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Fresh Radish Juice
Posted by northstar (Yangon ) on 12/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from stage 2-3 hemorrhoids few years ago. I tried several medicines prescribed by doctors but nothing helped me.

What worked for me is radish juice. I took radish juice around 150 to 200 ml every day morning and evening on empty stomach continuously for 4 days. I

started feeling the reduction in pain and shrinking of hemorrhoids from day two itself. In 4 days my hemorrhoids gone completely. I am sure this remedy will work for all. I also recommended this remedy to couple of my friends and they too get cured very fast. I recommend this to every one. Radish juice, immediately after juicing have a very strong taste. I use to drink it immediately after juicing.

Those who cannot handle the taste, take the juice 30 minutes after juicing ( If you leave the radish juice for for some time, its strong taste will be come mild to some what sweeter ).

Good Luck.