Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

Homeopathy, Bioptron Light
Posted by Jason (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/18/2008

Interesting about the Hydrogen peroxide. I was with a friend who's HCV positive in a cafe recently, and he was looking pretty under the weather, and was quite negative. Then he too a few capsules, some antioxidents and H202, and within seconds his whole demeanour and mood changed. He perked up and looked brighter, and he said he felt heaps better.

I have HCV myself, and I have tried many things over the years. Out of all the modalities I have tried probably the most powerful has been homeopathy. I have seen a few different classical homeopaths, and not everything they have given has worked. But when they get it right (and it is only a matter of time really) then enormous improvements to my health have occured. Most of my symptoms have been chronic fatigue, muzzy head, poor digestion, flatulence, and sometimes aching in the liver region. I haven't been able to work for years. A few years ago I was really bad, and if I did a few hours hard work, I would have to lie on the sofa for a few days after! I had constant low grade headaches, and was depressed. Then I got hold of this bioptron light machine, and I shone that on my liver region for 8 minutes every second day, as well as the face and thyroid region. Nothing happened for about 3 weeks, and then all of a sudden I noticed I was feeling a lot better. I have been much steadier since then, and cont. to use the bioptron light machine. It hasn't cured me, but it has made a huge difference.

At the time I couldn't afford to go to the homeopath so I didn't try homeopathy.

More recently I have been doing a lot of yoga and I believe that has helped a lot too.