has the hep C virus, and his wife does also - the copd is secondary to the hep C.

Take care of yourselves, and keep working at getting the viral load levels down to zero.


Replied by Jim
(Spfg, Il)

I read somewhere that taking coconut oil lowers the viral load (Hep. C & HIV viral loads). Please research it. Good Luck!

General Feedback
Posted by TOTAN (BUCHAREST, ROMANIA) on 02/16/2009






EC: We've emailed Joyce and asked if she can figure out any of the conditions Totan is referring to...

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)

I think he is saying he has hepatitis C that he got from a blood transfusion in 1986, biceose (possibly means because and if it does then the next part of his letter probably means) I have chronic? (choric) acute? (acutizac) on blood (melena is the medical lingo here for dark blood in the stool or bowel movement).

If I am guessing correctly, he has a chronic duodenal (area of stomach) ulcer that bleeds causing his need for blood transfusions.

Following "after treatment on" seems to be two different things they treated him with and the amounts of each. Viremia RNA stoded (studies) is probably bloodwork done after the treatment and the levels of the virus found in the RNA in the bloodwork.

Not sure what is meant in the second paragraph except that treatment was discontinued after 3 months. I suspect that Romanian Statenau translates to something like Medicare or Medicaid here and the government decided it was a waste of money to continue. Sounds cold hearted, but that is what it looks like. The next l sentence paragraph obviously means that the major diagnosis when he checked into the hospital and was discharged was Hepatitis C.

The final paragraph is giving the secondary discharge diagnoses: chronic venous insufficiency, ayheroclerosa (atherosclerosis or hardening & clogging of the arteries?), asthepopathy??? of inferior memebers (Believe this translates to some problem in the legs & feet).

The next part I believe translates to he has had the left lobe of the thyroid removed (?reason?) leaving him hypothyroid, the next part is just repeating the chronic duodenal ulcer.

If I had those problems I would be thinking dandelion and milk thistle to help the liver. I think his best bet on the duodenal ulcer is to eliminate all bleached flour from his diet (go to whole grain products here), another thing I have found will also send my stomach into revolt is any acid food or juice from a metal can. I think he might need to read everything on EC about cayenne stopping bleeding, and if it stops bleeding elsewhere, it should also stop it in the stomach, and it sounds like he needs to stop it quickly.

He didn't mention his age, but whatever it is, he needs to eliminate all carbonated beverages, all junk foods (I consider anything made with bleached flour or white sugar junk food), because whether we like it or not, we are what we eat and drink!

EC: Thank you so much, Joyce! We never would have figured that out... wow!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Most bleeding is well dealt with using vitamin K 100-200 mcg. If a vitamin K is not available which is commonly not sold separtely, a vitamin K maybe contained in many anti-hemorrhoidal medicines which larger dose of vitamin K, which works fine. Even if an anti hemorrhoidal medicine is not found, eating plenty of fermented soy, in particular from Natto (a Japanese delicacy rich in vitamin K2) might be able ti be found in local supermarkets in the soy section, usually in the refrigerator. It would be interesting what happens when Codex Alimentarius effects worldwide making supplements no longer available after December 31, 2009. Canada has just passed a bill on this, so I need to come up with another remedy using fermented soy Natto, taken in much larger quantitities or over the counter anti hemorrhoidal to by pass the use of vitamin K. U.S. is also a 172 member countries so likely to pass this act too. See some links:


As to the hepatitis C, there are two antivirals that I have tested that seems to work well. One is a 5% solution copper chloride, added to the acylclovir which increases its potency by 20 times. A copper chloride is prepared using most distilled water with 5% by weight of copper chloride. Then it is placed in a dropper bottle and is dropped on the acyclovir pill and allow it to react for a couple of minutes before taken.

A simpler method, that can be taken or combined with acylcovir is the bloodroot tincture 40% taken at 5 drops to 10 drops in a glass of water taken three or four times a day. For one reason or another the bloodroot tincture may somehow digested the hepatitis C.

I do have reports of a complete cure of hepatitis virus by flushing out the viruses completely from the body, although it caused a huge skin breakouts (but will stop completely the recurrence), using a Thai herbal medicine such as "Ya Keow" which is a camphor and borneol based herbs, along with some others. So camphor might be used usually a pinch which is 1/16 of a teaspoon as well as borneol may help somewhat in flushing them out, but very likely less effective then Ya Keow, but this is available only in Thailand so I have to make some modifications.

The remedy is also taken at the same time with copper-acylcovir (must prepare yourself since it's not available commercially), and drops of 25% sodium chlorite ( a commercial one is called MMS), is mixed using drops such as 5 drops plus 10 or 15 drops of vinegar dissolved in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day for example.

Hepatitis C is relatively resistant to most medication with the exception of a few remedies one was a Chinese herbal medicne (Zhang Zhou Pien Tze Huang), but is prohibitively expensive but seems to work quite well for those who can afford it.

A zinc does have some antiviral effect on Hepatitis C, but not enough to completely kill them. It is quite true that inteferon does have anti viral effect on Hepatitis C, but it requires a lot of dose and then they don't go completely away in some cases. Perhaps that's why they discontinued, besides being somewhat expensive to administer.

The best remedy I can come up with that lead to a cure for at least a few case is the Acyclovir mixed with copper chloride solution in my opinion works better the Ribavirina (English is Ribavirin) and this kills them effectively.

Therefore a combination of copper acyclovir, in combination with another remedy, sodium chlorite 25% drops with citric acid or vinegar, as mentioned used in combination for a couple of weeks should noticed improvement within about a week. A large dose iodine, such as iodophor, has limited ability in killing of hepatitis C from my own experience in dealing with them. Taking the addition of magnesium chloride 500 mg a day, malic acid (with baking soda) at 1/2 teaspoon each three times a day, are the supporting remedies.

Unfortunately in Thailand, I don't have many people with Hepatitis C I would like to see and all of them are cured from either the Chinese herbal medicine or the Copper Acyclovir/Sodium chlorite, before I get to perfect the remedy. Therefore, this may not be a perfect remedy for many people since the numbers used at least here in Bangkok are too few. I guess doctors in most hospitals have more then enough, while on my side I don't have enough people to really see whether its consistent or not.

In any event, a viral Hepatitis C does get weakened with 5-10 drops of 3% H2O2, taken ever 2 hours and helps raise energy level. Methylene blue 0.1% concentration 3 drops x 4 is also possible to raise some energy level in weakness. Baking soda or alkalization is required to weaken them and is taken at 1/2 teaspoon x 3 times a day to further give some energy boost. A three tablespoonful of lecithin will help reduce liver of congestion, especially from the fats the liver has to deal with as lecithin is a fat emulsifier.

As to the duondenal inflammation, or possibly some sort of leaky gut, the lack of healing maybe most helped with some aloe vera, and magnesium supplements. Milk thistle may help liver a little, but that has never helped me that much, One clue to reduce intestinal pains and very well so is the milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide 8%) but without the aluminum hydroxide added. The milk of magnesia is an alkaline laxative that kills staphylooccus and other flesh eating bacteria that exists along the intestinal tract. The dose is often less then those on the bottle as per instructions - usually at 1/2 of the dose, at twice the frequency, but dissolved in a glass of water. I used fairly often milk of magnesia as a "contact antibiotic" both on the external skin area, for the use against the MRSA, or an internal staph or flesh eating bacteria, taken frequently, or in other case, the use against the toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The results of using of milk of magnesia (plus mabye some additional magnesium supplements, such as magensium chloride 500 mg) is fairly constistent against these bacteria that causes intestinal lining damage. Therefore most of the pain should be reduce within the day, at least for the intestines.

I have also found lysine to work fairly well if used in combination with hydrogen peroxide. for the hepatitis issue. However, in this case 20-30 drops of 3% H2O2 is added in a liter of drinking water that is drank regularly. The lysine is taken at 3000 mg x 3 or x 4 and has a very powerful antiviral for the hepatitis C in a few cases.


Replied by Leea
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I was wondering how milk of magnesium could be helpfull, when autopsies have seen a blanket of that stuff coating the entire colon and lower intestine. which prevents nutrients to enter the blood.

Health Insurance With Hep C

Posted by Lana (Raleigh, Nc) on 06/25/2013

Hi; does anyone have insurance with hep c? If so, what is the name? I have inclusive but they went up to 432. I was paying 232. Gezzzzz? Thanks, Lana

Hepatitis C and Prescription Drugs

Posted by Dianne (Framingham,ma) on 08/24/2013

I have hepatitis c. My doctor wants to put me on valium for another issue. Does anyone know if this will raise my liver enzymes? I know it's a drug but according to my Dr he says I'll be alright. Of course I'm cautious. Thanks for reading.

Replied by Toourlady89
(Hayward Ca)

If your Rx for Valium is for nerves, anxiety, panic attacks, tremors, there is a better, healthier choice that would help. Magnesium Glycinate is a supplement needed by our body and lack of it could probably be causing what you are needing Valium for. It promotes, rest, sound sleep, relaxed nerves, muscles, helps in tension headaches, migraines, rapid heart beats. And it's good for you.

Replied by KT

Hi Dianne--Whenever you get any Rx you need to ask for the package insert. Not the computer print-out the pharmacy gives you because drugs and their ingredients are constantly changing. There aren't enough long-term studies to prove their safety. There have been broadcasts about this by investigative news programs to report some bogus studies. I don't think I can provide names of books or programs here.

There is a book on food additives that was available in book stores that tells you how different ingredients are made and what has been reported about them. It is not 100% but it has helped me identify "reactions" that I would not have recognized as "reactions" because I accepted them as age-related.

Is there any chance you could try St. John's Wort? I take a magnesium powder that helps me along with turmeric and ginger in a variety of food.

I think the most important thing is to stay away from hidden sources of MSG. Different sources can accumulate and cause all kinds of aches and pains. Hidden MSG caused me debilitating depression to fits of rage. It is acceptable on EC to share links so I'll give you one that has helped me: www.truthinlabeling.org

Replied by KT

B vitamins, iron and magnesium are so important for moods/depression. I don't know how I forgot to mention Blackstrap Molasses because I depend on it. It is a very rich source of nutrients.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

@Dianne: As you will find here in alternative medicine land, there are several natural non-prescription and effective nervine remedies; also there are effective hep-c remedies. Note, MD's specialize in treating the symptoms of disease and not the disease itself; that's why so many people get these terrible sounding diagnosis and go home in great despair as they have been told "there is no cure" and "you will need medication for the remainder of your life. "

If you do only what your doctor prescribes, you can guess the outcome as a lifelong illness and treatment, OR you can go all out alternative and will most likely improve substantially; in which case you will loose favor w/ your Dr by refusing his/her recommendations/prescriptions.

My advise is try and give yourself the benefit of both worlds (conventional & alternative) of medicine. From what little personal and observational experience I have of physicians, they almost always OVER-prescribe medications AND are not reluctant to prescribe too many medications. All physicians are in a tug-of-war between profit margins and patient responsibility; this scenario creates the public need for more "wellness" oriented physicians. Anyway, do your homework on the meds and if the benefits outweigh the negative side effects go ahead and accept the prescription (given you have insurance and co-pay etc. ) AND consider taking only half the amount suggested as you may also be incorporating natural remedies. This is called integrative medicine, the best of both worlds.

Here is a link to Valium information: http://www.drugs.com/valium.html.

There are, in addition to the Magnesium recommendation, a few herbs good for nerves which can be purchased at your local or online health food store. Valerian, Hops, Passion Flower, Chinese Skullcap. Also, check out the BHT cure for Hepatitis in the "remedies" section at the top of the page. Also more info on Hep in the "ailments" section.

Replied by Ruth
(South Carolina, US)

To Dilane, I had lots of anxiety and found that a2x did help...just my two cents. And if anyone knows I wanted to know if it's safe to take desicated liver supplement since it has iron. thanks to anyone who replys

Replied by Eric
(Portland, Ct)

Take the Chinese herbal formula called San Huang Xie Xin Tang. It will cure you to negative.


Posted by Scott (Atlantic Beach, Florida, Usa) on 12/04/2011

In "Herbs and Hepatitis C", Stephen Buhner thoroughly explains this.

While his herb mix is copyrighted some what, he lists it and u can get basically the same mix very marginally above cost from herb corner in melbourne, fl. at 321-757-7522 or she can tell you the constituents and you can get it from someone else, while she cannot use his name.

Celia runs her store on a break-even basis and her time is donated.... an angel no-doubt.

There are hundreds (just that I personally know of- I would estimate thousands total) of people on this mix (12 herbs) and a few have failed on it because of alcohol or drugs (that incudes NSAIDs) ..... Only 3 we know of have not responded due to root canal and jawbone cavitations left from molar extractions (they do not hurt-they just heavily tax your immune system)

While not curing hep c the mix returns liver enzymes to normal.... you would eventually die of something else.

Additionally I know personally 3 people who after doing the herbs for 8 wks. , cured their hep c with rife light treatments... That's blood test certified cured..... The local board of health hounded one of the guys 'wanting to know how he fooled their test'...... These guys are young, and are back to probably drinking too much beer, no, not a good idea, but that constitutes more proof to me of their success..... it has been years now since all this happened.

Hep c patients are relatively lucky.... the virus does not mutate, while some of the gnomes are more hearty than others.

'book frequencies' that are at cafl.com are typically all that is needed for rife treatments to work completely, eliminating the need for repeated personal scanning, which is highly problematic anyway, most scanners do not work well for many reasons.

Homeopathy, Bioptron Light

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Posted by Jason (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/18/2008

Interesting about the Hydrogen peroxide. I was with a friend who's HCV positive in a cafe recently, and he was looking pretty under the weather, and was quite negative. Then he too a few capsules, some antioxidents and H202, and within seconds his whole demeanour and mood changed. He perked up and looked brighter, and he said he felt heaps better.

I have HCV myself, and I have tried many things over the years. Out of all the modalities I have tried probably the most powerful has been homeopathy. I have seen a few different classical homeopaths, and not everything they have given has worked. But when they get it right (and it is only a matter of time really) then enormous improvements to my health have occured. Most of my symptoms have been chronic fatigue, muzzy head, poor digestion, flatulence, and sometimes aching in the liver region. I haven't been able to work for years. A few years ago I was really bad, and if I did a few hours hard work, I would have to lie on the sofa for a few days after! I had constant low grade headaches, and was depressed. Then I got hold of this bioptron light machine, and I shone that on my liver region for 8 minutes every second day, as well as the face and thyroid region. Nothing happened for about 3 weeks, and then all of a sudden I noticed I was feeling a lot better. I have been much steadier since then, and cont. to use the bioptron light machine. It hasn't cured me, but it has made a huge difference.

At the time I couldn't afford to go to the homeopath so I didn't try homeopathy.

More recently I have been doing a lot of yoga and I believe that has helped a lot too.

Replied by Debi

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by MarilynT (Lake Jackson, Texas) on 06/11/2009

I found out 9 years ago that I have HepC and probably have had it now for 30 years. I have always felt fine, and usually when I have had my enzyme levels checked, they were only slightly elevated. But this time, they are more than slightly elevated. I've never taken treatments, and when I was diagnosed, an ultrasound was done, showing no fibrosis or anything looking abnormal. But now that my enzyme levels are going up, I'm going to try the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, mixed with distilled water, and also get back on milk thistle. I may go to the gastrointestinal doctor again and have another liver ultrasound done. I would love to hear more reports about the success of 35% mixed with distilled water. I'm a 65-year-old female. Thanks.

Replied by Alicia
(Madrid, Spain)

Hi Marilyn!

I also have Hep C and I would also like very much to know about the h2o2 treatment. Wouldn't it be nice h202 worked for us? Please, if there is anybody that could help Marilyn and me with some treatment, let us know.

Milk thistle detoxes a lot, dandelyon, beet root plus carrot juice, artichokes... But is it true h202 works. Thank you all!

Love, Alicia

Replied by Marilyn
(Bloomingdale, Nj)

Please tell me what the dosage is for H2O2 with the 35% food grade . I would like to try it had hep C for 40 years. Have tried vitamins from another provider of natural remedies but I still have hep C. His products are very expensive and I can't continue them.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Angel (Abbeville, SC USA) on 05/24/2009

Hepatitis C and H202 therapy:

I have been diagnosed with HCV and used food grade 35% H202 starting with 3 drops in 6-8 ounces of distilled water and incrementing to this date by one drop each day to 24 drops. I have experienced healing crisis often but have been able to go to work. I am 70 years old. This evening I experienced quite a bit of blood in my stool. I don't want to stop my treatment, because HCV is deadly. So far there is no liver damage. I have searched the web to see if anyone else experienced blood in stool to no avail. Of course my doctor said there was no cure for my condition, but I do not believe that. I believe that only God can cure and only God knows if I will be cured.

The blood transfusion that I received in the 70s when my 7th child was born was tainted with HCV virus. I stayed in denial for years after being given that information. Now the doctor says my viral load has gotten very high, so I decided to try to find a natural cure. I hope someone can tell me the significance of the blood in the stool. (by the way my oldest daughter started the treatment with me and she only had arthritis and is on the way down from 22 drops with hardly any ill effects -- slight nauseau immediately after ingesting the mix). She no longer feels any pain from RA.

Replied by Maggie
(Greenville, NC)

Hi Angel. You probably already know this, but have you ruled out a recent meal of either beets and tomatoes? Just wanted to make sure.I was told by a nurse years ago that is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Beets especially look like blood.

Replied by Ney
(S.C., Dominican Republic)

H2O2 Warning! To try to get down the viral load count of the hepatitis c virus, I started using 8 drops of 3% h2o2, diluted in a glass of filtered water, 4 times a day, 5 weeks ago. Took blood test at the beginning and 3 or 4 days ago. Results:

Blood's red cells count are going down. Hemoglobin is going down. Platelets count is going down. Liver's condition parameters, SGOT and SGPT, are going up (Worsen). I have not taken hepatitis c viral load test yet to see how the virus responds to the h2o2 treatment. My respond to these results is to stop using the h2o2, for at least one month, and continue using it for 5 weeks more after the resting. Then to take a hep.C viral load test. Meanwhile, using a liver detoxifier and regenerator to support the liver. I made the deduction from looking in some research, that it is mandatory, when using h2o2 internally, to use 1,000 mg of vitamin c, and chlorophyll, to avoid damage to cells. A good idea to add, is to use olive leaf oil (2,500 mg a day). It is possible to find it in capsules. I buy a 60,500 mg, 15% oleuperubin?, capsules container, for less than US $6.00. For liver support I'll have to choose, if it is the will of God, from:
1- Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator, from Now Foods,
2- Liv-tone, from Genuine Health,
3- Liver CS Plus from Logos Nutritionals, and
4- Liver Rejuvenation Support Formula, from Extreme Health USA

Replied by Ney
(S. C., S. C., Dominican Republic)

Correction to my post. -
Instead of: "I buy a 60, 500 mg, 15% oleuperubin?, capsules container", it most says: "I buy a 60 capsules, 500 mg per capsule, 15% oleuropein, container"
Use the vitamin c, the chlorophyll, the olive leaf oil, and any food, one and half an hour before, and one and half an hour after using, internally, the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Deb (Chicago, IL, USA) on 12/29/2008

Is there a remedy using HP for Hep C? and where do you actually think this came from? I'm using cold pressed virgin coconut oil right now for some other things. Originally I bought it for my daughter's major hair loss due to alopacia ariata, which she has had since a child. They say it is an autoimmune condition where the hair follicles reject themselves.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by BECCA (farmington, utah) on 01/26/2008

35% FOOD GRADE' H202 CURED ME OF HEP C. GO FIGURE!~ In 2001 I was in a 8 month study for the pegatron- interferon treatment and found i was not getting any better. In fact I felt like I was dying. On the 8th month of being bed ridden (I couldnt get up for a 5 minute span for 8 months), I decided to try the 3% h202 treatment and added the ratio 1 part to 30 parts of pegatron. (I didnt know about the different grades at the time). I figured it would heal or kill. NOT RECOMMENDED without DR supervision. (Needless to say I was kicked off the study). But after the treatment, instantly I felt a cleansing and that was first time in 8 months I felt human. I got up and cleaned my kitchen and stayed up for about an hour. I was truly amazed. The next visit to my Doctor revealed the HCV was gone after only 5 treatments. And in addition, the HV as a child also disappeared. I have not had a reoccurance of the HCV and its been 7 yrs now!

Now I use the 35% H202 for just about everything. IT WORKS!! NOW I drink 3 drops of 35% in 8 oz purified water- 3 times a day along with vitamin C&E supplement for my maintenece of good health program. I am NOT a doctor and dont proclaim to be one. I just know it worked for me and I was one hopeless case before the H2o2 treatment! PEACE.

Replied by Ted
391 posts

Hi! Happy to hear of Hep C cured relatively quickly.

Most of the problems I encountered with Hepatitis Viruses using H2O2 has been trying to stop them within a reasonable time not exceeding a month. The dose used here is somewhat similar to you where I used 10 drops of H2O2 3%, while yours is 3 drops of 35% H2O2, which is more or less a close one) in one glass of water, also usually taken three times a day.

One unreported cures of Hepatitis virus involved using olive leaf extract, zinc and alkalization, although H2O2 was not used.

I have further tried to make it die faster by allowing somewhat more frequent dose since H2O2 is used up relatively quick by the body and it appears the ideal dose to be closer to 5 or 6 times a day as a somewhat more reasonable dose, since a viruses reproduces relatively quickly often within an hour or two after the H2O2 is used up, and hence my penchant for frequent dose, but the amount of H2O2 can be lowered because frequency were increased and may actually be more effective just with lower dose and greater frequency. It is the low, but stable blood H2O2, if it held long enough would completely kill H2O2 senstive viruses relatively quickly. In a case of shingles, the twice hourly application of zinc chloride/magnesium chloride stopped shingles that lasted for months within only a day. Hence the secret to kill most viruses is the frequency of dose to maintain a low, but stable blood H2O2. Once the viral count are low enough stopping absolutely from expanding, the white blood cells will take care of the rest of the remaining viruses. This is why zinc are so important as zinc are helpful for white blood cells creation, while baking soda generally increases the blood oxygen, which will be synergistic with the hepatitis.

However, I also use zinc gluconate (strongly antiviral), usually 50 mg, and magnesium citrate, as well as alkalizing by adding the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in the H2O2 drops only in the morning, and adding another 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda only on the last dose of the H2O2 drops that is taken late evening. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate is also important and can be taken usually as this is essential to reduce the excess oxidation from the H2O2 to kill the bacteria making the vitamin C sodium ascorbate synergistic, so the dose was about 1000 mg.

Basically most of hepatitis remedy revolves around mostly getting a more frequent dose of H2O2, zinc, magnesium and vitamin C sodium ascorbate.

In certain instances of a deadly viruses or a viruses which is very disabling virus (noroviruses or ebola viruses) the dose of H2O2 are actually higher a than those of hepatitis due to relative emergencies that is needed, which is about 1 1/2 tablespoon of H2O2 3% in one full glass of water, which amounts to almost 0.5% concentration of H2O2. Usually a single dose would be sufficient to reverse the noroviruses and up to 3 or 4 more might be possible if the viruses are somewhat fatal, such as bird flu viruses, for example. But in those instances a BHT 1000 mg is also used along with vitamin E. In most viruses that are not that bad, the doses are generally lower and more gentle since they are less aggressive than those of noroviruses, ebola viruses or even the bird flu viruses. Generally speaking viruses have a soft spot on hydrogen peroxide, alkalization and zinc when used in combination, most of the problem is focused on dose, frequency and how disabling the viruses can be to the person.

Replied by Jessica
(Long Island, NY)

Becca and Ted, How long do you take the 35% or 3% HP before having your blood work checked to see if the Hep C is gone? Then do you stop taking it or continue for a few months? Thank you so much, I am hopeful because of you two! God Bless! Jessica

Replied by Jessica
(Long Island, NY)

Ted will you clearly state your regimin for riding the body of HCV please. Do you think it is necessary to take the HCV, baking soda, zinc, mag. and C? Apple Cider Vinager? Can you explain why it works, how about genital herpes, Thanks so much! Jessica

Replied by Asma
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Hey... I found I have got hepatitis c during a screening test... Geotyping shows 1b and 3a... Pcr qualitative shows active viral replication... I'm not in favour of using interferon as 1b is resistant to this also because of the side effects... Pls tell me regarding hydrogen peroxide... How long the treatmennt would take to completely cure hepatitis c? I'm only 25 yrs old, and I want to get married but I don't want to transmit the disease to my spouse or my children... Pls help:(:(:(

Replied by Shah Ansari
(Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan)

I am male 29 yrs old from pak. I am suffering from hepatitis C scince last 5 years. I Immediately started, homeopathic medicines. Which is chelidonium ( mother tincture) 15 drops in 25ml water 3 X s' daily Dr RecKeweg R7 15 drops in 25ml water 3 x s' daily and along with hepaguard syrup 1 table spoon in 25ml water 3 x s' daily. These all medicine have no side effects and very good for liver. But my virus is still there. Now I am try to work on all the above remmidies suggested on this sites. Which I found like this

20 drops of 3% hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 tsp baking soda & 6 tsp Lemon Juice drank 2x's daily is an effective treatment for Hep C? I also take tumeric 3x's a week and 1 tsp powder cinn on the odd days of turmeric......

2x's a day, I take 2 175mg Milk Thistle

The most important remedy that was used was a 55 minute 4 dose, for 4 days, using both the lysine and aspirin taken together, The HEP C viruses have two major weaknesses: mainly lysine and aspirin.

500 mgs Aspirin(just ordinary Acetylsalicylic Acid completely dissolved in half glass of water)

1000 mgs Lysine

1000 mgs Vitamin C(Sodium Ascorbate form)

50 mgs Zinc(taken twice only)

The Lysine/Aspirin/Vitamin C remedy is taken 4 times a day at 55 minute intervals. The Zinc is taken for two days only. This remedy is taken, as a whole, for four days only. Thereafter, take 1200 mgs twice a day as a maintenance dose.

I personally believe that despite of all that treatment we should not forget the benefits of interferon which is the only medicine for virus. Because if the single virus remains in your body it will boost up drastically, but before going to take that we should try other treatments like I mentioned above ( homeopathic medicines, h202, lysine, milk thistle, etc ) in order to reduce the maximum quantity of virus and liver function, because interferon has many side effects and may be it will not suit your body. Beside all of that please keep taking out your monthly medical test. Please if you have any questions and suggestion mail me on shahrukhsanaullah(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Shan Ansari... The remedies you mention for hepatitis c are very effective for sure. You might also want to research BHT(Butylated Hydroxytoluene) which is described here:


BHT is a strong super-anti-oxidant, which -- just on its own -- is very anti-viral and will quickly reduce your viral load considerably as well as reduce AST and ALT levels in your blood. BHT kills both the Hep B and Hep C viruses in the same way as Lysine and Aspirin -- by hydrolysing and dissolving the outer viral envelope. This might be a useful addition to your protocol -- you can buy it over the internet.

You might also want to research Dr Berkson's simple liver therapy against Hep C. He uses mainly Alpha Lipoic Acid using IV and oral (300 mgs twice a day), with oral selenium(200 micrograms twice a day) and large dose Milk Thistle(900 mgs twice a day) against Hep C and he claims this protocol will prevent the necessity for a liver transplant by curing and getting rid of Hep C completely:


Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Bill, Thank you for mentioning BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. You discuss it as one of the treatments that has been effective in treating hepatitis C and that is the way I see it. By this I mean to say it can be used along with the other treatments people have found helpful.

Like all the other posters discussing the different treatments: I want to see people get well and be free of this disease and see no reason why BHT can not be used ALONG with the other treatments people find helpful. I have good reason to recommend that BHT be taken seperately, with water on an empty stomach. That is what worked so very well for me in daily doses of only 200mg. Just take the capsule with a gulp of water to get it swallowed like you would any other pill. I also recommend that people do a simple sensitivity test by opening up a BHT capsule, licking a finger, and licking the BHT crystals off that finger and wait one hour to test for any reaction. The vast majority of people are NOT sensitive to BHT in the small doses I have discussed, but some people report dizzyness and minor rashes. For those people they can gradually build up to the dosage of the capsule by opening up a capsule and empty it unto a small plate and keep licking a finger and daubing it onto the crystals, gradually licking up more and more of it. For the large majority of paople those 350mg capsules are no problem to begin with. BHT does NOT taste bad. It has almost no taste at all.

So, in conclusion, you can be using BHT therapy along with any other treatment you find helpful, just remember to not mix it with other things and wait an hour for it to be metabolized and absorbed. Trying to be helpful, ...Oscar

Replied by John P.
(Plymouth, Ma.)

Hello Oscar,

I have hep c and was just diagnosed with cirroshis 2 days ago...(sp?)...

I have a bottle of BHT 350 Mgs... I have yet to try it because I was just diagnosed with cirrosis... I have read that it "may" be harmful to a compromised liver... ??? However hep c does also mean "compromised."

I have also considered Bloodroot and MSN-3 (the latter of which I also have a bottle)... I have no jaundice, no vomiting, no stomach pain or swelling, great appetite, no weight loss... I have a ton of allergies and occasional hives and of course itching... Would you care to offer any feedback regarding my situation? I have tried to contact the person names "Ted' as he seems to be the "go to" guy for hep c, but his e mail is down... I am indeed drawn to your remarkable recovery... Congratualtions for that and for sharing it on this site...

Thank you for reading,

John from Plymouth, MA.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello John, this is Oscar. I will address your concerns to the best of my ability. You state you have allergies and a propensity for hives. For those reasons I highly recommend doing the sensitivity test: Open a capsule of BHT and pour the contents onto a small dish. Lick your finger and daub it onto the BHT crystals and lick those crystals off your finger. Wait for one hour to see if you have an adverse effect such as hives. If you do not, continue to lick up those crystals gradually to continue this sensitivity test until the entire capsule is consumed. Hopefully you will have no adverse effect. The vast majority of people do not in this small dosage. But if you do, do not get dicouraged. From everything I have read about this treatment even BHT sensitive people can overcome this difficulty by gradually ramping up the dosage over a few days. One lick the first day, two licks the second day, etc..

Regarding the toxicity of BHT to the liver: A Canadian health organization that looked at over 200 animal toxicology studies as to BHT gave BHT a NOEL [ No-Observed-Effect-Level ] of 25mg per kg of body weight per day. Here is a link to that report. You will need to scroll down to section 4. EVALUATION to read that NOEL and what it is based on here: http://www.inchem.org/documents/jecfa/jecmono/v35je02.htm

Now that works out to 1,250mg per day for a 110 pound person. Some people who discuss BHT as a treatment for viral diseases consider up to 1,000mg of BHT safe for most adults who do NOT have liver disease. You DO have liver disease. The good news is that: I was experiencing LIVER FAILURE when I began my BHT treatment for hepatitis C. I weigh 180 pounds now and did back in 1997 when I successfully treated my HCV infection using only 200mg of BHT per day. Also, this treatment worked very quickly for me. I was testing negative for hepatitis C with the hepatitis C RNA test within 4 weeks and my liver function tests were in the normal ranges in that 4 weeks. They did NOT have viral load count tests back in 1997 so I cannot provide such test results for that reason. I continue to take BHT daily and was told by the Veterans Administration in 2006 that there is NO indication I ever had hepatitis C or B at that time. I had been tested and retested for both infections in 1997 and was positive for both in 1997. I now test negative for both using the anti-bodies and antigens tests. A true CURE was achieved using only the BHT for me taken as I described: on an empty stomach using water to gulp the capsule down with, like you would any other pill....Oscar

If you decide to give BHT therapy a try I ask you to please post whatever your results are here in this forum. You, or anyone else trying this treatment can always stop taking it, if it has a negative impact on your health. I want to see people get well like I did, and very much wish to hear from people giving this BHT treatment a try....Oscar

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hello Oscar,

Thanks very much for the quick reply... I will try your therapy tomorrow and certainly let you know how it works... Words cannot express my gratitude to you for this advice you have given me... Thanks you for your time and consideration.

Best of health to you and your family,

John from Plymouth

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma.)

Hello again Oscar,

I have another question, if you don't mind... As previously mentioned I have hep-c and recently diagnosed with cirrosis... I also mentioned I have a bottle of 350 mgs of BHT... I weight close to 200 pounds... My question is... Should I work toward consuming the 350 mgs per day or should I stick with YOUR protocol of 200 mgs per day?... (assuming I don't have any reactions) I am just being very careful as I have had reactions to other antioxidents, where my hands and feet get very, very cold... Don't understand that at all... I have asked doctors about this and they either don't believe me or think I'm crazy... Very unprofessional people...

I did read the part about weight vs amount taken... I'm just looking for some feedback from someone who has been there, however without cirrosis...

Thank you again for the feedback and your time,

John from Plymouth, MA.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hi John, From everything I have read about BHT, and I have read a lot over the last 14 years now, those 350mg capsules are a safe dosage for most adults. So, because you have shown sensitivity to some antioxidants just work up to that 350mg dose, and assuming you have no negative reaction to that dosage, 350mg should be a safe dosage. That is the dosage most often sold and is the dosage I have been taking for more than 10 years now.

Now you mentioned cold feet and hands. That is an indication of poor blood circulation. Many people with hepatitis are lethargic, low energy. They do not get enough exercise to maintain good blood circulation. It is important that you do so. It does not take a lot of effort. I like riding a bicycle myself. There are all sorts of aerobic exercises anyone can do in the comfort of their homes. Start out with whatever you are comfortable with and work up to at least one half hour per day to maintain good circulation. This is an important issue. Poor blood circulation is a serious condition whether you have hepatitis or not. Please keep me updated about your use of BHT to treat hepatitis C.

Have you tested yourself for sensitivty to BHT ? If so, what are the results ? Keep me informed and I will continue to answer your questions as best I can....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear John, Your kind remarks mean a lot to me. People like you keep me going in this cause of mine. I know this BHT works as a treatment for hepatitis C. It has been an uphill battle for me as that posting by January illustrates. He inforrms that forum that BHT has cured him in 2 weeks when nothing else worked and there they are saying everything they can come up with to discourage him from using BHT. Those people do not have hepatitis C, he does or did. Here is a link to that thread: http://forum.lef.org/default.aspx?f=41&m=44212

Please note he states this BHT therapy worked as amazingly well as it did for him PRIOR to his ever having mixed it with coconut oil. This is what worked for me also. Not mixed with any oil. January`s results were remarkably fast. I do think it takes a bit longer than 2 weeks for most people. I only wish he had provided more detail as to dosage and such....Oscar

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hello again Oscar, I did work out 5 days a week... I have recently stopped as I have read weight training is a strain on your body with regard to liver enzymes... Don't know if it's true... I believe I have developed a neuropathy from the hep-c... Is there a way I can talk to you via phone or give you my e mail address? I am slightly unnerved at this point having been diagnosed with cirrosis... I haven't drank alcohol in over 15 years (and not too much before that)so this is quite a shock to me... I have read all the attachments in you latest "post."

I had an appointment with a Dr. In Boston at one of the leading hospitals (NEMC)... The Dr. was 1 1/2 hours late for the appointment and stayed just 5 minutes.. He got up and started to leave and I started to ask him a question and he said "make another appointment" and left...

I am so grateful for your feedback I could not express it in words...

Thank you and bless you,

John from Plymouth

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello John, Gee, what a prick that doctor you are seeing was. It reminded me of the time I was 5 minutes late for an appointment and was told by the receptionist my appointment had been cancelled because I was late. Oh well, what can you say ? I lived in the Boston area most of my life by the way, Somerville mostly. We have some things in common my freind.

As to exercise: You need to be doing aerobic types of exercise to improve blood circulation. Though I do not see how moderate workouts with weight training can harm you. You were not taking steroids, or were you ? This is an important question. The use of steroids can cause great damage to different organs including the HEART. Please answer that question for me. It may be best to do that as a PM in the LEF forum discussed below. You decide about that.

Also, regarding exchanging e-mail addresses: I am a member of the Life Extension Forum. If you join that forum we can send PMs [ private messages ] to each other and in this manner not have such exchanges posted in a public forum. I am open to giving you my e-mail address. Let`s start with that. Here is a link to that forum: http://ask.lef.org/Default.aspx

I am: oscar2u in that forum. There is no fee for joining that forum. You are required to provide a valid e-mail address to join that forum, nothing more than that. Your freind, ...Oscar

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hello Oscar, Thanks again for the quick reply... No I have never done steroids... Although I could write a book about the abuse that is done with them with regard to all sports... It started in the mid 1950's... Professional bodybuilding is currently chemical warfare, with the winner being the one who is willing to take the most chances with his or her health... There are "natural" contests however...

I started my BHT treatment and so far so good... I have put 2 large dabs of BHT on the middle of my tongue, let it dissolve a bit, then swallowed it down with water...... I waited an hour in between and have had no breakfast yet... I will have breakfast after this post and wait another hour before I administer another dab of BHT... I have consumed about 1/2 the tab with the first 2 dabs...

I will get in contact with you via the site you told me about... I'm not that good at that sort of thing, but my wife if a former "Computer Science" teacher and is obviously very good with computers...

You are so kind to give me this information and your time...

Best of health, John

Replied by Linda
(York County, Southern Maine)

John, I would just like to chime in to say I know someone who has non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver so your disease may not be connected at all to alcohol consumption. Feel better soon! Linda

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello Tommy, I clicked onto that link. It is your e-mail address. I have my reasons for not giving my e-mail address to strangers. If you have any questions for me I will do my best to respond to them in this forum....Oscar

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)


Thanks Much for your feedback... My chiroshis (sp?) is from my hep-c... This is a natural progression of the disease... I will beat both of these problems...

Best of health to you...

Replied by Twodragunns
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I just started doing 2 x 250 mg BHT capsules per day in hopes of conquering this dreaded Hep C. I failed conventional therapy in May 2008 and hav the 1a geno type. I read everything about BHT on the internet and I sure hope it works for me. So far I'm on day 3 with no side effects at all! Will keep reporting back for the duration of using BHT which will be 2 years. This stuff is super cheap and from what I've read things look promising.

Thanks to Oscar for posting his story about using BHT and I'll share mine as time goes on.

Replied by Ron

Becca and Ted, I know this is years later from the original post. But, here goes. I have hep c and myeloma cancer, some research shows a causal relation. There are now the "miracle" drugs Harvoni and Epclusa costing $110,000/3 month cycle. What I'm wondering is do you still think H2O2 can knock out Hep C and avoid the expense and maybe agony of Harvoni? Thanks again for all the benefit I have gained thru the years from Earth Clinic!

I tried just 2 drops 3% this morning and clearly felt better after just an hour. God Bless, hope to hear from you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Steven (San Antonio, TX) on 03/16/2007

Remedy, HepC On the hepc cures page someone asked about a source of food grade h2o2. Ted says he buys large quantities, I found quart size supplier here: http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.htm

Also a possible treatment combo using h2o2 coloidal silver mentioned here: http://www.silvermedicine.org/h2o2.html also possibly useful on your boils page. Thanks for all you do!

Replied by Paulownia
(Miller Place, Ny)

My hepC and two other close friends HepC is gone thru the use of wild oil of oregano....

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Matt (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 09/14/2006

I have suffered from Hep C for about twelve years now. My symptoms have been fairly mild, apart from some depression, low energy, and an ache in my liver region. I have been reading about hydrogen peroxide on the site and have read some papers online about ozone therapy in killing viruses. After reading the advice that Ted gave about using hydrogen perioxide for hep c I thought I would give it a try myself. The results were amazing - almost immeditately the pain in my side (which has been fairly constant for years now) went away and my energy levels went through the roof. It was only by feeling so good so suddenly that I realised how truly bad I had been feeling for years. I am taking about 10 drops of 3% solution three times a day (I haven't been able to find 35% food grade - I am in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so, Ted, if you know where to get it that would be very helpful - I know that the 3% has a small amount of stuff in it that is pretty toxic to the liver - however, it will have to do for now). I would like to do some ozone therapy now and would love some advice on that (eg. where and how) if at all possible. Thank you. This is the first thing that I have tried that really has improved how I feel and given me so real hope.

Replied by David
(Cullman, Al)

Hi everyone. I'd like to wish everyone here that have hep, God Bless you, and I hope that God shows you the cure for you.

I have been told by my Doctor that I too have Hep-C and I am unemployeed right now, and have very little money. I was planning to go back to school and have actually enrolled already. I read every post on this site, and am leaving it now a little confused. Some people say the H2O2 works, some say it doesn't. Some say the "Colloidal Silver" will work miricles, others say it turns your eyes black and all kinds of bad stuff! Now please understand, I'm not afraid to die, but had just met someone for the first time since my first love, makes me feel like a kid and want to be around. I guess that means I'm in love. So I guess I'm being tested, because I would like to be around a bit longer to see her. It even makes me a little sad. I would have perfered to never met if this is going to be a burden like I guess it might.

I would like to have the remedies that are here put in a way that the laymen like myself can prepair, and creat the dose needed. So as not to make a mistake. I don't even know how I contracted this. I get tested every yr or two, just to be sure of my health for all STD's. This is not supose to be a sexually transmitted, but by getting Tattoo's, or intervienus drug use. Which I do not. So I'm even a little confused how I got this. I have more tests to run this coming Monday. If someone could tell me a plan, and go step by step how to, and how much, and even explain where to get some of these things, I would really be greatful. Thanks

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, La Union)

Hi David... There are several successful protocols for Hep C that seem to work quite well:

BHT(Butylated Hydroxytoluene)

This regimen works by dissolving the outer lipid coat of the Hep C virus cell wall, completely de-cloaking the Hep C virus so it can be attacked and removed by white blood cells. This regimen works for both Hep B and Hep C. The dose is 200 - 500 mgs per day and you should get a significant reduction of you viral load within a month. No side-effects at such a low dose. Dr Denham Harman, the Nobel prizewinner for his discovery of antioxidant removal of free-radicals(1962), regarded BHT as a super-antioxidant for the body.

Ted's Hep C Remedy

This effective and quick remedy involves taking lysine, aspirin, vitamin c and zinc for only a short period of 4 days and is shown here at this link:


Dr Berkson's Hep C Protocol

You can also investigate Dr Burton's Hepatitis and liver healing remedy -- which uses Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle plus various other supplements and antioxidants. Low Dose Naltrexone is also used in his therapies now:

It was a characteristic of Dr Burton's Hep C remedy that his remedy also helped to heal problems like cirrhosis and pancreatic cancer as well.

Extract from PubMed research publications:

1: Med Klin (Munich). 1999 Oct 15;94 Suppl 3:84-9. Compound (MeSH Keyword), Substance (MeSH Keyword), LinkOut

A conservative triple antioxidant approach to the treatment of hepatitis C. Combination of alpha lipoic acid (thioctic acid), silymarin, and selenium: three case histories.

Berkson BM.
Integrative Medical Center of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, USA. Burt@zianet. Com

BACKGROUND: There has been an increase in the number of adults seeking liver transplantation for hepatitis C in the last few years and the count is going up rapidly. There is no reliable and effective therapy for chronic hepatitis C since interferon and antivirals work no more than 30% of the time, and liver transplant surgery is uncertain and tentative over the long run. This is because, ultimately, residual hepatitis C viremia infects the new liver. Furthermore, liver transplantation can be painful, disabling and extremely costly.

TREATMENT PROGRAM: The author describes a low cost and efficacious treatment program in 3 patients with cirrhosis, portal hypertension and esophageal varices secondary to chronic hepatitis C infection. This effective and conservative regimen combines 3 potent antioxidants (alpha-lipoic acid [thioctic acid], silymarin, and selenium) that possess antiviral, free radical quenching and immune boosting qualities.

CONCLUSION: There are no remarkably effective treatments for chronic hepatitis C in general use. Interferon and antivirals have less than a 30% response rate and because of the residual viremia, a newly transplanted liver usually becomes infected again. The triple antioxidant combination of alpha-lipoic acid, silymarin and selenium was chosen for a conservative treatment of hepatitis C because these substances protect the liver from free radical damage, increase the levels of other fundamental antioxidants, and interfere with viral proliferation. The 3 patients presented in this paper followed the triple antioxidant program and recovered quickly and their laboratory values remarkably improved. Furthermore, liver transplantation was avoided and the patients are back at work, carrying out their normal activities, and feeling healthy. The author offers a more conservative approach to the treatment of hepatitis C, that is exceedingly less expensive. One year of the triple antioxidant therapy described in this paper costs less than $2, 000, as compared to mor than $300, 000 a year for liver transplant surgery. It appears reasonable, that prior to liver transplant surgery evaluation, or during the transplant evaluation process, the conservative triple antioxidant treatment approach should be considered. If these is a significant betterment in the patient's condition, liver transplant surgery may be avoided.

PMID: 10554539 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

More on Berkson's Hep C protocol and dosages can be found here:


You must also therefore consider that you will have to heal your damaged liver after you have removed the Hep C. Besides the Berkson Protocol, the best remedies for this are:

Chanca Piedra

This herbs remarkable healing properties are given here together with the research:


Recent research has also found that CP protects hepatocytes(liver worker cells) so CP acts to protect the liver. CP also interferes with Hep B virus -- inhibiting the Reverse Transcriptase enzyme. In plain language that means that CP stops the HBV reproducing itself. CP is also effective against Hep C and is highly protective towards the liver. Currently being researched for its effectiveness against both HIV/AIDS and Cancer. A powerful herb that is completely safe to take. Dosage: 1000 mgs(capsule) twice a day at lunch and dinner.

Milk Thistle

Also highly hepatoprotective. Dosage: 1000 mgs twice a day

Some ideas for you which you can research for yourself. The current medical thinking on Hep C is so far behind the actual independent medical research, which is probably because the Merck Manual only ever gets updated once every 30 years or so.... Just kidding!! But I think we all know why. Most of the remedies listed here are either unpatentable base chemicals, food, herbs or their patents have run out. So the driug corporations aren't interested in promoting them -- no profit.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi David... Just a link to some actual interesting case histories concerning the use of the simple Berkson Protocol for Hep C. These Berkson clinical studies also seem to cure much more than just Hep C:


Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Astralclean (Atlanta, Georgia) on 12/11/2014

In 2007 I went on H202 Therapy and knocked out 18 million copies of the virus. It went from 23 million copies to 5 million copies. I didn't even finish the protocol because of the fasting that it takes in between meals.

I am back on the protocol again because I have been having some liver sensitivity and fatigue and already I am feeling better while only up to the 19 drops. It is also making my arthritic hips and neck feel better.

The protocol can be found at Educate-Yourself.org or I will be glad to email the protocol that I am using but they are very similar. In the protocol that I am using I am adding colloidal silver in the mix.

I just had my viral load down last week and I am at 5 million (and change) copies and will try to remember to post the results when available when I finish the protocol.

Best to All!

RJ <3

Lingzhi Mushroom

Posted by Wendy (London, England) on 11/16/2011

Hi, I was diagnosed with Hep C a couple of months ago. I started to feel dizzy, nauseous and had no energy at all. They ran lots of tests on me and found nothing, it was my idea to have my liver tested as I have partied somewhat over the years! They suggested I go for the Interferon treatment, (I have a friend who did this and it made her feel sicker than before although it did cure her)

I decided to ask my Chinese medicine doctor what to do and she recommended Lingzhi mushroom. Within 2 days the symptoms had gone and I felt like a new person. I was told that eventually the virus would become inactive, so I'll give it a couple of months and go for a re-test.

I have also changed my diet, no fried food, no sugar (only natural sugar cane, no spicy food, no cold food or drinks (tepid), no alcohol and sleep on the back so as to give the liver a rest. Hope I have been of some help. God bless you. Wendy

Replied by Jess

Hi where did u get the mushroom and are you hep c free? What genotype r u? Thx! Jess

Replied by Mike62

Jess: A tribe of Indians did not get European diseases because they took 5 mushrooms. Mushrooms are super remedies as long as they are properly prepared from a reputable company. I take 4 caps daily of a 17 mushroom extract blend from Washington. The more mushrooms the better. He is the only one in the world who triple extracts lingzhi, hot water, alcohol, and fermentation. He has the most favorable reviews on Amazon.

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