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Top Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Rutin, B6
Posted by Shari (Denver, Co) on 12/25/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I've read everything on this website from the bizarre and ridiculous to methods/products that might actually cure hemorrhoids. I personally have found that 500mg Rutin (which strengthens capillaries) and Vitamin B-Complex do help. Be patient; they can take a while to work

Also, avoid toilet paper. Use WET tissue to clean the area after a BM, the wetter the better. The idea is to rinse off residue without aggravating your sensitive bottom. Blot dry with dry tissue and finish with aloe vera or Witch Hazel. Mild soap is fine but antibacterial products are too harsh. I find that most commercial hemorrhoid preparations cause burning and discomfort. ACV might help but DILUTE it first with at least 50 percent water. Don't put harsh products on your hiney.

Avoid foods and/or drugs that you know make you bleed. OTC and prescription pain relievers are particularly bad. Finally, if you do bleed bright red blood once in a while and you're certain the cause is hemorrhoids, don't panic unless the bleeding becomes copious or you notice blood in your clothing long after a bowel movement. In that case, see your doctor.