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Spring Water
Posted by Krzysztof (Poland) on 10/04/2017
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The whole story started a few years ago. In brief, I had problems with breathing. The doctor, professor of medicine, without any thorough examination for the possible reasons (most probably the reason was stress), prescribed antibiotics without any protection (ie. probiotics).

Well, in fact he examined the lungs and didn't find anything suspicious but anyway, preventatively, he prescribed antibiotics. I wasn't wise enough to protect myself on my own at that time.

After completing the treatment with antibiotics I contracted Clostridium difficile infection in a quite severe form. I was very reluctant to take another
antibiotic to kill the infection and that was the mistake. Eventually I took the prescribed metronidazole. Lucky for me it worked and fought the infection (the proof that antibiotics are not always so bad). Unfortunately I waited too long and as a result I got IBS-D (diarrhea form of irritable bowel syndrome). I guess, at that time my microbiota (microorganisms living in the guts) was completely messed up.

As a result of frequent discharging (about ten times a day) I developed internal hemorrhoids (bleeding during discharge, no pain). I tried the methods described on this site but without success.

I was depressed. Finally, without much hope, I switched, in my daily beverages (tea, coffee, water), from tap water to spring water bought at a local shop.
To my surprise, it worked. After three weeks bleeding disappeared, discharging stabilized at once a day on average (although still every couple of days in a liquid form).

I should also mention that this changing from tap to spring water helped my mother-in-law to stop stomach mucosa bleeding caused by tonnes of medicines she is taking. Before that she regularly, once a year, visited hospital to have blood transfusions.

As I am a man of reason, I tried to find some explanation for this. The only explanation which comes to my mind is the following one.

Tap water in my city (as I guess is the case in most places) is chlorinated ie. chlorine compounds are added to water during its treatment to disinfect it.

Chlorine acts on the body as a drying agent (you can notice the effect of dry skin when washing hands in chlorinated water and this is not only soap causing it) and probably, as a result intestinal mucosa becomes dried up, less flexible and more prone to mechanical microdamage during discharge.

As for my IBS-D, it is still there, but in a much milder form. I guess the reason is imbalanced microbiota in my intestines. Most probably I should change my diet to cure it. I know that first of all I should eliminate sugar, but I am simply addicted to it.

I hope this simple and inexpensive method will help the people with similar health problems.