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Hemorrhoid Home Remedies: Effective and Natural Solutions

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Self (Ny) on 11/08/2010

I bought some nigari at the health food store. Nigari is used as a tofu coagulant and is mainly magnesium chloride. I diluted it with an equal portion of boiling water and store it in a glass spray bottle. When my friend had a hemorrhoid, when there was a time he'd be resting, we sprayed and saturated a small square of paper towel and he applied it to his droid and repeated the next day. One droid was old and raw and it stung a lot Another was new and small. After two days they seemed gone, no longer bothered him.

Now he'll have to change his lifestyle, particular diet and exercise to stop the cause of the droids in the first place. Besides a processed food diet, he sits for long times in his work van and then a long time surfing the net and doing computer art in the evening. So he's going to adopt a more vegetable diet and take breaks to move and circulate his blood better. After all, the body was made to move so move it!