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Top Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Posted by Joanne (Leeds) on 12/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had an anal fissure along with internal piles for the last year. I cured myself for 5 months and have had some relapses in between. I initially started using the nitroglycerin ointment prescribed by the doctors, for 6 weeks to widen blood vessels and allow the area to heal. I got the headaches that were a side effect but nothing worse than the pain of the fissure and hemorrhoids. But a month after the fissure re tore and got the piles back to. I guess this was because I had high rectal pressure and a very dry anus.

So through experimenting I found turmeric powder mixed with either of these things; aloe Vera, castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, vitamin e oil - was helping. I would apply it directly to my fissure and piles every day once in the morning and evening. Lay on my side and let it soak in. Tumeric is a god send!!!

Occasionally I would crush half a piece of garlic coat it in oil and put this on my bum.. I wouldn't leave it on for longer than 10 minutes. I tried the apple cider vinegar topically which actually didn't work for me but I think that's because I have an internal pile so will have to drink the apple cider vinegar in water.

I have bought rutin and vitamin b6. Rutin I eat twice a day and vitamin b6 once. This apparently strengthens the colon wall which is what you want. I have upped my vitamin c and cod liver oil which I have found helps. Also, I am anemic which affects my red blood cells inevitably affecting the healing and inflammation. So it is important to know if your iron levels are ok..

I have upped my fibre (research soluble and insoluble fibre) I drink loads of water, I have found apples to be great. Started to drink green, peppermint tea which is good for your gut. Also eating garlic in yogurt(probiotic) 2-4 times a week. Having 2 sitz baths a day and massaging my bum, putting a hot water bottle on my bum so that I am relaxing muscles so that I can heal.. Changing your mindset is also important. I know it's easier said than done but try not to stress. I sit in a squatting position and always make sure my bum is clean but moisturised and lathered with Vaseline or aloe vera or oil because it promotes healing.. oddly enough I didn't find coconut oil worked for me because it acted as a coating but didn't moisturise or allow me to heal as it was acting as a barrier. I think keeping in the routine of doing these things is important to prevent reoccurrence.

Posted by Sick Of Hems (Singapore) on 04/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all. Hems, how annoying. I endured an internal one that would present itself during bowel movements with depressing regularity. Such an annoying and bothersome condition because you're daily reminded about it. Acv, coconut oil, garlic orally and suppository, more fibre, more water, more fruit, more exercise, molasses, cayenne you name it. I tried all of the things I read about here and sure I'm probably more healthy because of it but over a couple of years I have not seen any improvement.... Until about a week ago I started taking Tumeric. I cannot say for sure that it is the singular factor but the correlation of significant improvement with this condition and taking tumeric seems too close to ignore. I say improvement only because I'm still finding it hard to believe that the condition may actually be fixed as I approach with trepidation, every passing motion. People are here because, I guess like me, they prefer natural remedies, don't want surgery and aren't having luck with chemist bought stuff. If you've got hems you've probably done a stack of research and realise that why we get them is still open to conjecture. Some say candida, some say not enough fibre, straining on the toilet etc, in some way I guess you could link them all up as digestive. I'm not a doctor and the stuff I'm reading about Tumeric/Curcurmin talks about how it's anti inflammatory , antic bacterial and a natural liver detoxifier as well as a bunch of other ways its good for you. Anyway I just thought I'd add my experience to the list.

I take a couple of 500mg Tumeric/curcumin tablets with meals every day and after a few days I was surprised by an improvement ( I wasnt taking it explicitly for hemms ) and then after around a week things seem to have at least 90 percent improved, I say 90 percent, maybe its a 100 it's just that after a couple of years with it it's difficult to know what a "normal" bowel movement without a hemm appearing feels like. Anyway if you find yourself in a similar position to me you might want to give Tumeric/curcumin a try. The last thing I wanted to do was subject myself to surgery because of it. It's an annoying condition, like many I suppose, because its depressing and a constant annoyance but hopefully this is the factor that helped me and with many luck you too. Good luck and be patient finding something that will work.

Posted by Joanne (Battle Ground, Wa) on 10/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking turmeric for it's medicinal effects, and with great surprise and three weeks later, I no longer have hemorrhoids. I take 1160 mg a day in capsule form. I have tried everything, including ACV and other remedies. This works!